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Public Domain on Ebay

Take a look at this easy way to locate public domain material on ebay. You can use ebay to start your research for your next public domain project. James Jones lays out the basics of how to use ebay to research a project and find a profitable niche. Next he actually shows you how to find the original public domain book so you can basically duplicate anything that is being profitably sold on ebay!

Take a look!

If you want to see a clearer video on Public Domain Research click here.

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Blogger Themes Simple Question

Richard asks… How do I make a website and does it cost money? I would like to make a website maybe about rock news, but I won’t be asking for money or anything. I’ll want it to be able to blog and stuff. But, I need it free because i’m 13. i don’t have money! […]

Website Graphics For Sale Question

Sandra asks… What kind of job should I be looking for? I just got my Associates degree in Computer Graphics Technology and I’ve been working in electronic sales the last four years. I think I have the necessary skills for a graphic design/animation position. I can effectively use almost any art program or solid medium, […]

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