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Source for Public Domain Images….Great Find!

Public Domain Image of Bald Eagle

Check out the image of the eagle…it’s in the public domain. That means I can use it anyplace I’d like….I can even sell it!

I’m fascinated by Public Domain property and the possibilities it presents when considering website building and internet marketing. Heck, you’re really limited to your imagination when it comes to the subject of public domain. As you probably already know….any material that is in the public domain can be claimed by yourself and used as if you are the original author. Of course there are further details to ensure authorship on your part….but that’s the essence of it.

Here’s a Public Domain secret for you. If you use images or can imagine how you might be able to use public domain images I found a new resource for Public Domain Images … go ahead, click on the link and let me know what your think. In fact share some of your public domain resources! :)

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