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Tony Laidig Public Domain Expert Apology

Have you heard of public domain?

I mean, have you heard how you might use material that is in the public domain to make money?

I Tony Laidig the Public Domain Expert and I was really surprised by his email today! First, let me give you some background.

If you are new to internet marketing and making money online then public domain material is one of the easiest ways to get started…. in fact, one of my first products was from public domain material.

Click Here A Public Domain Resource Page ….its old but the material is good!

Here’s the conundrum though….. who do you listen to, who do you learn from…whose stuff should you buy to learn about public domain. In essence, whose the public domain guru?

Click Here for The Public Domain Advantage ….new material!

All I can do is relate my experiences.

I first ran into public domain materials …..maybe 8 or 10 years ago from a guy named David Valleries. I don’t even know if he’s teaching internet marketing anymore. In fact, I believe he got into trading and is currently teaching forex and day trading stuff.

I learned the basics from Dave and even purchased the rights to his complete public domain class…. very good stuff. I wanted others to learn how they could quickly use this material to start making money online.

Discover Public Domain & Research Tips

I stumbled on a few guys selling and teaching public domain materials over the years…. none of it really anything new. You can do a search on the warrior forum and find some wso’s on plubic domain. You’ll learn something from these materials but it’s nothing earth shattering. Nonetheless, I recommend buying everything you can because …..well, just one idea might be the golden egg for you and you’ll never know where you’ll find it!

Then I ran into a fellow named Tony Laidig.

Tony didn’t proclaim himself as a public domain expert. In fact, I must have just found him as he was getting started online. He shared some of the most amazing strategies for using public domain materials. He shared resources… in fact he shared just about everything he knew ….at least I suspect. His material was valuable and reminded me of the old days of when being on someone’s list meant that you received instructional materials, tips and techniques…. not one pitch after another!

Well…. I think Tony probably willing shared his stuff for a good year or two and then some more established internet marketers must have gotten ahold of him and convinced him to stop sharing these things and start charging.

Needless to say, I was disappointed to receive emails from Tony saying … buy my new product….. only 20 available…. use this special link. Yes…Tony Laidig fell into the grievous and greedy pit of the online entrepreneur and making money online because his obvious passion.

Now….although I was disappointed to see this change in character, I can’t say I blame him. Everyone wants to make money online and if you have special knowledge and can capitalize on it…. more power to ya.

Unfortunately for me, my tolerance for internet marketing tactics has gone to zero and Tony started using these tactics with his products. You know what I mean…. last day for this, secret link, dimesales (I hate those), never to be sold again….and on and on.

Regardless of what I consider faux pas on his part…. I would still recommend you get on his list and I would recommend you buy his stuff if you want to learn Public Domain because I honestly this Tony Laidig is the best public domain guy online today.

I recommend his products….at least the ones I’ve purchased. I use affiliate links to make money from products I recommend because I know how good they are.

If you’ve followed any of my blog posts over the years, I really don’t rave about anyone …..with the exception of Jimmy D Brown or a couple of products every year. So… you should consider my support for Tony something you might want to take a look at.

Tony’s knowledge of photoshop and his use of public domain images is simply beyond amazing. He’s got a product called Photo Profit Secrets that is more of a course than a single ebook. I honestly haven’t seen it yet, but I have a couple of his other public domain image related products that are just outstanding.

Easy Money Picture Project …review on Tony’s Book

In fact, I picked up one of his free ebooks on how to digitize images, change them with free photoshop type programs, where to get them turned into posts and make a profit with it….didn’t cost a penny.

Anyway….let me get to the main point of this post.

I’ve tried to establish that Tony Laidig is a public domain expert who has, in my optinion and his, strayed off his intended path of helping people while at the same time trying to make an income for himself.

Today I got any email from Tony that was an aplogy. I was extremely excited to see this change of heart and wanted to share it with anyone who gets a chance to read this post. Here’s the first paragraph of his email:

I want you to know that I appreciate you and the trust
you have put in me to provide quality products and training.
My desire is to provide you with the best content, products
and interaction possible, and so when I see areas that need
to change, I have no problem stepping up to address them.
And that’s why I owe you an apology. There are a lot of
different tactics used these days to motivate people to buy,
from fake screenshots and outright lying to more subtle
strategies, like scarcity and limited-time offers. While
I have never faked screenshots (never use them) or lied
to you, the scarcity approach has been bothering me a lot
lately. If you think about it, it’s stupid to say that
only XX copies of a digital product are available, or
that the first XX people get a special price. I refuse
to play that game any longer, and I’m sorry. My desire
is that your motivation for investing with me be on the
merit of the product, not stupid trickery.

Kudo’s to you Tony.

I will proudly and confidently support you and your products and I wish you the best in your new direction.

To you my reader…check out a couple of Tony’s new courses….. I’m confident that Tony will take good care of you and you’ll be on your way to start making money online using public domain materials.

Click here for Photo Profit Secrets
Click Here for Market with Stories

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