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New Computer for Christmas

christmas computerWell, I’m in 7th heaven….that means I am extremely happy! I got a new computer for Christmas this year.

I might mention that Christmas is one of the perfect times for picking up a new computer because of all the sales….check out Best Buy, Staples and other electronic stores for some of the best deals of the year. The only other time you can find good deals on computers are the back to school days.

Actually, an oak tree fell on our garage. The insurance company paid out some money, things turned ugly so we probably won’t be building the nice new garage we planned because State Farm Insurance are a bunch of lying scoundrels. They tell you anything to get your cash and make a claim and your rates go up and they change their minds in the middle of processing the claim.

Anyway, I’ve been working with 2 old….real old computers. A dell that’s about 8 years old and a Gateway that’s probably at least 5 years old. All run XP….I know you thought they were running Windows 95 :)

I completely reformatted both computers and they still run like crap.

Anyway, I got a new i5 processor in an HP computer with 8 GB of ram and 1.5 TB of disk space….. and man oh man this thing is blazing fast.

I’m a little scared because all my apps ran on XP and this thing is Windows 7 ….but, I’ll keep the other 2 working until I absolutely have to retire one or both.

Maybe this will be the year I make the big bucks as an Internet Marketer…..think? :)

Anyway…’s so nice to have a new tool. You can’t get a job done properly without the proper tools, as internet marketers we need to have the proper tools.

My next purchase will be a decent laptop so I can go door to door selling offline marketing. I build offline portals and sell space in the portals… sometimes give space away but I need a decent computer that can show what the portal looks like, what their ad would look like without the computer locking up of searching for 5 minutes trying to pull in my website.

Well, my garage won’t get built… but I’ll have a nice computer. Maybe this will be the year I make the extra money we need to put an extra 2000 square feet to our house. Big enough for the entire family to congregate at…grandkids maybe? :)

I don’t know how busy this week will be but I wanted to wish all a Merry Christmas and to remember Jesus is the Reason for the Season!!!!

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