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How To RSS continued with Video Utility Poster

Are you a blogger? Ever hear of Video Utility Poster?

If you use your blog for income or for disseminating information, then your goal is to develop a following. And there is nothing worse than a sporadic blogger, that’s where Video Utility Poster comes in.

For instance I ran across a plr book I had on “How to RSS”. First actually I stumbled on a post by Josh Spaulding on the how to’s of rss, then I ran across an ebook I had and thought I would share some of the information on “How to RSS” with my readers.

The next thing you know I got caught up in another project, then it was ThanksGiving weekend and my plans for doing a detailed overview of how to rss got squashed. Yet according to keyword research there are many searches for information of rss.

Everybody is a newbie at some time, so I feel obligated to go over the fundamentals of the interent, website building, and internet marketing… time allows. When RSS first came out I was so confused I just put it on the back burner….adding it to the list of things I needed to learn someday. Doing that caused me to miss out on a lot.

So….if you’re blogging and get interrupted how can Video Utility Poster help? If I want to keep my readers in the loop on a subject or a series of blog posts like how to rss….what can video Utility Poster do for me?

You can see in the videos below more information on how to use rss feeds, how to use rss readers, how to place rss on your website. This post took me a couple of minutes to write and another couple of minutes to drag in the videos with Video Utility Poster…..that’s what VUP can do for you!

If you want to see the video I did of the entire process of Video Utility Poster….check out

Video: How to RSS in Plain English

Tutorial: How to read RSS feeds

How-To Tuesday: Subscribing to RSS Feeds

Rss Reader How To

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