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Manage Salespages, Affiliates and Download Links

I just sent this to one of my lists….you’ll probably miss the first special….still Adrian Ling is one of the best….if not the best programmer working with Clickbank. Check out his Summer Special before it closes. Even if you miss the sale, Adrian Ling’s products and scripts are the best at managing Clickbank sales and affiliate program. You need to visit his site to get a handle on all they can do.

The other options will help you get organized and start making more money by easily setting up salespages, affiliates and automatic payouts. Quickly raising to the top is Sid Hale’s Rapid Action Profits. It’s one of those tools you will wish you had 2 years ago!

The other option is for anyone on a tight budget. Kevin Reilly’s Guide and upgrades to the $7 Dollar Script and installation…..most importantly how to use it will get even those with the most meager of budgets started making money by selling small quality reports and giving all the money to your affiliates….you get the most valuable assest….THE LIST :)

I hope you read the email, click a few links.


I didn’t know if I should send this, but based on the number of
questions I get regarding clickbank, paypal, and protecting download
links….I just thought this might be of benefit to you when trying
to manage a variety of sales pages, affiliates and download links.

Andrian Ling has a series of scripts used to manage sales that are
processed through clickbank. I just stumbled on his email and
purchased the package because it is the best on the market.

He has packaged 5 of his scripts:
*Easy Click Mate SRP $67
*Easy Clickbank Guard SRP $67
*Easy Click 404 SRP $67
*Affiliate Shield SRP $47
*Power_RSS SRP $97

You can pick up all 5 for $49.97…..only problem is that the sale
is up at 12:00 pm EST (eastern standard time US)

Get all 5 scripts here:

Easy Click Summer Sale

I’m sorry I would have sent this out earlier but I missed his first
email…and I thought it important enough that if you use clickbank,
this is THE best package of scripts you’ll ever run across.

If you missed it, or if you use paypal then you should check out
Rapid Action Profits for managing your salespages, links and
affiliate program, quickly becoming the program of choice by all the
big dogs.

Rapid Action Profits

If you want a very cheap way to use paypal and a customized version
of the 7 Dollar Script….check out Kevin Reilly’s “All-Thumbs Guide
to Installing $7 Secrets”
….a great guide showing how to make the
most of small viral reports using the $7 script… If you belong to
a membership like Niche Health Products, you could easily take part
of a monthly PLR report and use some of Kevin’s techniques

If you are promoting somone elses product with an affiliate link,
chances are you’re using one of these systems. Why not make the
jump, start selling your own products and start letting others sell
your products for you by setting up your own affiliate program with
your own affiliate links!

Do you have a WordPress Blog…you can get a free Opt-In plugin for
your autoresponder….really makes it easy to start building your

Have a Great and Prosperous Day,

Scott Parat

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