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Turn 95% Lost Traffic into 325% Conversions with Tiny Script

I know you’ve heard the hype, but the script I’m about to tell you about really works :) I offer it for your consideration, check it out and and then check out your weblogs. If you find you have a blog, blog page or webpage that is getting some traffic but your not getting any action from it…….I seriously ask you to consider this little script. Don’t let that traffic get wasted…..turn it into a sale or sign up.

Of course I need to practice my own advice….and will :)

A new technology has been unleashed that has completely rocked the online world!

Every now and then, someone releases a new product that makes the rest obsolete. Those are rare, and hard to find …

But, Dave Guindon, one of the most brilliant software designers for developing software tools that saves you time and makes you m0ney …

Guidon has just released a new tiny but powerful web script called “Exit Splash” that increases your website sales almost

In fact, one top online traffic expert, Michael Jones, tested Dave’s script and was able to increase his customer signup rate by 325%!

As a result from those signups, he generated an additional ($)4,329 in less than a week.

What’s shocking is you DO NOT need to drive more traffic to your websites or services.

Exit Splash utilizes your current traffic and squeezes out the financial benefits your business requires!

This technological masterpiece has already been PROVEN to boost sales by up to 40%, and the marketers who manage to get their hands on it are going to be at a huge competitive advantage.

This technology is so new that it sounds like science fiction! But I assure you … it’s real, and it WORKS!

I highly recommend Exit Splash, and in my honest opinion, everyone that owns a website should be taking advantage of their exit traffic!

Even if you have a “good” converting sales page, you probably have 95 out of 100 visitors leaving your site without taking any action.

Exit Splash can easily prevent website abandonment by up to 325% in the next 3 days!

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