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iContentRobot Destroys the Googles Duplicate Content Penalty

iContentRobot destroys the duplicate content penalty by creating unique readable content. In fact, I challenge anyone to tell me which article is machine generated!

Free website traffic equals a critical subject online because everybody including yourself demands to compose articles in one format or another. Whether it is for your Adwords, or your own internet site, Adsense websites or just writing to advertise your internet sites. More study is necessary like keyword density, LSI (Google’s recent indexation formula), determining for grammar and still shipping it away to a proofreader. Therefore there’s not adequate time in the day to produce a few more than 3 sufficient articles.

The answer : My own iRobot, unrestrained website traffic propagation answer employing uncomparable content creation.

I’ve had a love hate relationship with website content and developing unique content in an effort to avoid the feared duplicate content penalty.

I’ve used just about every content manipulator that’s been produced and up until now I would say that good ole Articlebot by Don Harold was the best. For a quick change on a single article there’s a product called Wordflood, very inexpensive and very effective. And if you’re really into spinning articles Glenn Leader has a script called ArtiFact…it takes a while to set up but you can spit out 100’s of unique articles that are readable to a human.

But……. I think I hit the motherlode! Watch the video below, plus here’s a page full of iContentRobot Videos.


I just purchased a product called iContentRobot by a fellow named Latif and it is by far the best ever. iContentRobot consistantly spits out articles that are between 70% and 98% unique content…that means no duplicate content penalty, regardless of whether or not you think the penalty exists…..almost unheard of in the world of article marketing.

Take a product like MicroNicheFinder and iContentRobot and you have a nuclear arsenal for for developing unique content with no duplicate content, string in some of the longtailed keywords from MircoNicheFinder and you just hit paydirt.

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  1. Machine generated? interesting… As long as it produces something that people (not just the search engines) want to read it may be a worth while product for article marketing.


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    look inside here…

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