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SEO and Theme Bleeding

One of my goals is to point you to reputable online teachers and leaders. One guy I like is Charles Heflin.

Charles is a Search Engine Optimization expert with a good knowledge of marketing. His site is at You would do well to join his various newsletters and explore his website since his material is very educational. Mr. Heflin teaches a concept he calls Silo Building.

I just read a quick page he has regarding seo and theme bleeding. An he has an excellent short video where he details and explains his Theme Bleeding concept. I hope he doesn’t mind, the video is located at

Theme bleeding is when you unknowingly disapate your page rank by bringing in ideas, concepts and links that are foreign to the main theme of the page. In his example he uses 2 sites about rc helicopters. The first site is a huge rc company and has a specialty page about helicopters. This page has over 2000 backlinks and is number 14 in the google results.

The mistake this site makes is linking to other RC products, such as, rc cars, rc boats, at first glance looked like there were 20 outbound links to internal sites that had nothing to do with helicopters. This is what Charles calls Theme Bleeding.

The other site was in position #4 in google, it was a smaller site and only had 200 backlinks. Upon examination there was no drainage of theme with links going to other rc subjects. All links had something to do with rc helicopters.

I found that quite interesting and will apply the lesson to my sites :)

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