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Small Businesses and Social Media

As a small business owner and internet marketer I find the subject of small businesses and internet marketing fascinating. I’ve developed a few offline directories and help a handfull of small business owners get online. Today the issue of small businesses and social media is starting to spark some interest. The question is, can social media or social marketing be used effectively by offline small business owners. As internet marketers we’ve been using social media in a variety of ways for the last 3 or 4 years, we can easily use what we know to help the local guy grow his business and we just might be able to make a few bucks in the process.

Check out the graph showing small business owners using social media and you can read the full article by clicking the link at the bottom.


The University of Maryland’s Smith School of Business looked at the relationship between social media and small businesses and found that the technology adoption rates in the U.S. have doubled in the past year from 12% to 24%.

The data comes straight from the university’s third installment to its Small Business Success Index report and is based on a December 2009 telephone survey of 500 small business owners. Adoption rate calculations are compared against a baseline report conducted in December 2008….. read rest of aritcle

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