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Creating Article Snippets

Did you ever wish you could add a resource box to a batch of articles, how about some random keywords or maybe an affiliate link to each article snippet? Well….you need an article snippet maker!

How about adding some keywords to your articles so you can maintain a proper keyword ratio?

Now, what if you wanted to make those keywords into anchor text hyperlinks?

How about creating article snippets of text from a batch of articles? Let’s say you have folder of articles and you want to randomly create keyword rich snippets of 3 to 6 sentences….or maybe you’d rather have 100 to 200 words….or maybe you’d rather have 1 paragraph article snippets…..and then how about adding a keyword title, and a keyword hyperlink at the end of the article snippet.

So….what if you could take 20 txt articles about 500 words each, create snippets of 3 to 6 sentences and add keywords to those article snippets and even make those keywords into in anchor hyperlinks?

What would you do with such an article snippet?

How about automatically rotating your article snippets on each of your webpages? This would help with the duplicate content situation. If your keywords were affiliate links….you might even make some extra cash……you’d make a lot more than with google adsense!

Lucky you….here’s an application that can do everything I mentioned plus a whole lot more. It’s called Article Infuser and I say you’re lucky because I paid for it and you can get it free!

Grab a copy and think of how you might be able to use it to manipulate your articles and create content the is a little more unique than everyone elses. If you’ve been looking for a tool to create article snippets this is it… won’t believe how much it can do!

I forgot to mention if comes with 2 other applications….Keyword Infuser and Easy Web Spider.

Get your copy of Article Infuser before they take down the page!

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