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Make Money Online So You Can Jetski!

5 bucks a day and Jetski foreverInternet Marketing is the science of making money online. The beginning of internet marketing had some unsavory characters, in fact, it takes a good deal of discernment on the internet marketing students part to make the correct decisions on who to learn from ….try and decipher what’s hype and what’s not. Who tells the truth….who has a formula. It takes work and a lot of trial and error to figure out how you might want to start making money online.

One thing is sure…. things change quickly in this business. Step away for a couple of months and you’ll be playing catch up.

For me, the whole internet marketing thing and making money online was about the only thing I had left. I lost my business, I became very ill and I really didn’t have any other options.
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Well…. I’ve studied and studied, learned as much as I could. Purchased products, joined memberships and eventually started making a small income.

Today…. all I can tell you is that it is indeed possible to make a substantial living online. Follow your  dreams and never give up.

Since it’s summer, my favorite time of year, we get to play on the river, work in our gardens…..heck, I even enjoy mowing the lawn! My boys are older now and do things big boys do…. live have beach parties, jetski, kneeboarding, wakeboarding, skiing, long parties at night :)  ….. I really enjoy being able to be part of their life, watching them having fun growing up and following their chosen professions.

Learning to work at home by working online by using the internet has allowed me tremendous freedom and you can experience this too!  If you don’t believe think about the possiblity of making 5 bucks a day….. once you accomplish this, go for 20 dollars a day, learn more….work harder and figure out how to make $100 a day online. After you start it kind of snowballs…. whatever you do, never, never, quit!!

I uploaded to youtube a couple of videos of my son and his friend jetskiing. He got a new waterproof camera and was trying to get the settings correct, anyway you can see how they spent their day!

How to Make 5 Bucks a Day

Here ya go… want to make a quick 5 bucks! You could probably make yourself an easy 5 bucks a day, all you have to do is model the guy in the video! This guy just wanted to make a quick 5 Bucks….its pretty funny but you should watch it. Afterwards I can open some doors that will show you how to make an income online that are a lot less painful :)

Did you know you can make money online! It’s really true, you can set up your own online business and start making money at home.

Here’s the truth….

Don’t believe those offers where someone tells you that you can start making $5000 a month at home…..just buy my course or invest in my videos. That’s a bunch of hogwash!

Start off by learning the basics of internet marketing. Approach the subject of making money online in baby steps.

Think of it this way. If you can learn how to make 5 bucks a day then you can learn to make 10 dollars a day. If you can make 10 dollars a day you can make $50 a day. Are you starting to get the idea. If you can make $50 a day you can learn how to make $100 a day ….at home, on the internet on your computer.

It makes sense to figure out how to make a small amount of money online  and then scale upwards. Sure some internet gurus start off by making $1000’s in a matter of days……but I can assure you there are many more of us that start off by making $5 bucks a day and then just continue to learn internet marketing and multiply our efforts.

Making 5 bucks a day is a lot easier than the guy in the video getting tasered for 5 bucks. It’s kind of funny but at the same time those guys reveal the mentality of the masses……YOU don’t have to get tasered to start making money at home!

In fact, there’s a guy, Dennis Becker, who teaches people how to start making money online and he has a book called Make 5 bucks a Day. Dennis also started a membership that teaches people how to make money online and its called Earn1KaDay….. I highly recommend it if you’re interested learning a variety of different business models for making money online.

Internet Marketing tips to make money onlineDo yourself a favor and fill in the below form and I’ll send you a book written by Dennis that talks about the different ways to make money online. The book is free and will give you some options for starting a career in internet marketing. Fill out the form and I’ll send it to you. Making money online is fun, its hard work, its interesting but you, maybe for the first time in your life will be in control of your destiny!

Offer Value To Improve Internet Marketing Strategy

Free ebook Make 5 Bucks a Day!Have you thought of a way to improve Internet marketing strategy in your business? Is your current method not getting you far enough? Do you struggle to reach the next level? If you value your customers, you will have found the best way to improve Internet marketing strategy.

Many marketers look at their customers as a “mark.” If they purchase snake oil from you and dislike it, there are plenty of other fish in the ocean. You need a different mindset if you wish to improve Internet marketing strategy. A good customer relationship is a very valuable commodity. However, there are two parts to this. It is more expensive to acquire new customers than it is to keep the happy ones. If you have sold a product or service previously and acquired a happy customer as a result they are much more likely to buy from you again. For this reason it is vital to develop and maintain a customer list. If you have provided value to your customer, you will be able to approach them with more product offers.

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A customer will buy from those that they trust. It does not matter whether you are selling your own products or affiliate products. If you sell affiliate products and your customers trust your recommendation they are apt to buy using your affiliate links. Some examples, are travel books or guides. Hotels strive for a “5 star” rating because they know with that rating business will increase. An affiliate program works in much the same way. When you recommend them to your customers, it will increase their business. This is just as true, if you are selling your own product.

When you sell an initial product to a customer and they like it,there is a greater chance that they will purchase similar products in the future from you. Bring potential customers into your product funnel. You should have a plan in place to present an upsell and down sell for each product that you will sell. You should look at methods to repackage products so that they will be value packed. As an example, you could produce an audio book from an ebook and sell it all over again. Or you could package several small reports into a larger package. You will improve Internet marketing strategy, if you provide value for your customers.

A famous quote from P.T. Barnum is “there is a fool born every minute.” However, there is no proof that he actually said it. When Joe Vitale wrote the biography of Barnum, he named it “There’s a Customer Born Every Minute.” This is the correct mindset to have if you wish to improve Internet marketing strategy. It will be easy to develop lasting relationships, if you view the people on your list and those that visit your website as customers.

One of the best ways  to learn how to become a more effective internet marketer is by learning from others who have achieved success. Earn1KaDay is a forum that offers newbies and the experienced marketer advice and guidance for developing a successful internet marketing business.

Treat them incorrectly and they will never buy from you again. When you treat people as if they were a “mark,” it spoils the online buying experience.It tends to drive people to larger chain stores instead of a smaller distributor who may be able to offer better value. Do not fall into the trap of being the “fool.” See your customers as valuable and treat them like gold-because they are in many ways. That is the best way to improve Internet marketing strategy.

Internet Marketing Secrets Revealed

With more and more people trying out their hand at internet marketing, and many of these people failing at it, the question of what’s the internet marketing secret comes up over and over again. Why is it that some people are successful and some people can go on for years and never make it work? Yes, many people fail at internet marketing. But the reality is that many more people are also succeeding in it. Here’s a great way to get started, read Make $5 a Day, its a free ebook and the plan is simple. If you set some goals for making a small amount each day, you can incrementally increase your efforts making more and more each day…..anyway, this FREE Internet Marketing ebook will start you off on the right track, click on the link and get your ebook today.

The people who do make it work then end up marketing their internet marketing secret. But will it work for you? Not necessarily, even if it’s guaranteed (as most marketers claim their products and services to be). There are many variables that go into how successful you will be in your internet marketing endeavor.

First of all, do you have the drive and belief in yourself? Many successful internet marketers declare that this is really all it takes. Tenacity, dedication, and belief in yourself. When you think about it, they could be right. If this guy is making millions of dollars, why shouldn’t you be able to do it too? It’s very likely that the only thing that got him to that point was to never give up.

What’s the Internet Marketing Secret?

Some will object to this and say that they probably had more money to invest in the first place. But this has been proven over and over again not to be the case. Often people get heavily into debt before they start making their first real progress. Or they start small with free methods and very gradually and slowly work their way into becoming more and more profitable. While using free methods can take longer, it does work. You just have to give it more time to start kicking in. If you’re consistent and persistent enough, you will benefit even from these free methods of online marketing.

Another “secret” is being able to leverage off of the experience and knowledge of those who are successful. What better way to break into internet marketing than to be under the tutelage of someone who is a proven success? There are several ways you can do this. You can sign up for some of the free material that they offer, such as videos, e-books, webinars, courses, etc. You can pay a little more for some of their “unpersonalized” methods. Or you can get one-on-one or close to it from these people themselves. This is a great way to see what is really working in today’s internet marketing world. It changes so quickly that if you are new, you could be doing things that worked years ago, but are now outdated.

Finally, do your best to avoid being overwhelmed. Any internet marketing secret will work for you if you stick with it long enough. Jumping around from one course, e-book, or program to the next will just leave you spinning your wheels in confusion. For instance, article marketing has been called many different things over the years…bum marketing is one term. The fact is, writing an article, submitting to an article directory like with a proper resource box directing your visitors to a good landing page will work today, tomorrow and forever. Knowing the proper mechanics of all the steps is a different story! Your goal should be to learn the process….that is learn the steps and then practice them. After you master one method then and only then move on the next method. Earn1KaDay is an Internet Marketing membership that, in a way, acts as a mentor for anyone to learn a variety of different internet marketing methods, you can ask newbie type questions and not get blasted or you can ask complex questions and get good answers. Dennis Becker, the forum owner, and a cast of successful internet marketers are there to help you get started or help you get unstuck!

Internet Marketing Tip

internet marketing crowdInternet marketing is attracting more people than ever before, there are literal crowds of people anxious to learn how to get started in internet marketing or what they think is simply making money online….but it is much more than that. Many people get into internet marketing thinking that there is one magical internet marketing tip that will make them a million dollars overnight. Yes, it is possible to make money on line, but it does not happen that quickly.

Making money online takes hard work. Just like in any other business, you must have a plan of action in order to be a successful internet marketer. There isn’t any one magical internet plan of action that you can follow. However, you might want to follow a few of the following suggestions to get you started on your quest of making money online.

Do Your Research

There are many ways to make money online. You can take surveys, write articles, sell affiliate products or sell on EBay. Find out what interests you and do it. During this time, test many options.

This is okay in the very beginning, but don’t get bogged down and try to analyze everything about internet marketing in the very beginning. This will only confuse you and you will never start making money online.

You’ll find some of the best places to learn about internet marketing are on the internet marketing forums. There are many around, the is a good place to start Earn1KaDay is a paid forum, you have to pay a small monthly fee but the teaching is excellent and on point, plus you’ll find many members anxious and able to answer your questions….the atmosphere is friendly and conducive to learning. You can grab a free book about internet marketing that might help you make some decisions…Start by learning how to make just 5 Bucks A Day! ….its FREE :)

Don’t Believe Everything You See

A lot of the so- called internet marketing gurus are full of fluff. An internet marketing tip from many of them is not worth much at all. Remember, most of the make money online websites are geared towards newbies who are unfamiliar with the internet and how it works. In addition, if some of these types of gurus were given a truth serum, you would find out that many of them aren’t making much money themselves.

Fortunately, there are many credible webmasters. It is your job to find the ones that are reliable. Carefully pick the gurus that you choose as role models. Not every internet marketing tip is a winner.

Don’t Become Overwhelmed

The internet has a lot of information for one person to digest. Web pages have links that can lead to other places of interest. Before you know it, you can drift off topic and land on web pages that are not related to your original searches for information. Don’t let all of this new information overwhelm you. Don’t get sidetracked. Learn how to focus.

Perfect It and Stick With It

Learn as much as you can on about internet marketing, but don’t try to do everything that you learn at one time. This is another internet marketing tip that you should take to heart. There are many different ways of doing things on the internet. Different gurus have different ways of doing many different things.

If you want to follow the system of one particular guru, then follow that system to the letter. Don’t practice those steps and then two weeks later jump to another guru’s system. Figure out how to make that particular system work for you before you go to another one.

Don’t Give Up

You are not going to find the perfect internet marketing tip. Don’t jump from one internet marketing system to another just because you did not make sales in a short period of time. You must be willing to put in the hard work that is required to make your internet marketing campaign successful. Persistent pays when it comes to internet marketing.

Internet marketing requires persistence, hard work and patience. You won’t become rich in the very beginning, but you have the potential to do so in the very near future. Finding an internet marketing tip or two can help you to find online success.

Start Your Own Business Ideas Free Ebook ‘5 Bucks A Day’

What if you could make 5 Bucks a Day?

Would $150 dollars a month make a difference in your life? Have you ever looked at start your own business ideas?

Of course the above questions really depend on your economic status. You better believe there are many people in this world that five dollars a day or $150 dollars a month would make a serious positive difference in their life.

Maybe it might mean ‘food’ for you and your family. Maybe it means paying the phone bill. It could mean your TV cable bill….who knows, but I can promise you, you’ll find some place to spend an extra $5 dollars a day… about this, save it! That would equal $1,800 dollars at the end of the year!

What if you set up an online business that provided you with 5 dollars a day each and every day? Start your own business ideas could supplement your income.

If you learned the principles involved to make $5 a day, do you think it would be possible to use those principles and make $10 a day?

You can learn how to create an online income but keep in mind I have no idea if you’re motivated enough to actually do it. In other words, it’s up to you. Everyone would love to make money online, they usually buy lotery tickets! This isn’t a lotery and requires you apply the knowledge and understanding you gain to start making some money online using the principles involved in Internet Marketing.

I have a no nonsense book called “5 Bucks a Day”, it’s a FREE ebook about 38 pages long and it discusses how to start building an online business that will make 5 dollars a day. This is a fact, if you can make 5 dollars a day, you can then make 10 dollars a day, next you could make 25 dollars a day, you can even make 100 dollars a day online. Finally, you can set a goal to make 1000 dollars a day and actually achieve it. Many members of the Internet Marketing Membership called Earn1KaDay have achieved $1000 a day and more. It’s a no nonsense membership filled with good people, no BS, no hype just good business models you can learn to start achieving your goals. Check out Earn1KaDay today!

If you want a taste of the Earn1Kaday membership, download 5BucksaDay ….a free ebook! A great source of start your own business ideas.


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Defining Internet Marketing?

Because of the growing use of the Internet is bringing in many new changes in the way in which business is conducted. Entrepreneurs are taking their businesses online and enormous profits are being generated. There has been a major shift to the online arena. This has led to the birth of Internet marketing.

Marketing has finally transcended the traditional areas of print, television, and radio and is making its presence felt in the online area. This has spawned a whole new industry, which concentrates on marketing products, services, and organizations in the area of the Internet. E-commerce is one of the most common models of Internet marketing. One of the first sites to get into Internet marketing with a vengeance was Amazon. Everyone else just followed suit. Some sites have links that lead to other sites — yet another model for the Internet marketing world.

Although Internet Marketing is still in it’s infancy, you must realize that Internet marketing has developed a great deal. There are a number of ways that are commonly used by entrepreneurs and companies who are seeking to improve the online presence of their businesses. These methods include email marketing, blog marketing, search engine marketing and affiliate marketing. But this is only the tip of the iceberg which is Internet marketing. There are a number of other methods that are used by businesses that aspire to reach out to a greater online consumer base.

I bet you didn’t know Mona Lisa was a famous internet marketer…maybe the most famous. See her smile :) It’s because she belonged to the 1KaDay membership where you’re taught the secrets of internet marketing and how to make $1,000 a day! OK…maybe I’m kidding, but not about the membership.

One major consideration, search engine optimization is a major affair as far as Internet marketing is concerned. With search engines bringing in the most revenues, businesses are keen to crack the code that brings sites to the main index of major search engines like Google and Yahoo. This has led to the rise of a whole host of search engine optimization firms that attempt to improve the online presence that an organization has.

Basically because of Internet marketing has done is that it has given the small player the opportunity to make his presence felt in the international arena. Take the example of a medium-sized loan provider that does not have the financial ability to promote its services through commercials or billboard advertisements. In the real world, this means that the small loan provider can only rely on word of mouth and the goodwill of the people that it has serviced. Clearly, this cannot account for much in the long run. But when the same loan provider takes its work on to the level playing field of the Internet, it suddenly has access to an entire new market.

Finally, by means of Internet marketing one can directly access the target customer. This could be through emails to the specific customer or through leads on sites that this customer frequents. Such methods also fall cheaper in the long run because one does not have to invest in a large sales force. Moreover, the exorbitant rates for billboard advertisements and television commercials are greatly reduced in the case of Internet marketing.

Take what you learn about internet marketing and apply it to offline businesses and you’ll get rich. Businesses today have to tap the online markets. So Internet marketing is the way to go.

One of the best ways to learn about internet marketing is to follow someone who is successful at it. Dennis Becker has a Membership called 1KaDay that is probably one of the best memberships teaching people how to be successful in internet marketing. First I suggest you read his book on how to start making a consistant 5 dollars a day, Its called 5 Bucks a Day I highly recommend both…even if you’ve been online for a while or you are just starting out. Don’t waste the most precious asset you have….your time!

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