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Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 Review

After having a chance to look into the new software package put out by Adobe, I felt compelled to write this Dreamweaver CS3 review. Is image management as easy as ?copy and paste?, like Product Manager Kenneth Berger claims? Or is it all hype with no delivery? Hopefully, after reading this short review, you?ll have a better understanding and can decide for yourself.

You know what can be the bane of my existence? No, not the 80s band Damn Yankees. Designing and maintaining my website. It seems that no matter what I do, I always run into a snag somewhere that translates into hours upon hours of extra labor. That is why I got so excited about the new release of Adobe Dreamweaver CS3. A Mac user, I found the universal binary of CS3 a dream come true.

Installed and running in under a half hour, Dreamweaver CS3 has a familiar Welcome screen and main window.

Dreamweaver CS4

The toolbars are basically untouched, as well. With enhanced support for Cascading Style Sheets (SCC) and added tools, managing styles is easier than ever. As a result, moving, reordering and renaming styles takes less time than ever before. The best feature I have seen with the revamped software is Device Central, which gives you an advance view of how your designs are likely to be seen on both standard computers and handheld devices.

Also, with Dreamweaver CS3, you can now drag a Photoshop file directly into the program and complete several different save-for-web tasks. Want just a portion of a Photoshop image? No problem. Layers are just as easily managed.

Obviously, I am a huge proponent of Dreamweaver CS3. CNET is with me on this, rating the software ?Very Good? on their scale. Of course, that?s only useful if you want to trust the experts. As a relative layperson, I also highly suggest picking up the package. The time and hassle you?ll save yourself is well worth the investment

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Internet Marketing – 4 Quick Tips On Rewriting Private Lable Rights Content

What is the worst part of using PLR content as a marketing tool? I do not think I need to tell you, the REWRITE of course. It is the single most despised step to using private label rights content . Most people know it is faster than mustering up new, original content, but they wish there was an easier way. Unfortunately, there is no automated alternative that will really make the process any quicker AND generate acceptable quality.

Bottom line? If you want to use private label rights content as a way of improving your relationship with the search engines, you must edit it. The search engines,Google in particular, is not benevolent enough to reward marketers for learning how to copy and paste. If you want to get real benefit from your PLR materials, you will need to rewrite them, period.

It is possible to get your rewriting done more quickly than you might think, however. Lets take a moment to discuss the proper approach to rewriting and editing your PLR content.

First, start with quality PLR content. It is easier to ingest, understand and rewrite material that was well-written to begin with. Working with low-quality options is a chore. Working with the good stuff is a joy.


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Second, focus more on idea restatement and less about word substitution. Reaching for the thesaurus (real or online) when rewriting your material is certainly not efficient and it is not really necessary. If you come to grips with a concept and rewrite it in your own words, you will have a great chance of getting the job done more quickly AND with much better quality. Somehow, many people seem to think that the best way to alter the content of a PLR article is to pull out a well-worn copy of their thesaurus and start substituting words. If the source material says *tired* you can replace it with *sleepy*.

Frequent word substitution may occasionally pull the wool over Googles eyes, but it will not register very effectively with readers. Believe me? Look at this word-replacement based version of this paragraph.

Regular symbol training may sporadically yank the cashmere on top of Googles watchers, however it wont process very efficaciously with word loves. No faith? Admire this symbol trading-based variation of this sentence collection.

This is, of course, somewhat of an exaggeration, but, I have seen articles like that on some auto spun websites. This, naturally, is not the best way to rewrite. Alternatively, read the PLR content and absorb its messages and primary points. Use those as a jumping off place as you restate the key points of the material in your own words. This most often ends up being the fastest solution and it ultimately produces better results than overusing your thesaurus.

Third, do not strive for percentages. Different people will tell you different stories about the proper level of rewriting to perform if you want the content to appear unique to the search engines. All of them, however, will agree that completely original content is the best thing you can have. That means that you should do what it takes to make your edited versions of PLR materials the closest thing there is to absolute uniqueness. Dont just tweak them, rewrite them if you are going to use them as web content.

Last but not least, work with one idea at a time, not one sentence. Dont fall into the habit of trying to rewrite individual sentences. Instead, try to think in terms of paragraphs and concepts. This makes for more quicker rewrites that work better than line-by- line efforts.

If you are going to use PLR content, these are a few important rules to learn. If you can avoid word replacement thinking and replace it with a willingness to create something truly meaningful and valuable from private label rights content, you will be on the right track.

PLR is great because it can cut your workload. Unfortunately, the quest for more money and less work leads many people to make some rather significant mistakes. Rather than seeing PLR as a way to reduce the level of effort required to produce original content, they try the cheap trick of publishing the material as-is.

They rarely get a return visitors.

If you put these tips to use, you will begin to feel better about rewriting your private label rights content. It will be an easier job that you will be able to handle quicker and with much better quality.

Over the past 10 plus years, George has developed a series of sites: Solutions For…centered around the Internet Marketing Niche. Come visit any time: Solutions and please bring your comments and questions.

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Some Tips for Blogging Beginners

Useful Tips for Blogging Beginners

Can’t get the hang of the numerous blogs you have found? Having a hard time doing your own? This is natural for numerous people. Here you will find some helpful tips on effective blogging.

Tip # 1: Put a headline

See to it readers have an idea of what they are reading. Don’t put a write-up or a video blog with no sense at all. Make it a point that they participate by giving out opinions and comments. Think of what’s interesting to read. Let the readers be captivated, to do so, begin with your title. Make it a head turner. Motivate by grabbing their attention. Remember, sometimes the reader won’t get past the headline….so make it good!

Tip # 2: Build paragraphs

Every blog consists of one thought. That doesn’t necessarily mean you must imitate that thought by maintaining one whole paragraph per se. Split your ideas. Cut them down into bits. Compose sub ideas that’ll support the whole picture. Don’t give your viewers a hard time reading a big rock. Break them into marbles.
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Tip # 3: Characterize

Lighten up and put some personality in your writing. Don’t be so serious about your blog. Ensure the quality must go hand in hand with lightness, otherwise defined as your style. Act as if you’re speaking up to the whole world. Spice your blog up a bit. Argue. Make them react. Make them feel. Add emotions and not just plain writing. Creating controversy can create all types of traffic, but it can come back and bite you in the butt :)

Tip # 4: Time-bound

Old news could be pretty boring. Blend it with the new. Update it. Or better yet, revise it. It’s in the nature of humanity to search for something relevant, acceptable, contributing and most of all. Current issues are always an eye-catcher. So brush up those research skills.

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