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Review of Blog Cash Cow

Review of Blog CashCow

After installing Blog Cash Cow plugin on a couple of sites I found I really liked it, so, I figured I would share my thoughts with a quick Review of Blog Cash Cow.

I was given a copy of Blog Cash Cow as a beta tester and have to say it really rocks…. Anytime I see Edwin Boiten’s name on a product I know it is good, he is simply a master at coding and everything he does is fantastic. I found Edwin to always respond to any support issues on all of his products, you can feel comfortable purchasing something from Edwin. This is a whole package on blogging and Edwin has brought in Mark Thompson for some of the course work and video’s although the price is worth the plugin all by itself…. I would buy this wso for the Blog Cash Cow WordPress plugin by itself. Doesn’t matter if you are an experienced blogger or newbie, the review of Blog Cash Cow reveals there’s something in it for everyone.

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The plugin from Blog Cash Cow works differnt as it wil fetch related products to your content. So the products are related to your content you already have or if you create a new post or page you can indicate what kind of products to look for. Another feature that you can configure is the price point of the products the plugin will display, you can configure it to display expensive products for nice commissions or low priced products which although you make a little money you might start pulling in traffic. Blog Cash Cow allows you to pick between 4 different affiliate vendors, you can mix and match according to products that might be available,,, and linkshare are all programs that the plugin pulls from

The plugin comes in two versions…a single site license and a developer license. Pick what you need and you can always upgrade. The OTO is not a missing part thing you sometimes see. Whatever product you purchase is guaranteed 100% complete. The one time offer in this wso is a real winner will help anyone who is in affiliate marketing, you might want to take a serious look at it.

Spending your money on this wso is an investment in your future and ability to make money online. The most successful internet marketers invest in the best tools to make their work easier…..this is one to consider. WpRobot is a plugin that does some of the similar things…But wprobot takes a lot of work to get working correctly, many upgrades and costs 10 or 20 times the price of Blog Cash Cow.

The plugin works flawlessly. I used it on a few older blogs I had and used it on some a new blog I set up. Each blog was able to pull in products related to the content of each blog.

Here’s a real sleeper of an idea, if you have a set of link wheels or feeder blogs stick this plugin on them and watch the cash roll in. It’s one of the fastest ways you can monetize a blog. You can define the price range and you can select specific affiliate vendors such as Amazon only ….Clickbank only …etc.

I was so mad when Illinois passed a law that forced Amazon to drop their affiliate program, but with Blog Cash Cow I now have 3 other affiliates to pick from allowing me to resurrect my older Amazon sites. Thankfully this WordPress plugin allows me some new options to monetize my WordPress blogs. Amazon has dropped affilaite programs across the country, I know Blog Cash Cow will allow many old Amazon affiliates to get back into their markets.

I really like Blog Cash Cow. Blog Cash Cow was installed on a couple of my larger blogs. The installation and set up were a piece of cake, no complications. A click of the button and the plugin was installed on all the older posts giving me content rich and relevant ads with each blog post.

I wasn’t expecting the ads to be very relevant but depending on the vendor I had some really nice ads show up in the right places.

Different types of Carpenters will have more than one type of any tool to get their job done in a profitable way. Internet marketers need an assortment of tools like any good carpenter if they expect to make money online. Don’t let this beauty of a plugin pass you by!

Thanks guys


Here’s a Review of Blog Cash Cow user with his review:

I was lucky enough to be a beta tester and Blog Cash Cow does exactly what it says on the box!

I found it a nice and quick way to add some content to a new blog and get it moving again, you’ll be able to start monetizing old sites using these fresh ads from the 4 provided vendors, once you’re all installed everything is on autopilot..

My 3 year old site was just sitting around collecting cyber dust, since I started it I had not done a thing to it. Even though it still gets 150 to 200 unique visitors a day average, (with 400 – 500 page views), this site has only been making 50 cents to a buck a day with tired old Adsense….I’m not sure what to expect, but the added activity on the site will probably bring more traffic, besides it will be interesting to see how the existing traffic will react to the new ads.

Free Redirect Script called Shorty

Redirecting your affiliate links is one of the most important things you can learn and do when you start internet marketing.

There are 2 basic classes of redirecting your affiliate links.

  1. Using a service on someone elses server
  2. Using a script on your own server

Let’s look at option 1 for redirecting your affiliate links. You’ve probably heard of ….which is a service that allows you to put in your affiliate link or long link and shorten it to something like or something like that. These work fine for the short term. However, I believe in controlling every aspect of your internet marketing business that you can.  Let’s suppose you put out email, pdf’s, and multiple ebooks, multiple websites and webpages over a period of time, maybe 5 years. Let’s also suppose you used the tinyurl service…….What would happen if tinyurl service went down….! Guess what, you lose 5 years worth of seeding your affiliate links across the entire world wide web. You have absolutely no recourse because those links are dead….they don’t work and whatever you were promoting will never get promoted by your tinyurl links.

F_1171.jpgThe upside of tinyurl is that it’s quick, easy and painless……but remember you are totally dependent on somone else keeing those links live.

Consider option number 2… your redirect script on your server.

The obvious big difference is that now you have control over your links. If the script breaks, you can fix it, if an affiliate program is dropped you can plug in a new affiliate program and you have the peace of mind that YOU are the one in control and as long as you host the script your affiliate links will stay live.

Now, there are numerous ways to take control over your own redirected affiliate links. The simplest is using a php redirect which I discuss and using a php redirect. There are some more advanced redirect direct and cloaking scripts available, some being free and some costing up to a 100 dollars or more.

I’ll skip the many redirect and cloaking scripts and tell you about a FREE script called Shorty that essentially does the same thing as tinyurl except you host it on your server and you can follow some statistics on which links are being clicked on.

Shorty can be installed on the main domain level as well as a folder or directory.

Download Shorty for free and start taking control of your links. As time permits you can invest in one of the more expensive redirect and cloaking. They ask for a donation….I always donate because someone has put some hard work into making the script work….however, it isn’t necessary.

Every internet marketing forum gets 100’s if not 1000’s of questions on link cloaking and link redirects….Alan Petersen has come up with a guide called Link Cloaking Explained and it would be perfect for the newbie and advanced marketer. You’ll discover some free methods and find out exactly what happens in a redirect or cloak… more bs from your forum friends who think they are guru’s…Alan knows his stuff so get yourself a copy of Link Cloaking Explained!

When you get a little more experienced you might want to investigate a couple of redirect and cloaking scripts with more functions such as:

Best Damn Redirect

Magic Link Cloaker

Secret Script


Always, always, always redirect your affiliate links and keep them under your control!

If you’re really interested on link redirects and cloaking you can grab a free pdf on link cloaking.

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