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Autoresponders – a Great Tool for Your Business

The most effective way to follow up with your customers or leads is by using an autoresponder. If you are not familiar with an autoresponder, I suggest you get started because this tool is essential for your business. Once you learn how to set one up, you will be able to communicate with all your prospects and costumers easily because it will deliver your messages every day, 365 days a year. It will save you a lot of time and it will increase your sales.

There are a wide range of autoresponders out there. Prices differ depending which company you use. Most of them offer a free trial and others offer a free subscription for as long as you want. Keep in mind that when you use a free autoresponder, ads will be included in the messages you are sending to your people. For this reason it is not a good idea to use a free one but, they are great for starting out because you can learn how to set one up. Once you learn how to set one up, you can always upgrade or go find a better one somewhere else.

Writing the follow up letters is where most people have a difficult time. But if you are working with an affiliate program chances are that they already have a follow up series. If they do not have a series of messages set up, you can ask your up line for help. He or she might be using one already but if not, he or she can always put you in touch with someone above them.

Another way to create your own follow up letters is by doing a search on ads advertising your company. If you find one that has a splash page then sign up so you can get their follow up letters. You can ask if you can use them or you can rewrite them. Some times you will get emails ads in your email box advertising your company. Make sure you save everything and next thing you know, you will have a lot of material that will help you create your own follow up letters.

The most well known autoresponders out there are AWeber and GetResponse. Get response has great audio instructions that show you how to set theirs. They walk you through each step and they are very easy to follow. This is a great way to get started.

One thing I do not recommend from getresponse is to purchase their leads because it can take months before they fulfill just a couple of hundred leads.

AdLandPro has a good autoresponder and it is very easy to set up. When you are at the “Autoresponder Home” page just click on the “How To Set Up Autoresponder” link and just take it from there. It is around $14 a month but it is worth it. You can create a lot of different campaigns and can upload leads easily. Note – AdLandPro is a Social Network that has been in business for years.

According to some network marketers autoresponders can increase your sales up to 400% or more when a campaign is set up properly. It is worth to learn how to use this amazing tool and implement it in your business.

Hector has been in Network Marketing for 10 years and he has experienced his share of failures. When he first started, it was difficult to stay with one program and he kept jumping from one to another. Even though after he settled down, it was difficult for him to find the right program. It was one disappointment after another. The key here is to keep looking for something that works for you and to not give up until you are successful.

Hector Rivera has been in health care over 25 years. He received a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from Oregon Sciences University School Of Nursing in 1996. He began his quest for a degree in 1991 without ever taking a single English course and only a six grade education. It was a challenge but in order to reach the top, he had to work very hard until his goal was accomplished.
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Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs Will Put Cash In Your Pocket

Cost Per Action CPACPA (cost per action) or pay per lead affiliate programs are those that offer you commissions for getting potential customers’ contact information. The information may be as simple as a zip code or email or may be more detailed and include personal information like a social security number.

Over the last 6 months, there has been an increasing number of pay per lead programs competing for the attention of webmasters. The obvious advantage that PPL programs offer is that visitors to your web site do not need to make any type of purchase for you to be able to earn a commission. Although shopping on the web is becoming more and more commonplace, it is still, and will probably always be, easier to give something away then to sell something.

Here are some averages of what you can get paid when people fill in the information on the offers you are promoting:

* Art/Entertainment – $4.20
* Banking/Trading – $41.66
* Careers – $4.05
* Credit Reporting & Repair – $31.33
* Credit Cards  – $7.18
* Construction – $8.14
* Education/Training – $11.83
* Hospitality/Travel – $3.68
* Insurance – $8.40
* Loans/Mortgage – $9.85
* Matchmaking – $2.48
* Real Estate – $19.63
* Technology/Telecommunications – $15

Keep in mind that these are the averages of what you can get paid per lead but do not include what you may spend per lead or the conversion rates of whatever it is you are promoting.

There are many pay per lead affiliate programs available to you but one of the most popular is Commission Junction.

This company has grown to become one of the largest affiliate program networks, with over 1700 merchants and growing every day. There are two reasons that Commission Junction has been able to grow so quickly.

First, it offers very competitive pricing for their merchants. Second, it continuously improves its own affiliate program to provide more benefits to affiliates.

Commission Junction also offers a variety of other benefits to affiliates. Unlike most other affiliate networks, commissions earned from all merchants are pooled together in one check, and you are paid monthly by CJ directly (not by the merchant). This way, if you sign up for many different offers within the program and each of them earn you a little bit of money, you will get paid the sum of all of these. With many other affiliate networks, you would get paid nothing until you reach the normal minimum check sizes they set (generally $25-100 per merchant).

Commission Junction also offers a wide selection of affiliate programs that you can promote on your site. This is because they have attracted smaller merchants than some of the other pay per lead affiliate programs. Some of these smaller merchants offer highly targeted products which focus on a very narrow niche. This. of course, is very useful if your site is also very targeted,  because it makes it more probable that you will find a merchant that is appropriate for your audience. Programs in CJ also range across all types of affiliate commission models besides pay per lead, including pay per click and pay per sale.

How To Become A Max Bounty Affiliate

Cost Per Action CPAMany of you are familiar with the term CPA marketing which, in a nutshell, is a form of affiliate marketing that allows you to make a commission even if you don’t make a sale. CPA stands for Cost Per Action and it means that the CPA network (like the Max Bounty affiliate program for example) will pay you a commission if you can get your visitors to perform a certain action like filling in their zip code or email address or some other information, even if you don’t make a sale. Sometimes CPA offers will also require a very small payment from visitors to cover shipping and handling of the sample products that they sign up for.

If you already have a website and you’re looking for ways to monetize it more, then a good start would be to join a CPA network. Becoming a Max Bounty affiliate can be one of your goals. The Max Bounty network is completely free to join and one of the most popular CPA networks today.

In order to get started with Max Bounty or any of the CPA networks, you first need to fill out an application. Afterwards, you will be called by one of the representatives or your future affiliate manager who will perform a short interview with you on the phone. Once you’re accepted, you can login to the site and start taking a look at the offers you want to promote.

With Max Bounty, you can earn up to $5.00 per action, depending on what the action is. As you can imagine, if a visitor is required to fill in a lot of information including their social security number or even other personal data, you will get paid more. If the action required is just filling in an email address, you will not earn as much but you will generate a lot more commissions. Most people nowadays have no problem handing over their email addresses.

Here is just a little more information about Max Bounty:

It pays out commissions on a monthly basis as long as you have a balance of over $100.00 due. The company also provides real time statistics so that you can track your progress very easily. Max Bounty commissions are also offered internationally. And one of the best part of becoming an affiliate marketer with Max Bounty is that you can refer other webmasters to this company and make commissions off of their leads and sales, a great way to build residual income.

To become a Max Bounty affiliate, you’ll need to first fill out an application. Next, one of the company’s representatives will give you a call to make sure that the answers to your questions on the phone match up to what you’ve stated on your application. They are looking for information like how long you have been involved in affiliate marketing, how much you intend to spend to advertise their offers and what methods you will use to advertise their offers. After you’ve joined, you’re ready to login and pick the offers you want to promote.

What is An Affiliate Program

If you’re new to internet marketing then you’ve seen the term affiliate program or affiliate marketing all over…what’s more everyone writes about making money with affiliate marketing.

An affiliate program is sales based system which allows you to earn money by promoting other people’s products. As an affiliate, every sale you generate in your promotions will result in a sales commission for you. So, affiliate sales are in reality no different than a commissioned sales position.

Yes, affiliate programs are very much like commission based sales job, with the primary difference being that you’re working for yourself thus, you are not limited to the products or companies you must promote. You also have no weekly sales quotas which must be met in order to be allowed to continue trying to earn money from a given product or company.

Affiliate marketing is an exciting way to generate an income online. In most cases, affiliate programs pay a percentage of the sales amount as your commission. The percentage amounts you earn will vary from one type of product to another, and from one company to another as well.

Most affiliate programs are based on selling either digital or tangible products, however you can even earn money by promoting a service as well.

Digital products which can be downloaded to a buyers computer after they’ve purchased it tend to pay the highest sales commissions to affiliates, because the companies who sell those products have less overhead expenses to cover. It’s not unusual to find digital products which offer %50 of the sales price in affiliate commissions.

Not all digital products pay commission levels that high, and of course how high the commission level is needs to be balanced with the retail price of the product you choose to promote. A product which sells for $20 and offers %50 in affiliate commissions will only earn the affiliate $10 each time a sale is made.

The commission on tangible products is often a smaller percentage of the selling price. Tangible products which need to be shipped to the customer pay lower percentages in affiliate sales commissions, however this can work to your advantage because these items can often be much more expensive products too. For instance affiliates might earn 10% commissions on furniture sales, but if the furniture costs $1000 the affiliate will easily earn $100.

Digital products most often are delivered via digital download for instant use and they typically are limited to electronic books and downloadable software. Tangible products are almost limitless in choice, because you can usually make money as an affiliate promoting anything you can think of.

Some example of tangible products you can earn money from include physical books and software, furniture and home decorating accents, home improvement supplies and tools, hobby supplies and tools, jewelry, gift baskets, shoes, clothing, electronic gadgets and accessories, batteries, cables and cords, car parts, pet supplies, vitamins and supplements, and even food. Think of, they aren’t limited to hard products such as books….they sell just about everything from CD’s to Vitamins. You can become an affiliate of Ebay and promote ebay auctions almost all of which are tangible products from old books to new cars. There’s some ebay affiliates that make nice affiliate checks when working in the automobile niche.

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Affiliate programs sometimes exist for service based businesses too though, and these can be quite lucrative. As an affiliate for a service based business, you make money when you successfully get a prospect to sign up for a specific service. These services can vary greatly. Common ones include a monthly professional membership service, and website hosting services. Look for programs that offer commissions for each month renewal, you’ll be getting affiliate commissions for each month of the hosting order.

Many affiliates enjoy promoting service based affiliate programs because they can continue earning money for months or years into the future. This ongoing income is often referred to as residual, or recurring income.

All marketers put a certain value on a qualified lead or prospect. For some businesses that value could be $100 just for a name and email address. Another type of affiliate program which is becoming more popular is known as a CPA, or Cost Per Action program. With this type of affiliate program, instead of getting paid when people pull out their credit cards and pay for a product or service, you simply need to convince them to take a specific action instead. These actions vary but common ones include having the prospect request a free trial or sample of a product, or having them fill out an information request form.

With CPA affiliate offers, each time the desired action happens the affiliate earns a specific amount of money. Since there are no sales being made, there is not a percentage amount which is paid in commission. This flat fee per action is also referred to as a Pay Per Lead affiliate program. Lately this form of affiliate marketing has really become hot, keep your eyes peeled for more advances and uses for CPA affiliate offers.

Now that you know a little about affiliate programs and affilaite marketing do a google search for free affiliate info or join a membership that teaches affilaite marketing. There are a couple of very good affiliate marketing memberships that get their members up and making money in no time. Remember everyone works at different levels, but the basis of this business model is really easy to learn and impliment. Take a look at some of these affiliate marketing resources.

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Jimmy D Brown is my mentor, he was an affiliate marketer before anyone even used the term. His Course called Affiliatenaire is a weekly class which teaches you the basics of making money online with Affiliate Marketing…..once you do Jimmy, you’ll never go back :)

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Best Ways to Bring in More Internet Marketing Cash

Three Methods for Creating More Internet Marketing Cash

Internet Marketing can be difficult work. Face that fact. Especially in the beginning. If you’ve gotten past finding your niche, the rest is a piece of cake. Even if there is no free lunch, internet marketing still can provide a comfortable life and the key is to get your business up and running and then optimize your efforts by doing a couple of things that will give you an increase of profits and earnings. I’ve outlined a few steps below that could make the difference between squeaking by and living life to the fullest. Internet marketing is an unbelievable opportunity…there’s room for anyone willing to do the work.

Business Builder #1…….Create an Affiliate Program

If you don’t have an affiliate programme for your online product then you really are leaving loads and loads of money on the table every year. I come bearing good news, don’t be depressed if you don’t have an affiliate program because you can put one together easily and quickly.

3 ways to create more cash with Internet MarketingTwo almost instant ways of starting your own affiliate programme are to go to either or These solutions have a lot of affiliates that can drive loads of extra sales to your site. One more big benefit is that these companies have taken the hassle out of running an affiliate program since everything is automated…just set up your links and advertise. It is a good idea to use both of these solutions to really maximise your profits.

Profit Explosion Nunmber 2….Use an Upsell

This is a great way to do something one time and then reap the profits forever. There are several ways to go about producing an upsell which include creating an interview with an expert or a nice little piece of software which would perfectly complement the existing product. Think about it, at this point of the sale, they have their credit card out and are in the mood to buy….what more could you ask for!

Easy Profit Increase No. 3 – Offer A Related Affiliate Product On The Thank You Page

When the buyer is in the mood after having just spent money with you go ahead and recommend an affiliate product which is related to the purchased item. This is not the most complicated strategy available and falls more into the category of common sense. However, just think how easy it is to take advantage of existing traffic and how much more money you will make.

I just revealed to you some of the most fundamental ways of increasing your profits. The only thing left for you to do is to implement at least one of these strategies…..I guarantee that you will burst with excitment with your first upsell! So…be a good internet marketer and take action, it’s the only thing between you and more money!!

You can make a lot of money in Internet Marketing. However, you really need to stay on top of the game with continuing education. Most folks fly from program to program and don’t know who to listen to. I’ve been doing this for a long time and enjoy sharing what I’ve learned with others, however, I need to be fed also. I joined a membership called Earn1KaDay, an awesome group of people that teach you how to make #1,000 a day using the latest techniques in Internet Marketing. I highly recommend it! You can find tools, ebooks and just about everything you need to start developing an online income.

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