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Review of Prepackaged Clickbank Review Sites

Dennis Cheesman has just release a brand new membership that produces high quality Clickbank Review Sites!

I’ve known Dennis for a long time. In fact, I’ve quickly learned to get my hands on anything he puts out….simply because his products are brilliant!

Not only are his products outstanding, his support is never ending. Once you invest in one of Dennis’s packages, he’s there to walk you through any questions or concerns. If you’re new at this then that fact can be really assuring.

Review Sites are the rage. Problem…..creating the review site or finding a review site package worthy of putting your name on it. Dennis solves the problem.!

I’ve invested in quite few review type sites and blogs over at the warrior forum. Do you have any idea how much work goes into creating a review site from scratch? You’ll invest a substantial portion of your life if you try to set up review sites… I looked at a few memberships. Some of these review site memberships seemed pretty good but once I checked out the other memberships faded away.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get involved with!

I’m a graphics guy and the graphics and webpage templates in this package are the best I’ve seen to date!

What really impressed me was the actual product review. Since you get 3 products, there are 3 full product reviews…professionally written and of substantial substance, not a paragraph that lamely repeats an aspect of the salespage as so many product review sites have.

You also get 10 articles that can be used in your mini blog network. Great for generating natural search engine traffic.

I really liked the 7 message autoresponder set. All I have to do is load up the messages to my aweber account and I can start building a list. Don’t miss out on building your lists….even with a small review site. Dennis makes it really easy for you to start list building.

These mini-sites are easily edited if desired. You won’t find a more professional looking site. Each site is also SEO optimized….Dennis knows what he’s doing when it comes to SEO.

Next, and this is really awesome……

I haven’t seen this feature with any other package before…you also get one PPC Review Site or Page. Perfect for PPC marketing and it’s designed to quickly convert traffic to sales. Once again, the look and feel of this portion of the site is beautiful. You won’t find a better looking site. This feature allows for many options when directing and converting your website traffic.

Another nice feature each month is a list of researched keywords and top related blogs. Both are awesome for getting that extra traffic. I get almost 400 uniques from one blog comment I made about a year and a half ago……this is very valuable.

To top the package off Dennis includes memberhip to which is a valuable system of developing high quality backlinks. This feature alone is worth the cost of this package. I can’t believe he’s including it.

I do have one negative. won’t make you a single penny……unless you actually use it :) The design of this package is like a recipe. Follow the recipe and you’ll start making some affilite cash!

Highly Recommended !

Scott Parat

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Create Your Own Affiliate Review Site

Affiliate Marketing Evolves with
Advent of Affiliate Review Site Templates

I’m sure you know that affiliate review sites are the rage right now….and rightly so! It seems anyone who uses them is making or starting to make a decent little income stream with each review site.

Once you put up an affiliate review site, you can leave it there forever and it will continue to develop a nice little income. Of course, you have to do some search engine optimization, write an article or two or you might even want to by some cheap pay per click advertising. But once you get things rolling it can take a life of it’s own.

You might have heard of Chris Rampel’s Conduit Affiliate Review Site method. Simply stated it’s the easiest format to use, been tested thoroughly, and because of it’s simplicity you can crank these sites out as fast as you can think of them.

There was one problem, if you don’t know html…or can’t find an xsitepro affiliate review template or maybe trying to use the conduit affiliate review site method on a wordpress blog is just too daunting for you!

Well, I have some good news that I wanted to share. A guy by the name of Neil Harvey created some wordpress affiliate review templates called reviewsPress. He actually has 2 styles, the image you see is of the first page of style number one as the image on the left.

All you have to do is load up one of these templates and write your reviews. Remember you can use these in any niche and you can reuse the review templates as many times as you want.

Neil did a great job on these templates and because they are made using a wordpress blog, you can really start a controversy by giving high 5’s to one product and dissing the other product (you can review as many products as you like). Because you can enable comments, website visitors can post their comments on any of the products, of course you can moderate the comments…..but imagine what kind of controversy you can create, or you can even offer a free gift if they leave a comment…..Just use your imagination.

Anyway, why don’t you head on over to Conduit Style Affiliate Review Templates and take a look at what you can get for a few bucks!

In case you’d like a little help writing reviews I have just the thing for you. You can get product reviews for 10 niches with 10 products each…..that’s 100 product reviews a month! Don’t believe me? Check out Product Reviews before they all disappear :)

Let me show you 10 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Affiliate Review Sites….sign in below and I’ll send you a FREE ebook on some New Traffic Methods

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The Conduit Style Affiliate Review Sites

If you haven’t already noticed the latest craze for online marketing….let me bring you up to speed….it’s the creation of affiliate review websites.

The affiliate review concept is really simple, just grab 3 similar products and briefly discuss each one, include a picture and price and then a link back to the original product page. You can also make a single more detailed page for each product and to give your site a little more meet you can add some articles. Actually it’s a little more involved than that.

Chris Rampel has taken the review concept and perfected it. He calls his version of the affiliate review site “The Conduit” method and if you click on that link you’ll find out more about it.

Also for anyone interested in purchasing Affiliate Review Xsitepro Templates already formatted for doing review webistes go to this url and check it out:

Conduit Affiliate Review Templates

You’ll find Conduit Affiliate Review Site Templates for Xsitepro Volume 1, Xsitepro Volume 2 and Standard HTML templates….and you can’t beat the price.

I’m not sure how long that link will be live, but it’s one heck of a deal. Jump on the bandwagon and start making your own Conduit Style Affiliate Review Websites …..send some traffic and start making some money.

Don’t forget to grab Chris’s manual on The Conduit Affiliate Review Method of making affiliate review sites so you can pick up those important details that will help you really cash in on the affiliate review craze. Chris has on of the biggest post’s in the warrior forum….his method of affiliate review has been widely accepted by the big dogs on the warrior forum!

The below is from the Chris’ site about The Conduit Method:

I‘ve often been asked what the “number one” strategy is for generating a full-time income without ANY guesswork or risk…

My gut response is usually something like “Well, affiliate marketing is easy once you get the hang of it, but there’s definitely a learning curve”.

And while this is true – I actually have been keeping my mouth shut about a certain strategy that basically defies traditional logic.

In fact – the strategy I’m about to reveal to you is so incredibly powerful by its own design – and the simplicity of how it works – that the only way you wouldn’t see substantial commissions from doing this is if you simply DIDN”T do it.

I call it the Conduit Method.

With this strategy, I’m able to produce one site after the next that generates remarkably high revenues for very little overall traffic. In cases where I’ve “compared notes” with other competing affiliates in the niche, I can always tell when I’ve struck a nerve.


In some cases with this strategy, the sites that generate what most would consider a full-time income get just 70 visitors a day or less


Other affiliates are driving way more traffic than I am – but they only earn a fraction of what I make with my “Conduit” sites. It baffles them.

I also have an edge when it comes to creating content and converting visitors to sales. With this strategy, I can create literally hundreds of pages with unique content with zero ‘thinking’ or research involved – and this includes very technical niches where I don’t know a damn thing about the products, the “lingo” or the subject matter in general.

For example, I have a “conduit” site that’s just over 2 months old (still a PR 0) and it’s already earned $5,061.84 in commissions – all from free, easy traffic. (4,151 visitors to be exact, at the time of writing this.)

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