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Thoughts on Relationship Marketing Techniques

Symmetrical Composition #22I received an email from John Melanson and much to my surprise he didn’t try to stuff something down my throat. You know what I mean…’re on a couple of email lists and every email is some big promotion….something you can’t live without and if you buy it you’ll be successful beyond your wildest dreams. ………….I get so tired of that stuff.

Well…John is about to become a guest blogger and he doesn’t even know it :) I thought I’d paste his email here for you to read. I thought there were some great thoughts and if you simply apply them in your business…..I’m sure you’ll get more subscribers, more affiliate sales and….well, just more business.

Hi Scott,

Every day many of us sit down to our computers and we’re
bombarded with advertisements and sales pitches. The same
thing happens when we sit down to watch television in the
evening with our family. Just about everywhere we go we are
being sold to or pitched in some way. This tends to make us
what some refer to as “ad blind”, we just don’t hear the
pitch, we ignore it and move on.

The good news is that doesn’t apply when you’re using
relationship marketing techniques. We don’t want to hard sell.
Think about how you’d like to be sold to and use that
information in your marketing. Don’t do a hard sell. The
hard sell almost never works; and it just makes you look
obnoxious, too.

If your product is good, it will sell itself with a little
help from you. Simply tell the customer the benefits of your
service and why you’re better than a competitor, if possible,
and that should be all you need to do — again, if the price
is right, too.

Is your price high enough to establish its value, but low
enough to be reasonable? Sometimes, you’re not going to get
a sale no matter what you do if the price is too high for
what the product or service actually offers. That probably
makes sense, right? Conversely, though, you may also not get
a sale if the price is too low.

There’s something called “perceived market value” that clients
look for when they’re buying a product or service. And if the
price is too low, the client or customer isn’t going to think
the product or service is valuable enough to buy. So set your
price is right based upon the CLIENT’S point of view, too,
not just yours.

To Your Success,

John Melanson

You might find more info on relationship marketing at John’s site.

Thoughts on Duplicate Content

I have a membership over at Niche Profit Classroom. They have an excellent program for developing various niche topics and monetizing these niches by either your own custom program or another way is through affiliate sales. Anyway, you can grab a membership for a couple of months and learn just about everything you need to learn about niche marketing…..some of the best teaching on niche marketing I’ve seen to date.

I was browsing through the NPC forum and noticed one of the members was wondering if they should list categories on their blog….anyway, I gave him my 2 cents :)

Duplicate content issues do come up when using categories or archives, however, there are pluins that can help eliminate the dup content issue.

As internet marketers I think we can get too tied up with the issues of duplicate content and we have to first ask ourselves who our customers or visitors are.

Chances are, the people who visit your website have no idea what internet marketing is or what duplicate content is…..they just want a solution to their problem.

They landed on your site.

They are looking for answers.

If you have a site with muliple categories, in my opinion, you really should list them. Have you ever landed on a wordpress blog and had no idea how to get to the next article or find out what else is on the blog?

Having categores listed tends to keep visitors on your site for a longer period of time.

Imagine you had a site on tomatoes, with 4 categories.

-how to grow early producing tomatoes
-starting your plants early
-the best cherry tomatoes
-identifying and killing pests

If the visitor search for “early producing tomatoes” and landed on one of your articles, he would be finished if he didn’t know what was on your site.

However, if you had the categories listed in the sidebar, you have 3 other tomatoe problems he could be interested in. In other words, “Categories” is an additional method of navigation, since most web surfers don’t know the difference, or care whether a site is static or a blog….they just want answers to their questions and categories or bread crumbs is an excellent way to give that visitor an idea of what is one your site.

If you only have 5 or 10 articles, all dealing with the same subject….then it wouldn’t be necessary to include categories.

I’m not sure if they promoted multiple categories with the NPC model, however, adding more content to your site attracts traffic and I would at least try it out on one of your sites.

If you do categories with the NPC theme, somehow it limits the category to pull up 5 articles. It would be nice to know how to remedy this.

Affiliate Link Cloaker Best Link Cloaker on the Market!

I consider myself somewhat of an expert on link cloaking and link redirects. Well, if I’m not an expert I surely have collected just about every link cloaker or link redirect script I’ve seen in the last 6 years or so. Today I think I’ve seen one of the most unique link cloaking applications I’ve ever come across, called Advanced Link Cloaker. I know the author and consider him a friend, Ali is a software developer and specializes in scripts and applications for internet marketers. When Ali comes out with a new script you can bet it is something unique and effective!

Advanced Link Cloaker is unique because it allows you to actually embed things into the affiliate page you are promoting. I’m talking about embedding your optin forms, videos, bookmarking buttons, bonuses, other promotions…..really just about anything. I can hardly believe it, let’s say you have an affiliate link for jet skis on ebay, first you paste the link in Affiliate Link Cloaker, now you want to offer the page visitor a “Guide to Purchasing Used Jet Skis”, so you create an optin code and paste that into the application and click another button and Voila!!! you created an ebay page with your optin form on it…… cool is that?

I just got my copy of Advanced Link Cloaker and I’m playing around with it now. This has to be one of the most powerful applications I’ve seen in a long time and will surely boost affiliate sales for many marketers… only concern is that ebay, amazon, clickbank and others will somehow think this is an unfair advantage. So…..I guess its kind of like Google in the early days……use Advanced Link Cloaker now and make a ton of cash while you can. Of course I am not implying that this will automatically make you a ton of money…..I need to say that to keep the lawyers away, but I would certainly grab a copy and give it a try if you do any affiliate marketing.

Watch the videos for an idea of how easy and quickly you can create affiliate pages. I’ll report latter this week to let you know how it’s working after I give it a try.