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Digi Traffic Multiplier Will Flood Your Site With New Visitors!

Digi Traffic Multiplier Will
Flood Your Site With New Visitors!

Digi Traffic Multiplier New Kind of Autoblogging

Personal update, I’ve been using Digi Traffic Multiplier for 2 weeks now and it’s amazing. I had a tough time getting it to work but Andy’s suppport got me through. This baby cranks out social links, I do about 1500 a day for 4 different blogs and watching real visitors come to the blogs plus small movements in the serps. I’ll be more thorough in a week or two.

With the DTM working for you, you’ll be able to:

1. Update your blog with targeted content whenever you want… with no effort! How would you like to see fresh new content daily….each and every day… each day of the week? Kind of a dumb question, because I know that you know how valuable fresh, keyword rich unqiue content is when posted daily. Well, Digi Traffic Multiplier, otherwise known as DTM will began posting content that is unique to your niche and blog, it has the ability to post content that will be unique to your blog and the search engines just love it!

Digi Traffic Multiplier Will
Push Your Site in The SERPS!

2. Arm yourself with the next generation of content-creation weaponry: old-style auto-blogging fills your blog with low-quality content in the hope some of it might work. Digi Traffic Multiplier picks out target content like a heat seeking missile. I can’t say exactly how DTM works, but it has the ability to determine what your blog is about and pull in content that is relative to your existing blog content, or to the keywords you input and deliver a blog post that will knock your socks off!

3. It’s proven that content that’s interesting and engaging will draw more visitors and its also true that as people relate to this material they will want to be part of the conversation, this is what Digi Traffic Multiplier will do for you. Once you see a post which is automatically created by Digi Traffic Multiplier you will be amazed because it comes with a bunch of stock images, quotes and special formatting style sheets that all work together to form a blog post that looks like nothing you’ve ever seen.

You Won’t Believe What
Digi Traffic Multiplier Is Going to Do For You!!

4. Do you want unique fresh content on your front page….. well, Digi Traffic Multiplier will do it! You might want ot use this new content as spider bait and keep it out of sight or at least hard for your regular readers to get to, of course Digi Traffic Multiplier can do this. However you might want to configure your blog, Digi Traffic Multiplier gives you the option.

5. Digi Traffic Multiplier is configured in a way that allows for good on-page search engine optimization, this will maximize your exposure to Google and big G will index your posts quickly brining your desired traffic. Sooner or latter you learn to optimize your content for Google, well, DTM does this automatically and the search engines and their related spiders take notice almost immediately.

Want Traffic….Digi Traffic Multiplier Is the Answer!

6. Maybe the most impressive aspect of this software is its price ….especially considering the fact that Digi Traffic Multiplier can do all it does simply because Andy Fletcher was adamant about the quality of his new WordPress plugin taking a “take no prisoners approach” when designing and putting DTM together. Think it’s an expensive development process? Although it might have been expensive for Andy Fletcher to develop, we can enjoy the fruits of his investment and labor by purchasing any one of the 3 licenses for a mere pittance of the development cost!

Review of Digi Traffic Accelerator

Review of Digi Traffic AcceleratorI grabbed Andy Fletcher‘s newest traffic hoarding product called Digi Traffic Accelerator as soon as I was able to! I thought I’d set it up and do a review of digi traffic accelerator.

One of the reasons was because I have an old site…. probably 9 years old, all kinds of content related to website design, internet marketing, making money online, wordpress, rants, product reviews…. you name it and I stuffed this site with my content. There’s some plr material…. not much. Most of it is unique content. I might have tried a wp plugin for automated content but only used it for a couple of days. I did use a plugin called wpunique for a while on plr articles but not more than 5 to 10% of the blog is done this way.

You can imagine how shocked I was when Google slapped me a couple weeks ago! This was an authority site ….or at least I thought so.

I would get 400 to 500 unique visits a day….. today I’m down to 20 to 40 uniques a day.

Now 500 uniques a day isn’t that great, but I virtually did not do any backlinking! If there are any backlinks to my blog, they were put out voluntarily by other blog owners. I take that back, I’m using Andy Fletcher’s WPSyndicator usually once a day for about 10 sites or 10 backlinks.

Review of Digi Traffic AcceleratorThe sales copy says easy as 1,2,3 and Andy is always good for his word so we’ll see how this baby works out! I got to get this blog up and I thought it about time to start focusing some energy on building backlinks. So I’m going to give his new desktop product called Digi Traffic Accelerator a shot. It looks good, looks easy and quick to use. So, I’ll keep any readers I have left posted on what happens in the next 30, 60,90 days. Just do a search on my blog for Digi Traffic Accelerator

Here’s an email on Andy sent me on Digi Traffic Accelerator if you want to know more about it. There’s a 7 day trial for a $1 and I plan on getting my money’s worth :) You can do your own review of Digi Traffic Accelerator just click the link and get started for 1 buck!

here’s the email
Hi Scott,

Here at DigiResults, we’ve been working on something BIG…

Something that will build you 500 high-quality backlinks at the push of a button…

If you’ve been following my Traffic Acceleration videos, you’ve probably guessed what I’m talking about…

But just in case you haven’t had the chance to catch up, let me tell you a bit about the brand new backlink-building behemoth:

Digi Traffic Accelerator is a brand new desktop application that not only builds you over 500 backlinks… it builds you 500 of the best type of backlink, the ones that deliver organic, direct AND viral traffic.

Digi Traffic Accelerator will –

- Create over 500 backlinks at the push of a button, ALL on sites tailored to give you organic, direct and viral traffic
– Create and confirm accounts on over 500 posting sites on complete autopilot (this is a real timesaver!)
– Automatically build both your low-PR engine and high-PR power links for maximum acceleration
– Integrate with 3 different Captcha-breaking services so you can blast through captchas on autopilot
– Use advanced multithreaded processing so the app works super-efficiently, so you don’t need a super-powerful computer to get the benefit

This is the most powerful tool we’ve ever produced… and you can try it out for $1.

That’s right… just $1.

But places are strictly limited… we’re capping active users at 3000 to make sure the supported sites aren’t overloaded, and though that might sound a lot, we had over 50,000 people check out the video course…

So grab it while you can!

Check this out now -Digi Traffic Accelerator



Digi Article Blaster 1.1 Upgrade Review

Review of Digi Article Blaster 1.1 by Andy FletcherNews update, there is a new release for Digi Blaster ….. Review of Digi Article Blaster 1.1

I continue to Review Andy Fletcher’s Digi Article Blaster and have become completely convinced that this wordpress plugin will be included in every blog I produce. It will be especially useful for the Niche Profit Classroom blogs I’ve been experimenting with as well as all the local marketing I do for offline businesses.

Andy’s plugins get posts from this blog indexed in less than 5 minutes!

I just got an email from Andy and he already has come out with Digi Article Blaster 1.1 and includes some nice upgrades. Of course if you purchased already you know all upgrades are free. Anyway, I thought I’d post the email I got from Andy so you could see the new upgrades.

Sorry…. I gotta leak this one. Spinning the Titles and Resource Signature. Do you have any idea how powerful this is? If a search engine spider hits your site or a directory, sometimes it only hits the first hunk of text and the last piece of text on the article. To be able to spin both of these for unique content will give your backlinks even more juice! ….. here’s the rest of the email from Digi Article Blaster 1.1

Hi Scott,

You asked, so we delivered…

Digi Article Blaster has now been updated to version 1.1. This update contains a host of new features including…

– Full DeathByCaptcha integration, so you can use your existing DBC account to bust through those irritating captchas
– Credential checking: confirm your captcha service details are correct before blast to ensure maximum blasting power
– Increased success rate for directory sign-up
– Spinning enabled in the article title and resource box

A quick reminder of what Digi Article Blaster does for you:

– Saves you hours by completely automating the process of article submission
– Gets you in to over 150 article directories with its built-in database
– Cracks captchas on autopilot using DeCaptcher, BypassCaptcha and now DeathByCaptcha power
– Builds so many backlinks the searchbots can’t fail to notice you, giving you lightning-fast indexing
– Spins 1000s of random articles from a few standard spin tags

Check it out now –

The New Digi Article Blaster 1.1



P.S. This hugely popular plugin has already sold over 600 copies… check out some of the fantastic DigiBlaster comments about DigiArticleBlaster on the Warrior Forum -

Digi Article Blaster Review

Digi Article Blaster by Andy FletcherThought I’d try to keep you up to date on the Digi Article Blaster from Andy Fletcher.

You guys know I hate hype, but sometimes I like to have fun with images. See the image to the left, a hand truck with 100 dollar bills? You might be thinking, ya here we go again. Another internet marketing promise of making a bunch of money when the only money that is made is the guy selling product XXX. …..

Don’t you feel that way sometimes? …… I know I do.

But, Digi Article Blaster really can make you money. You know backlinks, good backlinks will bring traffic to your website or blog. Then it’s up to you to convert and sell your product or get visitors to click on your links so you can make some cash. That’s about as simple as it gets, right? Well…..DigiArticleBlaster, a wordpress plugin will do that for you. That is, it creates backlinks. The rest is up to you.


You can use Digi Article Blaster to make nice little income by creating backlinks for others. Digi Article Blaster truly can be a business in a box.

Think about it. How many times have you seen others selling backlinks…. often very crappy backlinks? It’s so easy to do with Digi Article Blaster that you can sell your ability to create backlinks! Help local business owners or other offline marketers rise quickly in the search engines. The potential with this is almost unlimited. In fact, it seems to good to be true!

I got an email from Andy today and he addresses this income potential with Digi Article Blaster.

Hi Scott,

I realised there was something I forgot to tell you in my last e-mail about Digi Article Blaster.

Simply put, not only does it help you build 150 AUTOMATIC CONTEXTUAL BACKLINKS to all of your blogs…

It also gives you a service you can sell to offline businesses for $397-a-time.

See, I used to offer the exact same service in my days as an SEO consultant (heck… that’s how I got the idea for the plugin…)

I’d spend a day doing manual article submission for my clients to give them a top Google ranking, and I’d charge $397 for it.

Now you can use Digi Article Blaster to provide the exact same service, but better (I never got anywhere near building 150 backlinks manually) and faster (because you’ll only have to push a button)…

Check out this quote from Lee Smallwood who tested the plugin for me:

“Hey Andy, You’ve done it again – backlink building has simply never been this easy.

I used to outsource all the syndication but now it’s just pushing a button, so it’s cheaper AND I can take on more work. I’ve already done this for one company today and I’ll be doing three more this afternoon.

If my clients knew getting a top Google ranking was this easy they’d never let me charge so much!

Thanks again mate,

Lee Smallwood”

Lee’s right, of course… if your clients knew how easy you were finding it to get them that top ranking, they’d never pay you that much… but I won’t tell if you don’t!

Check it out now –

Download Digi Article Blaster



P.S.  This plugin uses SEO techniques that are completely Panda-friendly, so they’re guaranteed to work even after the latest Google update.

Check it out now –

Download a copy of Digi Article Blaster

Review of Digi Article Blaster

Digi Article Blaster by Andy FletcherThought I’d do a quick review of Digi Article Blaster by Andy Fletcher.

Over the past year or so, Andy Fletcher has cranked out some practical and more imp0rtantly, effective wordpress plugins. Everybody wants traffic. Everybody wants eyes on their webpages and Andy Fletcher seems to have gotten aligned with some sort of digital karma….. it doesn’t matter what the plugin, he always hits the bullseye and Digi Article Blaster is no different.

Digi Article Blaster is a new WordPress plugin that completely automates your article syndication, blasting your article to over 150 directories with a single click. If you’ve been around a while, automatic article submission isn’t a big deal…. but, a wordpress plugin that submits and automaticall breaks captcha’s is a big deal!

How would you like to post, spin and blast from one place? With DigiArticleBlaster you simply write your blog post and click a button…..done!  That is 150 backlinks in 10 minutes.

Now…..if you have a blog you’ve been working on….. either for a couple of months or a couple of years, guess what? With Digi Article Blaster plugin installed you know could have years of blog posts to submit to directories! Holy Batwings…. I have a blog that’s 4 years old that was posted almost daily, I can now go back and get new juice to my blog using old posts! Got any idea how powerful this feature alone might be?

Before I mention more, as usual, Andy has 3  license levels.

Single Site License …the cheapest and can only be used on one  blog.

Multi Site License…. pretty self explanatory and the most useful for most internet marketers.

Developer License…… biggest value. This allows you to build blogs and sell them with the plugin installed. If you’ve been following Andy’s other plugins you are pretty familiar with this license setup. Think how powerful it would be whip up a blog and sell it while you have Digi Article Blaster, WPSyndicator, Digi Link Doctor, Digi List Builder and Digi Traffic Multiplier you should be able to name your price!

Let’s face it, anyone who creates a backlinking product is going to promote and sell it as the “best thing since sliced bread”. There are some good backlinking strategies, some hard strategies and some just suck and are totally ineffective. If you’re new to this….take my word, I’ve been doing this for 10 years and Andy Fletcher puts out the best….. and better yet he keeps improving and you don’t have to pay a dime. So….if you want to crank out a quick 150 backlinks, keyword rich, spun (rumor that he will soon start using (TBS) The Best Spinner)…… you are going to want to pick up a copy of Digi Article Blaster and start using it today!

I’ll do a more thorough review of Digi Article Blaster over the new week or two and every time there’s a new upgrade so stay tuned, and I’ll try to put together a case study on one of my blogs. If you’re new to my blog you don’t know and trust me…. I understand that. Thats why I will try to keep this review current.

Consider what Andy has to say:

Basically, you’ve got two options…

1. You act cautious and stick to how you’re doing things now

Think about the last time you did some manual article submission… how long did you spend spinning and submitting that article? How many backlinks did you get? Are you rich yet?

You could keep doing this. It works, it’s just really slow. But it’ll be a lot of boring evenings while your friends are having fun, and you’ll always be wondering if there’s any way you could have done better…

2. You grab the opportunity and start blasting your way to success

Every day, you push a button. Then you spend your time relaxing, glass of cold beer in one hand… and you’ve still got more than 20 times as many backlinks as everyone who picked option #1.

If you’re someone who never settles for second-best…

If you’re someone who wants to take charge of their income…

If you’re the kind of person who wants the time and the money…

Then claim your copy of Digi Article Blaster and start blowing the competition out of the water. Just click the ‘Add to cart’ button below for the license you want.

Finally…check out this Video Review of Digi Article Blaster