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3 Most Used Techniques For Auto Responder Marketing

Auto responders have become a major tool in online marketing, and marketing in general. The Internet offers many means of affordable marketing with auto responders. Here are a three of the most used ways to utilize an auto responder.

Some webmasters set up link or article directories on their sites. They create a directory on a specific industry topic, placing their own ad or banner along the top. Then they invite others to add their website links via a link exchange program, listing themselves in your directory, or they invite articles to be submitted that include a resource box at the bottom of each with a link to the author’s website. This results in increased traffic as sites link up across the World Wide Web. Enter “link exchange software” or “article directory software” into a favorite search engine for help with each. When it comes to an auto responder, the marketer creates a series of emails describing the benefits of listing a link or article on their site. They usually provide other links related to the specific topic, but all of it is focused on acquiring links or articles for the site.

Some marketers write up a simple step-by-step instructional class in their area of expertise. Then they break it up into smaller portions or messages and set them up in an auto responder as email messages, including short ads within each message to invite sales & website visits. Then they invite website visitors to sign up through on online form or email subscription address offered through the auto responder service. As people sign up, they will learn more about the products and services through the teaching series.

The third most used technique for auto responders is sales follow up. Ever wondered how a company followed up with you after a webinar so quick? They probably used an auto responder. Using this example, the company would then send you an email the next day to with more information you may want. The following week, they will send another email to “touch base” with you and follow up. This email usually invites you to visit the website or even contact the sales department. At this point, the company may continue to follow up or start sending emails about other products or webinars. Each company is unique, and their auto responder program will be unique as well.

These three methods of using auto responders are only a few of the ways you can use an auto responder. There are many other ways to use them, and the opportunity is endless. For an excellent auto responder service that is very affordable (as low as $19 a month) try Aweber has been very useful to me, and they offer a great deal of service and support.

Nate Stockard is the owner of Stockard & Associates, Inc, a marketing and design firm in Houston, TX specializing in small business solutions. He is also the author of The Market Seedling, an informative source of information, articles, tips, and advice for small business owners and marketers.
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Link Building Basics

Why You Need To Know Link Building Basics

Internal Links

Internal Links

If you have any sort of business online, you need to understand link building basics. First of all, you must accept the fact that, yes, you are going to need to get incoming links to your web content (whether it’s a blog or website) in order for you to start getting pure web search traffic. Here are some ways to get links to your site.

Article submission is one very effective method. If you can create a quality article that’s approximately 500 words long and submit it to the many article directories, you will be getting lots of inbound links before long. The key word is “quality” – the better the article, the more valuable it is to your audience, the more this will work for you. Instead of sending the same article to 100’s of article directories use UAW to send a unique version to each article directory…..multiplies the effectiveness of article marketing by 1000 times or more!

Directory Submission is another one of the easier link building basics. There are more link directories online than you can possibly imagine. All you have to do is find the most popular ones and submit your site. Some are free and some will charge a fee. If you do pay a fee, make sure that the site has a high google ranking and gets a good deal of traffic.

Try social bookmarking. Using the social bookmarking sites StumbleUpon, Digg and Technorati (there are hundreds more to choose from) is a great way to get links to your site. Just register and submit your site or articles for people to bookmark. This gains you more popularity and more links. Smart use of social bookmarking will create some very nice and effective backlinks for your blog or website…..start now for immediate traffic.

Another method is to use offline advertising. With more and more people becoming “net saavy” and, more specifically, “net business saavy”, you can start to stand out by focusing on the world that’s offline. Go to conferences or conventions in your industry and hand out your business cards. Once you start building relationships with people in person, it’s much easier for you to get them to see what you’re up to on the Interntet. You can take this one step further and interview some people who are key in your industry. If you can manage to get a hold of someone who is an expert and who is not usually very public with his/her answers, you’ve hit the jackpot.

Giving away stuff is another way to get people to link to your site.  Hold a contest to get the interest of others or, even better, build an online tool collection of the sorts of instruments that people need. An example of this is a mortgage calculator. . .you get the idea. You can come up with your own ebook and offer it for free in exchange for feedback about your site. You can offer free samples of a product that you sell or promote. Again, there are lots of ways to shape this concept to fit your business and site.

Distribute Videos to video submission or video directory sites. There are many youtube type sites on the web, submitting your video along with an brief description ….including your website address can bring in a ton of unique traffic. Mention your website or blog in the video…in fact, offer a free ebook or piece of software in the actual video which forces the viewer to figure out how to get the book or software. Common sense prevails, the more valuable the book or software, the more desire and effort the video viewer will expend in an effort to get your freebie. You could locate some of the free video submission sites or you could use a service like Traffic Geyser for automatic submission of your video to 100’s of sites, along with audio and pdf submission…..WARNING…this tool is for serious internet marketers only! Here’s a little secret ……Google still gives extra weight to video’s so your backlinks will count more than a standard link!

Hopefully you’ll start to use some of these link building basics to gain more incoming links to your web content.

Learning Dreamweaver

If you hit ambitions of effort a job as a professional scheme designer, it probably essential to see how to use Adobe Dreamweaver (previously known as “Macromedia Dreamweaver”). This is because the program is not only a mart leader, but is also effectively the defacto standard for creating and designing scheme pages and scheme pages. Of course, Dreamweaver is not meet for professional scheme designers – anybody who wants to make a scheme site or scheme page, including of instruction entrepreneurs and owners of diminutive businesses, crapper benefit from the software.

You should still be aware, that although many grouping crapper benefit from Adobe Dreamweaver, it does take whatever time to see to use the program properly, and to discover how to get the

Dreamweaver CS4

best results with the software. This is because, although Dreamweaver has a well thought-out and relatively decent individual interface, the code does allow many powerful features, and meet effort familiar with them all crapper take whatever time. Additionally, patch most grouping hit whatever experience of feeding the web, not everybody has created a scheme page before – and the latter rattling does involve a different artefact of looking at things as compared to the former.

Fortunately, learning Dreamweaver is not impossibly difficult – far from it – you might be shocked at how apace you crapper master the program. In part, this is because there are a wide variety of excellent training materials and tutorials available, and these crapper be rattling helpful. Resources for learning Dreamweaver allow a number of Dreamweaver tutorial scheme sites, code that teaches Dreamweaver, and, of course, many books about the program.

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A Fun, Fast And Simple Macromedia Dreamweaver Tutorial That Shows You How To Build Your Website, Step by Step From Start To Finish. Visit

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Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 Tutorials

At the time of writing, the latest version of Adobe Dreamweaver is “CS3″. CS3 stands for “Creative Suite 3″, & also refers to various packages & collections of program for creative & design professionals, that are available from Adobe Systems Incorporated. there’s in fact a few different CS3 packages accessible, but (at the time of writing) only five CS3 packages (Web Standard, Web Premium, Design Premium, & Master Collection) actually include Adobe Dreamweaver. Additionally, you can choose what type of pc you wish to get the CS3 package for, since versions of the program are available both for PCs walking the Microsoft Windows operating technique, & Apple Macintosh computers.

Adobe Dreamweaver (formerly “Macromedia Dreamweaver”) is widely known as one of the leading program applications for web design & development. It’s not that it’s arguably the market leading program in this area, lots of people

Dreamweaver CS4

would say it’s more or less become a defacto standard in these areas.

Adobe Dreamweaver itself, & most of the other program included in the various CS3 packages, are generally intended for professional use. This of coursework does not mean that ordinary people can’t use the program – on the contrary – but it does mean that (a) professional results can be achieved relatively easily, & (b) as with any professional level tool, you’ll get the most from it if you first get proper training. Proper training does not of coursework necessarily mean going to classes (although you could if you have the time & inclination) – instead books, program training courses, DVDs or online websites could be used – the main thing is that you’ll master the program most quickly if you follow a structured program for learning about it.

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A Fun, Fast And Simple Macromedia Dreamweaver Tutorial That Shows You How To Build Your Website, Step by Step From Start To Finish. Visit

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Adobe Dreamweaver Tutorials

Dreamweaver is one of the directive applications for the creation and design of both individual scheme pages and entire scheme sites. The covering code is supported around the concept of creating scheme pages using a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) development environment, but also supports another Web technologies too. These include CSS and JavaScript, as substantially as server-side scripting languages including ASP.NET, ColdFusion, Java Server Pages (JSP a)nd PHP.

Dreamweaver was originally created by Macromedia, who in turn were eventually purchased by, and merged into Adobe Systems

Dreamweaver CS4

Incorporated in December 2005. Versions of the code are available for PCs using the Microsoft Windows operating systems, and Apple Macintosh computers. It is probably fair to say that many scheme designers study Adobe Dreamweaver to be one of the essential tools in their arsenal.

Dreamweaver crapper be utilised as a stand-alone program but also interoperates substantially with another programs, especially another Adobe software, including past Macromedia code such as Adobe Fireworks. Additionally, templates created in Dreamweaver crapper also be utilised with Adobe Contribute, which is an covering designed to allow binary non-technical users to simultaneously maintain a scheme site’s content.

The code is substantially designed and once you are old with it, quite easy to use. That does not mean however, that no acquisition is needed in order to get the prizewinning out of Dreamweaver. As with any sophisticated tool, proper training will allow you to attain the prizewinning results. The good news is that there are many resources that crapper support you learn the program, including Dreamweaver tutorial scheme sites, and code training packages, as substantially as books.

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A Fun, Fast And Simple Macromedia Dreamweaver Tutorial That Shows You How To Build Your Website, Step by Step From Start To Finish. Visit

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5 Free Dreamweaver Extensions You Must Have!

Hi everyone, I love when I come across a tool that helps me decrease the time it takes to develop websites. Let?s face it, as developers we?re faced with several obstacles developing for the web, from browsers wars to png fixes. So, I wanted to share these 5 Dreamweaver extensions that you can use to aid in front-end web development. They can cut development time significantly. Enjoy!

1.) jQuery API extension

If you are a jQuery user you really need jQuery API extension for Dreamweaver. It reduces tons of typing and provides code coloring, snippets, and code hints that list every jQuery and jQuery UI function for you.

2.) Adobe AIR Extension


Dreamweaver CS4

Adobe AIR extension for Dreamweaver will allow you to package and preview AIR application files directly within Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 or Adobe Dreamweaver CS4, so you can leverage your existing web development skills to build rich Internet applications on the desktop.

3.) Tools for Google

Dreamweaver Tools for Google enhances your websites with advanced Google innovations and no coding. You can set up a site-specific Google Search, show the way with a Google Map, roll in any of the six new cell phone tools for Google Mobile, or sell your goods for less with Google Checkout.

4.) Adobe Kuler Extension

Adobe Kuler is a popular web-hosted application for generating color themes that can inspire any project. This extension allows you to easily access Adobe Kuler color palettes directly from Dreamweaver.

5.) Drupal API extension for Dreamweaver

Drupal API extension reduces tons of typing and gets rid of the plain text look when editing Drupal files in Dreamweaver. If you are into Drupal and use, or want to use, Dreamweaver then you really need this extension.

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Weaving Flash With Dreamweaver

In the field of web designing, it is only the creativity and the right tool or application used for that purpose that counts. The competition between web designers has grown fiercely, so does the competition among the creators of software that aid web designers in their work. At present, there are several companies offering software that help web designers to create attractive websites. The Dreamweaver is one such software which helps to create Website Flash Design.

Not only is Dreamweaver quite easy to work on but also provides a range of features to the web designers to create Macromedia

Dreamweaver CS4

Flash Web Design. The credit for that goes to the two remarkably useful tools present in the software that make the creating of Flash look so easy. These tools are Flash texts and Flash Buttons.

While the Flash text helps determine the behavior of the text that appears in a Flash programmed, the Flash Buttons help in adding style. Both features are really cool and help the web designers to create Custom Flash Web Design. For those who have experience in designing website and working on Flash, they would find its extra beneficial.

Currently, there are various versions of the Dreamweaver available in the market, the latest one being the Dreamweaver 4 which has the above mentioned features. The popularity of a website depends upon how appealing it is to a person who is using or watching it. The animation element of Flash in website has helped web designers to convey the message that they wish to convey through the website in a more effective manner. In fact, there are several websites currently present which are solely Flash based websites. The popularity of the Flash has reached such height that today; we seldom see a website which does not have a Flash running in it.

Therefore the new version of the Dreamweaver is likely to further encourage web designers to use Flash in as effectively as possible.

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This article is written by a technical writer, working at Synapse India, a software and web development company in India. This article emphasizes on the various flash design options available, which will help the designer to create Custom Flash Web Design.

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Adobe Dreamweaver Review

I have been trying to learn how to build a website and wanted to share my story.

First I went to the bookstore and picked up some books on html. To me it was confusing to learn and understand code but I studied hard and after a while I was able to read some code and understand it. So then I thought I might be able to use the code I learned to try to build a web page. I was not able to build a web page.

Then I thought if I bought some books on Css I would be able to put my Html and Css together and build a website that would look pretty good. Well after I understood some Css, I could build a webpage but still had a lot of problems with the page layout. I didn?t think building a webpage/template was so

Dreamweaver CS4

Finally I decided to buy Adobe Dreamweaver website software program and I am glad I did.

It took a little time to Learn Dreamweaver.

What I did was I signed up for lessons at and took the Dreamweaver course. This really was a big help for me to learn the Dreamweaver software program.

Then I added the learning I got from The Html and Css books and I was finally able build a website.
I am glad I bought Dreamweaver

Bob C

All registered trademarks are owned by their respective owners
Copyright 2009 All Rights Reserved

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Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 Review

After having a chance to look into the new software package put out by Adobe, I felt compelled to write this Dreamweaver CS3 review. Is image management as easy as ?copy and paste?, like Product Manager Kenneth Berger claims? Or is it all hype with no delivery? Hopefully, after reading this short review, you?ll have a better understanding and can decide for yourself.

You know what can be the bane of my existence? No, not the 80s band Damn Yankees. Designing and maintaining my website. It seems that no matter what I do, I always run into a snag somewhere that translates into hours upon hours of extra labor. That is why I got so excited about the new release of Adobe Dreamweaver CS3. A Mac user, I found the universal binary of CS3 a dream come true.

Installed and running in under a half hour, Dreamweaver CS3 has a familiar Welcome screen and main window.

Dreamweaver CS4

The toolbars are basically untouched, as well. With enhanced support for Cascading Style Sheets (SCC) and added tools, managing styles is easier than ever. As a result, moving, reordering and renaming styles takes less time than ever before. The best feature I have seen with the revamped software is Device Central, which gives you an advance view of how your designs are likely to be seen on both standard computers and handheld devices.

Also, with Dreamweaver CS3, you can now drag a Photoshop file directly into the program and complete several different save-for-web tasks. Want just a portion of a Photoshop image? No problem. Layers are just as easily managed.

Obviously, I am a huge proponent of Dreamweaver CS3. CNET is with me on this, rating the software ?Very Good? on their scale. Of course, that?s only useful if you want to trust the experts. As a relative layperson, I also highly suggest picking up the package. The time and hassle you?ll save yourself is well worth the investment

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If you enjoyed this Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 review and would like to learn more, visit the official Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 website today.

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