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More Ideas To Build Traffic To Your Website

Websites are created for the purpose of sharing and providing information in the targeted audiences. The common ingredient in all successful websites is the traffic they attract. Traffic is the key element of all websites.

Search engines, recommendations, and directories are very valuable traffic methods.

Search engines are search for relevant content, keywords, Meta tags, and images. When you have the information on your site you get traffic. Recommendations are precisely what the names states. You receive recommendations from internet users that recommend your site to others. Directories are lists of categories that are grouped for easy access by people searching for information.

Build a network of blogs, websites and web 2.0 sites filled with keyword
rich content using Article Stalker to locate relevant content. This method
has proven successful for many marketers…take a look now!

To achieve traffic from the search engines, you need to have high rankings on their results. It is the same with directories. Recommendations are achieved by word of mouth from a happy client to another source. You provide a great service or product and word will spread.

These are the most popular forms of obtaining website traffic. You may have to pay for some of the services yet to make money you may have to spend money. There are other options to obtain website traffic.

You can use organic placement. This the process of your site being located due to it being found by copious number of individuals with their search results making your rankings on the search engines rise with each hit as it increases in popularity. To make increase your organic placement, you use relevant keywords and terms in different phrasing that the interne users may enter into the search engines.

You can achieve the higher levels of traffic using the first three methods. You will have to work hard to get the traffic. You need to be determined and unyielding with your efforts. It will take time yet once you start seeing the results from your efforts you know you have reached a very high goal you set for your business. It is something anyone is proud to achieve.

Add other simple traffic methods such as newsletters, viewer feedback forums, affiliate marketing, blogging, RSS feeds, and video to your website. There are other methods to make your website more appealing and interesting. Any additional content or features you add to your site will increase your traffic.

When you want to attract an audience to your website, you have to have a high quality interesting and intriguing site filled with content other sites don’t have. You have to be the leader in the industry so you stand out in the crowded internet websites. It has been said to be a successful businessperson you need to learn to think outside the box. This is true for your website and business.

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First Page of Google Using Article Stalker And Free Content!

I know many of my readers are article marketers or would like to start article marketing. I also know most if not all my readers use articles on their blogs, some use plr articles, some use original articles and a few will use article reprints.

The fact is, before all the rumors regarding duplicate content, original content and article reprints started circulating many marketers built their websites and blogs strictly with article reprints. They developed massive amounts of traffic with a never ending supply of articles. However, that was interupted with rumors of duplicate content, and sites getting dropped because of this duplicate content. Then came an onslaught of plr articles that everyone almost always uses straight out of the box. The PLR membership sites constantly warned us of the perils of using articles from directories because we would experience the dreaded duplicate content penalty.

Well….in a word….Rubbish!

If you create your own blog or website networks in an effort to direct and guide website traffic to your money sites than you really need to take a look at Ed Chaisson’s new product called Article Stalker. which can only be described as a “GROUNDBREAKING TOOL FOR TRAFFIC ON DEMAND” which is “A True Push Button Simple Way Of Getting Endless Streams Of Fresh, Automated White Hat Content That Dominate Google Results Without Writing A Single Word”

This is Keyword Rich Content That Naturally Positions You To Receive Traffic From First Page Listings In Google And The Other Search Engines.

Ed is only selling 100 copies of his new software and it is currently running as a warrior special offer at:
Article Stalker …………………….I suggest you run over there and read some of the testimonials and check out his documented evidence on how efficient Article Stalker works.

Check out this testimonial from a seasoned warrior:


I’ve purchased a few of Ed’s products (I Come Clean, Slick WP Autoposter, Web 2.0 Backlinks Loophole). ALL great – all do (or show) exactly what Ed states they do.

In fact, Slick is in my core group of plugins that gets uploaded to every blog I install.

So, I had NO qualms about grabbing Ed’s Article Stalker… I’ve been wanting a system that would manage a server-side database of keyword targeted articles to help streamline content-harvesting for my networks.

I purchased. Ed sent me an email notification the day it shipped. The very next day it was in my mailbox.

I uploaded Article Stalker to one of my servers and set it up – No database to install, no cron job to set up – EASY BREEZY.

I’ve been ‘stalking’ articles with it yesterday and today and it’s working like a charm.

Now… what I generally do is build out my sites in niched ‘groups’ or ‘networks’ – Its a building plan that works well with my strategy of having a ‘hub’ or ‘authority’ site surrounded by ‘feeder’ sites for backlinks and traffic generation back to the hub site. I have developed an organized, streamlined system for building this way.

But after using Article Stalker…

I can see that it is streamlining my system MORE and making it even FASTER. YAY!!!

We LOVE it when that happens! Right?

Right now I’m using (breaking in) Article Stalker with a brand new 7-domain network installation. Stalking articles yesterday and today, It’s located a few thousand articles tagged to keywords for this niche, and I’ve set up a dozen keyword-targeted feeds with it so far.

This morning, from scratch, I installed a CUSTOM WP blog completely, and filled it with content, and it’s LIVE. The articles are lovely, full-length, keyword rich articles – both pre-dated and post-dated out for MONTHS.

I can now ‘clone’ the settings to the other ‘feeder’ sites, run a few Article Stalker feeds through Slick on those, and I can spend tomorrow finishing the hub site, and I’m done. A complete, monetized 7-site network installed, set up, and launched! In two days!

I can say, unequivocally, that I LOVE ARTICLE STALKER!

1. Article Stalker is easy to install and use.
2. Article Stalker works – Just like Ed says it does.
3. Article Stalker makes my work easier.
4. Article Stalker save me Time.

And items 1-4 will equate to ME making MORE Money.

As the saying goes… Time is Money!

People, whether you’ve got an old site that needs updating, a new site needing content so it can be launched, or a zillion sites to get up and ready for traffic…

Get Article Stalker.

Just do it!

That little testimonial is worth a bar of gold if you read it, understand it and apply it!

These videos will give you a closer look at Article Stalker:

Ed completely destroys the myth of duplicate content and reveals a new world of untapped article content only available through Article Stalker.

Article Stalker providesAccess to over 2 million high quality articles written specifically with keyword rich themes for visitors and search engines. Many of these articles are finely tuned to be Search Engine Bait to get those first page Google listings.

This isn’t your run of the mill garbage content that you see on most of the software generated websites. You will be proud to display and share this premium keyword rich information with people.

Article Stalker provides – A win win situation for you, the article directory and the author.

Article Directories love to have their articles republished in a responsible way including the authors, this gives them link juice they would not of gotten if you did not republish their content.

In return, you get free content without writing a word, first page listings in Google, and all the traffic that Google promises to send you if your content is good enough to rank.

We do our best to provide this content within the TOS of the Article Directories, all White Hat………………

……………….I could go on, but why don’t you head on over to Article Stalker and  tell Ed I send you :)

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Reasons for Rewriting Your PLR Articles

Let’s say that you have purchased some PLR content. You should be asking yourself, how do I use PLR to best advantage while avoiding roadblocks? Search engines identify content and are trying to feed surfers relevant results. To do that, along with other things, they have to scan the on-page content. If you think that having the same content on two different sites gives you two chances to be ranked high in the results, think again. It won’t happen. The search engines became wise to that trick a long time ago.

Search engines are known to have very complicated algorithms that can be difficult to reverse engineer. But one thing is certain: if the exact same content is used across multiple websites, you can suffer a duplicate content penalty. Rewriting PLR content is the best way to deal with that problem. Sure….it will take some work on your part, but the benefits get stacked on your side.

There’s a constant debate over how much of the PLR content should be changed, but even changing only 10% of the content can quickly give the advantage to you. Out of a 500 word article, that’s only 50 words – in most castes, that’s less than one paragraph’s worth over all. That should be easy for you considering the advantages.

Developing the content in your unique style has another advantage. You can give your site a definite ‘characterization’ by modifying the PLR article to something that sounds more like how you talk and write.

When you do that with a number of articles, you are guaranteed to differentiate your site from your competitor. That keeps visitors and customers loyal, because then you are the only one in the world with exactly that content. After all, there are lots of actors in the world, but there’s only one Harrison Ford. As the internet grows, becoming unique will cause you to stand out which will attract more visitors in the long run.

You could avoid the duplicate content issue entirely by writing every article from scratch. But, you’re purchasing PLR articles and writing your own is time consuming and not everyone has the interest or ability. Running a successful site or group of sites will keep you really busy. When you spend your time writing, you’re not doing those other things….the things that make you money.

Starting from a blank page is much tougher. It’s a lot easier to re-write something than to write from just a topic idea. Changing a phrase here or an example there is easy and the writing that’s already on the page stimulates you to think of alternatives.

Quality counts, too. You may not have the ability or interest to write great content, content that attracts visitors and backlinks. Even if you can, it takes time to do well. If you don’t take the time, you’ll end up with content that isn’t polished. That turns people off. Not a good business strategy.

It’s much quicker and easier to modify good quality content to avoid a duplicate content penalty and make it your own than it is to fix up junk. You can polish good chrome to a shine in a few minutes. If it’s rusty, you’ll spend all day!

Trust me on this, PLR content vendors vary a lot…..especially since so many have jumped on the bandwagon trying to make quick cash. Niche Content Packages, one of the best quality PLR sites and online since 2005, hires the best professional writers to give you the best content. The PLR articles offered here will give you a great starting point, save yourself some time and start polishing some good chrome :).

Niche Content Packages

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Thoughts on Article Marketing

What is the purpose of Article Marketing?

If you have a website then your primary goal is to drive traffic to the site….correct?

Article marketing is just one of many ways to drive traffic to your website and it does work. Often times, one article can get picked up and used by many webmasters or simply viewed many times. An effective resource box at the end of the article will get you many clicks.

Brighter minds than mine have argued the reality of duplicate content and it’s supposed effects on either article submission or your website. However, if you have the original article on your website I would edit the following before submitting to any aritcle directory.

-First sentence of each paragraph
-Last sentence of each paragraph
-resource box if its on your original aritcle, always needed with article marketing

These are really easy edits and will only benefit you if you submit the article to a directory or many directories.

It’s true that submitting one article to will or can get you on page one, but typically, it won’t last very long.

If you combine article marketing with social marketing…that is submit your site to some of the social bookmarking sites. Your desired goal of staying on page one will be more likely to be realized.

Jack Humphrey runs a site call Authority Site Center and has put out a FREE book called “The Authority Black Book”….you can download the book if you visit my blog post and go to the bottom of the post and visit the link:

The Authority Black Book

Also it was a common practice with article marketers to mass submit articles to article directories and once again….there is argument amongst the guru’s as to the effectiveness of such techniques. I’m not sure those guys would really tell you what works, but I tried and am using a service called Unique Article Wizard which submits unique versions of your article to over 1000 directories and will submit on a time released schedule if desired.

Anyway, I’ve been getting excellent results with article marketing when combining Unique Article Wizard and Social Bookmarking. In fact I just did a campaign for 4 keyword phrases and have the first 2 pages of google for each phrase. I know I’ll make that claim and most of the readers of this post will be hesitant to believe it….I won’t divulge the keywords, only to tell you that the strategy works and I’ve gotten results quicker than ever when article marketing.

Even if you submit your article to only one directory….that’s better than nothing. You can try….if it’s your first article it could take about a week for it to show up if its approved. Also try and….be sure to try some social bookmarking with your article marketing, you will be amazed!

Go to for more info on a site that will allow you to submit to more than 1 bookmarking site.

Combining article marketing and social bookmarking creates a powerful punch, but be careful about submitting your own sites. If you get carried away, you’ll be banned and lose all your bookmarks.

Good luck,


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