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Thoughts on Article Marketing

What is the purpose of Article Marketing?

If you have a website then your primary goal is to drive traffic to the site….correct?

Article marketing is just one of many ways to drive traffic to your website and it does work. Often times, one article can get picked up and used by many webmasters or simply viewed many times. An effective resource box at the end of the article will get you many clicks.

Brighter minds than mine have argued the reality of duplicate content and it’s supposed effects on either article submission or your website. However, if you have the original article on your website I would edit the following before submitting to any aritcle directory.

-First sentence of each paragraph
-Last sentence of each paragraph
-resource box if its on your original aritcle, always needed with article marketing

These are really easy edits and will only benefit you if you submit the article to a directory or many directories.

It’s true that submitting one article to will or can get you on page one, but typically, it won’t last very long.

If you combine article marketing with social marketing…that is submit your site to some of the social bookmarking sites. Your desired goal of staying on page one will be more likely to be realized.

Jack Humphrey runs a site call Authority Site Center and has put out a FREE book called “The Authority Black Book”….you can download the book if you visit my blog post and go to the bottom of the post and visit the link:

The Authority Black Book

Also it was a common practice with article marketers to mass submit articles to article directories and once again….there is argument amongst the guru’s as to the effectiveness of such techniques. I’m not sure those guys would really tell you what works, but I tried and am using a service called Unique Article Wizard which submits unique versions of your article to over 1000 directories and will submit on a time released schedule if desired.

Anyway, I’ve been getting excellent results with article marketing when combining Unique Article Wizard and Social Bookmarking. In fact I just did a campaign for 4 keyword phrases and have the first 2 pages of google for each phrase. I know I’ll make that claim and most of the readers of this post will be hesitant to believe it….I won’t divulge the keywords, only to tell you that the strategy works and I’ve gotten results quicker than ever when article marketing.

Even if you submit your article to only one directory….that’s better than nothing. You can try….if it’s your first article it could take about a week for it to show up if its approved. Also try and….be sure to try some social bookmarking with your article marketing, you will be amazed!

Go to for more info on a site that will allow you to submit to more than 1 bookmarking site.

Combining article marketing and social bookmarking creates a powerful punch, but be careful about submitting your own sites. If you get carried away, you’ll be banned and lose all your bookmarks.

Good luck,


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The Authority Site Center Review

I have a ton of respect for the folks at Authority Site Center, in particular Jack Humphrey and Sam Clark. It’s with this respect that I thought I’d take a couple of minutes to share what I’ve learned and write a small review of Authority Site Center.

They have developed a system at the Authority Site Center. It’s important that you understand that a successful working ‘system’ is the key to success for any business…and it is with building websites and getting an online presence. Whether you want to sell banner ads to your traffic, or a physical product like coffee cups or if you are into the service business. Having a systemitized method of building, marketing, selling and delivering online is the key to your online success….and the boys at The Authority Site Center got it down pat :)

Have you ever wondered how the really popular sites in every market niche get to be so darned popular?

You learn cutting edge tactics and techniques for building your blog and then….this is for real…you learn the deep dark privilaged secrets for learning how to use the latest traffic generating techniques. These aren’t techniques that will change or affect your blog when google feels like doing things different this month either.

What do authority site owners know that you don’t about driving traffic with links and search engine rankings?

The ASC owners learn about linking first and how to get links using web 2.0 methods amongst a list of others. With the proper content management platform and the latest techniques for getting links, Authority Site Center members get their pages and posts on page one of google….Oh, I forgot to mention. One of the coolest upgrades is the constant development of software applications that can be used to speed the whole ranking process up.

What’s so different about their content over yours?

Learning to write your content is important. Without knowing the proper tricks for success, your blog post will be like any other. Knowning which keywords to use, when to use them and where to use them is of utmost important….something I always knew but never to the degree that is taught at the Authority Site Center

I learned the answers to all these questions and many more as a member of Authority Site Center thats why I thought I’d write a quick review.

Authority Site Center & Jack Humphrey Power Linking

It is, without a doubt, the oldest, most respected, results-producing business and marketing training center on the web for authority site building. I’ve been following around Jack Humphrey for the last 4 or 5 years. I really enjoy his no BS method of selling and teaching. His concepts are simple, but applied they are very powerful. One of the guys says that we are building Million Dollar sites. That’s right. It will take some time, but follow their receipe and you’ll develop the traffic and income that will warrant a million dollar price tag for your blog!! Earlier this year I was lucky enough to get in on a 16 Steps to Success Webinar with Sam Clark…he shared the basics of Authority Site Center and he really taught me to focus. Sometimes, all it takes is one idea, one concept or one sentence and everything clicks…then it’s off to the races for you.

If you’ve always dreamed of what it would be like to own your own Huffington Post, Boing Boing, Tech Crunch, Gizmodo, or any other site that garners massive traffic and profits, ASC is the place you’ll learn exactly how to do just that. The membership is composed of all types of people…newbies to those that have been online for years….all looking for the same thing…SUCCESS!

Authority Site Center

This is a site I will belong to for as long as it is on the web. The training, coaching, software, and tactics for building true niche dominating authority are just too valuable to be without.

If you want a much bigger piece of the internet pie, then an authority site is what you need.

So…swing by the Authority Site Center and have a look around, it’s not for everyboyd, but it is for tired of screwing around and finally would like to accept a proven method of getting online and making money……you can thank me latter !!!

Have a Great Day!


P.S. – All the software and services the guys at ASC sell outside the membership are available to members at ASC for nothing extra. That’s one of the bonuses that really sells this membership, because these aren’t some $25 dollar junk scripts. These are tools that you’ll use for the rest of your life because they truly make blogging so much easier.

Plus, if you want, they’ll even build your whole site for you if you aren’t technically inclined! I was surprised at the number of people that do this, but I guess if you don’t have the time or ability and just want a web presence quickly….this is the way to go. You might say the Authority Site Center is a one stop shop :)

What is Social Bookmarking – Introduction

One more thing….why not download Jacks revised version of The Authority Black Blook It’s FREE and has more content than 90% of the ebooks you’ll buy this year…if you don’t think so I’ll give you your money back :)