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BlogHatter Creates High-Quality Autoposting Blogs In Minutes

Are you ready to open a new passive income stream that sends money flooding into your bank account 24/7?

Then its time you discovered BlogHatter – the new software program that makes profiting from blogs as easy as clicking a mouse.

That’s right, you can now say goodbye to the standard autoblog and autoposting programs that flood your blog with poor quality content that nobody wants to read … and you can say goodbye to wasting hours and hours of your valuable time manually making blog posts.

BlogHatter is a cutting-edge software program that allows users to create high-quality semi-autoblogs in a mere matter of minutes.

The simple truth is thanks to this incredible software program it has never been easier to create passive-income-producing blogs that contain images, relevant videos, high-quality content and much more!

Just look at some of what you can do with this autoblogging & autoposting program:

– Import Private Label Rights articles
– Search and import images from Google, Tinypic and Flickr
– Search and import video from YouTube
– Create great blogs in languages other than English using the embedded translation utility
– Quickly “rewrite” copy using the synonyms and replacement tool
– And much more!

BlogHatter is a “white hat” program that gets “black hat” results …

visit the Official BlogHatter Autoposting Website Today!

Don’t dismiss this!!!   This is your chance to get in one easy-to-use software program all the tools you need to make piles and piles of cold hard cash 24 hours a day with blogs on the Internet.

BlogHatter Review For Building A Network Of Blogs

Earlier this year I did some beta testing for a product called BlogHatter. I loved the product and will do a full BlogHatter review very soon along with some videos. However, I’ve been answering some questions over at one of the forums and thought I’d post my response here. This fellow wanted to know if anyone had started to make money with BlogHatter yet….obviously, its too soon to tell how well it will work if you are looking for empirical evidence. Trust me though, this baby does exactly when the creator says… makes blog networks!

Richard….your question really isn’t fair for anyone considering the effectiveness of BlogHatter.

BlogHatter is the type of tool that you need to use for a period of time to build the blogs you need and want to develop content and backlinks. This WSO isn’t quite 2 weeks old, and it would be impossible for anyone to proclaim praises for the great results they were getting….in fact, if they claimed all kinds of traffic and sales then they would probably be lying! People just haven’t been able to use it long enough to judge its effectiveness.

I can tell you as a beta tester, I used it for about a month or month and a half before the wso. I created several test blogs with links all pointing back to a new site in the hobby niche. I can also tell you that all the pages I posted in the blogger blogs, the blogs and the wordpress blogs are all spidered and indexed. My test site features a free minicourse and I’ve been getting signups for about 3 weeks now…..and a couple of book sales. I really haven’t done anything other then a couple of articles to ezinearticles and some bookmarking.

All my content for the test blogs consisted of PLR articles and reprint articles.

BlogHatter is a tool designed to make life easier by automating some of the practices used in internet marketing. There really isn’t anything B-lack H-at about it….so, even if you’re a newbie you don’t have to worry about doing something that will get you banned.

As I said someplace before…BlogHatter is newbie friendly! If you are a newbie, then you might have read about blog networks, silos, link wheels…..these are just a combination of sites similar in topic designed to funnel traffic to your main money sight…..this is what BlogHatter can do.

BlogHatter is tool designed to allow you to create a network of blogs over the long term. Even if you set your goals low and only created 1 new blogger blog a week with 20 articles. In a year you could have 52 blogs in a variety of different niches just building up that link juice :)…..don’t forget, once you set up a blog in BlogHatter, it only takes a couple of minutes to import more articles and schedule the articles to get posted to your blog. Keeping the blogger blog fresh just might help you get more traffic!

BlogHatter is going to help you create a system of traffic. I suppose, you can sell directly on or from the blogs, you surely could put Adsense or Clickbank links on the blogs you create, but in my eyes I believe the real power will come by creating a network of blogs.

For a long time I was an architectural building contractor…building houses, commercial buildings and stores. Inevitably the best contractors were the ones with the newest and best tools (all tools designed to do a better job and increase productivity)….and they had the ability to use them. That’s not to say a carpenter can’t build a house with a hammer and nails….but the carpenter with an air gun that shoots nails usually produces better quality framing and get completed results much faster! Internet Marketing isn’t much different. Learning to pick out the tools that are best takes some time, learning how to use the tools takes more time ….but in the end you will have your desired results.

In my mind, BlogHatter is like an air gun that shoots nails… will build blogs fast. You need to know why you’re building them! You need to know what keywords to use, you have to put some effort into rewriting at least the titles and preferably some of the articles if you really want some decent results. BlogHatter will not build blogs on sand….but will build your blog network on stone so they aren’t washed away by whims of Google.

Just buy the air gun and build some blogs :) let the autposting begin!

Hope this helps you Richard!


Stages of Menopause Blog Added to My Autoposting Blog Network


I just set up a blog in my health niche blog sites called Stages of Menopause. I’m working on setting up a network of my own blogs concerned with various subniches of the health niche. The idea is to create a network of blogs that has interconnections similar to that of a spiders web….the more blogs the better.

One of the easiest ways to develop a series of blogs is by purchasing a premade or preexisting blog.

You can find blogs for sale on ebay, look for auctions on blogs that fit your niche.

You can find blogs for sale on sites like or other marketing related websites and forums. Flipping blogs or flopping blogs has also become popular, just google “website flipping” or “blog flipping” and you’ll find sites and reports on how to start building and flipping your own blogs.

The first thing I do is to look at some of the forums to see what’s available (see below paragraph). After finding the appropriate niche, I look for some long tailed keywords using a tool like Micro Niche Finder or Keyword Research Pro. I develop a list of keywords and then I see which of those are available as a domain. Purchase the domain and then set it up as one of my domains on my reseller hosting, either Ultimate Marketing Center or Site5 Reseller Hosting ……both have been excellent with support second to none.

One of the places I constantly keep my eyes on is the Warrior Forum, in the WSO section you can find special offers for premade websites and blogs. Often times you can pick up a blog that is prepopulated with 10 to 20 PLR articles in a custom wordpress theme for less than $20. Remember, chances are the creator of the blog sold at least 10 of these sites and could be as many as 50 of these same sites on the internet. It really doesn’t matter how many are sold because 90% or more of those purchased won’t do anything with it, secondly those that do upload the site won’t make any changes to the site or articles at all. Here’s a list of things to do before and after purchasing one of these premade blogs.

  1. make sure the site comes with plr articles you can edit
  2. transferring wordpress blogs can be difficult, make sure the creator has a clear cut set up pdf or video, and make sure you’ll be able to contact them after you purchase in case you run into trouble during the installation…..ask these questions in the open, as in the forum environment….if the seller is short with you….don’t expect much help
  3. if you are planning to flipping the site make sure you have the proper rights or license
  4. change any and all affiliate links
  5. edit any optin forms to your own autoresponder
  6. find long tail keywords that correspond with the content of each article or blog post
  7. Rewrite the title of each blog post, be sure to include the long tail keyword…this is important!
  8. Rewrite each blog post so that it is unique, be sure to include the long tail keyword that was used in the title, in the blog post at least 3 times
  9. add an image to each blog post, make sure you use the long tail keyword in the name of the image and in the alt tag
  10. publish the post
  11. after publishing, go back and submit the blog post to social bookmarking and networking sites
  12. pick out 10 more long tail keywords and write or edit 10 more articles for blog posts and submit
  13. chances are you will have a very healthy piece of virtual real estate otherwise known as VRE

There’s much more you can do with these sites, but if that were all you did and you did this 5 or 10 times a month you would create a nice little network of blogs that would be valuable for all kinds of different purposes besides a monthly number of clicks from Goggle :)

You could drip feed articles if you have them.

You could build the blog further by any number of autoposting or autoblogging methods.

Bottom line, at least for me, is that finding a prebuilt blog saves me some time….If you find one in the niche you’re interested in, or want to develop it’s a quick way to get some content up quick. You can always develop it latter.

Of course it will take some time to get traffic to the site, I use Auto Social Poster plugin a well kept secret used by so called gurus for quick spidering, fast indexing and constant traffic, its well worth the price because your blog will get indexed and spidered quickly. I also use Slick Auto Poster and Article Stalker for autoposting full lenght keyword rich articles. Once established, I’ll add Google Adsense, Ebay, Amazon and add an optin form…..I might do only one of these or all of them some of these plugins allow you to use your keywords in the plugin to pull in relevant products or articles when autoblogging.

My goal is simple, get the site to produce $10 a month. I keep it simple. I know if I can get 10 sites to produce $10 a month, I’m making $100 a month. That’s not much money but it’s a very real number. Now all you need to do is expand your efforts, shoot for 100 sites a month making $10. Maybe it takes me a year to do that, but I’ll be making $1000 a month on autopilot. I know from experience some of those sites won’t make $10 a month…..some will make less, some will make a lot more!

Here’s an example of one of the sites I purchased on the warrior special offers forum, a blog on “menopause“. All I did was create a new header and install according to the authors instruction. Take a look at Stages of Menopause


Review of WP Robot Autoblogging WordPress Plugin

I’ve used many autoblogging scripts, software and wordpress plugins over the last couple of years and if you search this blog for autoblogging, autoblog, autopost or autoposting you’ll find some informative posts on autoblogging. I’ve become somewhat of an autoblogging afficiando, so I thought I’d do a pre-Review of WP Robot just to get the information out there for anyone who is interesting in learning more about autoblogging or autoposting.

I’ve discovered one of the most important features of any autoposter is the ability to randomize and customize the post. The purpose is this is to create content that isn’t just duplicate content, your blog will do much better with unique one of a kind content and that can be accomplished by adding to, changing or subtracting from any autoblogged content. Some of the standard autoposters work with the following sources of content:

  • plr articles
  • ebay
  • amazon
  • clickbank
  • datafeeds
  • rss
  • reprint articles
  • images such as Flickr
  • public domain content
  • plr ebooks
  • youtube
  • yahoo answers

There are many more sources of content that can be autoposted and as time goes on creative minds find new sources of content to use for autoposting along with new methods of autoposting. The methods and means of autoblogging are only getting better and better.

autoblogging or autoposting wordpress plugin

autoblogging or autoposting wordpress plugin

Recently I ran into a new and powerful Autoblogging WordPress Plugin called WP Robot. I hope to have a copy soon, however, let me tell you want the plugin claims to be able to do.

First, let me clear something up. You might be wondering, “Why is Scott telling me about a plugin he hasn’t even used?”  That’s a good question. First let me tell you there is a free version of WP Robot and I wanted anyone who was interested in autoblogging not to be limited by the lack of funds… can try it out with the free version of WPRobot and you can even start making some cash with it. Secondly, I believe this WP Robot is one of the most complete Autoposting plugins available yet!

Most autoblogging scripts or plugins come with the ability to post from one source, some even give you a couple of sources but I have not run into any that can create posts from 7 or 8 different sources and allows you to mix up the posts.

You should also know there are several different licenses available. Anything from a common ebay module to a developers license for the entire set of modules.

Wp Robot is set up with different modules. Each module can run by itself or you can purchase the entire set of modules. The modules are as follows:

Amazon Module
Article Module
eBay Module
Clickbank Module
Yahoo Answers Module
Translation Module
Flickr Image Module

Although I don’t have the full version yet, based on what I’ve read it appears as though this set of modules can be edited and configured to post in very unique and different ways. This is a big benefit for anyone who is an autoposter because no 2 posts will ever be the same. For anyone who fears the duplicate content penalty, this should make them very comfortable. Also, the posts can be configured so that it is next to impossible for the Google spiders to tell where and how the content was imported and assembled. This means the fear of your site being de-indexed is next to zero!

I. Amazon WP Robot AutoBlogger Module

Let’s take a little closer look at some of the modules the can be included in the wprobot plugin. Starting with the Amazon Module.

The Amazon Module lets you pull in any product that is sold on Amazon, plus you can add the reviews that people post on Amazon as additional content in the form of comments to your blog post. This is an excellent way to get unique content on your blog. Here are some of the features:a

-user defined keyword determines which products are selected
-works with Amazon’s affiliate program earning you cash with every purchase
-this is really cool….you can show different information in each of your amazon blog posts such as product description, images, feature lists, reviews, number of reviews, product rating and of course the price. Add all of these or pick only 1….very cool for creating unique content
-if you want the full Amazon Description, it’s possible to scrape the entire description with would include tables and images and place in your blog post
-its unique because you can work with all international versions of Amazon
-you can completely customize the template for your Amazon posts

Consider some of these Testimonies

“WP Robot is an incredible tool for webmasters. I use it on several sites and have seen an increase in traffic and profits. One site went from $0 to an average of $5.00 a day in google adsense. I would recommend this tool to anyone with a WP blog. ”
— by Lonnie Kunkel from Website Development and Graphic Design

“I’ve been using WP Robot since it’s release and I must admit I have been hugely impressed by this plugin and highly recommend buying it. I have also recommended this to several friends. Thanks guys this has already saved my tons of work on my blogs. regards Steve”
— by Stephen Hawkins from Traffic Mystic – Web Traffic Strategies

“The only reason any one would say anything bad about WP Robot, is because they don’t want other website owners to get their hands on this amazing tool. I invested in the highest version and the results have been undeniably empowering for all my blogs.”
— by Star Riley from Support Local Business

II. Article AutoPosting Module

The Article Module will pull in and add a complete article based on your specific keyword

The articles come from 2 big article directories and select an article from the 1000’s of available articles. You can use several languages. Create your own template from the templating system. You can control whether or not you want to conform to the TOS of the article directory by including the author’s box or not! A handful of other options available.

III. eBay AutoBlogging Module

Pulling in ebay auctions is nothing new for autoblogging. However, the way WP Robot does it is very different! There’s a feature called MIX Feature which allows you to put ebay auctions into your other posts created by wp robot and just increases your chances of monetizing a blog post.

Here’s a list of features from the salespage of wp robot:

* Create good-looking eBay auction posts on any keywords you want.
* Earn money for any sale you refer through the eBay affiliate program.
* Add up to 6 different auctions to a single post.
* Select which eBay website to use (i.e. ebay,com,,, etc)
* Editable post template and many other options, i.e. for better sorting and targeting results.
* MIX feature: Add auctions to posts created by any of WP Robot’s other modules via the templating system.

IV. Clickbank AutoPosting Module

Clickbank gets more powerful and diverse every day. Clickbank makes a lot of people (affiliates) a lot of money and WP Robot allows you to drip feed posts with Clickbank products into your wordpress blog posts. The template feature is a power method of creating unique blog posts and helps make these Clickbank ads different than any other you might see. The best part of the Clickbank AutoBlogging Module is that the folks at WP Robot offer this module for FREE!!

V. Yahoo Answers AutoBlog Module

Yahoo Answers can be an excellent source of subject related content for any blog. The way that content is pulled into your blog and formatted is what can make a difference on whether someone reads your post or skips past it and how it is interpreted by the search engines and indexing spiders. WP Robot allows you to post your questions and answers in different languages. You can zoom into any niche or topic by choosing targetd questions from YA. Filter your results by categories along with an entire list of options that can be uniquely customized.

VI. YouTube AutoPost Module

Google still goes nuts over video and adding Youtube videos to your blog can really turn it into a traffic magnet. Videos really do add to the stickiness of your blog, I know that I’ve personally been stopped by videos and watched videos from different blog posts even if I had no intention of staying at a site….the videos kept me there. WP Robot adds the comments from Youtube which creates additional content because they become comments on your site. You can limit and pull the videos according to language. Once again, the template system allows you to create something unique, vary the size of the videos, which videos are displayed according to keyword and how they are displayed.

VII. Translation Auto-Posting Module

There’s a whole section on the WP Robot site for the translation module. This can be a very powerful feature because it works with the other modules translating them into other languages. Check out the details on the site for more info.

VIII. Flickr Image Auto-Blogging Module

Images are really cool. I design website templates, headers, ebook covers and software boxes….there’s nothing like an appropriate image to draw attention, create stopping power and motivate a website visitor to make a purchase…, I’m loving this Flickr Image Autoposting Module!  If you want to increase the stickiness of a blog post….add an image! With this module you can add images to your posts or create an entire blog of images.

Once again, the MIX feature can work with templates and add images from Flickr to all your other modules where you are able to mix up the blog post into a completely unique combination of content….very powerful!

Here’s a the feature list as posted on the WP Robot Site:

* Post images on any topic to your weblog on autopilot!
* Uses the official Flickr API (a API key is necessary to use this module).
* Create posts exactly like you want them to look with the templating option.
* Many customizable options, including choice of image size, licensing and sort mode.
* MIX feature: Add images to posts created by any of WP Robot’s other modules via the templating system. With this powerful feature you can for example automatically add relevant thumbnails to articles posted by the article module.

Keep in mind, you can purchase a single module or you can combine modules. If you purchase all the modules you’ll qualify for a significant discount. For instance, if you wanted the Flickr Module it would only cost you $20.00 and if you wanted the Clickbank Module….guess what, it’s yours free of charge.

The folks over at WP Robot seem to have created a full featured customizable WordPress plugin that is by far the most complex autoblogging or autoposting wordpress plugin available. You get instant delivery after you purchase. There is a full money back guarantee and of course you will get full updates along with free support.

Most users will want to use this plugin for supplementing their blogs to keep them active. Some might want to create blogs entirely out of autoposted material. What I find very interesting is that the folks at WP Robot have added an Autoblogging Developers License which will allow you to build blogs and then flip them. Could keep you busy for a long time, plus, this has become very popular and profitable if sold in the right venue!

I hope to get a full package very soon. I’ll take the package for a full ride and create a couple of demo sites so you can see what is possible…..I’ll contact the folks at WP Robot and see if I can offer the site in some sort of raffle so keep your eyes peeled for a notice!

I’d really be surprised if you made it through this long post. If you did, go over to WP Robot and pick up the full package….as I write this it is on sale for a nice discount. If funds are short, grab a module or 2 and try your hand at autoblogging to give you a feel on how these plugins work. You can always grab a free version of the autoposting plugin, check out the terms at WP Robot.

Automated Blog with EbookImport WordPress Plugin

When blogging there’s on constant I run across. You just can’t keep up with your daily blog posts!

You always start with the best of intentions but somehow you miss a day….then 2 days….then 3 or 4 days……before you know it you missed a whole week of blogging.

Yet you would never consider setting up an automated blog because you’ve heard how bad they can be, there’s scraped content, rss snippets of text or totally unrelated content that gets stuck on your blog…your baby.

Hint….have you thought of an Automated Blog.

This is an update, (10-7-2009) I’ve been using Ebook Import for a while now and the results are stunning. My first thought was to use if for breaking up and posting public domain content which is a great idea. However, you can use Ebook Import to break up and autopost entire PLR books to your blog. Actually, you can break up any content that gives you permission to break it up for articles or autoblogging purposes. It’s a great way to add unique content to your blog!

Automated Blog with EbookImport WordPress Plugin

money_goldcoins2_500px.jpgLet me share a secret that might help you out if considering an Automated Blog. Most plugins for automated blogs just suck…but stick with me and I’ll share some that really work. That is they add good content to your blog, useable content that is valued by your readers.

Here’s one method to get quality content into your automated blog. Drum roll please…….use Public Domain material!

Let’s say you have a blog on Gardens. Public Domain material is perfect for this kind of blog.

In the past, you had to cut and paste content from your public domain book into each post…..that takes a whole lot of time.

Now with Ebook Import Plugin you can import an entire public domain book into your blog, 300 to 800 words at a time. Just create a seperate category in your blog, and let the Ebook Import plugin go to work.

I would use it as a back up to my daily or weekly blogging about gardening. The fill in content can be made unique with the ebook import plugin. Take a look at some of these ebook import features:

Import ebooks that are in text format to WordPress.

Create pages/blog posts from the ebook based on how many lines you choose.

Set the ebook pages dates in the past or future(for autoposting).

Choose the category the ebook pages are posted to.

Use standard wordpress themes and plugins with your ebooks.

Randomize the time the pages are posted to give a more “human” feel to the post times.

Post the ebook pages in forward or reverse order.

Don’t listen to those noobs who say an automated blog isn’t worth the effort. Grab a copy of Ebook Import and try it out!

Use Ebook Import correctly and you just might keep google happy…which means many visitors to your website and that means a pocket full of gold for you….thus the image of gold coins :)

By the way….the support behind these plugins is awesome, they also have some really cool free plugins on their site….the Ebay Affiliate Plugin is something to be seen!

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