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AutoSocialPoster Posts To Social Network Sites

Cruising some IM forums again, this dude had the following question:

Is There A WordPress Plugin That………
Posts to the majority of the social network sites out there?

I have ones that do a few like 5-10 (twitter, FB, tumblr, etc.)

I’m looking for one that can post to 150-200 at once.

Since I use Auto Social Poster I thought I would fill him in on some of the features of ASP.

Auto Social Poster is what you’re looking for. I purchased several years ago. It’s expensive, but it does the job.

Updates are usually at least 1 per month….sometimes weekly.

The number of social sites it will auto post to range from 20 to 30, it varies due to the constant changing of the social sites to get rid of programs like ASP

The coolest feature is the process by which you send the autoposts. First you enter your username and password for the available social sites….let’s say there are 25. Next, you can tell the program to post to all the sites with each blog post…..which will get you banned from some of them…..or you can tell the program to post to a minimal number of sites. I usually pick between 3 and 5.

Not every post to the social sites will work….as I said, the social sites constantly change their programs to prohibit autoposting…..ASP does a good job with continual upgrades.

Another cool feature is that you can set up multiple accounts to each social site. If Mix is your favorite site, you can create 5 or 10 Mix accounts and add them to ASP and ASP will randomly choose between your Mix accounts.

One very nice feature is that you can download your social sites accounts that are set up in ASP to a text file and use it for your other websites that you have the Auto Social Poster plugin installed.

Every time I use ASP with a new blog, the site is indexed within hours. Great tool, one of the best kept secrets of successful online marketers.

Sorry….but I have a killer migraine and afraid I’m not making too much sense   If you have any questions, maybe I can answer….send me a PM.

If you want to purchase….I even have an affiliate link

Good luck!