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Posting Full Articles From RSS Feeds

Sometimes its necessary to supplement your blog content for a variety of reasons. Maybe you’re going on vacation, maybe your just out of ideas or maybe your tired of your blog and its just been too much work to keep posting on a regular basis.

Whatever the reason, some bloggers, especially internet marketers have started looking into autoblogging. There are many types and methods of posting automatically to blogs. Usually the blog owner will install an autoblogging plugin such as WpRobot. WpRobot offers a variety of content sources to autoblog with, rss being one of them.

Most rss autoposters will post the rss feed exactly as it has been compiled. I mean, the rss feed is a Title and maybe a sentence or two with a link to read the full article. This doesn’t make much sense if you have a content rich blog and you’re concerned about the quality of your posts.

Ideally we would want to post an rss feed and have the plugin pull the full article from the rss feed. Well…..there aren’t very many solutions to this problem. If the original form of the rss feed is the snippet type, then your plugin will post a snippet…..if the rss feed is the full article, then your autposter will post a full article.

That being the case, here’s a video that shows you how to located full article rss feeds. Once you find these feeds and compile them, you can then stick them in an autoblogger or autoposter like WPRobot and post full articles. Your blog will look better, your readers will appreciate the full articles and you can take a break!!!