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Email Marketing Lists Question

Daniel asks…

Where do I find email lists for email marketing ?

I don’t want to make spam, I only want to promote my business, by email marketing. I need some real good, and long email lists, if you can help me, please tell me a site for FREE from where can I get this. Thanx in advance

scottparat answers:……….you have to pay for them………..

Best thing to do is build your own list using a website and an optin form. Aweber is probably the best company for email marketing and you can try it out for 7 days and I think it costs you 1 dollar or something like that…. click on Email Marketing List and give aweber email marketing company a try.

Ruth asks…

Which is the most reliable place to find email lists to use in email marketing?

Before I have been looking for emails in torrent sites but I doubt their reliability. They are not even well organized and I never know where they came from. I need emails I know who they belong to like country, interests, age, male or female etc. Which is the most reliable place to get email lists?

scottparat answers:

Can Spam regulations have reduced such unsolicited mail. Those who continue such spam appear to be operating off shore.

Legitimate marketers rent mailing lists of demographically categorized, opted in names from mailing list brokers, usually involving thousands of dollars.

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Business Email Marketing

Business Email Marketing- What Is The Source Of The Confusion

While email has been around for a number of years, there still seems to be a fair amount of confusion surrounding business email marketing. Some ways of business email marketing are better than others, but it still essential for businesses to understand how to make the most of this powerful marketing tool. We will take a quick look at some of the basics before moving on to how best to use email for your business.

Email marketing is done, as the name suggests, through email. A business can either gather email addresses when a person places an order online, when someone contacts customer service, or by asking for it directly (usually by filling out a form online in exchange for an incentive). While each of these methods results in the collection of an email address that can be marketed to, each one is slightly different and requires a different approach in the marketing message:

Marketing to customers is a great way to get repeat business. After all, these are the people who have already bought something from you, and that increase the chances that will buy from you in the future. Your business email marketing in this case could focus on offering special deals to customers only, giving them something for free just for being loyal, or inviting them to a special event. Anything you can do to let them know that you appreciate them will help. However, you should be careful that you never take this relationship for granted, otherwise your efforts could backfire.

Another way to get addresses for business email marketing is to gather them when people contact your business. They may contact you with questions about your products and services, or they may wish to complain about something. You can send a series of informative messages to the people who have inquiries about your company. This series may be pre-written and ready to send out to each person as needed. Marketing to people with complaints is a bit trickier, but it can be done. One way to handle complaints is with an email message apologizing and then offering them something special to make them happy again.

The next main group of people for business email marketing are the ones that voluntarily give you their email address. If you have a physical location for your business, you can simply ask people to give you their email address when they come to your store. Collecting their addresses online can be done in several ways, but usually involves offering an incentive of some kind. Remember, we are talking about people that would not otherwise be contacting you, so you need to give them a reason to share their information with you.

Those who give you their email address directly typically need some form of incentive for sharing their email address with you. Remember, these are people who have nit purchased anything from you, and they have not contacted you. However, these are the people that make business email marketing one of the most important things you can do for your business. Learning how to market to them is a major key to online success.

Optin Email Marketing…Of The Many Marketing Tools Online, Optin Email Marketing Is Most Important!

Optin Email Marketing-One Of The Many Marketing Tools Online Designed to Give Your Internet Marketing Business The Edge Over Other Online Businesses!

photographs of optin email marketingOptin Email marketing is one of the biggest methods for advertising a website. While other marketing methods can make your website more known, email marketing allows you to build up a rapport with the people you are trying to sell to. It is a proven fact people are more willing to buy from someone they deem trustworthy, and that is the goal of email marketing.

Optin Email Marketing Is
First Choice For Internet Marketers

But how you go about email marketing is an entirely other matter. Optin email marketing is probably your best bet in this regard. Optin email marketing is where you have a page on your website for people to join a list of emails you collect. This means they are interested and, more over, willing to deal with the emails you are sending….translated this means they are expecting you to send them emails promoting their various products and services. Abuse this process and your optin email marketing list will not stay large very long!

Build Your Own Optin Email Marketing
List…… Do Not Buy A List!

There are other methods as well, such as buying lists of emails from specialized services. However, in my opinion, I do not like these types of services. The emails collected might be for people who have no interest in the product you are trying to sell, and as such ultimately do not help you, just wasting your money. If you have the extra money, the temptation is great to purchase an already compiled email list ……let it be a less because it will be a complete waste of your money. The sales letter will tell you how good the optin list is and how much you’ll make, a strategy used by online MLM companies…… I’ve tried them, I’ve spend a lot of money on them and the only one that makes money with paid lists are the people selling the lists. In fact, most of the people you send something to will report you as spam or send you nasty emails. Save yourself the hassle and do your list building right at the very beginning of your internet marketing business and build a quality optin email marketing list of subscribers.

When you first go to set up an optin email marketing plan, the first and most important thing you will need is a place for them to opt in at. This is typically done by a specialized page on your website that can list the benefits of opting in, as well as the free offer you are presenting. The free offer is something that is pretty much mandatory, as without it they may not see the point in opting in.

The offer should be something that they will want and could use, typically related to your product, or even a sample of your product. Just make sure not to give too much away otherwise they still have no reason to opt into your email list. Teaching your subscribers is a way of showing you care, and if you care they will feel more comfortable making a purchase from you.

Once you have your list compiled you need to start sending the emails. At the start you can do all this yourself but eventually you will want to get some automated software to help you out. This software can manage your list, send out emails at specific times, and give you data to help tweak it’s efficiency.

You will still need to write the emails and monitor the software, of course, but it can be a real lifesaver in the field of email marketing.

The emails themselves are of course the most important aspect of optin email marketing, or any type of email marketing really. If your emails are not good enough, then they are not doing their job and people will not buy from you.

There’s a lot of FREE Email Marketing Information at the Aweber Site …..Just Click Here and get some high quality optin email marketing information.

The most important aspect of the email is the subject title. You want to make your subject something that will entice the person to actually open your email and read it. Often a question does this as they want to learn more. Other methods can be used such as bold statements telling them things, but the question method is generally the best. Subject lines are so important that entire books and courses are written just on this subject, but the subject line is definitely the deal breaker!

Email marketing is a great way to promote your business and get your customers buying your product. If you can get it down and do it well, you will notice a massive increase over the time you did not use email marketing.

Email Marketing-Tips To Establish Your Business Email Marketing

The purpose of email marketing is to establish a relationship with your subscribers…… miss this and you’ve lost your gold mine!

Email Marketing Tips PhotoEmail marketing is where you get a list of email addresses and send emails to them, promoting your website and the product you are trying to sell. While this method does not get as much exposure, that is not it’s purpose. The purpose of using this type of marketing is to build a relationship of trust with your potential customers.

Email Marketing Tips To
Help Establish Your Business

It is an established fact of commerce that people are more likely to buy from someone they deem trustworthy than someone that seems shady. It is all preventative so they do not get ripped off. So by building up a relationship with your customers, they are more willing to part with their money because they trust you and the product you promote.

One of the most beneficial parts of using emails to help market your business is the cost aspect. If done properly, this type of marketing is actually free. You can buy lists of email addresses from special services (although I would not recommend this), but more importantly you can get people to opt into an email marketing list you make using your website.

Once people opt into your email marketing list you can send them emails, which as you know, does not cost you anything. So really it is free advertising, the only thing it costs is time.

Email Marketing Tips For List Building Tools

Now, there are things you can purchase to help building your email marketing list go smoother, such as automated software. And while I highly recommend doing this, it is entirely optional. So if you are on a tight budget, you can still do this all yourself. It will be time consuming and tedious, but you can still do it. But again, I strongly recommend getting some kind of software to help automate the process, it makes a world of difference. In brief to build an email marketing list you need an email script, software or company that specializes in providing email marketing services. Hosting your own email marketing script or software is cheaper and many people start that way because you won’t have a monthly cost that is charged from some of the bigger email marketing companies such as Aweber or GetResponse. Here’s the problem, when self hosted you will eventually get poor email deilivery, your script could blow up (happened to me and I lost 5000 subsribers), if you want to make money online then you will want to spend the monthly charge for an Aweber Email Account and know that your subscribers will be safe, you will be safe and most importantly your email will get delivered in the highest percentages possible.

When dealing with email marketing as a method of marketing, there are several different approaches you can use. Promotional emails are probably going to be the one you use most. These are just short emails to help promote your website and product and get people interested. But these are not the only types of emails you can use.

I Use Aweber To Build My Email Lists!

‘In the internet marketing field there are some business owners that really don’t care about your feelings or anything else about you (list member) they just want you to buy something. They will send multiple emails per week, even multiple emails per day…… if you unsubscribe they will say good riddens! These guys just want a list of buyers. Not the best approach obviously!

Important Email Marketing Tip…. Use Respect and Value

Think of it this way. You have a website on birds and bird watching. Your plan is to sell your birdbook along with some affiliate bird books and do reviews and promote bird watching gear from a place like You’ll want to build your list by giving away some good info that birdwatchers need, let’s say how to pick out a good but cheap set of binoculars. Next you’ll want to build a series of emails that share how to start birdwatching, when to go, what to where, where to go, what type of equipment. Give this information away freely….. after each email you can promote your book or any of the other products mentioned. But you’ll want to keep writing your emails and put them in your autoresponder, heck, I know marketers that have 2 years worth of emails, some say they have 5 years worth loaded in an autoresponder.

My point is, as long as you are respectfully to your email optin’s ….. give them good information, they will be waiting for the next one. I know some marketers are even putting their phone numbers in the emails to make it more personal, and give more value to the subscriber…..he’ll at least think you care enough to help him by phone if he needs it……something you might want to try:)

Newsletters as well can be used to great effect. You can give those on your email list a chance to sign up for a newsletter, this way only those who are interested will get it. A newsletter can provide a much more in depth look to the product you are trying to sell and give a lot more information. So for those seriously contemplating purchasing from you, this can be the one that pushes them over the edge.

Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of marketing, and pretty much everyone uses it. From the one-man online businesses to the multi-national corporations. If you go to a big name companies website, odds are you will see something related to getting newsletters in your email and the like.

There is a huge potential in this form of marketing if you are willing to take the time to make the emails and fill them with quality content. If you are willing to do this, then be prepared to see a stark increase in your sales eventually.

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Email Advertising Marketing

photo of email advertising marketing campaignYou know, even though it is unwise to buy into all the “push button” software hype online, that is not to say that there aren’t some real push button software products that can help make your life easier by automating some aspects of your online business. One of the best of these software products is an auto responder. Getting an auto responder is one of the cheapest and simplest ways to start email advertising marketing to grow your business.

The concept is very simple: you want to be able to build a relationship and have more than one contact with the people who come to your site. In most cases, people will only come to your site once and then they will never come back again. When you consider the amount of time and / or money you invested to get them to your site in the first place, that is quite a waste.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could keep them around longer? Well, the way to do that is to add an optin form to your website so you can gather their email addresses and names. Once you have that you can contact them over and over again and build a relationship based on trust.

They will grow to like you, trust you and count on you to help answer some of the questions they may have about one or more areas in your niche. You will be setting yourself up as an expert in your field.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Of course, if  you don’t do it the right way the only thing you will build is resentment and anger. To avoid becoming public enemy number 1 follow these tips:

1. Don’t expect to “get” until you give. You must be willing to give of yourself your time and your knowledge before you expect the people on your list to buy from you. Just help them. Share your experiences or knowledge. The best way to do that is to write it down in an email. How about explaining to them how to do something? Tell them about some neat little trick that you learned along the way. Point out potential pitfalls they should avoid.

2. There will come a time when it’s appropriate to ask for the sale ,even though you have to be willing to give before you get. Sending an email every now and then where you recommend a certain product or service is ok. Make sure that what you recommend will actually benefit them and is related to your niche, though.

3. Keep your emails, and subject lines, interesting so they will be open and read. After a while the people on your list will start to look forward to reading your emails, if you’ve done it right.

Take full advantage of all that technology offers you, especially when you are building your business. One of the best things you can use is an auto responder service so you can start an email advertising marketing campaign.

Email Marketing Lists A Choice?

Email marketing lists are a great way to promote your business and product and drive traffic to your website. In fact this is one of the main ways for getting your online business up and running. But the question is, how do you get a list of email addresses to send emails to? We like to do things as easily and as quickly as possible, which is why buying these sort of lists seems like the best approach, but is it really?

Email Marketing Lists Is Buying
A List Always The Best Approach?

When you buy a list, you have no control over it. Many of the email addresses on these lists are just out right fake, or have not given permission to be sent emails, or may simply have no interest in your product. So even if you buy a list of email addresses, you could consider yourself lucky if you got even a single email for someone who actually cared about your product.

So instead of wasting your time and money buying these lists of emails, you should instead look into gathering them up yourself. If you are in charge of putting together email marketing lists for yourself, you will know that every email is authentic and belongs to someone who is interested in your product, increasing the odds of you making a sale.

Build Your Own Email Marketing List

There are a lot of ways you can put together lists such as these. One of the most obvious methods is to simply use your own website. On your webpage put an area where they can opt into your email list to get updates and other cool information. Entice them by giving them a free offer, a sample if you will, of what you have to offer so they know you know what you are doing.

This is the single best method you can use because it guarantees anyone signing up for your email list will have chosen to do so willingly and will have a vested interest in your product. Make sure you put these sign up buttons all throughout your website, but do not make them intrusive. There is a fine line between having good exposure and just being obnoxious.

Also remember not to fall prey to a common mistake a lot of people do when trying to build their email marketing lists. You might be tempted to try and get as many emails as possible, and while this is not strictly a bad thing, it can hamper your efforts.

Quality Is Better Than Quantity
When It Comes To Email Marketing Lists

While having a lot of emails is good, you also want to make sure each of those emails belongs to someone who cares about your product. If you make your offer vague enough, you will entice people who really have no interest in purchasing your product, thus wasting your time and theirs.

So instead of doing that, make sure your offer is targeting directly at those who would buy your product. Yeah you might be turning some people away, but if they were not going to buy your product anyways, it is not really a loss. Focus on those who will actually buy your product. This type of email marketing list will put money in your pocket!

Build Relationships By List Building and Make Money Online

Build Relationships By List Building and Make Money Online

Aweber email marketing campaign

Click on Image for Autoresponders

As you probably know creating a relationship with your customers and clients is huge on the subject of building a successful company, off-line or online. A list is a potential goldmine for the local businessman and a list is the mother’s milk of building any online business. People purchase from people they understand, like, and trust. That’s why you want to give full attention to building excellent relationships with your prospective customers and your current customers. I think the simplest way to make it happen would be to build an opt in list of potential customers and customers. Not only will creating a list assist you to build relationships, but it will also allow you to drive traffic towards your websites. That’s why we are going to take a very close look at tips on how to build a relationship with your prospective customers and clients by using an opt-in e-mail list.

Use A Reliable Autoresponder Service Like Aweber to Build Your List

First, you may need an email autoresponder, such as Aweber if you’re going to be developing a list. However, you can either get a hosted solution or else you can host your own solution. I definitely suggest that you receive a hosted solution so you do not have the headaches of running an actual autoresponder account company. But, if you do not know what an autoresponder is it can be simple. An email autoresponder is a software application that will automatically dripped out content to your customers once they signed up for your list.  The biggest mistake most online marketers make when they start their business is trying to save money by setting up their own hosted autoresponder instead of paying a monthly fee to someone like Aweber Autoresonders. I made this mistake and it cost me 10’s of thousands of dollars….. it’s probably more like a 100,000 dollar mistake!

Train Your List to Buy Something of Value

Next, you would like to start building a relationship with your list by offering them unbelievable free content. You want to produce a follow-up e-mail sequence that has away fantastic content and highlight your products and services. You also want to use this time to start building the relationship with your prospective customers and clients.

Last, I want to point out that you would like to make sure that you’re selling your prospects each and every time that you e-mail to them. You want to give them value, but you would like to also let them know that there is something to buy. You do not want your prospects to think that you only give free information. You want them to know that the better information is paid for information.

List Building is a Deep Subject…..So Keep Studying so You can Make Money Online

So in the following paragraphs we talked about a few different activities to do to make a bigger impact with regards to building a relationship with your prospects and clients by building an opt in list. It would be silly to think that you can learn everything in a single article. So, make certain you continue to seek out education and get better and better at list building, and relationship building. But, also focus on building your list from the very beginning. Be sure to look at Aweber, there are plenty of free tutorials that will help you make a decision if this is the route you might like to go.

Email Marketing Service Building Profitable Relationships

Increase your profits with an email marketing serviceEmail marketing is a great way to keep in touch with existing customers, develop relationships with new customers and do it all for much less than it would cost to do a traditional offline direct mail campaign. In order to get the most out of your email marketing efforts you will need to have the best email marketing service available.

There are a lot of different email marketing service providers. Some will handle the sending of the emails and the optin forms while others will even assist in developing your overall email marketing strategy and with writing your follow up messages. The type of service you choose to use for your business will depend on many factors not the least of which will be price.

Note to self:

Are you an internet marketer?

Have you been studying internet marketing?

If you answered yes to the above two questions then you are probably in a position to start your own offline marketing service where you provide an email marketing service. You probably already know the in’s and out’s of Aweber, the best provider of internet marketing autoresonder services. Take your knowledge and offer it to the pizza guy uptown. Do it like this:

Go to the pizza guy and sell the benefits of an email marketing service. Have him sign up under your Aweber affiliate link. Put an optin form on his existing website and charge a fee for handling his email marketing campaigns or charge him a fee to teach him how to do it himself. If he doesn’t have a website, you can charge a fee for a one to five page simple website made with wordpress. This could be really easy residual income for you!

If you are an internet marketing and you think you might want to work with local businesses setting up services like an email marketing service why don’t you download this free guide on offline marketing: Click Here

Download the Famous “Lost Offline Forum Discussion” and Learn Offline Marketing Secrets for Marketing to Local Businesses!

Email Marketing Service-Great Way To Build Relationships

To get your website visitors to give you permission to send them emails, they will need to optin to your list. This is accomplished by adding a simple optin form to your website. You don’t need any technical knowledge at all to do this. It is simply a matter of point and click to create the form and then copying and pasting the form to your website.

This form will be tied directly into your autoresponder so once someone gives permission for you to contact them by email, the email series will start. You can add as many followup messages as you want to your autoresponder. No matter how many  you add they will go out one after one in the exact same order you set them up to go out.

They can go out daily, weekly, monthly or any combination thereof.  You can even add a broadcast message that will go out all on it’s own regardless of the order. This is great if you have something special you want to communicate with your list about. It could be a sale or a new product.

To get the most out of all your email marketing, you must give the people on your list something of value. If you help them they will trust you and eventually buy from you.

If you don’t want all your hard work and effort wasted than don’t abuse the list. If all you do is send the people on your list a bunch of come on’s to buy one product or another you will find that they stop opening your emails at all. At the bottom of every single email you send is a button that they can click if they want to un-subscribe from your list. You don’t want them doing that so give them what they want.

To be honest, finding the best email marketing service is not your biggest challenge. Keeping the people on your list satisfied so they buy from you and / or don’t unsubscribe is. It really isn’t all that hard, just remember they are turning to you for help and advice. They see you as an expert who can help  them. If you want to keep them happy do just that, help them . That way they will be happy, they will buy from you and you will be happy too. Everyone wins!

Free Lead Capture Page- Great Way To Start Internet Business

email marketing and autorespondersIf you are just getting started in internet marketing, you may not know what a lead capture page is yet, but you’ve probably seen many of them. The purpose of a lead capture page (as the name suggests) is to obtain information from the people who visit your page. Also called a squeeze page, the lead capture page presents a form that must be filled out by the visitor in order for him/her to get whatever it is that you are offering (free newsletter, free trial, etd). This article will explain how you can build your own free lead capture page.

Free Lead Capture Page

All lead capture pages contain some basic components. The first is a compelling headline to entice your target audience visitors. This is usually followed by some forms of bullet points that go into detail about what you are offering and how it benefits your visitors. And the most important part of the lead capture page is the opt-in or autorespnder form. When the visitor fills in their information on this form, you have captured them as a lead and can continue to keep in contact with them through programmed emails.

How do you get the visitor to fill in the form? The easiest way is to offer them something of value for free. This can be a free mini-course, a free e-book, a free newsletter. . . anything. Once your visitor has opted in for whatever you are offering for free, you can then start to build a relationship with them and eventually offer them what you are selling. The average visitor will look at an offer 7 times before deciding to buy. So, if you have this visitor in your lead list, you can constantly remind them about what you are offering.

Where can you create your own lead capture page at no cost? is one service that allows you to build your lead capture page for free. After signing up, you’ll be taken to a page where you can click on a tab that says “Create New Site”. At the next page, you’ll choose the “salesletter style website”, hit “next” and choose a name for your website. The name, of course, should be relevant to what you are promoting and, if possible, keyword optimized. You are then brought to the page where you can build your capture page. There is an explanatory tutorial that shows you exactly how to do this step by step.

An effective lead capture page will grab your target market’s attention and build trust from the very beginning. This is done with a headline that relates to the types of things your audience is looking for. You also want to make sure that your lead capture page loads quickly. Most visitors will only wait a few seconds before they decide to look at another website instead. Now that you have the basic do’s and don’ts for a free lead capture page, you can start creating your own right now!

Follow Up Email Autoresponder Creates Consistency for Online Businesses

Having a way to consistently contact your customers is a big part of running a successful business online. The way this is usually done is through what’s known as a follow up email autoresponder. This is simply a tool that allows you to follow up with people who have shared their e-mail address with you. While there are many different autoresponder services available, they all have a few things in common.

1. A way to store contact information. This feature lies at the heart of any autoresponder. It’s the database of all of the information you gather on your site for the purpose of sending out e-mail messages to people. A lot of businesses choose to only collect the person’s name and e-mail address, but there’s nothing stopping you from collecting their address phone number and other information that’s important to you. The follow up email autoresponder will then store all of this information for you so you can access it at any time. This is a necessary feature because it allows for the automation of sending messages by the autoresponder service.

2. Sending a series of preprogrammed messages. One of the greatest things about an autoresponder is that you only have to set up the messages once, if that’s what you want to do. You compose the message, and then you tell the autoresponder at what intervals you want each message sent out. For example, your first message would be sent out right away, your second and third message could be sent out the next day, your fourth through eighth messages can be sent out every three days, and so on. It doesn’t matter when somebody subscribes to your e-mail lists, they will receive the first message based on when they sign up, and each additional message will arrive in their inbox at the interval you have chosen. It may sound a bit complicated but it really simplifies things once you get the hang of it.

3. Providing a web form. When auto responders were first released as a method of gathering information from your visitors, it was fairly common for the website owner to have to create the sign up form completely from scratch; this has changed. The follow up email autoresponder will give you a way to create a form to place on your website to capture the information you want to get from your site’s visitors. You create the form on the autoresponder site, and then copy and paste the code and place it onto your site wherever you want it to be seen.

The follow up email autoresponder is an essential tool for running a profitable business online. Without it, you’ll have to rely on people to keep coming back to your site to see whatever updates, or new offers you have available. But within autoresponder you are, in effect, visiting them as often as you like. This is a much smarter way of doing things; it will save you both time and money, and help you to run more of your business on autopilot.