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Review of Pligg Submitter

Review of Pligg Submitter

I found a new tool and had to do a Review of Pligg Submitter for anyone interested in automating the process of building backlinks to their websites…. high quality backlinks.

I used to think that nothing is “for sure” in internet marketing or maybe nothing lasts forever, but I’d have to rethink that because if there is one thing that has remained true or the same over the years is the fact that you need back-links to your website in order for Google to think your site has any value.

That is if you want page rank, ……..pages indexed and traffic to your website and webpages then you need other people to link to your webpages….. typically called backlinks!

Backlinking With Pligg Submitter

OK…you might be reading this and already know all about backlinks. Give me a break, some newbie is reading it and saying “What is a backlink?” and “How do I get Backlinks?” However, if you are an old hat at internet marketing you really need to read further the Review of Pligg Submitter because you are going to want to get this. Especially if you do seo work for clients or work in the offline marketing field. With Pligg Submitter you will get your clients sites ranked and on the first page in no time.

Just for you, Mr. Newbie, I’ll take a second to explain what a backlink is. Lets say you have a wordpress blog and you write a post. Inside that post you want to highlight a word, such as free coffee recipes and you want that word to be a link so if people click on it they will go to my site about coffee.

That’s called a backlink and you make one with this code, <ahref=””>free coffee recipes</a>

In the old days we used to go around writing to other webmasters and ask they if they would want to exchange links. Sometimes we would buy links back to our sites.

Automating Backlinking
with Pligg Submitter

As time has progressed there are many ways that you can automate the process of building backlinks to your site. Most of them can be considered spam and Google won’t give you much credit if any credit at all for those links.

Review of Pligg Submitter

As I write this Review of Pligg Submitter, I wanted you to know about an automated process for creating high quality backlinks ….it’s called Pligg Submitter. It creates backlinks automatically from different Pligg Sites to your desired webpages. Pligg sites are highly regarded by Google and you will get a list of Pligg sites with this software that you will load into the Pligg Submitter and these Pligg Sites have high PR!

I buy and use lots of different software, scripts and web applications…. most I don’t mention because they either don’t work, they are too expensive or are just too difficult to get working correctly. The Pligg Submitter is one of those applications that is affordable, does what it says and is easy to use and set up.

Review of Pligg Submitter ….
A Tool for Building High Quality Backlinks

Here’s the mindset I use. Tools are important for any business and its to same mindset you need if you want to make money online. Some tools you’ll buy and they will only work for a couple of weeks. Some tools might work for a couple of months and some will work for years. The issue is, you must buy these tools if you want to make money online and the Pligg Submitter is something I think will work for a long time.

The Pligg Submitter has already had a couple of revisions and updates. You need this piece of sofware and work it hard and smart for building backlinks to your web properties and watch your page rank grow for some of your most difficult to move websites.

In a review of Pligg Submitter I give it 2 thumbs up…. Click Here to get a copy today! Make sure you get the one time offer after you make your initial purchase, it’s a list of another 1500 high ranking Pligg Sites to load into the submitter Click Here for the extra pligg sites.

Rod Beckwith Endorses WPSocialPipes Review

Rod Beckwith and Jeff Aldersen are 2 guys that know a good internet marketing product when they see one!

Why….. you ask?

These guys crank out some of the most dynamic and profitable software and systems for making money online than anyone else. If I could buy only from one guy it would be hard pressed not to purchase their creations.

I got an email from them about WPSocialPipes and these guys are pumped! This is the Subject Line of the email:

The Most Powerful WordPress Ranking Plugin I Have Seen Yet…1st Page of Google In 18Minutes?!

After the quick preliminary review of WPSocialPipes I got an email from Jeff and Rod promoting WPSocialPipes….. thought I’d post it for you. Frankly, I was really surprised to see that they were 100% behind this new plugin. Anyway, check out what they said:


WPSocialPipes changes everything – We are now able to use
social media sites effortlessly on our wordpress blogs
for each page/post we publish or schedule to post.

In a nutshell, WPSocialPipes works by pushing your posts to
Pixelpipe, and hellotxt. However the features and
unique twists are what makes this an Internet marketers

Look, there is a very good reason why 1500+ SOLD IN UNDER
12 HOURS…This plugin works!

Please Click Here Now To Download

To Your Online Success,
Rod Beckwith

Get Ranked In As Little As 18 Minutes


Review of WPSocialPipes

Guess what? Another new wordrpess plugin… big deal, right? In reviewing WPSocialPipes I found a new source of high value, automatically generated backlinks that can get your pages and blog posts indexed, ranked and on page 1 of Google …..literally in minutes.

As you already probably know, there are many aspects to Internet Marketing. First premise is the fact that you’re trying to make money online. That might be through online marketing or even offline marketing. Of course you might be a purist and just want to share information about some subject you are passionate about. Bottom line is you have a website or blog and you want eyes on it! I mean, you need traffic to your website or blog.

So in simple terms, Internet Marketing is the process of building a website and getting people to look at it.

Sounds simply enough but in reality it can be very complicated. In the beginning of the world wide web it might have been fairly easy to build a website and people found your site through a variety of means…. all in all the entire process was fairly simple.

Review of WPSocialPipes Gets
Traffic To Your Blog Posts Fast

Today, internet marketing has many different facets. There are many ways to build websites and many ways to get traffic to, or eyes on your websites. In fact, developers create plugins on a daily basis for wordpress that help with rankings and page position on Google. An entire subset of internet marketing is called SEO or search engine optimization. If you’re an seo expert then you know what tricks, tools and processes to use to get you or your clients pages on page 1 of Google.

I use a variety of different methods to get my pages on page 1 of Google, however, probably the most important aspects of getting good search engine rankings is backlinks. There are many types of backlinks. You can buy backlinks. You can outsource backlinks. You can create your own backlinks buy building up your own forum links, web 2.0 properties, article marketing etc.

I actually use a couple of  WordPress plugins for backlinks that end up getting almost instant indexing for my blog posts. I use WPSyndicator, a wordpress plugin, along with another plugin called Auto Post Backlinks ….these alone give me good results. I get fast indexing, good ranking and it stays there, in other words, I don’t lose pagerank after time.


New Backlinking WordPress Plugin WPSocialPipes

I found another backlinking wordpress plugin that seems to be creating some amazing results. WPSocialPipes is a new plugin that automatically creates high value backlinks. This means that these backlinks will help get your pages and posts indexed and on page 1 of Google in a flash! I just picked up a copy and its available in 2 licenses. Standard license allows you to use it on 3 sites you own and a Devleopers license that allows you to do things like flip sites and do work for clients.

WPSocialPipes Reviewed

What’s really cool about the Developers Version is that you have the ability to assign a license to each site you put the wordpress plugin on. Now imagine you’re doing some work for a client and he agrees to pay you 100 a month for using the plugin and other seo work. Now you get his/her site on top of the search engines and they stop paying you. Ha, Ha…. you now have the ability to delete that license and the plugin will no longer work on their site…. pretty cool …huh!

At the time of this writing you can pick up either license of WPSocialPipes but he’s claiming to limit the number of Developer licenses….. so click here to check out WpSocialPipes and let me know what you think.

Link Building Campaign

website link building for website trafficStarting a website can be a fairly daunting task at first. There are a lot of things you have to worry about and set up before your website is up and running. But what happens after you have already gone through and done all that? Setting up the website is only one piece of the puzzle, there are still other steps you need to take to make it successful.

One of those steps is starting a Link building campaign. As the name implies you will set out to build up a large list of back links to help your website grow. This is one of the most important steps after actually building your website.

Now you might be wondering what exactly link building is, and what back links are. Well link building is a term used to widely describe the process of collecting back links for your website so that it can get more traffic.

Link Building Campaign

Back links are what allows your website to grow. These are links from other websites that link to your website. Google’s search bot uses a process called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to determine what page your website should be on. Back links allow you to get your website on a higher page.

Success is directly related to where your website ends up. When you search Google you do not go all the way to page twenty, neither does anyone else. The best place for your website to be is on page one because that means virtually everyone searching for it will see it.

Click Here for Easy and Fast Website Link Building

SEO used back links for this process, which is why they are the most important factor for your page rank and why a Link building campaign is a vital component of getting a successful website.

There are some things you should be aware of when trying to build up your back links. A lot of rookies will make mistakes and wont get the most out of their links which will only discourage them. There are three main things you can be aware of to optimize your links.

The first is to ensure you get a lot of them. Quantity is important since the more links you have the more traffic you get and the higher your website climbs up the page ranks.

Another thing to be aware of is to make sure your links are relevant. Over the years Google’s search algorithms have gotten quite advanced and if you use links that have nothing to do with your website, they wont increase your page rank. So to make sure you aren’t getting links that do nothing for your website while working on your link building campaign, make sure to only get links from websites that are on a similar topic as yours.

Lastly, you want to try and get links from websites that have a high page rank. If you get a link from that website on page one, this will greatly improve your own standing. The reason for this is that the SEO will pick up on that websites URL in the link and give your website a portion of it’s popularity. So always try to get links from the highest ranked websites you can.

With these tips you can make up a successful Link building campaign for yourself and grow your website.

Paid Link Building

Link building is a very important factor in a successful online business. It your marketing and is what allows people to see your website. The more people who know of your website, the more potential visitors you get. The more visitors you get the more potential there is for sales.

There are a lot of methods for link building out there. And some work better then others but it also changes depending on you and your niche. Not every strategy will work for everybody, that is why there are multiple strategies to begin with.

Paid Link Building

Paid Link Building is one such method of generating a list of back links. There is a lot of debate over it but really it just depends on you and what you want. You may feel that it is worth it or you may not. Just like every other method it is up to you to decide if you want to do it.

Now paying for your back links probably is not how you will start. A lot of people do not have that kind of money. We simply can not afford to run around paying for everything, that includes back links. So you will probably do it all manually to start.

That is perfectly acceptable since virtually everybody was in that position. That is why there are so many ways for doing link building for free. From posting on forums to drive people to your website or from posting articles on directories. There is even software that can help automate the process to help you along.

Discover More About Paid Link Building….. Click Here

But once your website starts generating income, you may want to take a look into Paid Link Building. While you can take the time and effort into creating your list of back links yourself, you might not want to bother or might simply not have the time to devote yourself to it as much as you should.

By paying for your links you cut out all the time and hassle. A lot of people find it to be worth the cost since you get good, quality back links right off the bat with no work involved. With these back links your website can sky rocket through the pages on it’s way to page one.

Typically, the back links for sale are often of a higher caliber then those you could get for free. They do not want to sell you something you can just get elsewhere for free, so they up the ante and provide links that will greatly improve your page rank.

So if you have the money and do not have the time or simply do not want to be bothered. Then Paid Link Building could work wonders for you as you are building permanent backlinks. There is still work you have to do, do not go in expecting to just pay a fee and have all the work done for you. All they do is give you the links, you still have to set them up and work on your website. But if you continue to work at it, you can put that saved time into your website and really start making money.

Digi Article Blaster Review

Digi Article Blaster by Andy FletcherThought I’d try to keep you up to date on the Digi Article Blaster from Andy Fletcher.

You guys know I hate hype, but sometimes I like to have fun with images. See the image to the left, a hand truck with 100 dollar bills? You might be thinking, ya here we go again. Another internet marketing promise of making a bunch of money when the only money that is made is the guy selling product XXX. …..

Don’t you feel that way sometimes? …… I know I do.

But, Digi Article Blaster really can make you money. You know backlinks, good backlinks will bring traffic to your website or blog. Then it’s up to you to convert and sell your product or get visitors to click on your links so you can make some cash. That’s about as simple as it gets, right? Well…..DigiArticleBlaster, a wordpress plugin will do that for you. That is, it creates backlinks. The rest is up to you.


You can use Digi Article Blaster to make nice little income by creating backlinks for others. Digi Article Blaster truly can be a business in a box.

Think about it. How many times have you seen others selling backlinks…. often very crappy backlinks? It’s so easy to do with Digi Article Blaster that you can sell your ability to create backlinks! Help local business owners or other offline marketers rise quickly in the search engines. The potential with this is almost unlimited. In fact, it seems to good to be true!

I got an email from Andy today and he addresses this income potential with Digi Article Blaster.

Hi Scott,

I realised there was something I forgot to tell you in my last e-mail about Digi Article Blaster.

Simply put, not only does it help you build 150 AUTOMATIC CONTEXTUAL BACKLINKS to all of your blogs…

It also gives you a service you can sell to offline businesses for $397-a-time.

See, I used to offer the exact same service in my days as an SEO consultant (heck… that’s how I got the idea for the plugin…)

I’d spend a day doing manual article submission for my clients to give them a top Google ranking, and I’d charge $397 for it.

Now you can use Digi Article Blaster to provide the exact same service, but better (I never got anywhere near building 150 backlinks manually) and faster (because you’ll only have to push a button)…

Check out this quote from Lee Smallwood who tested the plugin for me:

“Hey Andy, You’ve done it again – backlink building has simply never been this easy.

I used to outsource all the syndication but now it’s just pushing a button, so it’s cheaper AND I can take on more work. I’ve already done this for one company today and I’ll be doing three more this afternoon.

If my clients knew getting a top Google ranking was this easy they’d never let me charge so much!

Thanks again mate,

Lee Smallwood”

Lee’s right, of course… if your clients knew how easy you were finding it to get them that top ranking, they’d never pay you that much… but I won’t tell if you don’t!

Check it out now –

Download Digi Article Blaster



P.S.  This plugin uses SEO techniques that are completely Panda-friendly, so they’re guaranteed to work even after the latest Google update.

Check it out now –

Download a copy of Digi Article Blaster

Review of Social Monkee …25 FREE Backlinks A Day!

Everybody needs backlinks today! Google’s latest slap will cause us to focus more clearly on getting high quality backlinks…… and I found a place where you can get 25 free high quality backlinks per day!

Social Monkee is an addon for firefox that allows you to simply click on an icon, a new window pops up, you fill in 3 titles, 3 descriptions and 3 sets of keywords and the program automatically spins and mixes the content along with a keyword rich backlink right back to the webpage that’s in your browser. It works perfectly for me and I plan on upgrading soon to the paid version. Its only $47, a one time charge and then you can submit for 100 backlinks 3 times a day.

This is a new service so its worth getting in now while the getting is good! They’ve got lots of improvements planned and the service is taking off like gangbusters. Keep in mind, all links are on UNIQUE C Class IPs and Domains!

High quality backlinks are harder and harder to find. Give Social Monkee a try and start adding daily backlinks for easy indexing and quick page rank. I ran across a pretty cool Review of Social Monkee from the warrior forum ……. after reading it Click Here to sign up for Social Monkee.

Review of Social Monkee

Currently I’m looking for a possibility to get social boomarks for my different domains and inner pages on different dofollow social bookmarking sites. This is the reason why I heard and read about Social Monkee. After reading all posts in this thread I jumped in and upgraded directly to Premium Account for the one-time fee of $47. I don’t like monthly payments so much.

After reading through the User-Guide in the Members Area and installing the Firefox Plugin I start to submit my first URL – a main page of a new money site round about 3 hours ago. Everything was really easy and I got the chance to input 3 different KWs with 3 different descriptions which have to be a minimum of 160 characters. Thumbs up for this and the longer description I have to input – it’s more work ok… But I think it’s worth it.

Some minutes ago I checked everything in Scrapebox because I directly got a report with 82 backlinks and a rss-feed for my first url submission. My results were that most of the domains are PR0 – some PR1 and 2 were PR2. This is OK but I would like to see some aged domains with decent PR in the future if possible.

Then I checked if my backlinks are already indexed. I didn’t expect anything but I saw that 1 backlink is already indexed in Google and 48!!!!! are already indexed in Yahoo. The best of it I did really nothing extra like pinging, rss submission or whatever.

So, all in all I would recommend Social Monkee. It’s still in Beta and New but it has real potentail. For $47 one-time in the premium account it’s a steal.

Some adjustments should be done to improve the overall features for this service but I will continue using it.

Thumps up!

Get 25 FREE Backlinks a Day with Social Monkee