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How To Find The Best Web Host

If you want to create a website then you will need a hosting company to host that website.  A web hosting provider is a company that allows you to host or park your website on their servers so that it will be live on the internet for all to see.  If you don’t have a web host then your website will never be live on the internet but will just remain a bunch of files on your computer.  There are hundreds of different hosting companies on the internet and it can be difficult knowing which one to choose.  Most general hosting plans will cost between $5 and $15 per month and most of them will have some good tutorials to get you started and also offer good customer service.

Advice For Finding The Best Web Host
Four Of The Best

Let’s take a look at four of the best webhost companies.

1. Site5 has been one of the top webhosting services for me. I have a reseller account which allows me a cpanel for each domain and I can sell hosting to other marketers. I don’t agressively market or try to sell webhosting services to others but it comes in handy when my graphics customers are looking for a good hosting service or one of my local business clients need hosting …..I’m in a position to provide good hosting and make a few bucks at the same time. Their support is always within hours and the folks at Site5 have been some of the most delightful people I’ve dealt with while online.

2. Hostgator is one of the most popular web hosting providers and has been for quite some time.  Hostgator offers fantastic customer service including a live chat service so they are there to help you any time you need some assistance.  Hostgator has cPanel hosting which is very user friendly and anyone can manage their website quite simply with this control panel.  Hostgator has a choice of three web hosting plans which all give an unlimited bandwidth amount and unlimited storage allowance.

3. Blue Host is also quite a large and popular hosting provider and currently has over 915,000 domains in use.  Because Blue host is such a large company they can offer great prices for their hosting packages.  Blue Host offers amazing customer service also and has been in business since 1996.  You can receive a domain name, setup and privacy registration with the price of your hosting plan.  Blue Host offers a number of plans to suit everyone including plans for large corporations, small business or for personal websites.  Blue Host offers unlimited domains to be hosted on each account so it is great for someone who operates several websites.  They also have a free site builder and cPanel.  Blue Host is also a great choice for someone who has little website experience.

4. Host Clear was founded in 2006 and so is a relatively new web hosting provider.  Host Clear offers three plans which offer unlimited bandwidth, disk space and MySql databases.  The number of domains you can host on your account differs between plans.  There is a home plan with which you get one free domain when you sign up.  The second plan is the business plan which includes two free domains and then there is the business pro plan which gives you three free domains.  These included domains are free for the life term of the hosting plan and you can also purchase additional domain names if required for $14.95 per year.  You can host unlimited domains on each account and unlike most hosting providers Host Clear offers a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

When you are looking around for the best webhost provider you want to consider your hosting needs.  You will want a plan that suits your budget and one that suits your skill level.  You also want to consider your website and domain requirements, space requirements, email requirements and your need for support.

How to Find The Best Rated Web Hosting

You want the best hosting provider for your website.  You want a host that is reliable, trustworthy, and inexpensive.  You need a web host that can handle the space of your website as it is now as well as any future growth.  Bandwidth limits may be important as well if you are expecting (or hoping for) large amounts of traffic to your website.  And, you need a host that has a fast connection so that your website visitors will not have issues in connecting to your site.

The problem is that many web hosting providers may fit all of these qualifications.  So, how can you know which one may be the best choice for your website?

Perhaps the easiest way to select the best web host is to compare several hosting providers.  Luckily, you do not have to do this manually–there are many websites that compare and contrast web hosts in many different categories.

Many of the comparison websites state that they list the best rated web hosting packages.  But, since the various comparison directories do not all list the same exact web hosts, it is likely that each website uses its own system for rating the hosting providers.  Therefore, you will need to study at lest a few of these hosting comparison websites in order to get a clear picture of which web host will truly be best for your website.

Suggested Webhosts with Cpanel

Ultimate Marketing Center
Site5 Hosting


Micfo Hosting

The best rated web hosting comparison directories do share some common categories in describing each web host.  Most of these websites list the monthly price for a hosting package, as well as the amount of disk space and bandwidth offered by each package.  Also, there is typically some sort of feature or service list that details what is offered by each web host.

Many of these directories list several free web hosting packages at the top of the ratings list, presumably because these hosting packages are offered at no cost.  However, it is best to look at these web hosts with a very critical eye–remember the saying, “You get what you pay for.”  While there may be a free web host that is perfectly adequate, you may not want to trust your most important website to a no-cost provider.

Some web hosting directories include a great deal of information, and this data can help you to come to a decision about which host will be right for your website.  For example, you may want to have a certain type of control panel for your host–maybe cPanel is what you are used to, and you would like a host that includes it.  Or perhaps you need an unlimited number of email accounts or an unlimited number of domains with your website host.  By reading carefully through web directories, you can get this type of information about many web hosting providers.

The best rated web hosting listed at any one website may not be the best host for you.  Do your own research and find out which host fits your needs before making a choice.