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Overview of RSS Feeds


RSS, or Really Simple Syndication (sometimes referred to as Rich Site Summary) is a means by which blogs can broadcast their content to a number of services and individuals easily. Some have gone so far as to argue that RSS is one of the chief reasons why blogging holds so much potential. An RSS feed collects the content of your post (depending on your software, you can opt to syndicate the entire post, just a headline, or some other combination) and then sends it in readable, plain text, to any of the targets you might choose.


Bloggers often submit their RSS feeds to popular blog directories, RSS directories and search engines. Users can then find the feeds in which they are interested and “subscribe to them,” reading them with an RSS feed reader. They may also simply read your feed and then hop on over to your site. RSS feeds are a great way of promoting your blog. There is also some evidence to suggest that RSS feeds can serve to boost the results of your blog in search engine rankings. They are also a wonderful way of getting noticed by at least one of the major search engines.


Your blogging software will probably handle the process of creating an RSS feed for your blog automatically. For instance, those blogging at are automatically “given” an RSS feed (in Atom format) that they can burn and use. Other blogging services provide RSS feeds, as well.

If your blog service provider or software doesn’t automatically create an RSS feed for your blog, you can build one yourself. Those experienced with HTML may want to hand-code their RSS feed. Those of us who prefer a quicker solution can choose from a variety of software tools (many of which are freeware) to accomplish the goal.

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Having a feed will not do you much good if no one reads it! Thus, you must share your RSS feed with others. This can be done, in large measure, by using one of the multiple site ping services mentioned earlier. Pingoat, for instance, will request your RSS feed and will transmit it to a number of sites that aggregate these feeds.
You can also opt to submit your feed to any number of other RSS aggregators. A relatively long list of options, for instance, is currently available at

A great place to manage your RSS feed needs is at Feedburner, which can be found at This free service provides you with a number of tools that can make sharing your RSS feed easier and more effective. It also offers free circulation traffic (just in case you want to know how many people are tracking your feed) and a lot of handy ways to help other subscribe to your feed.

You can skip manual submissions by using a service to submit your rss feeds to, I use an Automatic RSS Submission service that submits to over 200 rss directories.


There is a now well-known technique that may enable your site to be discovered and indexed by the Yahoo search engine in record time. This technique makes use of your RSS feed and is a relatively simple thing to do.


You must have a free Yahoo account in order to do this. Create an account if you do not already have one. The sign up procedure is fast and simple.
After logging into your Yahoo account, go to the “My Yahoo” page. There you will find an option to add content to your page. You can add content in the form of your blog’s RSS feed. It is a simple and intuitive process that will only require you to have the URL of your RSS feed (which is easily locatable via your blogging software or service).

One you add your RSS feed to your content page, Yahoo will track the RSS feed in order to keep your page updated with developments. As a result, you have instructed Yahoo to find and note changes made to your blog.

This strategy has successfully allowed many blogs to find their way into Yahoo results in record time. It has been referred to as the Yahoo backdoor and is now a practice commonly used when launching a new blog. With greater use by more people, its effectiveness may have diminished somewhat (especially in terms of search engine results), but it still is the fastest way to crack into any of the big three search engines.

1. Don’t forget to update! Make sure you remember to either ping using a mass-ping service or to manually alert RSS aggregators about your feed every time you update. Otherwise, you are losing some of the potential value of the feed.

2. Make your feed a moneymaker! Some bloggers who are particularly interested in making their blog pay may want to consider using their RSS feed as a vehicle for advertising. Google’s Adsense program has operated a program to allow some Adsense publishers place ads in their feeds and other means of feed advertising are growing.

How to Customize WordPress by Understanding WordPress

One of the biggest questions is, “How to customize wordpress?” WordPress is probably best known around the internet business world as a blogging software but in reality it is much more than that. It also has amazing earning potential capabilities as well as being a complete content management system. If you use the correct plugin, you can literally turn your wordpress blog into any type of site!  If you are an affiliate marketer it can mean increased productivity. WordPress also features less site maintenance that you will have to perform over time.  If you are still trying to decide if wordpress marketing is still for you stop and take some time to think of the following tips.

How To Customize WordPress By Understanding WordPress

Wordpress is a very flexible program to work with. No matter if you are choosing to use a post or promoting a product wordpress is able to do both of these.  You also have the option to choose whether you will allow comments on your product page which will allow user generated content on your website which will appear in the form of reader’s comments.  It will also allow you to further customize by choosing if you would prefer to have either a static generated page so that you are allowed to highlight certain products or your mailing lists.

If you’re asking yourself how to customize wordpress, then you should know the biggest way is by changing themes because you can literally change the entire look of your blog. You need to remember you only have one chance to impress the visitors to your site. If they are not impressed they will simply not return. With the wordpress software you have the ability to upload the theme of your choice and click a button and you’re done. This saves a lot of time when you consider the option of picking theme after theme just to find the right one which is very time consuming.

You can literally make your blog look like a newspaper by using a WordPress Newspaper Theme!

Or you can easily turn your blog into an online magazine by using a wordpress magazine theme.

The capabilities contained in word press make modifying your site simple and saves you loads of time.  You will be able to customize the look of your wordpress and determine whether your visitors will look at the home page, a category page, or a single entry page. The choice is yours with a simple click of your mouse.  This gives you the power to optimize each area of your site which will lead to higher conversion rates.

Another answer to “How to customize wordpress?” is by using any of the 1000’s of wordpress plugins available. To some, the basic “out of the box” wordpress blog is considered a lightweight software program therefore it does not have a lot of capabilities that comes with it.  You can however add plugins to the software.  With these plugins it gives the wordpress program the ability to do a number of different things including, create mailing lists, create affiliate links and track those links, and even allows you to import the affiliate product feeds directly to your site. There’s even a new wordpress membership plugin that allows you to create one of the most advanced memberships available with a couple of clicks of your mouse……think of the income possibilities with a membership plugin like this!

There’s a plugin that will allow you to use all those PLR Articles you have laying around on your hard drive and with automatically post articles to your blog!

You can even create a ton of content for your blog by importing the text of an entire PLR or public domain book and use a plugin called ebook import to automatically turn that book into a predetermined number of blog posts…’s that for a plugin!

Author Management

One important factor of running your affiliate marketing site is learning when and how to delegate. WordPress allows multiple authors to have the authority to easily have other people create, as well as add content to your site, without having to give out your personal administrative information to these other authors. This feature limits the authority of outside authors and prevents them from literally taking over your blog while giving you the freedom to increase the quality and quantity of content in your blog.  They will only get enough authority to get their job done and that is it.

Huge Community

Since wordpress is so popular, there are many people that are always asking themselves how to customize wordpress. Consequently, there are people all over the world who develop add-ons to the wordpress software. These add-ons can include new themes and plugins among others. Some of these people also understand the intricate problems associated with wordpress and will be able to assist you if you would happen to encounter an error. Along with the huge community around the world there are also books that will help you get started with installing and how to use the wordpress software effectively. For instance if you want to learn how to build your own theme, you could read a book on How to Build A WordPress Theme!

As you can see there are a variety of benefits that you can gain from using wordpress software.  What was once used for blogging only has now grown into a very powerful program with a tremendous amount of flexibility so you can create a site that will draw in the traffic and make money for you.