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Blogging Relationships

Blogger relations is: “The process of connecting with peers and your audience to develop relevant content that illustrates your message and brand through content and responsiveness.”

Blogger relations is not all about the pitch, though. You can’t just go barging in on someone else’s blog and start pitching your wares. You will not be welcome even if your wares are related to the blog. At first, that is.

What you need to do is read, read, and read some more to get the feeling of the blog and those who are posting on that blog. Then you need to start participating and posting yourself. You need to become a part of the “community” you want to pitch well before any pitching goes on.

One word of caution, though, make sure you are relevant to the the blog you are pitching, or want to pitch. Too many times blogs get pitched and have nothing to do with the pitch whatsoever.

To get a good idea of the topic of the blog, look back at the previous posts and the categories of topics discussed. If your pitch differs from any of these then do not embarrass yourself by trying to pitch that particular blog. Move on and find one that your pitch will be compatible with.

After you have done some research into what the blog is all about and you feel it is a good fit you still need to become involved and part of that blog community before doing any pitching.

You also need to be up front about who you are and what you are trying to accomplish. Make relevant posts and try to become valuable in that community.

When the time is right to pitch the blog, make it as easy as possible for the bloggers to get to your full story. Summarize your pitch and provide a link to the full information.

This allows the bloggers to access your information at their leisure and also makes it easier for them to repost your information so others can have a chance to access it as well.

If your pitch includes a hard copy report or a book you want reviewed, do not hesitate to send it along. You will most likely get a mention in the blog about your book and a recommendation, be it a good or bad one. Bloggers like schwag. It helps build that all important relationship you want.

You have done your research into the blog and you have built the relationship carefully and now are part of that community. You have people who like and respect you and the information you have provided and your pitches are welcome any time. This is how you successfully cultivate good working relationships.

Go ahead and start on another blog but make sure you do it the same way you did this one. Blogger relations is becoming one of the best ways to get you information out there. Treat it just like any other word of mouth advertising and you will definitely benefit.

Blogging Tips

affiliate marketing themeNowadays, blogging has been gaining a great deal of popularity because of the current trend of publishing every thought or opinion on the internet. Since our technology is starting to become really advanced these days, setting up a blog site isn’t that hard anymore. Starting a blog before has been a lot of work. You had to know the technical details before you could start one or hire someone to put a new blog up….and heaven help you if you ran into problems. Nowadays, practically just about anyone can start one, thanks to the revamped easy to use interface.

WordPress For Blogging

WordPress is one of the most common self-hosting blogging platforms and has completely dominated the way we currently build websites. WordPress can be as simple as imaginable or it you can add numerous addons called themes and plugins which will make your blog more complex but effective. If you’re new to wordpress you can learn these techniques…. like anything good, it will take time and study. But you can buy a domain, get it hosted, install wordpress and start blogging within a half and hour if you wanted to…. nothing fancy, just sharing of information. Once you learn a little more about wordpress and blogging you can install a new custom newspaper theme such as the one in this post and start your own directory or portal….. sky’s the limit!

Maybe you are brand spanking new at this web business and blogging. Maybe you’re completely broke and don’t have the cash for a domain or hosting. Well …..don’t be dismayed because there are several good alternatives that are completely free. You can start a Blogger blog just by going to and signing up for a free account. You’ll be blogging in 10 minutes. Or you can go to and sign up for a free account. Use your keywords or a variation of your keywords when picking out a name. For instance I started a free blog at and its hosted by folks at and my site is on public domain images, so this is the url I was  able to get and I talk about public domain images and materials on the blog.

Free Blogging with and

One very important fact to consider is this. Free hosted blogs like blogger and have complete control over your blog. If you do something they don’t like your blog will be gone in a puff of smoke. The issue is you are not in control over your blog and it can be taken away in a flash….all your hard work gone. That’s why I always recommend buying a domain, use your own hosting and install WordPress from or the Fantascio feature on your hosting cpanel. You’ll be in complete control and noone will take your blog offline. When I first started I set up a blog on internet marketing on Blogger…… it was about 2 years old, I was starting to get a good following and making some money….one day it was gone! Same thing with, I had a site set up to review and teach on how to use Xsitepro….. it was going well, over a year old and same deal. I was getting traffic, people joining my list and buying products and WHAMMM it got taken down. I still use these types of blogs but I don’t put a lot of effort, I don’t try and sell a lot of product but I use them as backlinks to my various other sites…… so far I haven’t lost any of these free blogs and I probably have about a 100 or so.

Why Should I Blog?

Exactly why do people get into blogging? There’s a lot of reasons why. Viewpoint about everything can expressed without delay. Many make use of it as a personal gateway to express their thoughts and opinions towards anything and everything that catches their attention. Marketing a business through blogs are frequently being done these days, although in my opinion not enough offline businesses are taking advantage of blogging to promote their businesses, sell more goods and get more clients. Showing what your business can offer online is a great way to get to people to make the phone ring or in the door. While other people use blogs as a profitable business…. that is, selling products or services directly through the blog.

Successful Blogging

Building a blog is just a part of becoming successful in this kind of business. It’s another story to get individuals read them. The objective is to get them to read your posts, and make them revisit regularly. In blogs, loyal readers are every important. Locations reasons why they are important. Your web blog generates more money when you’ve got more loyal readers. To help you to get that first spot in the online search engine, you’ll need loyal readers. They help you become “popular” with regards to the topic you are catering. By having loyal readers, eventually it can attract other users, thus helping you have that first spot on yahoo, google and bing results. As other people read your blogs they will link back to your blog and on the internet, links are the mother’s milk of good website traffic. You want links… you want lots of links. As a writer, these factors will help you as well. Once you get a hang of these top three factors, you will be blogging your way towards success in no time.

It’s going to be quite a challenge to keep your readers from wandering off, especially if you have used them for revenue. Constantly updating your site content can pave your way towards successful blogging. You simply won’t have a hard time writing if you discover something which you’re interested in. If a topic doesn’t get your interest, then find something that could. It’s imperative that you provide accurate information along with defining the content and tenor of your topic and having that consistency in posting. People will come back to your web site for information, only if it’s good so don’t waste your time posting dribble or nonsense …. be a blogger with substance, after all so you may as well enjoy it. You might be surprised how soon you’re going to succeed if you take these matters into account.

Simple Tips For Creating A Blog

tips for creating a blogSo, you have been thinking about creating a blog, but aren’t sure where to start. That’s okay, this article will fill you in on what you need to know before you get started. The good news is that blogs are very easy to set up, and you can put up a basic blog in a fairly short amount of time. Here some basic tips to get you on the path to blogging success.

1. Decide what type of blog you want to have. Will it be a personal blog that is meant to be read by your family and friends? Will it be blog about one of your favorite hobbies? Or will the purpose of it be to make money? Know the kind of blog you’ll have will determine a lot of the other things you need to do.

2. Pick a topic.
Once you know what type of blog you’ll have, you need to narrow it down to a more specific topic. Now, if this is just for family and friends, then it doesn’t matter all that much as you won’t be as concerned with how much traffic you get to your blog. If it’s a blog about a hobby, then you can keep it more general, or you can blog about a specific aspect of the hobby. However, if you will be creating a blog to make money, then you need to be more careful about the topic you choose.

3. Research. Assuming you are interested in making money with your blog, you need to start with research. First, you need to research who your target audience is; how many people are part of your target audience, what their problems are, what solutions they’re looking for, and how much they are willing to pay to solve their problems. Second, you need to research the best keywords for your blog. There are a few free keyword tools that should give you enough information to get started. However, it may be a good idea to find some paid keyword tools if you want to see even better results.

4. Keep your visitors in mind. This can be hard to do when you’re the one who’s creating a blog, but you have to do your best. Picture what your visitor sees when they first come to your blog. Are the colors to strong? Too dull? How are the graphics? Is everything laid out in a logical and intuitive manner? Are the posts easy to read? All of these things, and more, will make a big difference to your visitors. Needless to say, if they don’t like what they see, they will go to someone else’s blog. Therefore, it makes more sense to try to look at your blog through the eyes of your visitors.

5. Be yourself. What really keeps people coming back to a blog? In a word: personality. So, go ahead and let yourself come through in your posts. Some people may not like, but the ones that do could become some of your biggest fans, and will start recommending your blog to other people.

Best Blogging Advice

blogging adviceBlogs have been around for a while. And even though they have gone through some changes, they are still as popular as ever, if not more so. This may because it’s so simple to get started with blogging, because there are some good blogging platforms, or because people have figure out ways to make money with blogs. Whatever the reason for their continuing popularity, there is still a strong need for good blogging advice.

The first bit of blogging advice is to just do it. Yep, that’s it! Okay, what that really means is that there is no reason not to get started. There are several ways you can test the blogging waters for free; namely Blogger and WordPress. Both of these platforms give you plenty of options for customizing the appearance of your blog, and they make it easy to get up and running. Blogger allows some commercial content (such as AdSense), while WordPress doesn’t allow it if you host your blog using a free website address through their hosting. Which leads to the next bit of advice…

Get a domain name and paid hosting as soon as you can. If you already have them, then you don’t have to use the free address and hosting, and can set up your blog directly on your own domain name. Now, don’t freak out. You can get good hosting for around $10 a month, and a domain name usually costs around $10 per year. However, you can often find deals that bring the cost down by quite a bit. That being said, you also need to look at what you get for your money. For example, be sure your hosting package has everything you need.

You will also need to think about the topic of your blog. If you just want it to be for friends and family, then you blog about the events of your day, without giving it much thought. However if you are interested in making money with your blog, then you need to have a more narrow focus.

Whichever type of blog you decide to have, it will require you to update on a regular basis. The more often you post to it, the stronger your following will be; whether it’s family and friends, or potential customers. Posting every day or two is best, but once a week should be okay in most cases. Because you will have to update it often, it’s a good idea to select a topic that interests you. Otherwise it will become too much of a chore, and you will soon stop updating.

So, how do you make money with a blog? The two main ways are through Google AdSense and selling affiliate products. The best bit of blogging advice for making money with a blog is to treat it like a business. This means you need to invest some time and a little money to get it to start producing serious income for you. The good news is that blogging is pretty low maintenance and the costs for running it are very low.

Blogging Advice

blogging adviceThere was a time when blogs were the “latest and greatest” thing online. While they may not get as much media attention as social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, blogs are still as popular as ever. The reasons for starting a blog may vary, but everybody can benefit from good blogging advice, regardless of how new or experienced they may be. The good news is that blogging is fairly easy to learn, but at the same time, there are always ways to improve. With that in mind, here some things that will help you get the most from your blogging efforts.

1. Get started for free. Yes, it is true that you can start blogging for no cost at all. WordPress and Blogger are just two of the more popular blogging platforms that you can use for free. This is a great way to start learning what blogging is all about. You can select various themes, customize it, and add plug-ins to give your blog added functionality. These are all things you should eventually know how to do. But…

2. Free is an option, but not the best option. You shouldn’t stick with the free option forever, especially if you are going to use you blog to make money. The problem with the no cost option is that you will be hosting your blog on their server. And that means they can close down your blog at any time for any reason. If you follow the rules, they probably won’t, but you should be aware that it can and does happen. You can take your chances if you will just be sharing your blog with family and friends, but it is essential to get your own domain name and hosting if you plan on using it for business purposes.

3. Choosing a topic is important. This bit of blogging advice is the most important for money-making sites. You need to take time researching a topic and finding out about your target audience. Keyword research is the bare minimum you need to do. But the more time you invest up front, the more your potential return will be. Consider every aspect of your blog and how your visitors are likely to respond. This step will be much easier if you are building a personal blog as you can write about almost anything; your thoughts, experiences, rants and raves are all fair game.

4. Post frequently. It’s a safe assumption that you want to start a blog so other people will read it. And if people don’t see new content when they check in, they will eventually stop coming back. Posting once every day or two should keep things fresh enough for most of your visitors. If you post less often than once a week, then you will have a very hard time getting people interested in coming back. So, the best blogging advice for this tip is to post as often as you can, but to not wait too long between posts.

How to Maximize Your Autoresponder for Optimum Success

Copyright (c) 2009 Aldo Gonzalez

An autoresponder is one of the great inventions that the Internet has given to us. However it is only as good as you effectively use it. In this article we will take a look at a few things you can do to maximize the use of your autoresponder.

First of all you should keep in mind that you are building a list of people that can pay you back many times over in the future. Your autoresponder is an easy place to store names and e-mail addresses for future follow up. If you properly use it this can to continue to work as helping you build as large of a list of possible.

The next thing to keep in mind regarding your autoresponder is building relationships with your subscribers. Your ability to view these people as more than a name and e-mail address is paramount to your success.

One way to do this is put the emphasis on building relationships with them. You do this by addressing their needs and communicating with them beyond the normal selling focus.

There are multiple ways to develop relationships and build a list with an autoresponder. One thing you can do is put a sign up for them on every webpage and blog page that you build. Put these above the fold where people can see them and make it easy for them to subscribe.

Encourage people to subscribe by offering valuable freebies that entice them to trade their name and email address for your offer. Then communicate with them on a consistent basis so they get to know who you are.

One thing many Internet marketers do today is combine their autoresponder and blogging efforts. There are several ways you can do this!

For example when you make a blog post you can send out a mailing to your list notifying them about it. In that e-mail message you send a short couple of sentences and include the link to your blog where people can click to get the rest of the article.

On the flip side when you make a blog post you can include a subscription link right in the text of the blog article where a person can get more information by subscribing to your autoresponder. These are two effective ways to build your list and drive traffic to your blog.

There are many different autoresponders available on the market today and two of the best are Aweber and Getresponse. Because these are fairly inexpensive to use you do not want to cut corners on this valuable tool.

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Best Blog Software Makes Blogging Easy

Best Blogging SoftwareIf you are interested in starting your own blog one of the most important decisions you’ll make is choosing the best blog software.  You have several choices, many of them are free, but before you choose just the right type of software you have to decide what you are going to use your blog for.  That really will make a big difference in choosing the right software for your needs.

For example, if you are just blogging about your life and you have no real interest in making money from your blog, than virtually any free software will do, such as or  At this stage the most important thing for you to consider is the ease of use.  You can use each type of blog for a while just to see which one you feel the most comfortable with.

If, on the other hand, you are using your blog to make money either as an affiliate marketer or with the use of Adsense, you will need to be a little more careful.  The actual software can still be the same, for instance many internet marketers prefer the WordPress platforms. The difference is that you won’t want a free WordPress site.  Instead you will want to buy your own domain name, so you own it, and have your blog hosted on another site such as or  That way your blog is your own personal piece of online real estate, you own it and you can control what you put on your site and what you do with it.

Going with the free version for a business blog is a very risky proposition. Any of the free blogging sites have their own terms of service (TOS), which are always changing, if they find your blog to not be compliant with their TOS, they can delete your blog, and they WILL because I’ve had that happen to me for no good reason!  Just think of what that would mean if you were making money with a particular blog and you’ve spent time building up traffic to that blog and one day  it was just gone!  Yikes.

Learn How to Create An Authority Blog with Blogging Expert
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Another thing to take into consideration when looking for the best software are the types of plugins available.  Plugins are small software programs that you can literally ‘plugin’ to your blog by just a few clicks of the mouse, anyone can use them, and there are probably ten’s of thousands of them available for every imaginable need, and most are free.  If this concept seems weird to you, just think of them like apps for a smart phone, it’s a similar concept.  Some types of blogs will have a lot more plugins than others, so this could help you make up your mind which is best for you.

It’s always nice to have options, and when it comes to finding the best blog software you have quite a few.  Just keep your overall goals in mind when trying to decide which is best for you.  For the most part, if you are just a ‘personal blogger’ and not really in it to make money, the free versions are just fine for you and your needs.  By using a free blog you can began to get used to the basics of blogging and not worry about the mechanics. I mean, you can concentrate on writing and some sort of regular basis……once you are adjusted to writing you can focus on things like keyword research and niche research in an effort to find out what will bring the most traffic to your blog.

Blogging has come a long way. Fortunate for you, many people have gone through the process of setting up successful blogs and have learned the shortcuts at the most, and at the very least they can tell you the easiest way to get started….I guess you might call it a blogging recipe. So….don’t be afraid to invest in some of the resources I mentioned. Although there is a ton of material out there, I know the ones I suggest are good and will help you get started and/or become a better blogger!

How To Benefit From Money Making Forums

Money making forums are a great way to meet like-minded internet marketers, to ask and answer questions and to find out what people are looking for when it comes to making money online.

This article will provide you with just 20 forums and a brief description of each – there are literally hundreds more. . .

Affiliate/Internet Marketing Related

1. Im4Newbies is for those of you who are just getting started in internet marketing. You can find what you are looking for here.

2. revolves around internet marketing in general and generating traffic to your website

3. If you are selling ebooks or interested in doing so on ClickBank, this forum is a wonderful community to get involved with

4. discusses different ways to earn through affiliates and other means of website ad publishing.

5. ABestWeb is the biggest online affiliate forum to date. It’s dedicated to everything which relates to affiliate marketing.

6. is a very popular forum that deals with internet marketing in general.

7. brings up a variety of money-making topics but its main target is people looking to make money from home through the internet.

8. is one of the best money making forums for affiliate marketing and earning online.

9. offers extremely organized affiliate related discussions.

10. discusses general affiliate marketing topics and concerns.

11. covers every money making opportunity there is online from High Yield Investments (YIPs), to forex, to running a website to blogging.

12. discusses a wide variety of topics related to the different ways you can make money online.

13. has an impressive section about making money online and other related topics.

14. displays a nice section on internet advertising, web design and web hosting.

15. TheFreeAdForum is a place for webmasters to make money by advertising their sites and opportunities.

16. focuses mostly on MLMs, internet investments and risky internet programs.

17. is a general business related discussion forum which includes a large section dedicated to internet businesses.

18. focuses on people who (or who are trying to) make money from home on the internet.

19. is really a webmaster community where you can learn to make money with a website.

20. is the largest forum dedicated programs such as get paid to read, get paid to click, get paid to promote programs.

These are just some small samples of the various internet marketing topics that are covered in money making forums. Getting involved in communities like these is a way to get your questions answered and your name out there in the internet marketing world. When you participate in forums like these, make sure that you are kind and courteous and try to provide suggestions and information that will be helpful to others. Any type of overly promotional or hypey behavior can easily get you banned from these forums.

Creating Strategies For Social Network Marketing

When creating a social network marketing business on a serious budget the good news is that, the most effective strategies, which you can utilize, are free when utilizing social networking websites.

You can first begin with article marketing.  Writing articles is a wonderful way to put your products and services out there for internet users within online communities.  Learn how to write articles and market with article marketing from Article Marketing Domination. You can utilize Google to find numerous articles directories, which you can submit to.  Make sure you do not try to add identical articles to numerous directories.  Ensure that each article you submit is copyscape free as well as unique material.  Magic Article Spinner is an advanced tool that can create 100’s of unique articles from one. There’s a skill to using this article spinner and if you take the time to set up the article correctly you can have unique content on every site that is very readable.

Blogging is a wonderful way to inform internet users about your products and services.  You can utilize blogging for your business marketing needs.  Try creating different blogs that contain network marketing tips as well as one for your business website.

A personal blog is great to have as well.  You can brand not only your products and services but also yourself.  You want to sell yourself first before you begin to sell your products and services.  You will want your blog to contain interesting information, as this will enable you to stand out from the crowd. Blog Success is the only blogging membership that is taught by one of the Internet’s blogging authority, Jack Humphrey, where you can learn the basics to most advanced blogging techniques.

ttm-dvdpluscase250Utilize social networking websites for your network marketing demands.  Twitter and MySpace are wonderful social networking websites, which offer many features and benefits for anyone who wants to market their products and services.  For the longest time twitter was considered just a fad, then various online marketers began to basically spam with twitter by tweeting with blatant ads, now…..there is an exciting new method of marketing with twitter called the Twitter Method that teaches techniques for the professional use of monetizing twitter……

Do not add numerous friends’ right too quickly for this could enable you to get your profile or account disabled or possibly even banned by the social networking website.  Make sure you educate yourself on the rules and regulations upon the social networking websites.

You can try video marketing for promoting your products and services.  YouTube receives millions of visitors daily.  There are many other video sharing websites, which you can post your unique content. Video marketing is a tried and true method of driving traffic to your website or blog. Creating videos is easier today than it ever was whether you do it yourself or outsource it. The hardest part, or I should say the most time consuming component of video marketing is submission to the various video sites. The more sites your video is hosted at, the more eyes back to your site. Traffic Geyser has automated the process of submitting videos and is the top service one the internet, it’s one way to level the playing field. There’s a free service that does only a small portion of what traffic geyser does and it’s called Tubemogul. You can grab a Free Camera Guide from Traffic Geyser, just one method for creating videos. I get so excited about video marketing because it brings instant results, if you don’t believe me, create a couple of videos, make sure you use your keywords and put your url in the description in the form of and try Traffic Geyser for $1 for 30 days. You could literally submit 1000’s of videos in 30 days, try it and let me know how it works :)

Numerous forums, which you can join, are network focused.  Network marketing forums can provide you with communities, which are geared toward your particular niche.  You can utilize your blog URL or the URL for your lead capture page with your signature line to direct people back to your business website.

Network marketing forums are very helpful to internet users and can teach you how to add effective content to your web page while allowing internet visitors to click on your business links. One of the biggest forums for internet marketing is the Warrior Forum while another, Earn1Kaday is another that is packed benefits for those interested in discovering the various business models one could use for generating an income online. Here’s a free report on how to make 5 bucks a day…..packed with information for anyone interested in making a steady income online.

You need to display your talents.  Some people enjoy writing while other internet users enjoy talking.  Video marketing might suit you more than writing articles.  The most important factor is to select which strategies, which not only work for you but your business.

While the above concepts are relatively free and will cost you nothing but your time, to effectively learn and use these techniques be prepared to invest in your education. There really is no alternative for using good tools, reading and studying good ebooks and reports and finally join a few memberships because this is where the real content is discussed and taught.  You can create wonderful results for your network marketing demands if you are persistent and focused on a regular basis.