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Blogging Relationships

Blogger relations is: “The process of connecting with peers and your audience to develop relevant content that illustrates your message and brand through content and responsiveness.”

Blogger relations is not all about the pitch, though. You can’t just go barging in on someone else’s blog and start pitching your wares. You will not be welcome even if your wares are related to the blog. At first, that is.

What you need to do is read, read, and read some more to get the feeling of the blog and those who are posting on that blog. Then you need to start participating and posting yourself. You need to become a part of the “community” you want to pitch well before any pitching goes on.

One word of caution, though, make sure you are relevant to the the blog you are pitching, or want to pitch. Too many times blogs get pitched and have nothing to do with the pitch whatsoever.

To get a good idea of the topic of the blog, look back at the previous posts and the categories of topics discussed. If your pitch differs from any of these then do not embarrass yourself by trying to pitch that particular blog. Move on and find one that your pitch will be compatible with.

After you have done some research into what the blog is all about and you feel it is a good fit you still need to become involved and part of that blog community before doing any pitching.

You also need to be up front about who you are and what you are trying to accomplish. Make relevant posts and try to become valuable in that community.

When the time is right to pitch the blog, make it as easy as possible for the bloggers to get to your full story. Summarize your pitch and provide a link to the full information.

This allows the bloggers to access your information at their leisure and also makes it easier for them to repost your information so others can have a chance to access it as well.

If your pitch includes a hard copy report or a book you want reviewed, do not hesitate to send it along. You will most likely get a mention in the blog about your book and a recommendation, be it a good or bad one. Bloggers like schwag. It helps build that all important relationship you want.

You have done your research into the blog and you have built the relationship carefully and now are part of that community. You have people who like and respect you and the information you have provided and your pitches are welcome any time. This is how you successfully cultivate good working relationships.

Go ahead and start on another blog but make sure you do it the same way you did this one. Blogger relations is becoming one of the best ways to get you information out there. Treat it just like any other word of mouth advertising and you will definitely benefit.

Social Networking: 7 Steps to More Traffic by Connecting and Repurposing Your Social Marketing

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I’m lazy by nature and like to do as little work as possible. Therefore, when I have the opportunity to automate tasks, I jump at it. As I started getting heavily involved in social networking, I quickly became frustrated with having to update my status at several sites, as well as trying to figure out how to introduce my blog, my articles, and my ezine to my social networking audiences.

After much trial and error, here’s how I connect and repurpose all of my social marketing strategies:

1. Set up accounts. Make sure that you have current accounts with Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, MySpace, and any other social networking platforms you regularly use.

2. Open an account at The service automatically updates your status on all of your social networking sites, 21 of them at the current count. Depending on the number of networks you use, it will take you 10-50 minutes to connect your account to your various social network accounts. However, once everything is set up, you simply log into your Ping account, post your status update (no more than 140 characters), and your status is automatically updated on all of your social networking profiles. Rather than posting updates directly on Twitter or Facebook or MySpace, I instead use as the starting place for my daily status updates.

3. Display Twitters on other accounts. If you go to your Setting tab in your Twitter account and then down to “More Info URL”, you will see a link to “Add Twitter to Your Site.” By clicking on this link, you’ll be taken to a page where you can add your tweets in a separate box (not the Status updates area) in your MySpace and Facebook profiles, on your blogger or Typepad blogs, or get the Flash or HTML widgets to add to other sites like Squidoo lenses or to your website. Just follow the instructions connected to each application. If you use Typepad for your blog, you can also do this through the Widget gallery by finding Twitter widget in the “Publishing Tools” section.

4. Connect your blogposts to Twitter. Twitter Feed,, enables you to feed your blog posts to your Twitter account. Simply create an account, go to “Create New Twitter Feed”, and enter the RSS feed of your blog. You can control the frequency with which Twitter displays your blog post, as well as the text used to preface your blog feed. I use “Blog update” to preface my posts.

5. Connect your blogposts to Facebook. I use Typepad for my blogs, so if you use a WordPress blog, there are probably plugins that handle this, as well. When you create a new blog post, you can choose to send a link to that post into Facebook. These links will appear in your Mini-Feed on your Facebook profile, and may appear in your friends’ News Feeds.

In your Typepad account, go to Weblogs > Configure > Publicity, select “Prompt me to share new posts on Facebook.” When this item is selected, TypePad will automatically display a prompt from Facebook when you create and publish a new post on TypePad. The Facebook prompt will only appear if you have selected the option in your weblog’s publicity settings, and only when you create and publish a new post. The prompt will not appear when you save a post as draft, when you edit a post, or when you change the status of a post from Draft to Published.

6. Update your account. Article marketing is a smart and easy way to drive traffic to your site. If you’re submitting articles online to article directories, you definitely want to be using, the biggest and most popular article directory online. To connect to Twitter, click on “Profile Manager” in your account, then “Edit Author Bio” in your Author’s Area. Add your Twitter account information here. Each time a new article is accepted and published at EzineArticles, a post is automatically made to your Twitter account.

7. Update your aWeber account: I use aWeber as my email marketing service. You can now send an automatic Twitter post to all your followers on Twitter with a link to the HTML version of your ezine. When you create a broadcast in aWeber, select the option to publish a broadcast via RSS feed or to an archive, and then enter your Twitter account info, When your ezine is published, all of your Twitter followers will be notified.

There are probably others ways to connect the social networks and to repurpose content on social networks, but these 7 steps are all I need at the moment. Take 30 minutes out of your day to connect and repurpose your social networking, and watch your traffic and list begin to grow!

Online Business Manager and Online Business Coach Donna Gunter helps independent service professionals learn how to automate their businesses, leverage their expertise on the Internet, and get more clients online. To claim your FREE gift, TurboCharge Your Online Marketing Toolkit, visit her site at . Ask Donna an Internet Marketing question at
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Stages of Menopause Blog Added to My Autoposting Blog Network


I just set up a blog in my health niche blog sites called Stages of Menopause. I’m working on setting up a network of my own blogs concerned with various subniches of the health niche. The idea is to create a network of blogs that has interconnections similar to that of a spiders web….the more blogs the better.

One of the easiest ways to develop a series of blogs is by purchasing a premade or preexisting blog.

You can find blogs for sale on ebay, look for auctions on blogs that fit your niche.

You can find blogs for sale on sites like or other marketing related websites and forums. Flipping blogs or flopping blogs has also become popular, just google “website flipping” or “blog flipping” and you’ll find sites and reports on how to start building and flipping your own blogs.

The first thing I do is to look at some of the forums to see what’s available (see below paragraph). After finding the appropriate niche, I look for some long tailed keywords using a tool like Micro Niche Finder or Keyword Research Pro. I develop a list of keywords and then I see which of those are available as a domain. Purchase the domain and then set it up as one of my domains on my reseller hosting, either Ultimate Marketing Center or Site5 Reseller Hosting ……both have been excellent with support second to none.

One of the places I constantly keep my eyes on is the Warrior Forum, in the WSO section you can find special offers for premade websites and blogs. Often times you can pick up a blog that is prepopulated with 10 to 20 PLR articles in a custom wordpress theme for less than $20. Remember, chances are the creator of the blog sold at least 10 of these sites and could be as many as 50 of these same sites on the internet. It really doesn’t matter how many are sold because 90% or more of those purchased won’t do anything with it, secondly those that do upload the site won’t make any changes to the site or articles at all. Here’s a list of things to do before and after purchasing one of these premade blogs.

  1. make sure the site comes with plr articles you can edit
  2. transferring wordpress blogs can be difficult, make sure the creator has a clear cut set up pdf or video, and make sure you’ll be able to contact them after you purchase in case you run into trouble during the installation…..ask these questions in the open, as in the forum environment….if the seller is short with you….don’t expect much help
  3. if you are planning to flipping the site make sure you have the proper rights or license
  4. change any and all affiliate links
  5. edit any optin forms to your own autoresponder
  6. find long tail keywords that correspond with the content of each article or blog post
  7. Rewrite the title of each blog post, be sure to include the long tail keyword…this is important!
  8. Rewrite each blog post so that it is unique, be sure to include the long tail keyword that was used in the title, in the blog post at least 3 times
  9. add an image to each blog post, make sure you use the long tail keyword in the name of the image and in the alt tag
  10. publish the post
  11. after publishing, go back and submit the blog post to social bookmarking and networking sites
  12. pick out 10 more long tail keywords and write or edit 10 more articles for blog posts and submit
  13. chances are you will have a very healthy piece of virtual real estate otherwise known as VRE

There’s much more you can do with these sites, but if that were all you did and you did this 5 or 10 times a month you would create a nice little network of blogs that would be valuable for all kinds of different purposes besides a monthly number of clicks from Goggle :)

You could drip feed articles if you have them.

You could build the blog further by any number of autoposting or autoblogging methods.

Bottom line, at least for me, is that finding a prebuilt blog saves me some time….If you find one in the niche you’re interested in, or want to develop it’s a quick way to get some content up quick. You can always develop it latter.

Of course it will take some time to get traffic to the site, I use Auto Social Poster plugin a well kept secret used by so called gurus for quick spidering, fast indexing and constant traffic, its well worth the price because your blog will get indexed and spidered quickly. I also use Slick Auto Poster and Article Stalker for autoposting full lenght keyword rich articles. Once established, I’ll add Google Adsense, Ebay, Amazon and add an optin form…..I might do only one of these or all of them some of these plugins allow you to use your keywords in the plugin to pull in relevant products or articles when autoblogging.

My goal is simple, get the site to produce $10 a month. I keep it simple. I know if I can get 10 sites to produce $10 a month, I’m making $100 a month. That’s not much money but it’s a very real number. Now all you need to do is expand your efforts, shoot for 100 sites a month making $10. Maybe it takes me a year to do that, but I’ll be making $1000 a month on autopilot. I know from experience some of those sites won’t make $10 a month…..some will make less, some will make a lot more!

Here’s an example of one of the sites I purchased on the warrior special offers forum, a blog on “menopause“. All I did was create a new header and install according to the authors instruction. Take a look at Stages of Menopause


Answer Analyst, New Tool for Quickly Creating Unique Articles

One way to start making some money online is by writing articles. Writing is easy if you understand some of the basics of writing. I’m not going to talk about all the steps involved in writing an article….you can search the web and find many books on how to write and market your articles. Heck, you might just want your articles for yourself and that’s really simple to do!

First you’re going to need some research. You’ll have to choose a subject and then ask some questions about the subject or topic. You’ll need to do some google searches for your ideas and locate some content that will talk about your specific issues.

The easiest way to find material for your articles is by asking questions. You know the type of questions…typically who, what, why, where, when and see what type of information comes up. These questions will yield unique content that will help you to create and write unique articles. What if I told you there was an automated way to ask and gather the answers to questions you have about your topic?

I can save you a lot of trouble when doing your research. Jon Leger, a software application inventor and creator, has come up with a very useful application called…The Answer Analyst. Check out the site, you’ll find a video that talks about how easy it is to use and shows you how to dig up the content you need to crank out articles. It doesn’t matter if you do 1 article a week, 1 article a day or 1 article every hour…..this application will help you quickly do the research and give you the answers you need to start cranking out an endless suppply of good quality articles….

Let’s face it, you really need unique content to build your blogs with….AnswerAnalyst can help!

Check out Answer Analyst Today!

Check out these Testiomials from Jon’s Site about Answer Analyst

It makes my article research so much easier 2009-10-13


Answer analyst has cut down my time researching information for writing articles and make the task so much easier. I am not a great writer, it does not come easy, but with this tool it makes it very quick to find the questions you need to ask and the answer to those questions!

Mark S

Mark S
Answer Analyst For Copywriters 2009-07-16
Answer Analyst is a fantastic tool for copywriters, saving a great deal of time in research. It is particularly helpful for identifying hot topics and questions for article submissions, sales pages,ebooks etc. I congratulate Jon for producing such an excellent piece of software. Clearly a lot of thought and careful research has gone into its design.

Jack Manners-Spencer

Jack Manners-Spencer


Quick & Easy Research for Blogging! 2009-06-04
Great tool for any fellow bloggers. Blog topics come into my mind on a regular basis, but I used to always get bogged down on doing research. Now, with Answers Analyst I can do some quick research and then write original blog content quickly and easily. Great program!

Jonathan Milligan

Jonathan Milligan


“Answer Analyst” – A homerun without a doubt! 2009-04-15
As a previous customer of Jon’s (I have purchased “Instant Article Wizard”, Instant Article Pro”, two awesome pieces of software for finding great article content, but “Answer Analyst” has blown it to humongous proportions for finding what you need to keep your blogs or websites fresh with content. I have a lot of niche sites and “Answer Analyst” has cut my research time by more than half. Finding information even in the most obscure subject matter is just a few clicks away. This software is amazing to say the least! I highly recommend “Answer Analyst for anyone trying to use their time wisely.

Thank you Jon for another great product and looking forward to see what you have up your sleeve in the future.

John Foley

John Foley

Email Posting to

I have a handful of blogs and found it to be a real hassle trying to keep them updated with fresh content.

Most people know about this feature but I thought I’d put up a quick post regarding “posting to by email” which is a really nice way to get some content up quickly without having to log in all the time. Simply write and email and send it to the super secret email address and you’re email becomes a post on your blog.

You can include things like images, videos, audio and other formats that will be automatically included in your post. It’s a pretty neat feature and you might find yourself using it more and more!

You can find out more about Posting to by Email… on the link.

Here’s a quick video that goes over the features of posting by email:

WordPress Membership Site Plugins Criteria For Marketing

The WordPress platform has become one of the most powerful marketing tools on the internet today. When you create a membership site for marketing purposes, you are opening the door to tons of revenue in the end and this can easily be done if you are using WordPress. This is due to the fact that Membership sites are very lucrative and easy to use if you structure them properly.

Most internet marketers have a mistaken belief that WordPress is just for blogs or maybe a website. However, this belief is totally false and if they use WordPress correctly and to its maximum flexibility, they will discover it is a great all around marketing tool. One of the newest marketing aspects of WordPress has been the use as wordpress membership sites.  There are a number of internet businesses that are using membership site plugins but not every one of them are made the same.  There are a few basic criteria which any membership plugins should have to create a great membership site for your marketing site. One of the newest and most comprehensive membership plugins for wordpress is called Wishlist Member.

WordPress Membership Site Plugins Criteria For Marketing

1. Membership levels and types:
When you have the ability to create multiple levels of membership you will have the flexibility to allow special promotions or even higher membership levels in which you will give members access to more in-depth information if they pay more for it. Also it is important to have levels that are free, subscription based, and also a onetime payment.

2. RSS Feed Encryptions:
You will want to make sure that any information that you want members only to have access to do not get broadcast through your RSS feed.  If your RSS feed is not encrypted then anyone who would visit or join your site would see the information you are limiting to visitors without even paying for it. Failing to encrypt your RSS feeds can result in losing thousands of dollars in revenue.

3. Content Teasers
This will allow you to have a small portion of certain content for visitors to your site.  In order for them to read on they will have to click on a link which will tell them they will have to subscribe to read the rest of the article.

4. Sequential Delivery
If you have a membership that you are training people or are just wanting to make sure that visitors gain access to certain content that you are offering on a monthly basis you will need to be sure that you have sequential delivery.  If you do not have this then someone can gain access to all of your content from the very first day.

5. Payment Gateways
Some plugins only work with PayPal which gives you major limitations. You will want the ability to work with any merchant processor you wish.

6. Training and Support

You need to have a strong customer satisfaction which is important for any business. If you do not have access to the owner of the plugin then do not use it because it would not work with your marketing business.

These are all necessary parts of your membership site for your marketing site. If your plugin does not have any of these then you will need to search for another plugin that does. You can discover a number of free methods of creating a wordpress membership site and of course there are some paid wordpress membership plugins that are much better…..only you can decide what is necessary with your wordpress marketing site.

What Is PPC Marketing

Pay per click marketing is one of the most widely used forms of paying for advertising there is on the internet today.  The method of charging you, the advertiser, has been most generally credited to Bill Gross.  This method was first introduced into the internet world in 1998.  It is also one of the most popular on the internet today. It does have several drawbacks but also several advantages. Understanding PPC can help you avoid falling into the drawbacks of PPC advertising, a good idea to ask “What is PPC Marketing?”.

The main basic idea of PPC is that people like you purchase links on search engines or on sites that employ search engines ad, such as blogs for one example. You only pay for your ad when a visitor clicks on your link. The fees that you will pay for this type of marketing usually vary considerably.  When considering the cost the search engine terms that are used more frequently tend to cost more than the keywords that are less frequently used.

What Is PPC Marketing

You may be more familiar with the more common pay for click advertising that appears with Google.  What you are probably not aware of is that a lot of other search engines have a program similar to this for their commercial clients.  There are generally two different ways that you can have your advertising ad appear on the search engines.  The first one is known as the sponsored matched PPC advertising.  In this program ads appear in the organic search engine pages.  When a potential visitor searches for a certain keyword and your ad is related to that topic, then it most generally will pop up off to the side of the search engine, typically a designated advertising space.

The other form of PPC marketing is called content match.  When certain people create sites that contain private content they have the ability to choose to participate in programs that will allow them to run ads on their personal pages.  Most generally they are also reimbursed for advertising the pay per click site as well. This is most generally though just a small percentage of what the original advertising site owner makes. This profit can be anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars depending on the contract terms.  This is a great way for a private site owner to gain traffic to their site because visitors will most generally click on their link to check out the advertising.  Discovering what ppc marketing is can be an involved task for anyone just getting online, but stick with it because the subject of ppc will come up often!

If you have decided that PPC might work great for you will be able to find a variety of different companies on the search engines.  You must take considerable time to research which company will best suit your PPC marketing needs.

Blog Ethics

Creating a blog is a great way for anyone to share their life experiences and even advertise their business. To date there are no actual code of ethics developed for bloggers to follow but there are three common sense ethic codes that anyone should follow while they are running their blog posts. These are the code of ethics that will prove you as a trustworthy blog owner.

1. Fair and Honest:

You need to be fair and honest to your followers. You need to make sure all the information you provide is honest without adding any false information. When you are providing facts you need to make them distinct, true, and easy to follow. Do not attempt to distort your facts, visitors can read this right away and as a result, you will lose visitors. If you happen to provide any information, in your site that may appear to be false; you need to provide your reader with factual information to back up your statement. If you are adding pictures to your blog add captions underneath to explain to the reader about the picture. Fair and Honest are two of the most important components of the bloggers code of ethics.

Learn More About Blogging at Earn1KaDay Tips for Internet Marketers!

2. Harm of others:

When you are creating a blog topic on a very controversial issue avoid using any ones names or places. This will protect you from any lawsuits and also from hurting visitors’ feelings. A good motto for this code of ethic would be, say to others what you would want them to say about you. You also need to be sure that you protect a person’s privacy. Invading a person’s privacy is rude as well as intrusive. If you do not want someone doing it to you then do not do it to others. A great way to avoid violating this blog code of ethic is to avoid using names or places if it all possible. If it is unavoidable try to use as much damage control as possible.

3. Be Accountable:

You need to accept the consequences that may come with your blog. If you have made a mistake in any of your postings admit it right away, do not try to avoid it. Everyone makes mistakes and if you own up to yours you will be more respected in the readers eyes.

If someone happens to question your information on your blog open up a discussion with the person. Try to see why they feel the way they do and if they prove to be right, apologize to the person and admit that yes you are right I did make a mistake. If you are not accountable for your blog you will be in violation of the blog code of ethics and as a result, you will lose followers.

All of these blog codes of ethics are common sense but also the most neglected parts of Blogging. Following a basic code of ethics will enable you to be trustworthy blogger to your visitors.

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Learn To Make Money Blogging

Everybody wants to make money online so the big question is, “Can you really make money just by blogging?” You probably already know that you can make money blogging but the big question is, How?

Like any business it does take effort and time to become well established. When blogs first started showing up, blogging was originally a form of online journaling. Purists literally hated the mention of using blogs to make money, but these days blogging is so much more!

Blogs are a platform for creating content online. So first you should realize that there’s a huge difference between blogging as a writing style, and using blog software to create websites. Jack Humphrey talks about How to Make More Money Blogging for beginners and experienced alike.

Using blog software, such as wordpress, to create websites is one way to make money blogging, particularly if you choose to create websites which focus on promoting or selling products. When you sell products of your own with a blog, or promote other people’s products to earn sales commissions, you may not necessarily be writing in a blogging style to do so. You can of course, but you can also create a “regular” website by using quick and easy blog software. A concept that has recently been promoted by many internet marketers.

Check Out Blogging to the Bank!

The most common form of making money with blogging is usually much more personal though. The writer creates content on a blog, and that content is frequently written in a casual, “conversational” style. This personal touch creates a unique atmosphere on the blog and that in turn creates a unique following of readers. Once established, the writer who creates the blog content can often recommend products to readers, and many of those readers will buy based on those recommendations. This is the basic formula used by many affiliate marketers. Be careful though….don’t turn your blog into a pitch fest. That is, don’t make every blog post an offer, or recommendation to buy something. Make sure you insert blog posts that contain useful information about the niche you are blogging about!

This form of blogging puts a personal touch into the world of business, so it helps faceless corporate entities and somewhat famous individuals seem more real. And that can generate great profits.

Take a look at three different approaches you might use to make money with your blog:

Recommend Products

1. Recommend Products – Once you have a loyal base of readers who like your writing style, enjoy the things you write each day, or connect to you on some level you’ll be able to start making product recommendations to them. And by recommending products which you earn sales commissions from, you earn money each time one of your readers buys a product based on your recommendations.

Sell Your Products or Services

2. Sell Your Products or Services – This approach is popular with service based professionals, software programmers, and book authors. If you are a certified accountant for example, then blogging will help you establish yourself as an expert in your field and this can lead to you getting more clients. If you write books or create software, the approach works the same. By writing content on a related blog you will build your reputation and readership, and that will naturally lead to readers buying your books and software.

Sell Advertising Space

3. Sell Advertising Space – Some people start blogging about topics that interest them. They may not have a specific professional skill they’re trying to promote and they may have no products for sale, but they’re interested enough in a given topic to write about it frequently and well. In these cases readership and reputation also grow over time, and the person writing the blog is able to earn money from selling advertising space in key locations on that blog. This method of making money with a blog is hardly ever practiced. If you have a blog with a PR 3 that’s getting 100 unique visitors a day, you certainly should look into selling or renting some of your space.

Build it and they shall come. There is some truth to this statement.

In all of these cases you need to build a reputation and audience first. New magazines and TV shows don’t often launch with a ready made audience in place, and neither do new blogs. There are exceptions to every rule of course, and you’ll probably come across success stories where people were able to get large amounts of readers to their blogs fairly quickly. Just keep in mind that this is not the norm. Usually you have to work very hard for several months before you’ll start seeing progress. As time goes by however, if you’ve kept working diligently you should start seeing some excellent income.

See Blogging for Profits and Start Monetizing Your Blog

I don’t want to mislead anyone. Making an income with your blog is tough work. Persistance will pay off though, some will see success before others….all of us have different skills….just never, never, never give up! Finally developing an audience or readers should be your first priority. This requires proper search engine optimization and constant vigilance to traffic generating techniques.

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