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Add Moving Your Blog after Flipping by Using Backup Creator

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If you’ve been working with wordpress blogs for a while then you know how boring it is to move, clone or backup your blogs can be, but I want to show you some of the possibilities you have before you if you possess the tools and skills to make these clones happen. The easiest thing to do is move your blog from its existing host to another hosting account, why not offer this service to others and make a quick profit!

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What Are The Reasons I Would Want to Move My Blog

Move your site from one host to another, what exactly does that entail? Backup Creator through cloning makes it very easy to move a website from one host to another host. Simply a matter of uploading a file and clicking a link and you can move your website or the website of a client from one hosting account to another.Cloning simply happens when you take your website, its contents and its domain name, use Backup Creator to create a clone and then use the cloned site to install your old site on a new hosting provider. Sometimes you run into a good deal for hosting. You might have discovered an affordable hosting provider that also gives you different ip addresses and they are even available by phone!

There’s some confusion about cloning and backing up a wordpress blog, however, when you clone your wordpress blog and install those files on a new web hosting service that new wordpress blog will be exactly the same as the old wordpress blog…… so you can sell someone your site and move it for them to their new server without jumping through all kinds of hoops. Its easy to make an extra hundred dollars by using Backup Creator to clone and backup a clients blog and then install it on another server, some webmasters charge 200 to 300 dollars for the task.

Make Sure You Purchase the Developer’s
Version and Enjoy The Extra Income Potential

As owner of the Developer’s Version of Backup Creator you’ll find some easy and exciting opportunities to make some extra cash. As a holder of the Developer’s License, for a fee, you can move a blog for anyone who is a client of yours… can’t sell the plugin outright but you can include it in a theme along with the other plugins as part of a whole package and service that you provide, many internet marketers are making some nice extra income using this concept. Setting up a blog with the theme and Backup Creator are allowed only with the Developers license if you are doing it for someone other than yourself. Are you in the offline marketing niche, this is a no brainer for creating a site using a theme as a template and installing using the Backupcreator clone. Building wordpress blogs for offline or local marketers can be profitable when you create generic categories, for instance, pizza shops. Create a pizza theme, load it with a couple of articles, install your desired plugins and see the basic blog to your customer. Of course you’ll have a clone that you simply deploy to the new website address, your profit potential increases when you further customize the pizza blog.

Consider buying a $300 WP theme with developers rights. Now change gears and start thinking “concept”, pick a niche and use some high quality themes and plugins, all with developers rights to create a wordpress blog with. You can sell the completed blog to anyone interested and of course they are going to want to know how to install the package… which point you can tell them you can install it for a small fee using the Backup Creator Clone. So you make money on the sale of the WordPress preconfigured Blog and the installation of the clone…… thing is you can replicate this process day and night for the same blog! In this type of sale you are selling the “configuration”, there are no resell rights products, no content just a wordpress blog fully configured ready to be installed on their server, the key is to have developers rights to all wordpress themes and plugins. This could be the ultimate buisness in a box, think of directory sites.

You might also think about flipping sites, yours and those that belong to others, imagine that someone has developed a site, filled with good content, active, has subscribers and holds huge potential. Sure you can flip the domain name alone but you’ll be missing out on a good opportunity to pick up some extra cash.You’ll increase your profit tremendously by selling a domain that is aged with content, subscribers and traffic, not to mention whether or not the site makes money on a monthly basis.

People have been making a lot of money on sites like Flippa or SitePoint when they sell an aged domain with content that is profitable. People like to buy these sites but get confused with the sale, transfer and installation. You could offer a complete package and because Backup Creator makes the installation so easy you could either include it for free of add it to the sale and make yourself even more cash once you get the site moved and restored.

How easy would it be for you to set up a site, write a few articles about WordPress Clones, WordPress Backups in order to get some traffic to your new WordPress Backup and Cloning Services…..if you had 2 clients a day at a low $100 each you could easily make a quick 200 dollars a day and then add the business in a box concept and/or the domain flipping idea. So many people wanting to get in on the internet craze and don’t know how to do it and you have one simple model at your finger tips with Backup Creator……give it shot! Sometimes we search high and low looking for the best way to make the most money, when a simple version of any of the business models I presented will work if you work it. Backup Creator by Robert Plank is a tool that will give you the opportunity to see what you are made of if you want to make money online. And in the very least its the perfect tool to give you peace of mind for backing up and cloning all your wordpress blogs…… trust me, if you’ve never lost a wordpress blog to anything or anyone you’ll never know how maddening it is and how helpless you’ll feel along with how stupid you know you’ve been because you didn’t get this cloning and backup solution…….or something like it :)

Do yourself a favor and pick up Backup Creator and get the Developer’s version because once you start to use it you will began to see the possibilities for making more money online. Click Here for your copy today!