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Review of Crazy Spins

Make money online by spinning articles with Crazy SpinsAfter being in Internet Marketing for 10 years you don’t find a membership that provides a unique product or service since everybody is copying everybody else…. guess what, they’re all broke :) Well, I really wanted to do a Review of Crazy Spins because I know it will help a lot of internet marketers get past their first hurdles by having truly unique content. And the dude who has put this together, Shannon Herrod is a genuine all around good guy….. I trust his decisions, products and service.

So, as I said, I had to share an awesome service I just found called Crazy Spins. So I thought I would do a quick review of Crazy Spins and let you know what I’ve found so far.

Review of Crazy Spins

First, what the heck is CrazySpins?

Crazy Spins is a monthly membership that provides 5 articles a week. So far, no big deal right?

Well, this is where the magic starts to seep in. Each article is written in a spinnable syntax so all you need to do is pop the article in The Best Spinner or some other spinning software …push the spin button and you have a unique article.

So far, nothing really new. I know there are other services that offer articles on a monthly or weekly rate but the quality of these articles leaves a lot to be desired. These are usually pretty cheap and written by people who don’t speak English as their first language. So, at best these cheap spinnable articles need to be rewritten quite a bit or you could try to just use them in secondary and tertiary linking structures on Web 2.0 sites and other places where human eyes usually don’t wander and you don’t care if they get deleted someday because they might be determined spammy.

Crazy Spins Reviewed

Crazy Spins was advertised not to be like those cheap articles and they were advertised to be written in a specific way. For instance (I’m going from memory) each sentence in the article is written 3 times. That means each article can really be divided into 3 separate articles. Then there are phrase rewrites and nested phrase rewrites. Of course you have word rewrites and nested words. Shannon says there are some million or maybe billion unique combinations possible.

I can tell you from the first couple of weeks the articles varied in quality. Some were excellent and I didn’t have to rewrite a single word. Some had minor grammatical errors that would normally have been left alone but since it was going on my authority blog I wanted it perfect. One article in the two week period totally sucked, however, I was still able to piece together a decent article that looked like it was hand written.

100% Unique Articles with Crazy Spins was just launched so there will undoubtedly be some hiccups in the new membership. Shannon has been excellent in terms of providing service and attending to any comments or complaints I might have had.

Here’s the best part. My posts get indexed in less than a minute sometimes and certainly not longer than 5 minutes. I think I have about 10 crazy spin articles up and when I do a Google search for them my articles are the only ones to show up. There are none in the supplemental index…. so no duplicates. They are all copyscape clear…. in fact the spun versions I posted were more like spun virgins!

I’m very pleased with the articles provided by crazy spins and if your in this niche I suggest you jump aboard before he closes down the membership or increases the price.

Here’s a Super Powerful Tip, Trick and Hint:

I know a bunch of you guys joined social monkey.The site that submits a title, url, tags and small paragraph for a link back to your site… plus you get sent the rss feed for each article.

Well…. did you know Social Monkey uses spintax in almost all their fields.Think how powerful this is. If you are a premium member you can make 300 submissions a day.

Let’s say you’ve got a great promotional post on your blog for SEO. Now all you do is grab a CrazySpin SEO article…. all you need is the first paragraph. Paste it into the content section. Come up with a couple of Title Variations and Tag Variations in spintax and you’ll be able to drip in 300 links back to your blog post over any period of time you choose. And because you already had the SEO article in Spintax the whole process couldn’t have taken 15 minutes to do!

Check out Crazy Spins and Click Here to join the fun:)