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How To Become A Max Bounty Affiliate

Cost Per Action CPAMany of you are familiar with the term CPA marketing which, in a nutshell, is a form of affiliate marketing that allows you to make a commission even if you don’t make a sale. CPA stands for Cost Per Action and it means that the CPA network (like the Max Bounty affiliate program for example) will pay you a commission if you can get your visitors to perform a certain action like filling in their zip code or email address or some other information, even if you don’t make a sale. Sometimes CPA offers will also require a very small payment from visitors to cover shipping and handling of the sample products that they sign up for.

If you already have a website and you’re looking for ways to monetize it more, then a good start would be to join a CPA network. Becoming a Max Bounty affiliate can be one of your goals. The Max Bounty network is completely free to join and one of the most popular CPA networks today.

In order to get started with Max Bounty or any of the CPA networks, you first need to fill out an application. Afterwards, you will be called by one of the representatives or your future affiliate manager who will perform a short interview with you on the phone. Once you’re accepted, you can login to the site and start taking a look at the offers you want to promote.

With Max Bounty, you can earn up to $5.00 per action, depending on what the action is. As you can imagine, if a visitor is required to fill in a lot of information including their social security number or even other personal data, you will get paid more. If the action required is just filling in an email address, you will not earn as much but you will generate a lot more commissions. Most people nowadays have no problem handing over their email addresses.

Here is just a little more information about Max Bounty:

It pays out commissions on a monthly basis as long as you have a balance of over $100.00 due. The company also provides real time statistics so that you can track your progress very easily. Max Bounty commissions are also offered internationally. And one of the best part of becoming an affiliate marketer with Max Bounty is that you can refer other webmasters to this company and make commissions off of their leads and sales, a great way to build residual income.

To become a Max Bounty affiliate, you’ll need to first fill out an application. Next, one of the company’s representatives will give you a call to make sure that the answers to your questions on the phone match up to what you’ve stated on your application. They are looking for information like how long you have been involved in affiliate marketing, how much you intend to spend to advertise their offers and what methods you will use to advertise their offers. After you’ve joined, you’re ready to login and pick the offers you want to promote.

Aweber has New Sign Up Forms

Pile of Money

I’ve been keeping my eye on some of the new Aweber features over the last 6 months or so and have to say they have done a terrific job of adding features to their autoresponder service. The training is suburb, seems like they’ve been adding video tutorials and webinars on a daily basis!

One of the new features is the form that you set up on your website for collecting names and email addresses. It looks like they have 100’s of new looking forms that are just awesome! If you’re using Aweber as your autoresponder service, check out features in the “web forms” area.

If you think you’re saving money by running your own autoresponder script on your own domain… are dead wrong. First I guarantee you are not getting anywhere near the delivery that you would get with Aweber, second when you finally realize that you need a professional autoresponder service you’ll end up losing at least half if not more of your subscribers.

So, quit wasting your time, efforts and money…..get yourself an account at Aweber and check out all the new features….do it today!

Getting Clicks Per Action More Money For Affiliates

The Clicks Per Action (CPA) model of marketing resolves a common complaint from marketers about affiliate programs . . .many times they end up promoting whoever is selling the affiliate product without getting anything in return. This happens a lot when an affiliate marketer promotes a program and sends his/her audience to the vendor, but few of these visitors then actually buy anything.

A fair amount of online shoppers visit a site several times before deciding to make a purchase. This is a problem for affiliates because if the visitor bookmarks the vendors site and returns to that, while skipping over the affiliate site, the vendor ends up receiving traffic, brand promotion, and potentially revenue for free.

One of the best solutions to this problems is the recent trend in offering affiliates the opportunity to earn commissions without the visitors needing to make any type of purchase. This can be best described as a clicks per action model, in which affiliates earn commissions for referring potential customers to the vendor. Usually the commission is earned when the visitor requests a free trial or sample of the product. Others pay for visitors to complete an opinion survey or for referring email addresses for a free newsletter.

The main advantage of these types of programs is that visitors aren’t required to actually purchase anything so the conversion rates are much higher. It’s estimated that from 10 to 30% of click-throughs from an affiliate will result in a commission.. .because people are much more willing to request a free trial or sample on their first visit to a web site than to spend any money.

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Another advantage with using CPA offers is that you can easily add value to your web site by offering people free trials on related products. If you have an informative and solution-solving website, it only makes sense to offer free solution-solvers as well.

One aspect of the CPA model that you need to recognize is that the commissions are not as high as those using a pay per sale model. But this is easily offset by the fact that you will get many more click-throughs.

It’s important with CPA marketing that you look at the conversion rate, just like with everything else. You want to look at the click through rates of whatever marketing you are using (banner ads, text links, etc.) and which ones of those generate a commission for you.

CPA offers outperform most other pay per sale programs simply because no sale is required. There is nothing secret or magical about getting commissions this way. You get paid when people request free samples, trials and club memberships. And this is much easier for most marketers than waiting to get paid until a sale is actually made.

It’s time for you too to start getting more clicks per action. . . and more money in your pocket.