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Email Marketing Strategy ….The Plan To Accomplish Is The Best Email Marketing Strategy

email marketing strategy picture ofIn the early days of internet marketing the concept of email marketing and developing an effective email marketing strategy was cutting edge. Everybody wanted to learn, all seasoned marketers wanted to hone their email marketing strategies. If you could increase your response by .25% that would yield X amount of dollars. The mistake you might make now as a new internet marketers is the fact that you will not create an email marketing strategy and you won’t believe exactly how effective email marketing can be because you’re obsessed with the newest shiny object, SMS, text messaging, mobile websites, kindle or maybe tablets. Don’t make that mistake, get good and grounded in email marketing and it will serve you well through the years. Email Marketing will never die….. change a little, maybe.

Before I move on, keep your eyes peeled for some of the old works concerning email marketing. Those guys had only email marketing and they knew exactly how to make it work so the concepts they taught are still viable today.

When utilizing email marketing you need to have a plan of what exactly you want to accomplish, and how you accomplish it. This email marketing strategy can determine whether or not you succeed in the field of email marketing, so you need to make sure to plan it out and take great care in ensuring it is as good as it possibly can be.

Email Marketing Strategy
The Plan To Accomplish

First and foremost, you need to figure out how exactly you plan to get a list of email addresses. There are a multitude of ways you can go about building up your address list. Probably the fastest and easiest is to simply purchase a list of email addresses from a specialized service. It can cost you a pretty penny, and there is no guarantee the people on the other end of those addresses have any interest in your product. But it is still the fastest and easiest method. Many MLM businessess are advocates of this method, but true internet marketers will stay far away from list buying.

A slower, more time consuming, but better yielding  method is to make your own email list using an opt in approach. Essentially, you make a page on your website and plenty of links going to it where people can opt into your email list to get emails from you. While this takes longer and is more involved, it has a much, much higher success rate since you know every single person opting in is interested in your product and may even be willing to purchase it. This email marketing strategy is called list building at its most basic form.

After you decide how you want to go about procuring your email addresses, you need to decide how often you send out emails and the content of those emails. When utilizing a email marketing strategy you need to keep in mind that you will consistently be getting new people, so you will need to have different content depending on how long they have been a member of yours.

A Safe Email Marketing Strategy Is a Must To Keep Your Subscribers

A good rule of thumb you can follow is that, when someone first joins up, send them an email once every two or so days. Make sure each email is relatively short and has a lot of hooks to lure them in. Give them information in a bullet point fashion and show them you know what you are doing and are willing to help.

After that, drop it down to once or twice a week with maybe longer emails with more in depth information. Also give them the ability to sign up for a newsletter of yours that will give them all the information they could want. Make sure every email is new and fresh, never send the same email twice.

Any Email Marketing Strategy Requires A Good Autoresponder
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Once you get to that point, it is simply a matter of repeating the routine. An email marketing strategy is not all that terribly involved, it is a series of minor tips rather then any one big thing. Once you get a feel for it and perfect your strategy, it is pretty easy going.

You can further augment your email marketing by utilizing automated software that can automatically send out the emails you have written at the times you specify. Combining these things together makes email marketing effective, and relatively easy.

Email Marketing Strategies For Profitable Email Marketing

Email Marketing Strategies
Do’s And Don’ts For Best Strategy

email marketing imageEmail marketing is one of the primary methods you will use to promote your product and try to get people to actually buy your product. Like every other method of advertising, email marketing has it’s shares of do’s and don’ts. Following the best email marketing strategies and minimizing mistakes will offer you the best chance to be successful and make money.

But how do you know what the best strategies are? Well people have their ideas on what is best and what is not, so I can not guarantee these will work for you. But personally, I have found these methods to be quite effective and if you are struggling, then why not give them a try?

1. Use your webpage. The first hurdle in email marketing is to get a list of emails. You might be tempted to purchase a list or something, but this is a mistake. These lists often do not contain any email addresses you can use, so it is best to get them on your own.

Putting up places on your website where they can sign up and get a free offer (a sample of sorts) and be added to your email list is the best method you can use for gathering a list.

2. Resend emails. Once you have your list and are looking to use email marketing strategies when sending your emails, remember to always resend them. If you are using software it can tell you if the person opened the email or not. If they did not, try renaming the subject and sending it again. However be careful not to spam them, if they consistently refuse to look at your email, give up as they clearly are not interested and you are just bothering them.

3. Add a summary. At the end of your emails, especially longer ones, always throw in a little note at the end to summarize what the email is about. As sad as it might be, most people have very short attention spans and if they see a giant wall of text, they likely wont read it. Adding a few sentences at the bottom to sum it up might pique their interest so that they read the whole thing for more details.

4. Word your emails well. I have found that the emails themselves need to be spot on to ensure they stay interested. To do this, try to keep it informal. They want to know they are dealing with a person. Do not be overly familiar, but do not be rigid either. Also try to include links to your website in your email so they can go straight there if they see something they like.

More email marketing strategies for the email itself would include things such as it’s length. You do not want your email being overly long otherwise they may not read it. One last thing to remember is to put some space between the end of your email and any sign up type links so that they do not accidently click it.

Click Here for more info on Effective Email Marketing Strategies

Salestator Downloads Clickbank Sales Stats

Que es Clickbank | Curso de Afiliados |El más Grade sitio para Afiliados de Prodcutos Digitales on Vimeo by Mas Ingresos PasivosDave Wooding is one of those guys who cranks out awesome material and then goes dark for a while. You really need to pay attention to the time he rises again because that’s when you can pick up some awesome scripts, tips and marketing information.

Stop by his blog at Dave Wooding and check out the last couple of posts….I promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Got an email from Dave telling me about a new script called Salestator which gives you the ability to download and check on your Clickbank sales. A real handy script that will save you a ton of time from logging in to Clickbank 10 times a day to check your sales….awe come on, I know most of you affiliate marketers check clickbank a handful of times a day :)

Check out Dave’s blog post about Salestator and you’ll find you can save yourself a ton of time! Might even be a little surprise over there if you hurry :)

Don’t forget to get on at least one of Dave’s email lists. He hardly mails at all, in fact I think I heard more from him in the last 3 weeks than in the last 3 years :)  One thing I can assure you is that Dave is an excellent programmer and he gives away valuable free scripts and concepts he develops. So if you’re looking to make money online….jump on his list!

Free Video Marketing Teleseminars

Many moons ago teleseminars  were the rage.  I really enjoyed teleseminars and learned much from theme because there is any number of things you could do while listening to the audio. I could work on a building a website, I could lay down if not feeling well or I could listen while surfing.

It’s surprising how fast things change. Videos are now the weapon of choice for all cutting edge website and internet marketing professionals. People enjoy watching videos and videos can create instant repoir with your customers or website visitors.

I got an email from Josh Anderson…..a noted video expert and Josh is always cutting edge when it comes to online video. Anyway, he sent me a link for a series of  Video Marketing teleseminars ……all on the many ways to use videos for marketing, sharing information and making money online. I listened to his audio and it was excellent…..some people might sell this stuff for $97 an audio!

Just a heads up, there’s 2 or 3 one time offers to contend with when you go to to sign up for the free Video Marketing Seminars…. There are some really good Video Experts being interviewed and you can listen to all of them as they are produced free of charge…. if you want you can get the Video Marketing Audios and Transcripts for a small fee and listen to at your leisure.

Review of Rapid Income Creator Review

Rapid Income Creator Review Sucker or NotThought I’d do a quick review of Rapid Income Creator….since it made such a huge impression on me!

<—-Are you a Sucker? Read Rapid Income Creator Review.

I was expecting the online scams to reach fever pitch since our Obama generated recession has put so many people in the poor house. In fact, I expected to see one scam after another….one hopeless promised for riches after another hopeless promise.

You see….there is no…..super software where all you need to do “push this button and voila…instant riches”…..its all BS!

Even though I expected to see these rip off artists, I still get pissed when I run across one of these deals….or worse, when someone I’m subscribed to tells me…. “Hey Scott…hope you’re still up, I was gonna send this out tomorrow but I knew you’d want to see it right away!”  My BS radar starts going crazy about now.

Yep, I got one of these emails from Jason Parker. Been on his list for a while and just about every email is a promotion for one kind of life changing offer after another…..but I like to see what the IM Lemmings are up to….so, I stay subscribed.

I got an email from Jason a couple of minutes ago….and he caught me at a weak moment…I clicked the link to see what this deal was…here’s part of his email:

This has the power to change
your financial destiny fast!


Stop whatever you’re doing…

Close the door behind you.

Turn off your phone.

…And listen to this.

Last year, this stay at home
dad made over $200,000 online
by following this easy
Cut and Paste method.

I go to this site called “Rapid Income Creator“, glanced at the sales letter…how’s this for headline:

“Discover The Turnkey Income Creator That Practically Prints Money For You Automatically… The Lazy Way!”

The rest of the sales letter tells you how you can find freedom on the internet…one caveat, you need to buy Rapid Income Creator****!

So….for only $49.95 you can forget all you woes and work at home in your pajamas making $1000’s a day or more according to his Clickbank Screeshot.

The sad part about this type of marketing and advertising is that it targets the poor folks that just lost everything or are just about to lose everything….I mean, they’re hurting :(

God help me if I ever stoop to these levels.

I’m sorry, I just get so sick of these parasites.

I’ll tell you what really set me off.

This guy…John Carter, who calls himself the Founder, put together a video at the beginning of the salesletter. It’s almost 9 minutes long. I figured I’d take a quick look to at least learn what the product does and how it works….most savy marketers will include these details.

Well….I’m pissed because it was 9 minutes of images of money, happy people, music and promises of how I’d be rich if I clicked the button below. Not one piece of information as to how to software works…..just pure hype, an insult to my intelligence and waste of my time….that’s when I decided I’d write this post reviewing Rapid Income Creator

I really don’t like ripping on another marketer. But I’d do the same to some sleazy used car salesman, ambulance chasing attorney or doctor who cut off the wrong limb. Rapid Income Creator could very well make you rich beyond your dreams…..but the “Founder” shoots himself in the foot with this sleazy salesletter.

Here’s the ironic thing….I really don’t know if RapidIncomeCreator is any good. In fact, it could be the best thing since sliced bread.

My beef is all the hype in the presentation of the product with no proven results. It’s no wonder the FTC wants to put the screws to affiliate marketing.

The software or program…whatever it is, has left me questioning what it is and what it does. Sure…its going to make me rich!…. But, how?

My rant is done.

The best thing I can say about this product is that it’s payment processor is by Clickbank …which means you have 90 days to review the product. If you get lucky and the product makes you money….well, good for you. But if it sucks, you can easily get your money back!?

One last thing.

I told you what I think of this deal, however, I didn’t purchase it. Like I said, Rapid Income Creator just might work. Plus, I’m a marketer at heart so I fought with myself as to whether or not include affiliate links in this blog post. Well…..the internet marketer got the best of me, the links are my affiliate links and I’ll make a percentage off of anyone that purchases through my link. You see…..I’m one of those who has been affected by the economy…..I need every cent I can generate!

Finally….If RapidIncomeCreator works for you and this post influenced your decision to buy, one way or the other….please stop by and leave a comment. I’d really be interested in your thoughts!

Gmail Filtering Trick

Gmail Filtering TrickI wanted to share a quick Gmail Filtering tip with you today. Everyone has at least one email account, most people have multiple email accounts. Managing these accounts can be a real hassle.

One way to get control of your email problems is to get gmail account.

With Gmail you can forward all your other email accounts to one gmail account…or you can forward your gmail account to any of your other accounts. There’s filtering and a tagging system. Just a whole bunch of features that you may or may not find useful. The best part is that Gmail is free!

I really wanted to share this one feature of gmail.

I use this as a way to filter out email offers that I sign up for. I’m always signing up for somebodies list and these days that usually will mean you get bombarded with crap for the next couple of months or forever! Sure you can unsubscribe but I like staying on these lists and taking a quick peak every now and again to see what’s going on in my area of interest.

Gmail allows you to add information to your email address and you can use this additional information to divert this email into a folder within your Gmail account. For instance. Let’s say your email is …. now you’ve been surfing and you decided to sign up for big jim’s how to make a million in 24 hours so you fill in your name and then for the email address do this:

This allows you to filter out all the email coming to…. so if big jim gets out of hand and starts blasting worthless email 2 times a week, but you’re still wanting to be able to read his crap, you can send it to a folder called “bigjim”.

Pretty cool..huh!

So the lesson is…. if your address is, you can add a plus to your username, in this case “bigdaddy” and then some sort of identifying phrase or word. Its a nice quick way to tag important email you want to keep track of, one of the handiest Gmail Filtering Tricks I’ve run across yet!

Whether you want to forward your gmail account or filter your gmail account, learn how to use gmail and you’ll be much more efficient in your online marketing efforts.

You can get a free Gmail account right here: Free Gmail Account Better Than!

Just got an email from Travis…you know, the bum marketer guy. He put together a video on his experience with and showed how it was actually doing better than I’m not sure you can deduce that is actually better than based  on one article, but you certainly might want to consider submitting to if you’re not doing that already.

Travis points out in the video that the links in the resource box are “no follow”, meaning you will not get any link juice from Google for these articles. However, the article he uses as an example had  over 10,000 views over a 12 month period. Getting over 10,000 views to a presell or affiliate offer would have to help your sales! Whether you are an affiliate marketer or have your own product, you really should consider submitting to also, and don’t think you can dump ezinearticles :) Maybe the folks at ezinearticles will take notice and ease up on their Stalinist tactics. Anyway, check out his video today:

Defining Web Hosting

Maybe you have been surfing online for several years now.  Perhaps you have created accounts on a few social networks and you consider yourself to be an expert at handling email and RSS feeds.  But as far as website creation and management goes, you are basically a newbie.  So, you hired someone to design your website.  Now, though, you are supposed to make a decision about web hosting–and you aren’t even sure what that is.

Don’t worry–web hosting isn’t a difficult concept to understand.  In fact, after reading this short article, you will be able to answer when other people ask, “What is the definition of web hosting?”  So, read on–and you will soon be on your way to understanding why you need a web host for your website.

Perhaps the easiest way to think of web hosting is to imagine your website as a house that has been built in a factory, but that needs land on which to be placed.  A web host would be the land for your website; hosting providers give websites a place to live.

Suggested Webhosts with Cpanel

Ultimate Marketing Center
Site5 Hosting


Micfo Hosting

Another way to understand what is the definition of web hosting might be to think of a web host as another computer that has a great deal of space.  Customers pay to put their websites on that space–the space on the web host–which allows their sites to be displayed online.

People who are just a bit more technical might understand that the web host is not merely another computer; web hosts provide the space for their customers on servers.  A server is a specialized type of computer that acts as a hub to connect computers.  Servers store and manage information as well; this is why they are used by web hosts for their customers’ websites.  Another function of servers is that they provide data backup and storage.  They also serve to provide email and internet access–chances are, you have already been using servers before when surfing the internet and accessing your own email.  The servers for web hosting providers aren’t all that different; they just hold more information.

So, why do you need web hosting for your website?  The short answer is that without it, no one except for you will be able to see your website.  You need web hosting in order for your website to be live; in other words, web hosting allows the world to have access to your site.  There are other services that are provided by web hosting providers, however.

Through a web hosting provider, you will be able to register a domain name–this is the address of your website, such as  You will also be able to have an email address at your domain name through which people (customers and clients, perhaps?) can contact you.  Your email may be something like  A web host also allows you to back up your data online, manage the look of your site, and much more.