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A. This is another technology rapidly gaining popularity. RSS technology, or “Really Simple Syndication” is a tool anyone can use to tell the world at large about new blog entries or web entries. What you do is set up your site content using RSS tools or content aggregators. What happens is any time you post new information to your page, that information is fed to people that are linked to your feed.

Q. If Web 2.0 isn’t new, who cares?

A. Web 2.0 isn’t new, but people are finding new and innovative ways to use it. If strategic, you can use Web 2.0 to market your products and services and promote your business or site to millions of people around the world. You do have to do this in a politically correct and decent way. Many applications allow readers to interact with the Web pages they browse. These applications are all part of Web 2.0 technology, and include SOAP, XML, JAVASCRIPT and AJAX. These interesting technologies allow you to interact with a web page that is live in much the same way you would interact with a page from your own computer, a page you created.

Web 2.0 isn’t new, but people are now taking an active interest in becoming members of a global community. Thus, Web 2.0 is becoming a lot more popular than it has been in the past. Sites including Gmail, Flickr and Digg are all the rage among collaborative types interested in link and information sharing on the Web.


Web 2.0 is a popular term used to describe an old system but new way of thinking about and using the Internet. If you are an entrepreneur or business owner, you will find 2.0 is a great tool for promoting your business and establishing your credibility on the Web.

If you are someone interested in sharing information and forming collective communities on the Internet, you will also find 2.0 technology something new, exciting and innovative to explore.

No matter your intent or purpose, it’s worth a little time and effort. So take your time and explore 2.0 for all it is worth. Have fun, and share!

Internet Marketing Success – How To Succeed By Copying The Best

There are a lot of ways to make money online from internet marketing and sometimes that’s what makes it so difficult for new online entrepreneurs to get started. In the beginning there is a lot to learn, particularly if you’re unfamiliar with the internet and while this is daunting in and of itself, it can be even more frustrating to know that a lot of decisions lie ahead. Are you going to become an affiliate marketer? an Adsense guru? or are you going to apply your online skills to working with offline businesses?

Knowing which way to go to try to make money online isn’t an exact science. In fact, you could succeed with any number of marketing methods. But how do you know which one is right for you? I recommend simply following someone who you admire and whose marketing business has already generated interest for you.

To start to copy a successful internet marketer it helps to have an insight into their business model and marketing methods. This knowledge can be gained in a number of ways. Most marketers have a blog that they use to communicate with their market and customers. This is an excellent free place to start. Otherwise you might join their newsletter or purchase their products.

Perhaps the ultimate way to really learn the ins and outs of an online entrepreneur’s business is to learn from them through a mentoring or coaching program. These programs are invaluable to new internet marketers in particular because they give you not only the opportunity to learn the ways, but to get the know the person behind the method as well. These programs aren’t cheap, but if you have the money and the incentive to get off on the best foot, then there is no substitute.

By sticking with one example and learning everything they do to succeed in their online business you are also helping yourself to drown out all of the other distractions and competing opportunities. I know from my own experience as a new affiliate marketing hopeful that I struggled with information overload and distraction to such an extent that I ended up spending thousands of dollars in less than a year and not making a dollar in profit. I thought I was investing wisely at the time, and I’ve since recovered my costs (thankfully) but it was only when I decided to focus that I began to make it.


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Internet marketing is a fiercely competitive industry and promises of fast riches and overnight success are merely marketing puffery. You have to learn to see past this and understand the business operations that are going on behind the scenes before you are going to be able to become confident that you can be a success. This is why getting to know a guru can be invaluable to you. You’ll quickly learn that these successful online entrepreneurs have solid systems in place that they work like engineers to make the money that they make.

There is no magic formula to success and making money online with an internet business, but in my opinion focussing on people and businesses that are already successful is the closest thing to a magic wand that you can get. If it worked for them then there’s a good chance that the same formula will work for you too.

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