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Bulk Email Marketing

Bulk Email Marketing-Not A Conventional Business

Like conventional businesses, internet business require a lot of marketing to be successful. However unlike conventional businesses, online ones require a different method of marketing, several in fact. While there are a lot of ways to market your website, the one this article will be talking about is bulk email marketing.

Email marketing is, as it sounds, you send emails to people to build up a relationship with them so they are more inclined to buy from your website. There are a lot of ways you can go about doing this but to help guide you along are some very helpful tips.

1. Figure out how to get a list together. The list of emails for which you will contact is the single most important part. So how you get those emails really does matter. A lot of people will buy lists of emails in bulk from various services, but I have found these to have mixed results. The emails provided can be good, but, it is pretty iffy for something you are spending money on.

Personally, I prefer to keep it simple and try to get them through my website. If you put areas on your site where they can sign up, maybe offer them a free sample, then you will know all the emails are for people who actually care about your product.

2. Be persistent. One of the key strategies to employ is bulk email marketing. However I will say it right away, do not spam. If you spam it not only turns them away, but could have bad consequences for you. Going in bulk is not the same as spamming. Send them emails consistently but if they tell you to stop, then stop. Be considerate of your customers, but also be firm in your approach.

3. Devise a schedule. When you send out your emails also plays a big part. Or more specifically, how often. A good rule of thumb is to start sending them an email every day, make sure each day it is unique and offers some new tidbit of information that could entice them. After about a week, drop that down to a few emails a week and then finally one email a week. This will show them that you care and are eager, but also do not want to spam them.

4. Use good subject lines. Most people do not even open emails, they look at the subject and if it does not interest them, they delete it. So when using bulk email marketing you need to ensure your subject titles catch their interest so they actually read it.

Some good ideas are to use capital letters as they can grab attention. Also …. can play a part, if you trail off at the end it can leave them expecting more and might pique their curiosity. Also try to throw in some personalization. Do not just make one email and send it to everyone, tweak them a little to be more in touch with the person themselves. A lot of software can help you do this.

Email Marketing Strategies For Profitable Email Marketing

Email Marketing Strategies
Do’s And Don’ts For Best Strategy

email marketing imageEmail marketing is one of the primary methods you will use to promote your product and try to get people to actually buy your product. Like every other method of advertising, email marketing has it’s shares of do’s and don’ts. Following the best email marketing strategies and minimizing mistakes will offer you the best chance to be successful and make money.

But how do you know what the best strategies are? Well people have their ideas on what is best and what is not, so I can not guarantee these will work for you. But personally, I have found these methods to be quite effective and if you are struggling, then why not give them a try?

1. Use your webpage. The first hurdle in email marketing is to get a list of emails. You might be tempted to purchase a list or something, but this is a mistake. These lists often do not contain any email addresses you can use, so it is best to get them on your own.

Putting up places on your website where they can sign up and get a free offer (a sample of sorts) and be added to your email list is the best method you can use for gathering a list.

2. Resend emails. Once you have your list and are looking to use email marketing strategies when sending your emails, remember to always resend them. If you are using software it can tell you if the person opened the email or not. If they did not, try renaming the subject and sending it again. However be careful not to spam them, if they consistently refuse to look at your email, give up as they clearly are not interested and you are just bothering them.

3. Add a summary. At the end of your emails, especially longer ones, always throw in a little note at the end to summarize what the email is about. As sad as it might be, most people have very short attention spans and if they see a giant wall of text, they likely wont read it. Adding a few sentences at the bottom to sum it up might pique their interest so that they read the whole thing for more details.

4. Word your emails well. I have found that the emails themselves need to be spot on to ensure they stay interested. To do this, try to keep it informal. They want to know they are dealing with a person. Do not be overly familiar, but do not be rigid either. Also try to include links to your website in your email so they can go straight there if they see something they like.

More email marketing strategies for the email itself would include things such as it’s length. You do not want your email being overly long otherwise they may not read it. One last thing to remember is to put some space between the end of your email and any sign up type links so that they do not accidently click it.

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Review of Google Places: Maps Marketing Blueprint

Help enough other people get what they want out of life and you’ll get everything you want and more……Zig Ziglar In a tough economy, some say depression, there are ways to get customers into local brick and mortar businesses. Help these people by bringing customers in the door and you will be rewarded appropriately ……you can do this with this new course on Google Places by a Google Places Expert!

Review of Google Places:
Maps Marketing Blueprint

I got a killer migraine but had to let you guys know about an awesome Google Places Course from a webinar I listened to. You guys know by now that I don’t hype things at all, but I do get excited when I run across someone who is doing the things they teach and getting results! I thought I’d do a quick review of Google Places: Maps Marketing Blueprint …..well, I can’t give a full review of Google Places: Maps Marketing Blueprint because I haven’t gotten a chance to go through the class….. but listening to the webinar a couple of times I can tell you what I think of the information that was provided and the people that were behind it. Lots of times the info is awesome but the creators are jerks….. these guys seemed like real people … you and I, not too impressed without themselves and anxious to help you.

This is called Google Places: Maps Marketing Blueprint, and yes, that’s my affiliate link so if you click on it ……clickbank says I’ll make about 2 bucks a sale. Not sure what that’s all about, but I’ll take it.

Actually I should just dump the affiliate link because I really want anyone who is struggling for a way to make money online might feel a little more comfortable clicking on a non affiliate link. Maybe I’ll change it tomorrow…. too tired now

Review of Google Places: Maps Marketing
Blueprint A Course That Stands Tall

Anyway, I haven’t been watching a whole lot of webinars, haven’t been buying many wso’s or opening email promotions since at some point things all begin to seem the same and they all seem like they’re from someone who wants me to buy a great product that they haven’t even purchased.

A Review of Google Places: Maps Marketing Blueprint has a 30 day warranty, but I don’t think you’ll need it. This guy knows his stuff and is handing you a business in a box. Just like baking a cake. Following his directions and it will be next to impossible not to make money. Google is always changing, there was a recent change and they are on top of it. They have some special tools that blew me away…… tools used to get pages ranked and to use as selling brochures for your customer.

My Review of Google Places: Maps
Marketing Blueprint Gets 2 Thumbs Up!

I have no idea how long the discounted prices will last, but even at full price it’s no different than taking a quarter or semester at a local college. In fact, it is different, because after going through this class you will have everything you need to start making money from your desk at home. I know you’ve heard it before but I think the only way you’ll fail is if you never turn on your computer or just stare at the screen :)

Grab a copy of Google Places: Maps Marketing Blueprint and let me know what you think.

As soon as I get a chance to go through the course I will do a more thorough review of Google Places: Maps Marketing Blueprint and hopefully have some case study results for you, so be sure to bookmark this page!

Cookie Stuffing ….Is it Legal?

What’s The Scoop
On Cookie Stuffing?

image of cookie stuffingLot’s of marketers think cookie stuffing is evil, bad, no good and illegal.

Certain forms and methods of cookie stuffing are illegal and people have been fined and I think a few thrown in jail!

However, every successful affiliate marketer will tell you they use cookie stuffing and if you don’t, well….you’ll never achieve the success of the super guru types.

Don over at asked a question, “Cookie Stuffing…..Is sit really as bad as people say? Is is really such an evil thing?

check out his post, here’s a few more sentences from his post.

Cookie Stuffing Is It Legal

Short answer: No

That really depends on how you use it. There are a lot of people that parrot the opinions of others. That try to sound like the “holiest of holies” and state absolute trash as fact. Those are the people that I can’t even stand to read their posts on forums. Those are the people that cause me not to even post much on forums anymore. Because they speak with no basis of fact. Meaning they have no idea what they are talking about from actually doing anything online. So they tend to just be firm in their (well someone elses opinion that rubbed off on them) opinion that all cookie stuffing is evil.

But what makes cookie stuffing evil?

I commented on his post with my thoughts below:

Response to Cookie Stuffing Question

Hey Don…..basically I agree with everything you say.

If I go through the work to get traffic to my site, landing page or video… maybe offer something of value for free, that means I spent my time, efforts and money on site building, link building etc and I think I deserve the right to dump a cookie if they just read and take my stuff.

You’re right about the parrots. So many so called experts in IM just parrot the thoughts of others not knowing whether the info they share is correct or not.

Based on my research, cookie stuffing has many different aspects and because it is somewhat complex it is difficult to understand what is acceptable and what isn’t to someone who is new to internet marketing and to make matters worse, there really isn’t anyplace to ask questions about cookie stuffing without getting slammed.

Try going to the warrior forum and asking a cookie stuffing question and see what happens.

Even the blackhat forums don’t openly discuss much about cookie stuffing.

I do some product reviews after I buy (or given) the product and used it for a while. I might make 2 or three blog posts, make a couple of videos and do a bunch of backlinking to get my blog post “Review of XXXXX” on page 1. I can tell you that I get a lot of visitors, its not surprising but only about 10 to 20% might click on the affiliate link in the post, and fewer will make a purchase. But when a cookie is dropped on the person visiting the post to get an honest review, my commissions soar.

Getting back to the “cookie stuffing” knowledge. There just isn’t anything or much out there to inform people on the how and why of cookie stuffing….. thus the mystique and ignorance of the process. Sounds like you might be working on something that would help eleviate some of this misinformation! Good luck to you.

If you need someone to take a look at it before it’s released, please drop me an email.

Take care,