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Review of Google Places: Maps Marketing Blueprint

Help enough other people get what they want out of life and you’ll get everything you want and more……Zig Ziglar In a tough economy, some say depression, there are ways to get customers into local brick and mortar businesses. Help these people by bringing customers in the door and you will be rewarded appropriately ……you can do this with this new course on Google Places by a Google Places Expert!

Review of Google Places:
Maps Marketing Blueprint

I got a killer migraine but had to let you guys know about an awesome Google Places Course from a webinar I listened to. You guys know by now that I don’t hype things at all, but I do get excited when I run across someone who is doing the things they teach and getting results! I thought I’d do a quick review of Google Places: Maps Marketing Blueprint …..well, I can’t give a full review of Google Places: Maps Marketing Blueprint because I haven’t gotten a chance to go through the class….. but listening to the webinar a couple of times I can tell you what I think of the information that was provided and the people that were behind it. Lots of times the info is awesome but the creators are jerks….. these guys seemed like real people … you and I, not too impressed without themselves and anxious to help you.

This is called Google Places: Maps Marketing Blueprint, and yes, that’s my affiliate link so if you click on it ……clickbank says I’ll make about 2 bucks a sale. Not sure what that’s all about, but I’ll take it.

Actually I should just dump the affiliate link because I really want anyone who is struggling for a way to make money online might feel a little more comfortable clicking on a non affiliate link. Maybe I’ll change it tomorrow…. too tired now

Review of Google Places: Maps Marketing
Blueprint A Course That Stands Tall

Anyway, I haven’t been watching a whole lot of webinars, haven’t been buying many wso’s or opening email promotions since at some point things all begin to seem the same and they all seem like they’re from someone who wants me to buy a great product that they haven’t even purchased.

A Review of Google Places: Maps Marketing Blueprint has a 30 day warranty, but I don’t think you’ll need it. This guy knows his stuff and is handing you a business in a box. Just like baking a cake. Following his directions and it will be next to impossible not to make money. Google is always changing, there was a recent change and they are on top of it. They have some special tools that blew me away…… tools used to get pages ranked and to use as selling brochures for your customer.

My Review of Google Places: Maps
Marketing Blueprint Gets 2 Thumbs Up!

I have no idea how long the discounted prices will last, but even at full price it’s no different than taking a quarter or semester at a local college. In fact, it is different, because after going through this class you will have everything you need to start making money from your desk at home. I know you’ve heard it before but I think the only way you’ll fail is if you never turn on your computer or just stare at the screen :)

Grab a copy of Google Places: Maps Marketing Blueprint and let me know what you think.

As soon as I get a chance to go through the course I will do a more thorough review of Google Places: Maps Marketing Blueprint and hopefully have some case study results for you, so be sure to bookmark this page!

Review of WP Maps – Google Maps For WordPress Full Brandable PLR

WP Maps WordPress Plugin for Google MapsYou can get PLR rights to a new and popular WordPress Plugin for Google Maps. Imagine the possibilities!

The owner has a stunning pre-headling on the salespage:

REVEALED: The Google Maps Solution For WordPress That Marketers Want More Than A Cure For Cancer…

Click Here to See Wp Maps Plugin in Action

Allow me to give you a little hype………….

The ‘Personal Google Map‘ Generating WordPress Plugin You Can Sell As Your Own In 5 Minutes

…Sell The Power Of Google Maps To Offline Clients,
Online Customers, Or Use The Auto-List Building Feature
To Build A MASSIVE List Over Night

From the Sales Page:

WP Maps gives you and your customers the power to install a fully customize-able Google map on any WordPress blog. The best part is I am including full PLR rights…

In fact with the included ‘plugin generator’ you can build this plugin from scratch, call it whatever you want, and put your name on it in 5 minutes. Sell it, or heck give it away and let the built in lead capture build you a massive list of offline marketers overnight!

Let me ask you this question………..

How Much Would Your Offline Clients Pay To Have Their Own Google Maps On Their Website?

Offline and Local Businesses are clueless when it comes to making their blogs look flaming hot….. grabbing and directing customers and visitors to their stores. A google map properly configured can easily be placed anywhere in the blog or salespage of your clients website..   ……..Think that might get them fired up!

Here’s the best part.

You have full PLR rights to WPMaps and you can create your own branded custom version to sell to others and/or monetize through the branded advertising.

WP Maps – Google Maps For WordPress Full Brandable PLR

I just picked my copy up and will set it up in the next couple of days….. rarely do I get excited on how easy and how you might capitalize on the potential of a product.

Here’s a few more things you might do with this plugin.

Here are are just some of the capabilities of this software:

  • Generate Google Maps Right Through WordPress – Your Customers Will Thank You For Providing The Easiest Solution To Generate Google Maps On Their WordPress Blog.
  • Your Customers See Your Offer Every Time They Use The Plugin - Embed Your Own Banner Ad In The Plugin’s Options Page To Drive Traffic To Your Sales Letters Or Promote Affiliate Offers.
  • Full Private Label Rights To The Plugin - Sell This Tool To Make Cash, Give It Away To Build A List, Use Is As A Bonus On A WSO Or Product Launch… This Is Your Product Now!
  • Fully Brandable With Your Company Or Sites Information – Fully Brandable With Your Name, Links, Ads, And Information. Once Generated It Becomes Your Plugin
  • Professional Sales Pages - Professionally Designed Sales Templates To Get Started SELLING This Tool For Top Dollar.
  • Drive Traffic To Your Site – Place An Ad Or Just Embed Your Home Page In The Plugins Options Menu To Drive Traffic To Your Site.
  • Generate Opt-Ins, CPA Commissions, And Facebook LikesForce The User To Opt Into Your List Or Fill Out A CPA Survey Before They Can Use The Plugin… Tests Confirm This Method Converts 120% Better Than Squeeze Pages!
  • Customize The Help Link- Generate Traffic To Your Site By Setting Up A Help Page And Linking To It In The Plugins Options.
  • Direct Users To Your Page Straight From WordPress - The Author And Plugin Links Are Fully Customizable to Your Site’s Location
  • Hand Holding Training Video Built Into The Generator - The Training Video Is Built Into The Plugin Generator Making It Easy To Follow Along And Brand Your Plugin
  • Free Updates For Life – Ask Any Of My Previous Customers, My Software Is Updated Regularly. New Features Are Always Being Added And Previous Customers Never Have To Pay For Them


Check out this quick video

The Local Business Center for Google Maps…Offline Marketer’s Gold

Google has handed local business owners a golden egg. Having your business show up on Google maps for a local search can bring you a lot of business. Although Google Maps has been around for a while and they have been featuring local businesses, most business owners have no idea how to get on Google Maps!

Google has offered a helping had for anyone who wants to get a local business listed in Google Maps… the video below:


The process is relatively simple and painless, here’s a recap of how to get a local business listed in Google Map’s “Local Business Center for Google Maps”

1. Navigate to Google Maps

2. Next you should click on “Put Your Business on Google Maps”

3. Sign in if you have a Google Account or “Create an Account”

4. Next….click on “Add New Business”

5. You now need to enter the required information about your business.

6. Go to “Next”

7. Now look to see if it is showing your business, if your business is already there click on “Claim Listing”

8. If you don’t see your listing click on “Add Listing”

9. Now you have the opportunity to add additional details about your business…things like business category, opening hours, photos, payment options and other information pertinent to your business.

10. Click on “Submit”

11. Now you will be have to verify your business by either phone or postcard. When your information becomes verified, your business and business information will appear on Google Maps.

12. If needed you can go back to the “Local Business Center” where you can change your information. You can also look to see how many visitors have clicked on your listing… can also create coupons!

Getting your business listed and indexed in the search engines can be a long and grueling task. So, you’ll have to pay a website developer who knows and understands seo and internet marketing to get your business page on page one of Google. However, with Google Maps, you have a quick way of getting a presence on the web….with or without the expensive webmaster.

If you are interested in offline marketing, take a look at Offline Riches.