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Review of Google+ For Business

Images of Google+ For Business

Google+ For Business knocks it out of the park! I did a comprehensive Google Plus for Business Review, if you want to be part of Google’s answer to Facebook check out Google+ For Business Review.

The information is this package is great for personal consumption and will set you up as an authority for Google+ For Business and the dispersal of this information to others who need it….. of course you can monetize this in a multitude of ways. Before I say anything else, I gotta tell ya, the PowerPoint is awesome, very professional, easily divided and very useful for the guy looking to figure out how to implement Google+ in their business.

How do you portray a product or service as being awesome without sounding like you’re a ringer for the creator? It’s easy to take on the lemming mindset without real info of a product or service and I don’t want to be accused of that. I got a copy of Google+ For Business and the OTO’s and was pleasantly surprised and very impressed by the materials in Google+ for Business.

Image of Google+ For Business ebookIn fact, after I started reading some of the ebooks, I stopped and printed out all the pdfs and docs that were available and put them in a binder. I find it easier to study the printed material…. must show my age :)

I wanted to do a thorough review for other warriors but my concern is that people think that these reviews are provided just by “yes” men. You know what I mean, the sometimes the same people leave a review or testimony telling us how great a product or service is when in reality they haven’t even looked at it yet.

Well, I read through almost everything because I’m extremely interested in Google+ and I’m here to tell you that Bertus did an awesome job. The products are awesome and the sales funnel is even “awesomer” ….if there is such a word.

It’s not often a PLR product is done with such thoroughness and for the price you can now become an authority on Google+ and pass that information down to your list or start your own Google+ membership. In doing the Google+ for Business Review I was surprised at how well organized the entire package is, that includes the being able to find materials for personal use and how well the material was packaged for the sales funnel.

Although Bertus’ PLR packages always seem to be outstanding this one really kills it.

I did a complete review where I mention details of the product along with the OTO’s at, not being a fan of OTS’s at least Bertus makes mention of them in the original post. Furthermore, I would suggest you pick up these 2 OTO’s because they come with PLR and resell rights so you can include them in one huge package. The OTO’s aren’t necessary for the original package but they make a very nice addition and the price is right.

I’d post the review here but I got carried away and it’s a little long….. lots of detail!

I also did a YouTube video with screenshots of the package and OTO’s at:


To Bertus….Great job my friend, much success with your wso!

Scott Parat

Review of Keyword Snatcher

When it comes to keyword tools I just can’t seem to have enough!

Unfortunately, every time I get a new keyword tool I’ll use it for a short while until the next latest and greatest method of keyword extraction comes along. I do have a few favorites but I’ve fallen in love once again :)

Jonathan Leger has come up with a new creation called Keyword Snatcher. Although it’s still in beta, Keyword Snatcher won’t be available until June 21 and for only a short time…5 days to be exact, because it will be taken off the market on June 25th.

It’s fast and you can quickly build huge keyword lists.

You’ll be able to pull keywords from Google, Yahoo and Bing.

You’ll discover keywords that the Google Keyword Tool will not show you!

Your new keyword phrases will create a whole new source of traffic for your website or blog.

Rather than me try to explain, take a look at this new way of digging up new keywords and some great long tail keywords….these are actual keywords typed in the search box by other users of Google Yahoo and Bing….now you can easily grab these suggestions en masses with Keyword Sniper

Click on the play button to watch the video.

Review of Keyword Snatcher by Jonathan Leger

Don’t forget…..this is only available on June 21st through June 25 2010….. I have no idea if he will ever open this for sale to the public again. And I’m not playing some scarcity tactic on you!

So grab a copy of Keyword Snatcher Today!!!

Succeed in Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

Affiliate Marketing Without a WebsiteIs it possible to succeed in affiliate marketing without a website?

The answer is yes, it is. While most would agree that you’ll eventually make more if you can implement certain strategies on your own website, it is definitely possible to profit without worrying about how to go about starting your own site or blog. And it might be a good way to start so that you can begin profiting right away and gradually learn how to build your own site.

Affiliate marketing is very appealing because you have a ready-made product along with a sales page and all you have to do is find a way to get traffic to it. That sounds easier than it actually is, especially because you are not the only one trying to sell the products that you decide to promote. But when you do make a sale, you will most likely get anywhere from 50 to 70 percent of the sales price in commissions.

One of the quickest and easiest places to start is on Clickbank. This site offers an enormous choice of mostly digital products and services that you can sell. Take a look at the training offered on the site to help you get started. Based on the stats that Clickbank offers for each product, you can decide which one or which ones you want to promote. If you are new, it’s generally recommended that you start with just one product.

Join Affilorama and Develop Your Own Affiliate Marketing Income

One of the best ways to then proceed with your affiliate marketing without a website is to do some article marketing. But before you do this, you’ll need to do some keyword research. Use the free Google Adwords Keyword Tool to come up with the exact keywords that people are typing into the search engines when they do a search for whatever it is that you are offering. Then, you should purchase a domain name with the top keyword in it so that you can direct that to your affiliate link. Next, write an article on one of the keywords you select — the article should be between 400 and 600 words. Include the keyword in the title of the article and in the first sentence of each paragraph of the article. You should try to hit a percentage of about 3% of your article being your keywords. Then, submit your article to sites like Keep in mind that while you cannot place links from your article to your affiliate page, you can do so in the resource box which appears at the end of the article. This is really the most important part of the whole article so make it compelling enough for the person to click on the link.

Writing articles is really one of the best ways to succeed in affiliate marketing without a website because it helps you establish a presence and some sort of authority, even though you do not have the website.

Link Building Basics

Why You Need To Know Link Building Basics

Internal Links

Internal Links

If you have any sort of business online, you need to understand link building basics. First of all, you must accept the fact that, yes, you are going to need to get incoming links to your web content (whether it’s a blog or website) in order for you to start getting pure web search traffic. Here are some ways to get links to your site.

Article submission is one very effective method. If you can create a quality article that’s approximately 500 words long and submit it to the many article directories, you will be getting lots of inbound links before long. The key word is “quality” – the better the article, the more valuable it is to your audience, the more this will work for you. Instead of sending the same article to 100’s of article directories use UAW to send a unique version to each article directory…..multiplies the effectiveness of article marketing by 1000 times or more!

Directory Submission is another one of the easier link building basics. There are more link directories online than you can possibly imagine. All you have to do is find the most popular ones and submit your site. Some are free and some will charge a fee. If you do pay a fee, make sure that the site has a high google ranking and gets a good deal of traffic.

Try social bookmarking. Using the social bookmarking sites StumbleUpon, Digg and Technorati (there are hundreds more to choose from) is a great way to get links to your site. Just register and submit your site or articles for people to bookmark. This gains you more popularity and more links. Smart use of social bookmarking will create some very nice and effective backlinks for your blog or website…..start now for immediate traffic.

Another method is to use offline advertising. With more and more people becoming “net saavy” and, more specifically, “net business saavy”, you can start to stand out by focusing on the world that’s offline. Go to conferences or conventions in your industry and hand out your business cards. Once you start building relationships with people in person, it’s much easier for you to get them to see what you’re up to on the Interntet. You can take this one step further and interview some people who are key in your industry. If you can manage to get a hold of someone who is an expert and who is not usually very public with his/her answers, you’ve hit the jackpot.

Giving away stuff is another way to get people to link to your site.  Hold a contest to get the interest of others or, even better, build an online tool collection of the sorts of instruments that people need. An example of this is a mortgage calculator. . .you get the idea. You can come up with your own ebook and offer it for free in exchange for feedback about your site. You can offer free samples of a product that you sell or promote. Again, there are lots of ways to shape this concept to fit your business and site.

Distribute Videos to video submission or video directory sites. There are many youtube type sites on the web, submitting your video along with an brief description ….including your website address can bring in a ton of unique traffic. Mention your website or blog in the video…in fact, offer a free ebook or piece of software in the actual video which forces the viewer to figure out how to get the book or software. Common sense prevails, the more valuable the book or software, the more desire and effort the video viewer will expend in an effort to get your freebie. You could locate some of the free video submission sites or you could use a service like Traffic Geyser for automatic submission of your video to 100’s of sites, along with audio and pdf submission…..WARNING…this tool is for serious internet marketers only! Here’s a little secret ……Google still gives extra weight to video’s so your backlinks will count more than a standard link!

Hopefully you’ll start to use some of these link building basics to gain more incoming links to your web content.

Link Building Tools

Link Building Tools for Your Business

A chain with an oustanding golden link - rendered in 3dGetting inbound links to your site is one of the most important aspects of effective SEO (search engine optimization) practice. Link building tools can make your life a lot easier when you’re trying to structure your site to make it favorable in the eyes of the search engines. Each tool offers different value but here are a few that can help you out.

Analysis tools can tell you how many links point to a specific page or domain and/or which anchor text is being used significantly or even too much. These types of tools can give you a quick, superficial look at the status of websites but you’ll need some others to perform a more in-depth analysis.

SearchStatus is a group of features offered in a single Firefox plugin. It can provide you with useful information, such as Google Toolbar PageRank, page- and domain links through the Yahoo SiteExplorer, WhoIs information, Google’s cache of the page you’re visiting, an on-page link report and Another very useful trick that SearchStatus offors is the option to highlight all nofollow links which can definitely come in handy when you’re building links.

Another of the useful link building tools is LinkDiagnosis. This exists as a web based tool and a Firefox plugin. This one is similar to the Yahoo SiteExplorer except it attempts to filter out all low quality links, offers you a list of common anchor texts, and tries to show you a list with the most visited and popular pages of the domain you’re investigating. One great feature of LinkDiagnosis is that you can download the data it provides you as a csv file. . .extremely useful. Keep in mind when using this tool that an analysis of a larger site will take more time. A small site may only take a few seconds but a more content/page filled site could take up to 30 minutes.

A couple of tools come to mind when thinking of linking tools. You should check out the Ultimate Article Wizard for creating Unique article content to be submitted to each article directly….all on autopilot. Another link building tool is accomplished through video submission back links and is called Traffic Geyser which submits 100’s of videos to video directory sites, submites podcasts, submits pdfs all in an effort to build backlinks automatically…… one the few programs that is constantly being upgraded. Beware though, Traffic Geyser is a professional tool and isn’t something you purchase and allow to sit around on your hard drive to collect dust! Bookmark Demon is a tool almost everyone has heard of and it allows you to quickly get backlinks from across the web. Finally a system called Backlinks Blackbelt can teach anyone….old or new to build a system of backlinks and get on the first page of Google using this unique system of backlinking. Remember, getting backlinks should be thought of as a continuing process where you use multiple points of attack in order to accomplish a task ……that is to get your webpages on Googles front Page!!!

backlinks with bookmarking demonIf you need even more detailed data, you might want to look for tools that demonstrate link building efforts, structures and/or a history of the site. This kind of information can be helpful when you are trying to optimize your own website or that of a competitor.

Click on the banner and grab a free pdf which describes the backlinking process and some unique methods of getting backlinks. Its a free backlinking pdf and you do not have to register…. just click on the image and you’ll see the pdf in your browser!

SEOmoz’s Linkscape and MajesticSEO attempt to create the most complete index possible of the web for SEO purposes. Linkscape is considered more user-friendly while Majestic gets you a wider range of data which can also be downloaded.

Xenu’s Link Sleuth is another excellent tool for on-site analysis. It acts as a search engine crawler and checks websites for broken links and displays a continuously updated list of URLs, which you can  sort by different criteria. Link Sleuth is a good way to get a look at your own website and to evaluate your internal link structure as well. And you can run reports on websites that you’re considering getting links from to see what holes they may have in their site that you could possibly fill.

There are many link building tools to choose from. Hopefully these can get you started with your link building strategy on the right foot.

Manual Link Building

What is Manual Link Building and Who Uses It?

linking campaignManual Link Building is a the method of gaining incoming links by going to a search engine (search engines) and requesting various sites to link to yours.

Many people believe that the best way to get links is to hire a service that does all of the grunt work for you. After all, building links is patience-testing and tedious. But others believe that there is still a place for manual link building in the small business world.

Manual link-building is becoming less and less frequently used in business but it remains to be one of the the most inexpensive and effective ways for small businesses to rank well in the search engines. And it works especially well for local-specific businesses.

Most would agree that it wouldn’t be the smartest move for small shops and local businesses to spend months (or years) publishing articles and participating in social networking until they start to get enough of their content linked to in order to improve their search engine rankings. Even if they do offer great content, this does not mean they will be linked to. This is especially true for the types of businesses who don’t really need to do business over the Internet. They still need to be found on the Internet, however.

If you run a small business or you are doing SEO for a small business, keep in mind that it is okay to find some local directories and manually request some links. Of course, those few top paid directories like Yahoo, BOTW, and, are the ones that Google especially admires so it can’t hurt to request help from them as well. You can especially win out if you don’t have much competition. Just a well-optimized website and a few quality incoming links could easily get you on the first page of any of the major search engines.

Tired of Manually Building Links….. Try Automated Link Building!

Another reason you might want to go with manual directory submission (even if you aren’t a small, local business) is because the most respected and reputable directories have their own custom application script which means you must submit to them manually. Automated tools simply cannot fill in those unique forms. So directory submission services that use automatic tools to submit usually end up submitting to lower quality directories that won’t really do anything to improve the ranking of your site. While automatic submission tools can fill in the forms on certain submit pages, they don’t always fill in the date properly so the submission may be incomplete. But it’s not uncommon in a situation like this that the report you receive says your submission went through when in reality it didn’t. If the category is not identified correctly, a service will fail to submit as well. These are just a few reasons you want to steer clear of submission services that use automated tools.

You can, however, opt for submission services that do the manual link building for you, without using automatic tools.

BlogHatter Creates High-Quality Autoposting Blogs In Minutes

Are you ready to open a new passive income stream that sends money flooding into your bank account 24/7?

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That’s right, you can now say goodbye to the standard autoblog and autoposting programs that flood your blog with poor quality content that nobody wants to read … and you can say goodbye to wasting hours and hours of your valuable time manually making blog posts.

BlogHatter is a cutting-edge software program that allows users to create high-quality semi-autoblogs in a mere matter of minutes.

The simple truth is thanks to this incredible software program it has never been easier to create passive-income-producing blogs that contain images, relevant videos, high-quality content and much more!

Just look at some of what you can do with this autoblogging & autoposting program:

– Import Private Label Rights articles
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BlogHatter is a “white hat” program that gets “black hat” results …

visit the Official BlogHatter Autoposting Website Today!

Don’t dismiss this!!!   This is your chance to get in one easy-to-use software program all the tools you need to make piles and piles of cold hard cash 24 hours a day with blogs on the Internet.

Use BlogHatter and AutoBlogging To Profit Easily from Blogs!

I’m extremely excited today to tell you about a new product I discovered that finally makes it easy to profit from blogs!

Now if you are at all like me, you’ve been struggling to find a way to make money with blogs with no luck so far.

For example, manually making blog posts can be excruciatingly tedious and time consuming and using standard autoblog programs doesn’t work because of the poor content these programs typically produce for your blog. Or the complexity in the plugins used for autoposting.

So what’s the solution?

It’s BlogHatter – a cutting-edge software program that allows users to create high-quality semi-autoblogs in a  mere matter of minutes.

The simple truth is thanks to this incredible software program it has never been easier to create passive-income-producing blogs that contain images, relevant videos, high-quality content and much more!

Just look at some of what you can do with this program:

– Import Private Label Rights articles
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To learn more about BlogHatter and how you can utilize it to begin producing massive profits with your blog, visit the BlogHatter Site today!

Discover How To Make Money with Blogs!

Struggling to make money with blogs?

Then it’s time you discovered BlogHatter!

This powerful, yet extremely easy-to-use software program allows you… with just a few clicks of your mouse… to create high quality semi-autoblogs using the most used blog platforms: (which is free)

– And and

But what makes BlogHatter really stand out is its incredibly rich set of tools, which allow you to, among other things:

– Import Private Label Rights articles – Search and import images from Google, Tinypic and Flickr
– Search and import video from YouTube
– Create great blogs in  languages other than English using the embedded translation utility
– Quickly “rewrite” copy using the synonyms and replacement tool – And much more!

Traditionally autoposting or autoblogging has been confined to those with self-hosted wordpress blogs and expensive plugins. Not to mention there is the complexity of the wordpress plugins and trying to figure out how to use them, most are not intuitive and takes someone with some experience if you want to start autoblogging.

This is where Bloghatter really shines! Bloghatter is a very basic desktop application that allows even the newbie to start autoblogging. You might ask, “Why is this important?” simply because as a newbie your online exposure is limited until you can develop some outside links to your websites. Now….you can easily do this by setting up your own network of blogs with Bloghatter. Initially you don’t have to worry about how you link the blogs…..just create a blog with useful content and link back to another blog or web2.0 property that has similar content….every now and then, link back to your money site using anchor text that is composed of your desired keyword.

You can start out easily and slowy or your can crank out 100’s of blogs with BlogHatter!

With BlogHatter, you’ll finally have right at your fingertips all the tools you need to make a financial killing blogging online!

To learn more about this incredible new software program, just go over and check out BlogHatter today!

Pay Per Click Search Engine Submission

free traffic with traffic geyserMany people on the internet are searching for the term “pay per click search engine submission”. In reality, there is no such animal. . .but pay per click and search engine submission are two excellent means of getting traffic to whatever web content you you aim to promote.

The term pay per click (PPC) refers to a type of online advertising. Here’s how it works. First of all, you’ll need to understand the concept of keywords (or keyword phrases) and how important they are to the success of your PPC campaign. Keywords are the words that people are typing in to their search engines when they do a search for something. Everytime someone types in a keyword or keyword phrase into their search engine, it is recorded by the search engine. This allows your search engine to provide you with data on what keywords people are typing in and how often they are typing them in. In PPC, you will design your advertisements, promoting your website or other web content, to target these specific keywords. Then, you will bid on your keyword. When someone types in a search with the keyword you have targeted, your ad will come up on the right hand side of the page. How high up on the page it appears depends on how high your bid was. When someone clicks on your ad, you will pay your search engine the amount you bid for the keyword. This is an extremely effective way to advertise since you are only paying when you get concrete, measurable results.

Search engine submission refers to the process that you go through to submit your web site directly to a search engine, without waiting for the search engine to find your website first. once the search engine has recognized your site, you will come up in the search engine rankings when someone types in a keyword that is relevent to your business. Search engine submission to Google, Yahoo and MSN is really not necessary anymore since these engines are already able to discover new webpages on their own by crawling links from other sites.

Every Successful Internet Marketing Campaign Depends on Traffic
Create Hordes of Traffic with Traffic Geyser
Learn CPA and PPC from the Best….Perry Marshall

However, search engine submission to the lesser known search engines that are used around the world can be extremely beneficial. Another option is to purchase search engine submission software that handles this process for you.

Search engine submission services can save you tons of time and get your website out there. Depending on the services, your website will be submitted to hundreds or thousands of search engines, directories and links. Most services understand the various rules of each search engine and follow them accordingly. The majority of the big search engines prefer manual submissions but other search engines and directories will accept automatic entries. With search engine submission services, you don’t need to worry about all of that because the service takes care of it all.

Hopefully this article has cleared up some of the “pay per click search engine submission” confusion.