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How to Create Money Out of Thin Air – Part 1

The Way To Generate Cash
From Nothing – Part One

Ask yourself this question: Exactly what is needed to “make” money?

Answer: You have to put forth or invest something you have to get money, for most people the investment is time.

Your investment will take the form of either labor, effort, brain power or time because someone has to come up with the idea and someone has do the work to create an object to sell…And in order to make money, you need an investment of cash.

What’s the deal here, “you playing with me?” will I reveal some long dark secret about how to make money online…is it possible?

Cash From Thin Air

We are always looking for something for nothing and the first thoughts might imply that it would be possible to create cash out of the thin air and you wouldn’t have to expend any money or effort.

Let’s aim our thoughts on using the Internet to make money…..And this would call for us to buy a product to sell or create one ourselves.

So, if you are going to create a product, your investment is going to be your time, the effort you expend and/or money spent. Coming up with a product to sell by purchasing PLR or some sort of rights will require you to put out some cash.)

All right, how does money come out of thin air when in reality you need a product to sell?

Found…Cash From Thin Air

Actually, the answer is simple….partner up with someone who already has a product or service to sell.

Once again, on the surface it might seem like mission impossible and cost you all kinds of time and money but it really won’t…..The key to your success is understanding where to find people with products to sell online.

Did you know that “Information” is one of the most sought after and easiest products to sell? Information has the unique property of being able to be sold over and over again without going through the manufacturing process.

Information Products Make Money

Understand this, you don’t have to recreate a product over and over again but you can sell information over and over again. It’s a fact, you cannot sell the same car over and over again…not unless you repossess it! Every sale you make of any physical sale needs to be created….over and over, think about selling a candle on ebay, you need a new candle after each one is sold.)

You might be questioning…..Absolutely, information selling is one way people make a lot of money online. Literally, millions of dollars are made year after year by internet marketers selling information products online. You can join in the profits using information products because there is plenty of room for everyone.)

OK, we’ve come up with a product type to market, ie. We can save a bunch of time and effort by selling information products so let’s find some info products we can sell.

Clickbank is probably the first place we should look for information products to sell.

Locate the “Promote Products” tab and in 30 minutes you’ll be all set up to promote and sell other peoples products all for free.

Clickbank Quickest Way to Making Money Online

With Clickbank you save time and money because you don’t need cash to:..

-Determine your niche
-Build or write your product or,..
-Hire someone to create it for you
-No salesletter to write and test, or….
-Find and pay a competent copywriter to write a salesletter
-And then there’s the graphics you’ll need
-Find and purchase your own domain along with hosting for your website

Believe it or not, all the steps above are already done for you by the vendor or seller! In reality, it is their own product, so these steps were completed by them.)

And, you make money by selling their product, up to 75% is automatically paid to you through Clickbank!

You’re probably thinking to yourself, how much money will I have to spend to promote these products…. no problem, I’ll show you what little investment is needed on your part.)

Consider this….. Think about how easy it would be to just jump on someone elses promotion or campaign and sell their product for a commission instead of trying to create your own info product from scratch?

I don’t have to ask, but isn’t this method going to save you the investment of effort, money and time?

There’s no doubting it, you save big time by letting the vendor or seller invest their assets in the development of a product.

Clickbank Vendors Reveal Online Gold

Surely this makes sense. If you want to make money from thin air….this is the reason I suggest using Clickbank and its vendors for information products.

Alright….now, let’s quickly look at the type of product you should consider marketing…

Working with Clickbank allows you to use the information they already have about successful products, using their marketplace makes it easy to find a product that is selling very well.

Just to and click on “Marketplace” and you will be shown a listing of popular categories to choose from.

All the so called guru’s teach you to find products and categories that get your blood flowing, stuff that you have an interest and knowledge in, at least for your first couple of products. This train of though will help to ensure you keep at it when times get tough or things don’t go the way you might expect.

Now that you are at Clickbank’s Marketplace, you simply go to your category and jump to the top of the list and pick a product…. clickbank put that product at the top of the list for a reason…’s making money for clickbank and if it makes money for clickbank it can make money for you. Think how awesome this is, how many local stores share their best selling products…..and here you have Clickbank telling you what makes the most money and what product sells the most….just awesome!)

Now that you’ve found the best producing products you can get selective by working with a product that really interests you or maybe a product that makes the most money.

Some of the other stuff just doen’t matter too much. As you grow in your internet marketing skills and your skills at making money online, you can review other statistics about the niche you’re in, but I wouldn’t waste my time right now because it will do more to confuse you than to help you get started. (If you’re interested in that, let me know.)

Bottom line, when getting started just pick something from Clickbank’s Marketplace that ranks at the top, meaning it is a top performer making money for clickbank and the seller.

The way you make money with Clickbank is through a special link they give you, you will promote that link, called an affiliate link and it has a code in it to ensure you will get paid if someone buys through your link. Check out the “Promote Products” tab while at Clickbank for a complete detailed explanation of affiliate links.)

Sending traffic to your site and affiliate links for the product you are promoting is important but another subject completely. Don’t worry, I’ll go over the details and concepts for getting traffic to your blog, webpage and/or affiliate links in an upcoming article.

So….what do you think? Read this again, until you get the idea….go to clickbank and look around and now you are amongst the privileged and know how to make money from thin air by selling info products on the internet, i.e. The best part being that you literally have people working for you, creating products and you haven’t had to pay them a dime!

Check back soon as I further develop these making money online concepts.

Discover How To Make Money with Blogs!

Struggling to make money with blogs?

Then it’s time you discovered BlogHatter!

This powerful, yet extremely easy-to-use software program allows you… with just a few clicks of your mouse… to create high quality semi-autoblogs using the most used blog platforms: (which is free)

– And and

But what makes BlogHatter really stand out is its incredibly rich set of tools, which allow you to, among other things:

– Import Private Label Rights articles – Search and import images from Google, Tinypic and Flickr
– Search and import video from YouTube
– Create great blogs in  languages other than English using the embedded translation utility
– Quickly “rewrite” copy using the synonyms and replacement tool – And much more!

Traditionally autoposting or autoblogging has been confined to those with self-hosted wordpress blogs and expensive plugins. Not to mention there is the complexity of the wordpress plugins and trying to figure out how to use them, most are not intuitive and takes someone with some experience if you want to start autoblogging.

This is where Bloghatter really shines! Bloghatter is a very basic desktop application that allows even the newbie to start autoblogging. You might ask, “Why is this important?” simply because as a newbie your online exposure is limited until you can develop some outside links to your websites. Now….you can easily do this by setting up your own network of blogs with Bloghatter. Initially you don’t have to worry about how you link the blogs…..just create a blog with useful content and link back to another blog or web2.0 property that has similar content….every now and then, link back to your money site using anchor text that is composed of your desired keyword.

You can start out easily and slowy or your can crank out 100’s of blogs with BlogHatter!

With BlogHatter, you’ll finally have right at your fingertips all the tools you need to make a financial killing blogging online!

To learn more about this incredible new software program, just go over and check out BlogHatter today!

3 Simple Steps To An Income With Affiliate Programs

Today, people are  looking to make additional income or some extra money and they are turning to the internet in droves. Many people are learning how to make money online, and specifically, how to make money with affiliate programs. Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to get started online because you don’t need to sell your own product or service. All you have to do is sell someone else’s product or service and you make a commission.

Affiliate marketing can be easily understood. You’ll find 3 simple steps involved in successful affiliate marketing. First, you need to find the product or service that you want to promote. Secondly, you need to make sure that your offer is in front of a lot of people. And lastly, you need to build a list of the people who you show the product/service to, regardless of whether they end up buying it. Make sure you understand this last concept because it’s crucial to the success of affiliate marketing and any internet marketing venture!

If you are brand spanking new to affiliate marketing then you are going to want to figure out what type of product or service you want to promote. Ask yourself this question, “Where do you find the product or service you want to promote?” ClickBank is one of the most popular sites that you can use and it’s also very quick and easy to get started. All you need to do is register for free and then go into the MarketPlace section. Here you can try search what you might want to promote by category or keywords. I recommend you sort your choice by “gravity” which is not the only important factor but it’s a very good indicator if you’re just starting out. You can get into a lot more complicated analysis of the “right” products later on. Once you choose a product, just click on hoplink, put in your clickbank NickName, and you’ve got your affiliate link, ready to promote. Many people have started their affiliate marketing businesses by reading Rosalin Gardner’s famous ebook on affiliate marketing, called the Super Affiliate Handbook.

nicheclassroom-dummiesGetting eyes on your affiliate link will be your next problem….that is, how do you get people to see your affiliate links. Once you’ve chosen your product/service, you’ve come to the key of how to make money with affiliate programs. . .getting traffic to the program. You can use article directories to market your products but make sure that you concentrate on those that have high page ranks and allow affiliate links. Another option is pay-per-click (PPC) although you need to read the affiliate program’s rules before you try this. Some affiliate companies do not allow the use of their name in PPC ads for example. And one of the easiest and most popular ways to make money with affiliate marketing is to place links on blogs.

There’s always secrets to this internet marketing stuff, some real, some just BS. This next concept could make the difference between making a lot of money online with affiliate marketing or failing miserably. Here goes, the last step is a little bit more complicated and can be done after you get the hang of the first two. Basically, you’ll want to make sure that you get the contact information of the people who show some interest in your product so that, even if they don’t buy it now, you can still keep in contact with them and they may end up purchasing either this product or something else you sell later on. In order to do this, you’ll need to create your own squeeze page which contains a contact form. You advertise this squeeze page and once someone fills in their contact information, you direct them to your affiliate link. The company that will fulfill your needs when it comes to collecting the contact information and automatically sending emails is called Aweber….remember that name and click on that link. An autoresponder service should be one of the first purchases you make for your online business because you will use it with every aspect of internet marketing and not just affiliate marketing.

One more thing you should really consider if you are going to start your own affiliate marketing business. You need a state of the art affiliate link cloaker or ….. this is software or a script that disguises your affiliate links and helps you to ensure that you get the proper credit if somebody clicks on your link and buys through your affiliate link. Advanced Link Cloaker is a product that a good friend of mine has created and is something you should consider purchasing for your business, it has the potential of helping your make and keep a lot of money! Link cloaking can be performed a number of different ways using a variety of different pieces of software or scripts, in fact, you can do if for free if you want, Alan Peterson’s book The Definitive Guide to Link Cloaking will show you  and explain to you everything you need to know about cloaking and hiding your affiliate links.

Finally, affiliate marketing is one of the best internet marketing methods someone can use to start making a little extra money online. Learn the basics of affiliate marketing by joining a membership exclusively designed to teach you the basics of affiliate marketing, Affilorama is probably the best membership designed to teach anyone from the newbie to experienced marketer how to best use affiliate marketing to make a great living online. I’ll leave you with one though, If you want to make money with affiliate programs, I recommend to not depend too heavily on one product or one site. It’s no different than the old adage, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!”

How To Make Money With An Online Business Ventures

The advent of today’s economy has caused many people to research the reality of making money at home.  And many of you are ending your search with online jobs that generally pay a relatively low wage or salary in exchange for the benefits you receive by working out of the comfort of your own home. When it comes to considering a better income with an actual home business, it should be a natural defense to be a little timid and cautious about the many opportunities available today.  Always ask yourself, “How much money do I need to invest?” How much technical and/or marketing knowledge do you need? How can you distinguish the scams from the legitimate methods to make money from online business opportunities?

It’s only natural to have these thoughts and reservations and you really need to get the answers.  But the freedom and financial rewards that you can have with an online business, as opposed to working an online job, definitely make it worth your while to at least consider these options.

1. The easiest way to start is by developing a business that features your passions and expertise.  Ask yourself some questions such as:

  • Are you a good writer or designer?
  • Do you have a flair for cooking?
  • Do you love gardening?
  • Do you know a lot about a specific subject?
  • Do your friends and family come to you for advice about certain things?
  • Could you turn your knowledge into a consulting business?

Do some deep thinking about what you are good at and passionate about. Once you’ve figured that out, do some research on who would want and need your product/service. You’ll then want to set up your own website or blog based on what you’re selling and target it towards who you’re selling it to. Don’t be intimidated by this step! Creating your own site is extremely easy these days and it doesn’t have to be expensive. The next step is to get traffic to your site. And this is a topic for a whole other article because there are so many ways to do this, and many of them are free.

2. If you don’t feel comfortable coming up with your own products or services to market, you can make money from online business products or services that belong to other people. One way to do this is through affiliate marketing.

There are many places you can start to look for things to market, but the most popular sites are ClickBank and Commission Junction. Anytime you make a sale on the products you promote, you are paid commissions. Network Marketing is another route to go if you don’t have your own merchandise.

There are hundreds of Network Marketing companies to choose from and they offer all kinds of products and services. With network marketing, you pay a relatively low fee (this varies from company to company) to get started and then you earn commissions on products/services that you sell as well as on the people you recruit into the company as part of your sales team. The right type of “coaching” mentality is required if you do want to get into network marketing since much of your success will depend on how well you can lead your team. One word of caution, beware of Network Marketing businesses… experience tells me most are scams, sure people make money but it’s only the people on the top. Study the company you’re interested in, call actual members to ask questions….be blunt, ask if they’re making any money, if they are, ask them how much! If they won’t answer, then move on to the next one.

There really and truly are ways to make money online. Most people working online businesses are good hard working people. As in any profession there are scammers….so follow your gut. If you’re not feeling  right about one method, simply move on to the next. Believe me, there are plenty of business models to follow and try out if you are really interested in makeing money online. Here are some resources that will help you, I use these and recommend them highly:

Earn1KaDay…..get exposed to many different business models for making money online. Teacher is top notch. Forum is one of the most friendly and helpful I’ve ever been part of.

Niche Profit Classroom ……you are supplied with 2 niche products a month. You’re given most of the materials along with a schedule of what to do next each month. You’ll learn niche marketing in Earn1KaDay as a business model, but with NicheProfitClassroom you’ll dive deeply in depth into one type of online niche marketing. The guys on products from Niche Profit Classroom are top notch and I would highly recommend either of these two memberships if you want to start making money online.

Affiliate Marketing ……learn the basics of affiliate marketing and then learn the advanced techniques. One of the most powerful and easiest methods to start making money online. Affiliorama is a top notch membership with good strong teaching.