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How to Use Video Utility Poster to continue How To RSS Series!

I did a quick video of the post “How To RSS continued with Video Utility Poster” which shows any blogger how they can easily and quickly add content to their blogs.

I did a screen capture of the process so you might understand how helpful Video Utility Poser is when you are blogging…check out the video below.

If you’re a blogger….and you should be….come on now, if you are an internet marketer you must have a blog about your niche…if your niche is internet marketing, try and specialize in your niche. It’s easier if your niche is about some aspect of dogs….but that’s for another time and is totally up to you.

All I want to do is show you a way to keep your blog posts flowing….that means keeping your readers attention…always providing good quality content. I know how hard this can be…especially if you are doing everything yourself.

You get lazy, tired, busy…whatever…and your blog suffers. With video utility poster you can easily put a blog post together every day. I’m not kidding when I say this is one tool every blogger should have.

With Video Utility Poster you can simply write a brief intro and then do a keyword search using Video Utility Poster and watch it bring up 10, 20 or more videos related to your keywords. If you care about your readers, you should view the vides you want to  use….but with VUP, you just click and drag while still in wordpress and the videos are embedded in your wordpress blog……can’t get much simpler than that.

Check out the below video I did about how I used Video Utility Poster in my blog post entitled “How To RSS continued with Video Utility Poster” You get to see wordpress and Video Utility Poster in Action…..I should actually use it more than I do.

Did you know it works with other blogging platforms. The standard is wordpress, but Video Poster works with Blogger, Typepad and other blogging platforms….although, most of us use wordpress on our own domains.

I almost finished without telling you where you can find Video Utility Poster at….just click on that link and you’ll get the details.


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How To RSS continued with Video Utility Poster

Are you a blogger? Ever hear of Video Utility Poster?

If you use your blog for income or for disseminating information, then your goal is to develop a following. And there is nothing worse than a sporadic blogger, that’s where Video Utility Poster comes in.

For instance I ran across a plr book I had on “How to RSS”. First actually I stumbled on a post by Josh Spaulding on the how to’s of rss, then I ran across an ebook I had and thought I would share some of the information on “How to RSS” with my readers.

The next thing you know I got caught up in another project, then it was ThanksGiving weekend and my plans for doing a detailed overview of how to rss got squashed. Yet according to keyword research there are many searches for information of rss.

Everybody is a newbie at some time, so I feel obligated to go over the fundamentals of the interent, website building, and internet marketing… time allows. When RSS first came out I was so confused I just put it on the back burner….adding it to the list of things I needed to learn someday. Doing that caused me to miss out on a lot.

So….if you’re blogging and get interrupted how can Video Utility Poster help? If I want to keep my readers in the loop on a subject or a series of blog posts like how to rss….what can video Utility Poster do for me?

You can see in the videos below more information on how to use rss feeds, how to use rss readers, how to place rss on your website. This post took me a couple of minutes to write and another couple of minutes to drag in the videos with Video Utility Poster…..that’s what VUP can do for you!

If you want to see the video I did of the entire process of Video Utility Poster….check out

Video: How to RSS in Plain English

Tutorial: How to read RSS feeds

How-To Tuesday: Subscribing to RSS Feeds

Rss Reader How To

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How To RSS The Concept behind RSS Feeds

How to RSS…..RSS Feeds stands for Really Simple Syndication. Other times it is also called Rich Site Summary. But both have same meanings. The first time you see this, it may appear complex. But as you go along on your information gathering venture in the cyber world, you will encounter this many times. Have you ever tried clicking on one?

After How to RSS, Next What to RSS?

You can compare RSS to a website or blog that offers web surfers something to read or a news feed of vast information. Everyone can determine what information they like for free to their own news reader. It can also be displayed on your PC’s desktop or in the web browser that you are using.

So if you have click on the information provider of your choice, the news will be given to you as they come so you no longer need to check the site back for any updates. This made it easier for web users, especially those who were fond of subscribing to newsletters of their chosen site. It eliminates the hassle of checking your email everyday just to know if there is any update on your preferred site.

The concept behind viewing rss feeds can be compared to how you want to get your newspapers. You probably don’t want to go to a stand everyday just to buy one. It will be easier if you will get your daily newspaper delivered to you each day. By clicking on the RSS feature of the site of your choice, the information in that rss feed will be made available at your PC’s desktop as long as you are connected to the Internet. All those information could be read or ignored, ready to be shared and printed. That’s the basic of how to rss….if you are only concerned about reading rss feeds.

RSS is easy to use. As long as you a connection and a web browser, you are ready to go. You can filter through the information and click on the topics that you find interesting. You can customize your choice and delete or add something every day. It is that simple. You will get all the information you want on a daily basis without having to go through all the individual web pages.

Who Started RSS?

You probably didn’t know that RSS was invented by Netscape? They used it at the time when they were struggling to enter the portal biz. They wanted the RSS .90, an XML format, which would make news gathering and adding those on their site a breeze. After a time, they came up with the RSS .91 but discontinued when they didn’t push through with the portal business.

This is where UserLand Software picked it up. They didn’t stop developing the idea. They had versions like .92, .93 and .94. They then developed their own interpretation of the original idea through the RSS 1.0. This is still being developed and as of late, they have the RSS 2.0.

Source of Information…A Big How To RSS!

You can also utilize RSS on your own web site. But rather than updating the feature manually, you can choose to use a tool like Weblog. This will automatically create the headlines, the links and descriptions.

A course called Rogue RSS describes how to rss, it shows you how to creatively use rss feeds for content on your websites or blogs….trust me, you haven’t seen a more creative use of rss feeds and those interested in learning the how to of rss….this rss course is for you.

At this day and age, information is vast and scattered all over the web. And as days go by, it becomes easier for people to choose the kind of information that they want to be given to them whenever they need such. Thanks to the ever developing concept of RSS Feeds.

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