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Newbie Checklist PLR for Project Efficiency….for Newbies!

If you’re an internet marketer then you know how hard it is to resist selling and promoting to the interent marketing crowd. If you don’t know your stuff, your subscribers will smell you out and unsubscribe in a short time.

However, everybody has to start somewhere and selling internet marketing materials to the newbie crowd can be very profitable. Once again, there is a deluge of material out there but most of it, quite frankly, is dribble. Ebooks overstuffed with words and not telling you anything. Reports that are either over the newbies head, or just make no sense at all.

Well, let me cut to the chase. If you want to sell or give something a way to start building a newbie list, then The Newbie Checklist is the perfect PLR product for you. Finally you can start selling a quality product that everybody wants and needs.

In this pack “6 Content Filled Handbooks & 6 Easy-Actionable Checklists”

Look at what you’ll be getting:

You Will Be Getting…

* Private Label Rights To Sell As Your Own Product
* Salesletter INCLUDED – Amazing Copy & Design
* Source files for every little piece of this awesome package!

If you’re wondering what you can do with these PLR Reports…..consider what Dylan says:

I am not kidding when I tell you that its so much easier to learn from a simple checklist than a long drawn out ebook… So give your customers what they want with these checklists.

You can easily brand them and put out as your own, and start helping your clients and customers out…

With these checklists you can…

  • Add them to your exsiting product and INSTANTLY increase the value and effectiveness of your product. Your customers will thank you for it!
  • ReBrand them and sell them in a neat little bundle like this with Resale Rights and start earning an extra income on the side without effort!
  • E-mail your list for a quick (huge) turn-around for your purchase price, infact you are start making a HUGE return right now!
  • Add this to your membership site, and help out your customers while adding huge value… without effort! :)
  • Create an entire new product based around these checklist, and create a new revenue model easily!
  • Use them as a simple coahcing program. Every week they get a new checklist, and person coaching…
  • The options are endless!

Watch this quick Video to get a better idea….these are really cheap, don’t let them pass you by!

Private Label Rights Newbie – PLR Newbie

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