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Google Slap for Autobloggers But Google Loves Digi Traffic Multiplier

Autoblogging with Digi Traffic MultiplierYep….its happened again. Google does the unthinkable.

It’s incomprehensible that Google wants to deliver relevant content!

After all, everybody who uses Google search wants to type their search query and get rehashed, spun, double spun and republished content. Right? You’re seriously looking for a solution to your computer problem and up pops a double spun, upside down, thrice translated ezinearticle.

Yes, internet marketers and bloggers are mad. They’ve been duped into thinking all you have to do is republish content. In fact, they’ve been sold software and scripts that take that original article or blog post and all the words are replaced so the content is almost meaningless…..but, it has the proper keywords and it has a ton of backlinks.

You see…that was the formula of late for getting blogs and websites to rank in Google. It actually worked for a while and people made some money.

There’s actually many more tricks that were taught over the last 2 years ….. all taught in an effort to trick Google and other search engines and get on Google’s first page for your desired keywords. I believe its the combination of these tricks that triggered Google’s revolt and need to clean up its SERPS once again.

I’ve been through 3 or 4 of these major Google slaps or Google updates. Each time they update its in direct response to the need to clean up their delivery of relevant websites in response to relevant keywords. It always boils down to content.

If you’ve been scraping and spinning on a major scale… then your sites are trashed. Time to start over.

If you’ve been building an authority site composed of all unique high quality content then you’ll rise in the SERPS.

It will be interesting to see how you fare if you’ve been building hybrid sites. I’m talking about sites that are composed partly of unique content and partly scraped or spun content. There are many WordPress plugins that allow you to do autoblogging. In theory you set up the plugin and content is automatically added to your blog every day. There are many cheap low quality wordpress plugins that will build autoblogs, but these are the types of blogs that will get dropped by Google!

There are a handful of autoposting wordpress plugins that allow you to build a post from a variety of content sources. This content can be informative and useful to anyone who would land on your blog. Furthermore, you can set the frequency of autoposting. Never autopost multiple times a day and try not to autopost every day. Set a random time for once every 3 or 4 days so you’ll end up with 1 or 2 autoposts per week. Now if you add at least one unique blog post a week, 2 would be better, your blog becomes a hybrid and is composed of very usable content.

Digi Traffic Multiplier Creates Google Safe Content

autoblogging with Digi Traffic MultiplierAndy Fletcher has developed a WordPress plugin for autoblogging and autoposting that is far from the standard autoblogging plugins. His new plugin is called Digi Traffic Multiplier and I’m thinking it will work perfectly on blogs that focus on a tight niche because this plugin adds a unique twist to yahoo answers and keywords in questions. It actually mixes answers to specific keyword rich questions. Bottom line is that although the content comes from yahoo answers it is thoroughly and intelligently mixed. You really need to see it appreciate what it does.  No hyper here but there really isn’t anything like it on the market today. Also, since the content is unique it won’t get affected by the latest Google Slap! Check out Digi Traffic Multiplier now…..(severly discounted for launch).

AutoBlogging Safely with BlogHatter

Another method for safely autoposting is with a software application called BlogHatter that will autopost to, and your own WordPress blogs. The beauty behind BlogHatter is that you can create custom material for each blog post with little effort and then schedule the posting for randomized time over any period of time. I’m amazed at the amount of customization that can be mass applied to any selection of articles whether those articles are plr, ezinearticles or custom articles that you’ve written. You can add images that are randomly linked to anything you desire. Randomize the linking and location of any keywords you chose. You can even use TheBestSpinner for spinning of the blog post. If you’re not familiar with TheBestSpinner …..well, it simply is the best spinner and doesn’t produce the garbage you traditionally find with article spinners. Simply said, this is a tool that can help you keep fresh content flowing on your blogs. I highly suggest you take a look at BlogHatter today!

AutoPress for Unique Autoposting

autopress for unique autoblogging contentAutoPress is another WordPress plugin that can be used for creating completely unique blog posts while autoposting or autoblogging at the same time. In my opinion this plugin far exceeds the capability of WpRobot which has become the standard for autoblogging but will create a huge footprint and is more than likely the cause of many abusive autoposting blogs. WpRobot doesn’t have the flexibility of AutoPress and I know the developer of Autopress, he has a lot of cool things in store for for AutoPress over the next year.

BlogSuccess Teaches Building Authority Sites

Finally for the purist I have to recommend BlogSuccess with Jack Humphrey. Jack has been promoting the authority site or authority blog for 5 yars or more. If you would have been concentrating your efforts on one or 2 blogs for the last 5 years chances are you’d be financially independent right now. Jack teaches you everything you need to know regarding Authority Sites ….maybe its time you got serious and started looking long term. Jack probably forgot more about blogging than most people know. In fact, Jack Humphrey started using WordPress before the world knew what WordPress was. His knowledge and the knowledge of his team surpasses anyone teaching how to blog. Besides being one of the good guys in internet marketing, Jack is someone who will teach you how to make money by blogging. Blogsuccess is his brain child and if you want the freedom blogging can bring I urge you to invest in his membership today! Click Here Now!

Let me end with saying that Google is ever changing and reacting to the shortcuts we try to take…. that will never stop. You can keep playing the game of “Beat Google” but you will never ultimately win. Take a look at some of the solutions I revealed above and use them to build a long lasting, money making blog so you can rest in peace each night without the worry of your blog dropping out of site!

Strategies For Social Marketing Through Traffic Geyser, Articles and Blog Success

When creating a social network marketing business on a serious budget the good news is that, the most effective strategies that you can utilize are free if you utilize social networking websites. As I mentioned before, Jack Humphrey and Howie Schwartz are some of the best teachers for social marketing, these guys were among the first to harness the power of social marketing.

A good place to start is with article marketing. Writing articles is a wonderful way to put your products and services out there for internet users within online communities. Proper use of keywords will bring the desired traffic to your site for increased sales or optins.You can utilize Google to find numerous articles directories, which you can submit to. Make sure you do not try to add identical articles to numerous directories. Don’t submit plr articles, please ensure that each articles you submit are copyscape free as well as unique material. Article Marketing Domination is one of the best courses on article marketing. You may think you simply need to write an article and submit it. In part, that’s true. However, you’ll make many mistakes without reading a book like Article Marketing Domination! Submitting your articles to social bookmarking sites will skyrocket your traffic….only if you know how!

ttm-dvdpluscase250Blogging is a wonderful way to inform internet users about your products and services. You can utilize blogging for your business marketing needs. Try creating different blogs that contain network marketing tips as well as one for your business website.
<——I hope you clicked on the Image
One method involves creating your own network of blogs on different hosting companies….then use social marketing to draw some attention to these feeder blogs…just don’t over do it. If you’ve been reading my posts I’m going to repeat myself, Jack Humphrey is simply the best when it comes to teaching others how to blog and you want to check out his membership at BlogSuccess.

A personal blog is great to have as well. You can brand not only your products and services but also yourself. Be careful with branding though, if you’re interested in branding yourself the only way to do it is slowly and over a long period of time. Keep in mind that branding is rarely effective unless you’re a big company like McDonalds or Coke. Although you might want to sell yourself first before you begin to sell your products and services. It’s just a matter of people being comfortable with you in a world full of scammers, especially if you’re working in the internet marketing market. Finally, you’ll want your blog to contain interesting and helpful information since this will enable you to stand out from the crowd, don’t waste your time trying to brand a spam blog.

The goal is to utilize social networking websites for your network marketing demands. Twitter and MySpace are wonderful social networking websites, which offer many features and benefits for anyone who wants to market their products and services. There’s a number of different strategies that can be applied when using these sites, however, the most effective is to use your social marketing site to inform and corral any visitors you might have….that is give them something they need and point them to one of your optin pages.

Next you need to avoid one big mistake. Do not add numerous friends’ right too quickly for this could enable you to get your profile or account disabled or possibly even banned by the social networking website. Make sure you educate yourself on the rules and regulations upon the social networking websites. Spamming and bookmarking your own sites is the quickest way to get yourself kicked off any of these sites.

You can try video marketing for promoting your products and services. YouTube receives millions of visitors daily. There are many other video sharing websites, which you can post your unique content. Proper use of video marketing can bring in a swarm of traffic. Here’s a secret, video marketing works great and it requires work…..that’s a 4 letter word for most, consequently most marketers will only put up a video or 2 and call it quits. Why don’t you try this. Create some videos, maybe 10…20 would be better. You can get a 30 day trial of Traffic Geyser for $1. Traffic Geyser auto submits your videos to 100’s of video submission sites, it cuts the audio out and submits them as podcasts….it also submits them to social bookmarking and marketing sites. You’ll get tremendous penetration and get ready for the hordes of traffic. Since you have Traffic Geyser for 30 days, create some more videos and keep submitting them. I promise if you do this for 30 days you’re life will never be the same.

One more tip on video marketing. An easy way to create videos is to grab a PLR article, read the article and record it. Use Camstasia to put together a video of images from a free image site like and your audio recording of the PLR article. You could easily do 2 a day for the 30 trial of both Camtasia and Traffic Geyser. Just make sure you send the traffic to a site that will allow you to monetize the traffic quickly and easily.

Numerous forums, which you can join, are network focused. Network marketing forums can provide you with communities, which are geared toward your particular niche. You can utilize your blog URL or the URL for your lead capture page with your signature line to direct people back to your business website.

Network marketing forums are very helpful to internet users and can teach you how to add effective content to your web page while allowing internet visitors to click on your business links.

You need to display your talents. Some people enjoy writing while other internet users enjoy talking. Video marketing might suit you more than writing articles. The most important factor is to select which strategies, which not only work for you but your business. The above examples are relatively free and will cost you nothing but your time. You can create wonderful results for your network marketing demands if you are persistent and focused on a regular basis.

Creating Strategies For Social Network Marketing

When creating a social network marketing business on a serious budget the good news is that, the most effective strategies, which you can utilize, are free when utilizing social networking websites.

You can first begin with article marketing.  Writing articles is a wonderful way to put your products and services out there for internet users within online communities.  Learn how to write articles and market with article marketing from Article Marketing Domination. You can utilize Google to find numerous articles directories, which you can submit to.  Make sure you do not try to add identical articles to numerous directories.  Ensure that each article you submit is copyscape free as well as unique material.  Magic Article Spinner is an advanced tool that can create 100’s of unique articles from one. There’s a skill to using this article spinner and if you take the time to set up the article correctly you can have unique content on every site that is very readable.

Blogging is a wonderful way to inform internet users about your products and services.  You can utilize blogging for your business marketing needs.  Try creating different blogs that contain network marketing tips as well as one for your business website.

A personal blog is great to have as well.  You can brand not only your products and services but also yourself.  You want to sell yourself first before you begin to sell your products and services.  You will want your blog to contain interesting information, as this will enable you to stand out from the crowd. Blog Success is the only blogging membership that is taught by one of the Internet’s blogging authority, Jack Humphrey, where you can learn the basics to most advanced blogging techniques.

ttm-dvdpluscase250Utilize social networking websites for your network marketing demands.  Twitter and MySpace are wonderful social networking websites, which offer many features and benefits for anyone who wants to market their products and services.  For the longest time twitter was considered just a fad, then various online marketers began to basically spam with twitter by tweeting with blatant ads, now…..there is an exciting new method of marketing with twitter called the Twitter Method that teaches techniques for the professional use of monetizing twitter……

Do not add numerous friends’ right too quickly for this could enable you to get your profile or account disabled or possibly even banned by the social networking website.  Make sure you educate yourself on the rules and regulations upon the social networking websites.

You can try video marketing for promoting your products and services.  YouTube receives millions of visitors daily.  There are many other video sharing websites, which you can post your unique content. Video marketing is a tried and true method of driving traffic to your website or blog. Creating videos is easier today than it ever was whether you do it yourself or outsource it. The hardest part, or I should say the most time consuming component of video marketing is submission to the various video sites. The more sites your video is hosted at, the more eyes back to your site. Traffic Geyser has automated the process of submitting videos and is the top service one the internet, it’s one way to level the playing field. There’s a free service that does only a small portion of what traffic geyser does and it’s called Tubemogul. You can grab a Free Camera Guide from Traffic Geyser, just one method for creating videos. I get so excited about video marketing because it brings instant results, if you don’t believe me, create a couple of videos, make sure you use your keywords and put your url in the description in the form of and try Traffic Geyser for $1 for 30 days. You could literally submit 1000’s of videos in 30 days, try it and let me know how it works :)

Numerous forums, which you can join, are network focused.  Network marketing forums can provide you with communities, which are geared toward your particular niche.  You can utilize your blog URL or the URL for your lead capture page with your signature line to direct people back to your business website.

Network marketing forums are very helpful to internet users and can teach you how to add effective content to your web page while allowing internet visitors to click on your business links. One of the biggest forums for internet marketing is the Warrior Forum while another, Earn1Kaday is another that is packed benefits for those interested in discovering the various business models one could use for generating an income online. Here’s a free report on how to make 5 bucks a day…..packed with information for anyone interested in making a steady income online.

You need to display your talents.  Some people enjoy writing while other internet users enjoy talking.  Video marketing might suit you more than writing articles.  The most important factor is to select which strategies, which not only work for you but your business.

While the above concepts are relatively free and will cost you nothing but your time, to effectively learn and use these techniques be prepared to invest in your education. There really is no alternative for using good tools, reading and studying good ebooks and reports and finally join a few memberships because this is where the real content is discussed and taught.  You can create wonderful results for your network marketing demands if you are persistent and focused on a regular basis.

Web 2.0 Online Marketing Ethics And Social Network Marketing

As a business website owner, you must contain integrity.  Many of the social networking websites are utilized for unethical behavior exhibited by business website owners and this seriously backfires when trying to market your products and services.  There are many ways, which you as a responsible website owner and web 2.0 online marketer, can control the behavior performed on your business website.

Respect online users privacy

You must keep in mind that while using social networking marketing as your marketing tool for your products and services that you are joining an actual community of internet users.  With any community, your business has its particular place in the scheme of things but this is not room for you to invade people’s privacy within the online community.  Do not spam market your friends on your friends list.

There are many social networking websites to choose from for your social networking strategies.

Many social network marketers utilize online websites such as MySpace and FaceBook with the hopes of driving internet traffic to their business websites.  This is very much ethical however; spamming internet users with images or links in order to lure them to your business website is unethical and will eventually get you dropped by Google or other search engines. Web 2.0 online marketing requires ethics, common sense and courtesy!

Do not spam people with marketing ads for your business website!

Social networking websites are currently more knowledgeable of spamming practices, which have proved unethical while eliminating people who habitually perform such tactics within their marketing strategies. Jack Humphrey is perhaps the king and one of the first pioneers of web 2.0 online marketing, he consistently encourages proper use of social marketing by developing relationships with members. Jack practices what he teaches and you can learn from the best regarding blogging and social marketing by checking out Blogging Success. You can also download his free ebook on social marketing and blogging called Authority Blackbook.

Be professional and honest with the online communities

To successfully utilize social networking websites as tools with integrity you need to honestly participate within the online communities as a member.  Becoming a member of the online community means you will have to register with that particular community.  Become involved within the online groups, which are related to your area of expertise or products and services, which your business offers.  You want to make friends within this online community while proving yourself an expert within the particular field, which you are offering products and services.

Publish quality content on the social networking website

You will need to publish quality content upon these particular social networking websites.  Avoid shoving your products and services down the throats of the online community.  Never mislead or give incorrect information referencing your products and services.  In fact, Jack Humphrey has a new educational product on web 2.0 online marketing for twitter called The Twitter Method, a very unique and proper way to use twitter to market your products and services.

Examples of unethical social networking practices

ttm-dvdpluscase250A great example of such unethical practices is leaving a blog or post within the online community while pretending to be a customer recommending your products and services.  You need to be honest with the online community, which you belong to explaining your products and services.  Leave the decision up to the online community to view your products and services as compared to spamming them with your company information.

Do not criticize your competitors.  Do not point out shortcomings of your competitors.  You can however, specify what makes your products and services different from the competition. Proper use of web 2.0 online marketing strategies will result in profits, using web 2.0 online marketing correctly can make those profits long term instead of short term!

There are no set guidelines on ethical practices with online social network marketing however; you will need to educate yourself with media law while knowing the potential dangers of defamation as well as invading people’s privacy.  Conduct yourself professionally as well as intellectually.  If you follow these guidelines of what not to perform, you should fare well in your goal of becoming a success.

Niche Marketing Tips for Successful Internet Marketing

Would you believe that it is easy to find a niche that can bring internet marketing success if you know where to look?  There is competition everywhere and if you are not doing things the proper way you will find yourself out in the cold and not able to benefit from the power of the internet marketing world. No matter how difficult it may seem, if you can follow some simple guidelines, you will find the competitive edge that is required for success. Here’s your first niche marketing tip, learn from others! Be careful though, so many marketers today have just jumped online and will parrot anything and everything they hear. These jokers have no personal experience you they want you to join their marketing lists so they can ttm-dvdpluscase250blast you day after day with one promotion after another! Before you trust someone, do a Google search on their name to see how long they’ve been around. Ask around different internet marketing forums like the Warrior Forum or Earn1Kaday to see if anyone has heard of this person. Stick with names like Jack Humphrey, Howie Schwartz or Jimmy D Brown, these guys are the superstars of Internet Marketing. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t listen to someone who isn’t highly visible….a good example would be a guy like Ed Chiasson, he can exploit a niche like no other and his tools are second to none! His program, Article Stalker, provides keyword rich content that is absolutely free and this content is needed  to keep visitors coming to your blogs and sites. However,  I highly recommend the Earn1Kaday membership/forum…. a good place to start off,  where you can learn many different business models and niches for  making money online.

The first thing that you need to do in order to be successful is to do a thorough search for a niche. There are many ways of finding a profitable niche, Niche Profit Classroom uses in a very effective way to determine the viability of a new niche. In fact the NPC method is so unique and but simple that you’ll wonder why you never thought of it! If I could give one niche marketing tip, I’d say, to pay attention to the numbers….numbers do not lie! Anyway, researching a particular idea can be accomplished through a variety of sources. There are books with wonderful ideas, past experience to guide you, and brainstorming some ideas and thoughts. These are just a few of the many different methods. One of the best sources however, is the internet itself and knowing how to use the information Google makes available.

Another Niche Marketing Tip involves the availability of search engines, article directories, and forums because you can maximize your results in the shortest amount of time possible. These tools can make the research process easy and efficient for you. You need to have at least some idea of what you are looking for and utilizing these tools can be invaluable to broadening your horizons and ideas.

Once you have done your research and screened the available niches, you need to pick the one that is most suitable for you. When you are choosing your niche, find one that you are passionate about, something that has meaning to you. This is an extremely important part of the decision. Passion is what makes you work on your project for hours and hours and always leaves you wanting more from it. Being passionate about your work gives you the ability to understand the whole market.

Passion is perhaps the greatest niche marketing tip because it puts you on a constant quest for every piece of knowledge that is available in your chosen field. The knowledge that you gain gives you a powerful edge over the competition. Your passion will also give your niche a personal touch. Every single person is passionate about different things. There are things that will work for some business people and not others. There should be a strong bond between you and your niche that cannot be destroyed by anyone or anything.

Another thing to keep in mind is that no one should ever try to reinvent things that are already perfected and working. There are a lot of people that try this and fail. They are able to find a niche that has great success and then they try to follow the exact steps with the false sense that this will lead them to financial freedom. It is nearly impossible to copy a niche that has had success in the past. Not having the ability to copy a niche is not saying that people cannot benefit from the success of these niches.

The ultimate niche marketing tip is the advice and encouragement for continual investment in your education….things change quick on the internet and you need to purchase and invest in your continual education. Follow those who are successful. A program like Niche Profit Classroom gives you all the tools needed define and discover a profitable niche. Earn1Kaday has a whole section of their forum dedicated to creating mini money sites which target specific profitable niche markets. In fact, Niche Profit Classroom provides every member with 2 complete niche packages a month, all the research is done, a high quality product is provided along with a special wordpress niche oriented theme. I’m so impressed with Niche Profit Classroom I’m going to keep my membership! The best way to go about this is to create a niche that works within the successful niches. There are endless possibilities in these niches if you just put some effort into it and use your imagination.

Can You Blog and Replace Your Income?

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re looking for a way to make money online.

If you’ve followed the last couple of posts, maybe you’re interested in making money online with blogging.

Maybe you are blogging and have been blogging for a while and you’re not making any money, most definitely you aren’t able to quit your job.

If you’ve read the last couple of posts about making affiliate income with a blog… might think it’s all a bunch of rubbish or just plain hype and this Jack Humphrey guy is some kind of scam artist.

I don’t blame you for being skeptical. I was skeptical too. But the fastest way to become successful at anything is to be taught, mentored and/or coached by someone who is already successful in your field of interest. This formula works. It works for McDonalds and it works for baking cakes……I know it works for building and monetizing blogs!!


Well……let me introduce you to a guy by the name of Rusty who has been coached by Jack Humphrey and makes enough money with his blog that he no longer has a 9 to 5 job!

You’re in for a treat.

I’m going to show you how to download an excellent case study with Rusty Moore. He is kicking butt in the fitness niche and the case study audio is all about how he is doing it.

jackhumphrey4Rusty just quit his 9 to 5  job because of his blog and went full-time online. It’s quite an inspirational story and one that every online entrepeneur dreams about. Guess what, Jack is going to show you exactly what you need to pull this off!

This is even more surprising.  Rusty’s in the hyper-competitive fitness niche. He is the epitome of what anyone can do when practicing what Jack Humphrey teaches. This really says a lot about what is possible when you stick to blogging……Jack’s way! Read in between the lines….I’m telling you that you can make money online too!

In this interview and case study, Rusty reveals:

* The exact URL of his blog. No games here….just the facts :)
* How Rusty “really” makes money from his blog…..this is the real thing, no BS
* Direct linking to affiliate products and pre-sell pages… gotta see this!
* How Rusty writes his content and manages to stand out in his market….just one of his secrets
* His system for mass affiliate conversions on his blog. Step-by-step!…..can’t believe they’re letting this loose!!

Download Rusty’s Blogging Story today. Start Blogging and replace your income !!!!

If you haven’t already checked out Jacks video on How to Make Money Blogging …..Please check it out.

Also, be sure to download the free ebook on Advanced Blogging Techniques for Makeing Increase Affiliate Income

How to Earn More Money Blogging ….Jack Humphrey!

If you want to understand, study, learn and make money from internet marketing….then you really need to study successful internet marketers. The most successful and avant garde internet marketer I know is Jack Humphrey.

If you were to follow and actually do everything Jack Humphrey told you, you would be rich. I don’t say that with all kinds of hype….but just fact.

Consider when social marketing started. No one considered it as a method to market or use to develop your blog or website. Jack Humphrey was the first to suggest using social marketing. Everybody followed…they even claimed to the the originators….but it was Jack Humphrey.

Ever hear of Authority Sites?

Yep, Jack Humphrey again was the man who was cutting edge enough to suggest you focus your efforts on creating sites that would become an authority within your niche.

And what type of platform did Jack suggest for building Authority Sites…… He suggested Blogs…wordpress blogs. Jack Humphrey was the first to combine WordPress Blogs with the Authority Site concept.

I could go on but I want you to watch this video by Jack. He’s about to reveal another cutting edge concept and because you’re here…you can watch this video for free. Just click on the screenshot below and follow the instructions. I promise you’ll be very impressed and excited!


New Tricks to Make Money Blogging

How to Use Video Utility Poster to continue How To RSS Series!

I did a quick video of the post “How To RSS continued with Video Utility Poster” which shows any blogger how they can easily and quickly add content to their blogs.

I did a screen capture of the process so you might understand how helpful Video Utility Poser is when you are blogging…check out the video below.

If you’re a blogger….and you should be….come on now, if you are an internet marketer you must have a blog about your niche…if your niche is internet marketing, try and specialize in your niche. It’s easier if your niche is about some aspect of dogs….but that’s for another time and is totally up to you.

All I want to do is show you a way to keep your blog posts flowing….that means keeping your readers attention…always providing good quality content. I know how hard this can be…especially if you are doing everything yourself.

You get lazy, tired, busy…whatever…and your blog suffers. With video utility poster you can easily put a blog post together every day. I’m not kidding when I say this is one tool every blogger should have.

With Video Utility Poster you can simply write a brief intro and then do a keyword search using Video Utility Poster and watch it bring up 10, 20 or more videos related to your keywords. If you care about your readers, you should view the vides you want to  use….but with VUP, you just click and drag while still in wordpress and the videos are embedded in your wordpress blog……can’t get much simpler than that.

Check out the below video I did about how I used Video Utility Poster in my blog post entitled “How To RSS continued with Video Utility Poster” You get to see wordpress and Video Utility Poster in Action…..I should actually use it more than I do.

Did you know it works with other blogging platforms. The standard is wordpress, but Video Poster works with Blogger, Typepad and other blogging platforms….although, most of us use wordpress on our own domains.

I almost finished without telling you where you can find Video Utility Poster at….just click on that link and you’ll get the details.


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Thoughts on Article Marketing

What is the purpose of Article Marketing?

If you have a website then your primary goal is to drive traffic to the site….correct?

Article marketing is just one of many ways to drive traffic to your website and it does work. Often times, one article can get picked up and used by many webmasters or simply viewed many times. An effective resource box at the end of the article will get you many clicks.

Brighter minds than mine have argued the reality of duplicate content and it’s supposed effects on either article submission or your website. However, if you have the original article on your website I would edit the following before submitting to any aritcle directory.

-First sentence of each paragraph
-Last sentence of each paragraph
-resource box if its on your original aritcle, always needed with article marketing

These are really easy edits and will only benefit you if you submit the article to a directory or many directories.

It’s true that submitting one article to will or can get you on page one, but typically, it won’t last very long.

If you combine article marketing with social marketing…that is submit your site to some of the social bookmarking sites. Your desired goal of staying on page one will be more likely to be realized.

Jack Humphrey runs a site call Authority Site Center and has put out a FREE book called “The Authority Black Book”….you can download the book if you visit my blog post and go to the bottom of the post and visit the link:

The Authority Black Book

Also it was a common practice with article marketers to mass submit articles to article directories and once again….there is argument amongst the guru’s as to the effectiveness of such techniques. I’m not sure those guys would really tell you what works, but I tried and am using a service called Unique Article Wizard which submits unique versions of your article to over 1000 directories and will submit on a time released schedule if desired.

Anyway, I’ve been getting excellent results with article marketing when combining Unique Article Wizard and Social Bookmarking. In fact I just did a campaign for 4 keyword phrases and have the first 2 pages of google for each phrase. I know I’ll make that claim and most of the readers of this post will be hesitant to believe it….I won’t divulge the keywords, only to tell you that the strategy works and I’ve gotten results quicker than ever when article marketing.

Even if you submit your article to only one directory….that’s better than nothing. You can try….if it’s your first article it could take about a week for it to show up if its approved. Also try and….be sure to try some social bookmarking with your article marketing, you will be amazed!

Go to for more info on a site that will allow you to submit to more than 1 bookmarking site.

Combining article marketing and social bookmarking creates a powerful punch, but be careful about submitting your own sites. If you get carried away, you’ll be banned and lose all your bookmarks.

Good luck,


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Using Digg and Social Marketing

Jack Humphrey is King of Web 2.0 and if you are a member of the Authority Site Center then you know it, but I like to look around and see what others are saying and how they understand some of the web 2.0 sites. I was using Video Utility Poster looking for something of interest and found the below video.

If you’re new to Digg this could be a good viewing for you. If you’re an old pro, I wonder what your thoughts are :)

Using Digg to Market Your Website

As more and more people embrace Web 2.0 technology to develop and market their products and services, Digg has emerged as a popular option for news and content distribution.

However, this method has already been embraced by a number of web marketers so more creativity is required to overcome spam objections. Nonetheless, if you can come up with good content that people like enough to ‘Digg’ you could find your story making the Digg homepage and bringing potentially thousands of visitors to your website.

While there are many tips and tricks that can be exercised for getting content on Digg, the most important, and obvious, point is to produce good, quality content. Articles that offer advice and how-to information have a better chance of getting voted on. But, this is where your creativity must shine. Most people are already familiar with marketers vying for attention. So, you have to be unique, making yourself distinctly “dissimilar”.

As with any content piece online, your headline is the most fundamental attention grabber you have to work with. Through testing, I’ve discovered that asking a question in your headline, if intriguing enough, can give you good exposure. The important factor to remember is that you have to deliver on your question. Readers assume that you will answer the question in your article and quick.

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