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Review of Article Builder

Article Builder and The Best Spinner
Review of
Article Builder

I thought I would do a little mini review of Article Builder a software creation of Jonathan Leger. If you’ve been around internet marketing for any length of time you then know that Jonathan Leger has helped many internet marketers to start making money online and those that were already making money online now make more because of Jonathan’s revolutionary products.

Article Builder might be a worn out name by now …. however, imagine a piece of software that automatically creates a unique article from plr snippets that makes sense, what if it could create many articles in a single click?

Article Builder
Uniquely Combines Content

I thought what could I possibly write in a review of Article Builder that would pique someone’s interest? What if you could define your category, select the number of words per article and then tell the software how many articles and then click a button and BAMMO …… the articles are written and what’s more they make sense?

You could easily take these articles and immediately use them on your blogs or websites just as they are produced by Article Builder. However….

What if an Article Builder could create a handful of articles on, let’s say, “dog training” and then you tell it to include or inject snippets of dog training info within the article body? I did this for years using xsitepro and php coding, manually cutting up articles …..what a pain, but you wouldn’t believe how fast the search engines sucked these articles up. The indexing spiders will do the same with Article Builder!

Article Builder
A Jonathan Leger Creation

Well, internet marketing software genius, Jonathan Leger has done it again with Article Builder. I watched a video that reviewed Article Builder whipping up articles that were readable, very readable. In fact, they are more readable than most plr articles I’ve purchased.

Here’s the bottom line. If you need articles, Jon Leger and Article Builder will provide them for you. Click Here to go to the Article Builder site and see what categories he currently has…. watch the video on how the software works and see if its for you.

Create Google Sucking Content By Combining
Article Builder and The Best Spinner

One more thing. If you were to combine Article Builder with The Best Spinner I do believe your content problems will be over!

Jonathan is limiting his new creation to 500 units and I don’t think its some source of scarcity technique. A limited number of applications will be of big benefit to those that use the Article Builder because we all know that of the 500 that make a purchase….. maybe 10% will actually use it. Do the math, if you make the effort and use it on a weekly basis for blog content I do believe you will have the advantage!

Review of Keyword Snatcher

When it comes to keyword tools I just can’t seem to have enough!

Unfortunately, every time I get a new keyword tool I’ll use it for a short while until the next latest and greatest method of keyword extraction comes along. I do have a few favorites but I’ve fallen in love once again :)

Jonathan Leger has come up with a new creation called Keyword Snatcher. Although it’s still in beta, Keyword Snatcher won’t be available until June 21 and for only a short time…5 days to be exact, because it will be taken off the market on June 25th.

It’s fast and you can quickly build huge keyword lists.

You’ll be able to pull keywords from Google, Yahoo and Bing.

You’ll discover keywords that the Google Keyword Tool will not show you!

Your new keyword phrases will create a whole new source of traffic for your website or blog.

Rather than me try to explain, take a look at this new way of digging up new keywords and some great long tail keywords….these are actual keywords typed in the search box by other users of Google Yahoo and Bing….now you can easily grab these suggestions en masses with Keyword Sniper

Click on the play button to watch the video.

Review of Keyword Snatcher by Jonathan Leger

Don’t forget…..this is only available on June 21st through June 25 2010….. I have no idea if he will ever open this for sale to the public again. And I’m not playing some scarcity tactic on you!

So grab a copy of Keyword Snatcher Today!!!

TheBestSpinner Reviewed Soon!

Best Article Spinner called thebestspinnerI was doing some research on my blog and noticed I somehow forgot to do a post on Jonathan Leger’s article spinner called TheBestSpinner!

I did this at great disservice to you…my reader because this is one of the most effective and important tools you can use if you’re using plr articles or want to create unique new versions of any snippet of text.

I’ve been using Leger’s article spinner since it came out….maybe 6 months ago…maybe more, I’m not sure and it really doesn’t matter, but…… I’ve ditched my favorite spinner called Power Article Rewriter. Most internet marketers have been using PAR for a long time and love it. Jonathan Leger literally blew up PAR with TheBestSpinner…. I mean power article rewriter doesn’t even come close to thebestspinner.

Every time I log into thebestspinner it seems as there is an update with some new feature! I was part of the beta testing for the software and it was really interesting to watch the development of this very functional software. It was literally developed by all the beta testers. Jon added new features as new users and beta testers started using the program. I could list all the features right now but using thebestspinner is the only way to see what it can really do. I promise this will be one of the most important weapons in your internet marketing arsenal!

TheBestSpinner works just as it’s name implies…. it really is the best spinner I’ve every used.

I think I’ll take some time next week and do a thorough review of thebestspinner and some video screen captures. Meanwhile, if you’re interested in investing in an article spinner, don’t hesitate because TheBestSpinner really is the best article and text spinner you’ll ever find!

How to Write Unique Content For My Website?

Many internet marketers like to increase website content by adding reprint articles. Although this might increase the number of webpages on one’s website, and it might even increase the quality of a website…..adding reprint articles can cause your webpages to looked by Google in a negative manner. Google wants unique content, or I should say Google LIKES unique content. There are a number of article writing software applications that help you to write unique content, however, Jonathan Leger’s application called Answer Analyst is one of the best article tools I’ve come across. Consider the following article on how to write unique content…..

Unique Content is the King!

The more unique your content, the more money you would likely to have

There are thousand of thousand websites out there! However, only a few get really popular!

What is the trick?

There is no trick! It is the content. Those popular website always has fresh and juicy and unique content loaded every time.

And of course, there are other factors as well.

Now, when you wanted to write the content for your website, do you often get stucked ? and do not know what to write about? and some of you may even ask other people opinion what to write!!

Then, my friend, I can tell you that you are in deep trouble. This is because the purpose of your website is out of focus!

Actually writing unique and effective content for your website is not difficult at all.

You only have to remember the following:

1) Zoom Down to the Niches Focus of Your Website

Let say you want to create a website regarding golfing. This topic is actually too broad.

You may consider zoom into areas like “How to choose a good golf rod”, “How to do a good golf swing”, etc. This would actually help to focus on the specified area. And naturally you are able to produce effective content. Of course, you could cover all the topics in your single website. However it would be very time consuming. I would recommend to do it from bottom up. Slowly build up your empire from specified area and then combine them together.

2) Define Your Visitors

There are many different people in the world. You have to define your content is meant for which group of people/visitors. This is very important.

3) Think in the shoes of the visitors

Too often, the webmaster is the writer itself. And you would notice that writer would unconsciously write things from the perspective of itself. However, this is very wrong! The content is actually meant for your visitors who come to look for information. You have to think from the perspective of visitors and write the content.

For more information, please visit

That’s it, folks!

Article Source:

Despite the many different opinions and thoughts about duplicate content, please understand this…’ll always do better with your own unique content. Even if you take a reprint article and comment on the article. You can add a small comment before the article, and a small comment after the article. This will help you to use reprint articles more effectively. Consider using Article Analyst to help you write unique articles or even just write some great comments, its a great tool to help you with any type of writing that requires research.

One of my favorite tools for using reprint articles is Article Stalker…use it carefully and remember, reprint articles can be just as effective and good as unique content!