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The Importance of Having a Lead Capture Page

When joining an online business opportunity for the first time, I encourage all of my partners to get a lead capture page.  A lead capture page (also known as a landing page) is the page that your visitor lands on prior going to your main website.  Basically, that page is a teaser page that provides just enough information about your business  to get your prospects’ mouths watering, but without giving them too much information.  You just want to tell them enough to make them want to know more.  Then, in order for them to be taken to your main website, they would have to fill out a form that includes their name, email address, and other information that you may want from them.  Once they fill out this form and hit the “submit” button, they are taken to your main website.  Also, by your prospects filling in that form on your capture page, you are able to follow up with them again in the future.

Why should you have a lead capture page?  The answer is this:  Most people who visit your website are not going to buy the first time around.  Sure, you may have some who purchase on impulse, but the majority of them won’t.  By sending your prospects directly to your company website without having a lead capture form, they will simply browse your website for a few seconds, and most likely click off of your website and do something else.  In the event this happens, you have lost that prospect forever.  Wouldn’t it be so much better if you have captured their information so that you could follow up with them in the future?  Just because they may not buy right now, it does not mean that they won’t buy later.  Studies show that it takes at least seven follow ups for a person to decide to buy.  By having a lead capture page, your autoresponder will be able to follow up with them automatically-even when you are not sitting in front of your computer.

How to make a lead capture page:  Designing a lead capture page requires little to no technical experience at all and anyone can do it.  One could easily find software that will help them design a lead capture page and there are companies that will design your page for you.  However, I have never paid anyone to design a lead capture page for me.  I design my lead capture pages myself and I am not a computer “techie” by any means.

First, I use a free website builder like Blinkweb. They also have a paid option.  Here is an example of a lead capture page that I designed for a program that I am in.

Once you enter a little information on your lead capture page, you will need an autoresponder in order to be able to capture your prospects’ information.  There are many autoresponder companies on the internet, but there is only one that I completely trust:  Aweber. They are extremely reliable, and they deliver all of my messages on time.  Moreover, I always know that they will land in my prospects’ inbox, and not their spam folders.  The service is really easy to use, but in the event that someone is having trouble setting up their account, they also provide online tutorials and webinars to show you exactly how to get set up.  Their customer service is great too. Whenever I call them with a question, they are always upbeat and ready to help me with whatever I need.  I must say, they are the best, bar none.

Now, you know that the importance of having a lead capture page is to:

1.  Capture your prospects’ information.

2.  Follow up with your prospects until they eventually buy from you.

Internet marketing is a great career, but it can be very competitive.  Having a lead capture page is a great way to brand yourself and give you an online identity.

Miranda Jett is a mom of 3 and a wife. She is the creator of “Your 7 Day Marketing Plan,” and also teaches individuals how to generate a full time income from home.
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A Look At New Article Spinning Tool, Magic Article Rewriter and Spinner

Writing articles can be difficult, writing good articles can be really difficult. Once you get past the process of article writing you might run into something called “article spinning”. Of course if this is the first time you’ve heard of article rewriting or article spinning you have to wonder, “what the heck is that?” As you might have guessed, article spinning is done with an article spinning tool and there are a lot of them out there, most of which do a terrible job.

Well, if you want to spin an article you need an article spinning tool such as Magic Article Rewriter and Spinner. This basically is a piece of software that allows you to take the orginal article and break it into pieces and then replace those pieces with similar content…or content that makes sense in regards to the general flow of the article.

First attempts at article spinners only replaced synonyms or other simple words. The meaning was often loss and the article ultimately was garbled and confusing….but, when keywords were stuffed in the articles they initially fooled the search engines. Now, the search engines can spot a poorly spun article in a second.

Most people submit their properly spun articles to the article directories. The downside of this is if you didn’t do a proper job setting up the spin, your articles will be crap and most directories will just dump the articles and the ones that get accepted are usually poor and low ranking directories anyway….so basically its a waste of time.

The perfect application is to use the articles on your own link farm or blog farm. If you spun the articles correctly they will read just as if a human wrote them, they’ll make sense, have a point and often times lead to a solution to a problem. You will have a couple hundred to maybe a thousand variations of that article. Those articles could be used any number of ways but ultimately will build quick links to your money sites, depending on your blogs they could last for months or years. If you add in some parasite hosting you’ll get double the use of spun articles and some pretty powerful link luv!

The most important thing is to use a proper article spinning tool. I’ve probably used 15 or more through the last 3 or 4 years and ended up using a simple program called Power Article Rewriter. PAR does an awesome job and I’d recommend it to anyone except for the fact that support seems to be absent, I think its still being sold but software without support it is worthless.

I’m testing a new article rewriter or article spinner called Magic Article Rewriter and Spinner. It has all the basics of Power Article Rewriter, however, there are many improvements that will make writing and spinning unique articles more like a science. Here’s just a sample of Magic Article Rewriter’s benefits:

This state of the art article spinner and rewriter not only boasts the stability and functionality that no others can match, but it comes preloaded with over 30,000 words, allowing you to rewrite text just by clicking your mouse button!

However, since I realize there are times when you would like to add customized words and phrases to the database to match a specific set of industry words, I designed Magic Article Rewriter with an editable synonym database so you can easily import your own list of words too. This feature allows you to add unique words and phrases that are unique to certain types of markets.

But this is only the beginning. Unlike many inferior spinners on the market today, with this incredible software you can automatically spin each instance of a chosen word in your text at a click of your mouse, or even spin entire sentences.

Once your text is spun, Magic Rewriter produces new and unique versions of your article that reads like a well written article. Even more so, you’ll never have to worry about getting unreadable, gobbled, garbage or duplicate content because Magic Article Rewriter changes each articles up to 75% or more!

Check this out it comes with an Article Submitter that hits over 700 directories

Distribute to over 700 key article directories! With Magic Article Submitters’ pre-built database of directories, all you have to do is create one profile and the software automatically creates and verifies all of the accounts and then submits the articles for you!