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Review of Digi Traffic Accelerator

Review of Digi Traffic AcceleratorI grabbed Andy Fletcher‘s newest traffic hoarding product called Digi Traffic Accelerator as soon as I was able to! I thought I’d set it up and do a review of digi traffic accelerator.

One of the reasons was because I have an old site…. probably 9 years old, all kinds of content related to website design, internet marketing, making money online, wordpress, rants, product reviews…. you name it and I stuffed this site with my content. There’s some plr material…. not much. Most of it is unique content. I might have tried a wp plugin for automated content but only used it for a couple of days. I did use a plugin called wpunique for a while on plr articles but not more than 5 to 10% of the blog is done this way.

You can imagine how shocked I was when Google slapped me a couple weeks ago! This was an authority site ….or at least I thought so.

I would get 400 to 500 unique visits a day….. today I’m down to 20 to 40 uniques a day.

Now 500 uniques a day isn’t that great, but I virtually did not do any backlinking! If there are any backlinks to my blog, they were put out voluntarily by other blog owners. I take that back, I’m using Andy Fletcher’s WPSyndicator usually once a day for about 10 sites or 10 backlinks.

Review of Digi Traffic AcceleratorThe sales copy says easy as 1,2,3 and Andy is always good for his word so we’ll see how this baby works out! I got to get this blog up and I thought it about time to start focusing some energy on building backlinks. So I’m going to give his new desktop product called Digi Traffic Accelerator a shot. It looks good, looks easy and quick to use. So, I’ll keep any readers I have left posted on what happens in the next 30, 60,90 days. Just do a search on my blog for Digi Traffic Accelerator

Here’s an email on Andy sent me on Digi Traffic Accelerator if you want to know more about it. There’s a 7 day trial for a $1 and I plan on getting my money’s worth :) You can do your own review of Digi Traffic Accelerator just click the link and get started for 1 buck!

here’s the email
Hi Scott,

Here at DigiResults, we’ve been working on something BIG…

Something that will build you 500 high-quality backlinks at the push of a button…

If you’ve been following my Traffic Acceleration videos, you’ve probably guessed what I’m talking about…

But just in case you haven’t had the chance to catch up, let me tell you a bit about the brand new backlink-building behemoth:

Digi Traffic Accelerator is a brand new desktop application that not only builds you over 500 backlinks… it builds you 500 of the best type of backlink, the ones that deliver organic, direct AND viral traffic.

Digi Traffic Accelerator will –

- Create over 500 backlinks at the push of a button, ALL on sites tailored to give you organic, direct and viral traffic
– Create and confirm accounts on over 500 posting sites on complete autopilot (this is a real timesaver!)
– Automatically build both your low-PR engine and high-PR power links for maximum acceleration
– Integrate with 3 different Captcha-breaking services so you can blast through captchas on autopilot
– Use advanced multithreaded processing so the app works super-efficiently, so you don’t need a super-powerful computer to get the benefit

This is the most powerful tool we’ve ever produced… and you can try it out for $1.

That’s right… just $1.

But places are strictly limited… we’re capping active users at 3000 to make sure the supported sites aren’t overloaded, and though that might sound a lot, we had over 50,000 people check out the video course…

So grab it while you can!

Check this out now -Digi Traffic Accelerator



Paid Link Building

Link building is a very important factor in a successful online business. It your marketing and is what allows people to see your website. The more people who know of your website, the more potential visitors you get. The more visitors you get the more potential there is for sales.

There are a lot of methods for link building out there. And some work better then others but it also changes depending on you and your niche. Not every strategy will work for everybody, that is why there are multiple strategies to begin with.

Paid Link Building

Paid Link Building is one such method of generating a list of back links. There is a lot of debate over it but really it just depends on you and what you want. You may feel that it is worth it or you may not. Just like every other method it is up to you to decide if you want to do it.

Now paying for your back links probably is not how you will start. A lot of people do not have that kind of money. We simply can not afford to run around paying for everything, that includes back links. So you will probably do it all manually to start.

That is perfectly acceptable since virtually everybody was in that position. That is why there are so many ways for doing link building for free. From posting on forums to drive people to your website or from posting articles on directories. There is even software that can help automate the process to help you along.

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But once your website starts generating income, you may want to take a look into Paid Link Building. While you can take the time and effort into creating your list of back links yourself, you might not want to bother or might simply not have the time to devote yourself to it as much as you should.

By paying for your links you cut out all the time and hassle. A lot of people find it to be worth the cost since you get good, quality back links right off the bat with no work involved. With these back links your website can sky rocket through the pages on it’s way to page one.

Typically, the back links for sale are often of a higher caliber then those you could get for free. They do not want to sell you something you can just get elsewhere for free, so they up the ante and provide links that will greatly improve your page rank.

So if you have the money and do not have the time or simply do not want to be bothered. Then Paid Link Building could work wonders for you as you are building permanent backlinks. There is still work you have to do, do not go in expecting to just pay a fee and have all the work done for you. All they do is give you the links, you still have to set them up and work on your website. But if you continue to work at it, you can put that saved time into your website and really start making money.

Permanent Link Building

permanent link buildingPermanent link building is the foundation for a good and successful online business. Your website is up and running but you now need to market it and let the world know of it’s existence so people can visit it. The more visitors you get the better.

Link building is the term used for building up a list of back links. Back links are what actually help you get your website out there and get it known. They work along with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to determine what page your website should be on.

Since people do not go to the higher pages, you want to get as close to the first page as you can. The closer you are to the first page the more visitors you will attain and the better your chances of making money.

Click Here for Permanent Link Building Tools

There are some things you might want to consider when dealing with Permanent link building. These tips can help you with your back links and give you a good starting foundation for getting your website out there to the masses.

1. Relevancy is key. Google has wised up over the years and their search program is evidence of that. They are no longer fooled by bogus back links. What I mean by that, is back links that have absolutely nothing to do with your website. If the links have nothing to do with your website they wont count towards increasing your page rank. If they do not increase your page rank they are useless.

2. Quality is key. Just as relevancy plays a part, so does quality. You can get back links from a lot of places and they vary on how good they are. If you can get back links from the websites that populate the first couple of pages they will be worth a lot more to you than links from other, lower ranked websites.

The reason for this is because SEO detects the URL of that website in your back link. It determines that the website is popular and, since it is linking to you, you must be pretty good yourself. It gives your website a share of the popularity.

3. Quantity is key. Lastly, you want to make sure to get as many articles as you are able to. Even if your articles are relevant, or of a high caliber, if you do not have enough of them you will not progress as far as you could. Other people are out there doing the same thing you are, and if they have relevant, quality links but have more of them then they will win out. So make sure not to fall behind and to get as many links as you can.

While Permanent link building can be difficult it is by no means impossible. If you follow these basic tips they can lay the foundation for a great link building campaign that will allow your website to skyrocket through the pages. Just remember to always keep adding new and quality back links. If you let it slack you will drop down the pages, and all that work will be for nothing.

Link Building Guide

Link building is a very important part of making a successful website and online business. But because it is so important it is also easy to make mistakes. We are all only human and we only know what we are taught, so if you do not learn about link building how can you hope to do it effectively?

This is where you are probably searching for a Link Building Guide to help you through this process and teach you what you need to know. But even that can prove troublesome. There are a lot of guides out there and a lot of them say different things, how are you suppose to know what to follow?

Click Here for the best link building guide.

Well the truth is, you don’t. Most of those guides will, at the very least, give you some information you can use. The idea is to piece together what you can and try to find out what way works best for you.

But even with that, there are some basic tips you can take into consideration. These tips can help you build a foundation for your link building as they are the basics of using back links.

1. You want to make sure your back links are relevant to your website. Google has cracked down over the years and gotten a lot stricter in it’s use of back links. It is no longer fooled by random, unrelated back links. So if you use back links that really have nothing to do with your website, they will not contribute to increasing your website’s page rank.

2. Try and get back links from other high ranking websites. You have probably done searches and see your competition sitting on the first few pages. You want to try and get back links from them. The reason you want to try and do this is because back links from high ranked sites benefit you more than links from low ranked sites. Part of that site’s rank is shared with you because the search engine detects that site’s URL in your back link.

So these back links are worth more than other links. The downside to this is that they are also harder to get. But the reward can be well worth the effort put into acquiring them. This is where a Link Building Guide can come in.

3. Get as many back links as you possibly can. While they should always be relevant to your website, quantity is still very important. The internet is full of people and you are not alone in your market. Everyone is fighting to come out on top and numbers play a huge role in this. If your competitor has back links that are just as good as yours, but has way more of them, then he is the one that gets the rank and not you.

So you want to make sure you are getting the most out of your links by getting as many of them as you can. The search algorithms also take this as a sign of popularity if you have a lot of links which will further help you climb up the ladder. Link Building Guide can be hard to follow sometimes, but these basics can help you know what to look for and where to get started.

WpSyndicator Review Not to Be Missed

I investigated a wonderful word press plugin named WpSyndicator as well as already been making use of it for a number of weeks now. It really is great regarding building one-way links on auto-pilot plus is simply one more method for you to automate your current posting exercises, therefore I decided I should write a quick WpSyndicator Review.

Other than developing content articles, the hardest issue about blogging and site-building is going to be marketing and advertising it…

Ensuring that you obtain traffic, positioned in the search engines in addition to in the long run building a wordpress bog that makes money is a full time activity inside of it…

Let’s suppose your current blogging site marketed itself anytime an individual published?

Take a look at WpSyndicator and Get going Generating Backlinks to your site Today!

Andy Fletcher created a different WordPress platform based tool that automatically promotes your blog whenever click on submit post…

The application spreads your blog posts over the prime web 2 . 0. properties and quickly makes top quality, highly visited links using the anchor text within the key phrases which you decide hyperlinking to your favorite wordpress blog.

Take a look at WpSyndicator and simply Embark on Making Back-links Right now!

The testamonials are in and wordpress bloggers really are experiencing fantastic end results.

This takes a project that could usually require much time and does it immediately…

Every time you are making a fresh post, you get zero cost long lasting inbound links and a rush of targeted traffic. This really is hands-down the coolest “recommended” WordPress plugin I have seen this season…

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Consider WpSyndicator and Get going Establishing Backlinks Right now!

Best Wishes


P.S. By the way, you only ftp your plug-in and the application instantly. It’s very amazing, I’ve truly never seen anything like it. You can check it out here…

You know Backlinks Are Important…but, How do you Get Backlinks—Answer====> WpSyndicator

A Link Popularity Campaign and Building Links The Right Way

linking campaignBacklinks (otherwise referred to as “incoming links”) are links that originate from another website and link to your website. Obtaining backlinks is one of the most important steps you need to take in order to raise your search engine ranking. It’s also important to know that the quality (relevance and ranking) of the links that come to your will affect your score. A link popularity campaign is a way to attract more links to your website.

There are many ways to go about getting backlinks. One of them is by posting another website’s link on your website. Make sure that you are posting something that is truly relevant to your website content and preferably links back to a site that is highly ranked by the search engines. When you do this, the owner of the site you post will likely also place your site on his website. This is called “reciprocal linking” and, while it’s better than no linking at all, you don’t want to have only reciprocal links. First of all, they are not as effective as one-way links, and second of all, you are giving your website visitors the opportunity to click off of your site and on to something else.

In order to get one-way links, you can buy them from a link building service, ask for them from other webmasters, or create exceptional content that others will naturally want to link to in order to provide more value to their visitors. Exceptional content is the key to natural link building. However, you may need to use other methods to push your link popularity campaign alone a little bit.

It’s also very important to regularly monitor your website’s link popularity. This can be done quickly and easily with a number of free online tools. You always want to have an idea of where your website stands, what strategies are working for you and which one’s aren’t.

Finally, this may seem obvious but if you are committed to link building, you need to continuously put your web site link in front of people. This doesn’t mean that you need to be spammy or overly promotional. But find outlets where you can offer advice, provide solutions or bring up questions about the business that you are in. And include your link whenever you participate. This will create interest and links if you are participating in the right way.

All this talk about building links and building backlinks we sometimes forget to check backlinks. Read more about how to check backlinks with yahoo.

Again, updated, top-quality content is the foundation to getting high-quality links to your website so that other webmasters will include your link in their recommendations to their visitors. It also helps to have numbered titles or sections on your website or blog like “5 Ways to Create a Link Popularity Campaign” or “21 Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make When Building Your Website”. These are just two examples but titles like this offer perfect linking solutions for other webmasters.

Do You Need A Link Popularity Tool

Internet Web Page LinksYou might wonder what the image of a chain link has to do with website links….simple, follow the link at one end and it brings you to your desired link. Something like that anyway. The web is filled with links, the more that point to your page…… the more traffic that you’ll get!

Before discussing the link popularity tool, let’s discuss link popularity itself. What is it? Link popularity basically refers to the total number of web pages which link to your web site or any of its individual pages. The reason it is so important is because this is one of the main factors that search engines use to evaluate your website and where it will be ranked. If your website is ranked high with the search engines, you will come up in the first results when a potential customer goes online and searches for what your business offers. That’s why webmasters are concerned with their link popularity.

So what is a link popularity tool? It depends on the tool. There are many facets to link popularity and link building so there are tools that correspond to those aspects. Some tools will perform an analysis on the various search engines to show you how many pages are linking to your site. They can also tell you which pages are linking. Some will actually give you a score so you can judge how well you are doing. Some will give you the opportunity to compare your site to others. Most free tools will only give you the results from the biggest search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.

You’ll probably notice that the amount of links varies significantly from search engine to search engine because the figures displayed represent the number of inbound-links that are known to each search engine in particular and will vary based on the size of its database. Search engines also figure out certain inbound-links (again, this varies according to the search engine) so certain backlinks may not figure into the total.

While you don’t want to become obsessed with using this tool or checking the data all the time, it is important to keep tabs on your links. You want to keep your links as high-quality and relevant as possible and knowing where they are coming from can help you manage that information.

After you analyze the information that you get from your tool, you can then continue on with your link building strategy. Many tools are also connected or related to other services that can help you with this realm of link-building as well. Just remember that the same rules apply if you should decide to go with a link building service to take care of that aspect of your business. You want to get a quality service so make sure you do your research in order to get the most bang for your buck. While many link-building tools are free, link building services are definitely not. However, what they save you in time and effort could very much be worth it in terms of cash.

By all means, take advantage of a link popularity tool and then decide if you plan to go as far as to hire someone else to handle your backlink strategy.

WordPress For Offline Marketing

websitedesignmchenrySome guy was talking about seo, keywords and using a wordpress blog for setting up an offline marketing business by putting up websites for brick and mortar stores. He wanted to use static pages in a wordpress blog setup and thought that he wouldn’t need the part of a wordpress blog that does the dynamic posting….. I suggested if he was just setting up static sites, he might as well use Xsitepro because it would give him the most bang for the bust!  He must have been a newbie because he had some very basic questions. Nothing wrong with being a newbie, so I thought I’d post part of his question along with my comments below….maybe you might be able to glean something from it.

I really need to contact this fellow and show him my Xsitepro Offline Marketing Template. Using an Xsitepro Template for setting up brick and mortar businesses makes a lot of sense since these sites get indexed so quickly. In case you haven’t seen my directory yet, I’ve been experimenting with The Mchenry Business Directory …an online directory listing Mchenry businesses.

His Question

Basically, I’m going to try and create a stable offline business by providing a certain offline service, to customers which I plan to partially get through organic Google traffic. These customers would only be based locally. I have researched quite a few really nice local keywords, some with 4K+ monthly searches and I’m not really sure how to go about this.

I’ve decided to use WordPress for the website because of the ease of use and because it’s SEO friendly. The website contains a welcome home page as well as faq, contact, terms of service, privacy policy and services page which describes the services that are being offered. The reason for not knowing how to go about this is because the whole website is static nothing really changes on it since it’s meant to be a business website. The local keywords I have researched seem to have a fairly low competition although some seem hard to dominate.

My Answer and Comments

You’ve got a lot going on and some big questions. I’ll give you my 2 cents for one small part of it. You’re talking about using a wordpress blog for a buisness blog which will be composed mostly of static pages.

First based on my experience, if you’re planning on creating a static site I would use Xsitepro. I use Dreamweaver or just plain ole notepad for developing sites and Xsitepro produces results that often times out do WordPress. So, if you’re serious about setting up multiple offline sites, composed of 3 or 4 pages….get a copy of Xsitepro and use it… Your pages will be indexed in some cases overnight and usually stay there with little to no updating. That’s my personal experience. Just make sure you use the rss function and create a xml page, ping it and submit it to the directories


WordPress offers so much and to limit yourself to a couple of pages per site is a big mistake. Many big corporations switch to a wordpress blog…using it as a CMS. There is tremendous potential in using wordpress for your offline sites that you’re really missing.

If you want to create a static front page that’s fine. But don’t dismiss using the blog as part of your site and its entire promotion.

I find a blog is the perfect offline business platform for developing websites and I incorporate both static and regular posts.

You mentioned you have a couple of keywords…I image it wouldn’t be too difficult to come up with 50 or more keywords for your niche….especially if it’s localized.

This is how a the blog portion of the site would work.

Use the blog to create or build a story about the business. You can expound on any aspect of the business, create a category and post weekly or daily blog posts using your keywords. Your story could virtually be a diary of daily business happenings. People love to read about the more personal side of a business. You could profile the employees….you could follow one employee through the entire week.

I can’t think of any business that you couldn’t develop some sort of story around. Heck, you could even have a cagegory that focuses on the office life of the business….isn’t there a hit TV show called “The Office”!

I like to chronicle various projects, jobs, cases or patients within a business or service.

Let’s say your site is for a local chiropractor. You can set up the front end of the site to make it look professional….but don’t dismiss developing the blog because this is where you can effectively use your keywords or keyword phrases and start getting organic traffic.

Keeping with the chiropractor example. Find a patient to blog on. Let’s say he has arm pain from a ruptured disc. Have the Chiropractor or you blog weekly on the patients treatment and progress. You’ll be able to use keywords for the treatment…such as “decompression therapy in Mchenry” or “muscle stimulation therapy in Mchenry Chiropractor“…’ll have enough material for a full year. Use your imagination.

Consider a hardwood flooring company.

Do the same thing, set up your static front page as an introduction to the company…make sure you have an optin form. Then you could set up some blog categories such as “materials” where you would talk about the various hardwoods, finishes etc. Or how about a “projects” category. Pick a couple of good projects to blog about in a diary form. Once again, when you’re talking about oak flooring, you would use the keyword “oak flooring in Mchenry” or “hardwood floor sanding in Mchenry“…, you have more material for an offline blog than any blog on internet marketing or some adsense blog.

You can literally blog about any aspect of any business, talking about information that those familiar with the business would probably think is uninteresting. As the website developer you’re presented with an opportunity to use this information to stick important keywords or keyword phrases.

Although you mainly blogging to get your site indexed for certain keywords, by no means, dismiss the fact that people really enjoy knowing the inner workings of a company. People are nosey…they want to know the gossip and whether people are happy with a business……you can provide that information by blogging.

I’ve purchased and read many offline marketing guru’s and nobody talks about what I just did….use this information to beat any and all competitors!

Concerning backlinks.

This forum is full of ideas and methods to get backlinks….some as white as the driven snow and others dark like midnight on a new moon look around and do some searching there are plenty of experts here on keywords.

I can tell you that a handfull of decent backlinks for most keyword phrases for offline marketing will almost always get you on page one and at the top. That being said, why don’t you set up a network of blogs for your own links. Set up some blogger and blogs. Then there is always the old fashion method of asking for a link to your site.

You can find a some guys here offing backlink packages… getting backlinks should be the least of your problems….just make sure you build it into your pricing structure.

Oh well….I wasn’t going to say anything about linking or backlinks…wanted to leave that to someone else.

Hope you get the idea about how you can use a wordpress blog more effectively for your offline sites!


18 Link Building Strategies

1. Contact the websites you are currently linked to to optimize the links. Ask them to change the “click here” to another anchor text containing relevant keywords since the anchor text encourages people to click the ad.

2. Monitor the websites 404 statistics. Keep track of the links that are old or misspelled URLs. Google has a great tool for tracking URLs and links.

3. Create a “link to us” link on your website. This provides information for others to link to your site including anchors, URLs, and logos. Keep this page updated with current information and additional links.

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4. Use spell check and grammar checker to correct any errors. The users will notice when you have errors in your links, pages, and content.

5. Search the internet for other sites that mention your website but are not linked to your site. Contact them to have them link your site.

6. Post comments on blogs with a link to your site in your signature line. When you add comments that are relevant and informational you will build traffic.

7. Make sure your navigation is spiderable by the search engines. Use anchor text or image text to increase the search engine results.

8. Use a sitemap on your website. Link all the pages on each page with the sitemap for a user friendly site.

9. Link your site to relevant topics on other websites. Link to the important pages on the site.

Monster Clicks Massively Improves Blog Linking!

10. Link to sites with high search engine rankings. They will drive traffic to your site.

11. Check on the sites your competitors are using. Get the same links to add to your site.

12. Post comments from clients that are positive to add the trust and interest of future clients.

13. Create a free eBook containing your expertise or niche. Offer the eBook as a gift for people viewing your site who provide their personal contact information.

14. Teach an online seminar regarding your expertise. You should be considered an expert in your field and will attract people to the webinar. Post announcements of the seminar.

15. Use Google AdWord’s content to build your network with other sites with relevant products and content.

16. Join an affiliate program that promotes and sells the same type of product. Add links to your website.

17. Add a “donate to charity” link to your site. Describe the charity and how you donate the proceeds received. Pick a charity that people are willing to donate.

18. Submit your URL to social media sites to promote your products and services. Make sure the sites have quality services and products offered on their sites.

When you utilize these strategies to your website you will begin to see  profits from the increased traffic.

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7 Tips To Get Links Without Asking

If you are using links to build your website, you know it is very time consuming. There has to be another way to get the links without you spending time asking to use the links on your site. There is a way to do this process. There is a strategy that has ten steps you can use.

To use link building, you find target websites. You review to decide if you think it is worth adding the site to yours. You research the contact person then send them a request to use their link. You sit and wait for their response.

There are many things you can to do to build your link popularity without sending out direct requests.

Here are some tips for getting the links:

Join an online discussion group and forum. Begin to be an active participant. When you join the community you will be able to spot the people who are building a productive business. When you create a strong relationship with these people, they will ask to link to your site. They will want to be linked with another profitable business.

Make a notice on your website where you state you want more links. In the statement, ask for the links and add a spot for the person to write the linking code to their site that uses keywords phrases in the text. Use a statement similar to “If you find this site helpful, add your link so others can also benefit from this site.”

Publish a regular newsletter. Post the content of the newsletter on your site. Include a statement in the newsletter “If you have enjoyed the newsletter, please include a link to your site.” Include your URL in the statement.

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Publish articles on other sites such as ezines, informational sites, article banks, and media sites. There are many article sites on the internet so simple Google “article submission sites” and use the sites to broadcast your message in the article.

Use well written content on the site and with all your publications. It is an old method but it is very effective. The better the content then you will attract people to your site where they will see your message about adding a link to your site.

Submit your site to legitimate award sites. When you share your site with these sites you will be amazed the great responses since you have great content on your site. They will want to link to your site.

Volunteer to become an editor for several directories. You then write reviews for the sites of your own sites where you will have opportunities of getting to know the market better. When you know the market better you build a better network of peers.