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Local Directory Six Figure Business in a Box with Local Directory Empire

Local Directories for Offline Income Complete PackageSix Figure Business-In-A-Box!


I wanted to share with you a fantastic way to build a residual and recurring income online.

In case you haven’t heard, local business directory sites are BIG Business.

Companies like the Yellow Pages selling directory listings for $70+ a month and selling hundreds of these every day, you can easily see how profitable a business it is for them.

What if you could build your own local business directory site that only had 20 businesses paying you $50 a month. That’s an easy $1,000 every month for no extra work.

If you had 10 of those sites, in various niches and cities, you could easily be making SIX FIGURES a Year!

Now, I’m sure that you’re thinking that it all sounds great, but you have no idea on how to even begin with such a business. I know, because I thought the same thing.

Well, we’re in luck as my friend Josh Precht just released a local directory business-in-a-box, that gives you everything you need to make a passive, recurring income every month from local directory sites.

Local Directory Empire

Here’s What You Get:

– A step-by-step video training course that covers:
* Proper Niche Selection
* How To Properly Build Your Directory Site
* What Content You Need To Include
* How To Get Traffic To Your Directory Sites
* How To Properly Monetize Your Directory Sites
* How To Get Businesses To Advertise On Your Site
* How To Scale and Grow Your Local Directory Empire
– A Premium WordPrLocal Directory Six Figure Business in a Boxess Directory Theme
– A Premium WordPress Ad Management Plugin

Local Directory Empire

Grab your copy now and start building your own Local Directory Empire
Local Directory Six Figure Business in a Box

To your success,