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TheBestSpinner Reviewed Soon!

Best Article Spinner called thebestspinnerI was doing some research on my blog and noticed I somehow forgot to do a post on Jonathan Leger’s article spinner called TheBestSpinner!

I did this at great disservice to you…my reader because this is one of the most effective and important tools you can use if you’re using plr articles or want to create unique new versions of any snippet of text.

I’ve been using Leger’s article spinner since it came out….maybe 6 months ago…maybe more, I’m not sure and it really doesn’t matter, but…… I’ve ditched my favorite spinner called Power Article Rewriter. Most internet marketers have been using PAR for a long time and love it. Jonathan Leger literally blew up PAR with TheBestSpinner…. I mean power article rewriter doesn’t even come close to thebestspinner.

Every time I log into thebestspinner it seems as there is an update with some new feature! I was part of the beta testing for the software and it was really interesting to watch the development of this very functional software. It was literally developed by all the beta testers. Jon added new features as new users and beta testers started using the program. I could list all the features right now but using thebestspinner is the only way to see what it can really do. I promise this will be one of the most important weapons in your internet marketing arsenal!

TheBestSpinner works just as it’s name implies…. it really is the best spinner I’ve every used.

I think I’ll take some time next week and do a thorough review of thebestspinner and some video screen captures. Meanwhile, if you’re interested in investing in an article spinner, don’t hesitate because TheBestSpinner really is the best article and text spinner you’ll ever find!

Niche Profit Classroom Review in Progress

I wanted to promote Niche Profit Classroom a couple of months ago so I joined to see what it was all about.  Been working on trying to implement their system along with digesting the information they promote…. On top of that I’m trying to finish 2 special Xsitepro website templates, some graphics and an e-commerce site. Then my monitor went out along with my headphone jack being jerked out of the computer and destroyed….. One more thing, yes, I’ve been dealing with debilitating health circumstances.

So yes, I’ve been busy and consumed. Too many projects and not enough hours in a day….that’s my problem!

Better to be busy though, my cable connection also went out for a while and I was unable to get online. I never realized how fortunate I am to be able to have an alternative method of making money. My illness keeps me house bound and without the opportunity to work online I would have jumped out of the window a long time ago….the first floor window that is… :)

Anyway Niche Profit Classroom is turning out to be one of the best online memberships I’ve joined to date, primarily because they have developed a process called Niche Marketing 2.0. There are other good ones that I belong to, but NPC is very specific in regards to focusing on Niche Marketing and it’s deep, I mean really deep. For the first time in my life I’m working on setting up a site according to someone else’s explicit directions…..ok I’ve customized a little :). But I want to see how their system works and if it will really do as advertised.

My site isn’t done yet, but you can check it out, it’s called Guide for Model Trains and here’s an article on HO scale model train!

I haven’t done a full blown review of Niche Profit Classroom yet because I’m still working on testing their systems and implementing their processes. From what I’ve seen so far I can very strongly recommend that you join this membership. The two guys who own the membership are Allen and Adam, can’t remember their last names but they seem to have the ability to teach and have put together a system that is more complete than any other I’ve seen to date. If I have any complaints, it would be that Adam and Allen aren’t around to ask questions…..although they have a full support system and forum where questions are always answered, I haven’t seen either of these guys get involved…..I guess that’s what happens when your projects become successful.

I’ll do a complete review of Niche Profit Classroom very soon, meanwhile, make sure you check out the site above, the train site, and let me know what you think.

Affiliate Link Cloaker Best Link Cloaker on the Market!

I consider myself somewhat of an expert on link cloaking and link redirects. Well, if I’m not an expert I surely have collected just about every link cloaker or link redirect script I’ve seen in the last 6 years or so. Today I think I’ve seen one of the most unique link cloaking applications I’ve ever come across, called Advanced Link Cloaker. I know the author and consider him a friend, Ali is a software developer and specializes in scripts and applications for internet marketers. When Ali comes out with a new script you can bet it is something unique and effective!

Advanced Link Cloaker is unique because it allows you to actually embed things into the affiliate page you are promoting. I’m talking about embedding your optin forms, videos, bookmarking buttons, bonuses, other promotions…..really just about anything. I can hardly believe it, let’s say you have an affiliate link for jet skis on ebay, first you paste the link in Affiliate Link Cloaker, now you want to offer the page visitor a “Guide to Purchasing Used Jet Skis”, so you create an optin code and paste that into the application and click another button and Voila!!! you created an ebay page with your optin form on it…… cool is that?

I just got my copy of Advanced Link Cloaker and I’m playing around with it now. This has to be one of the most powerful applications I’ve seen in a long time and will surely boost affiliate sales for many marketers… only concern is that ebay, amazon, clickbank and others will somehow think this is an unfair advantage. So…..I guess its kind of like Google in the early days……use Advanced Link Cloaker now and make a ton of cash while you can. Of course I am not implying that this will automatically make you a ton of money…..I need to say that to keep the lawyers away, but I would certainly grab a copy and give it a try if you do any affiliate marketing.

Watch the videos for an idea of how easy and quickly you can create affiliate pages. I’ll report latter this week to let you know how it’s working after I give it a try.

Powerhouse Tips from Dreamweaver Training

If you’ve been using Dreamweaver for a long time, you may think you know it all. Odds are however, that you could still benefit from learning a few tips & tricks to make Dreamweaver more powerful & versatile. Even experts can benefit from Dreamweaver training. Here are a few things you might not know.

Prepare pages for CSS

If you have an existing site, stripping all the style information out can be a daunting task. A Dreamweaver training coursework can tell you about the tag replacement feature. Open a page & select Edit/Replace. Select Tag from the “Find What” list, then select a style tag such as Font from the tag list. Click the minus button to remove any attributes, select “Strip Tag” from the action list, & then click “Replace All.” All the Font tags will be removed in a flash & the page is two step closer to being ready for CSS.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) permit page designers to separate information about a page’s appearance from information about its content. Among other benefits, it makes it easy to modify the style of a whole web-site. The designer has to modify only two file, the CSS definition, than each page.

Microsoft Word can export its documents as web pages. However, Word puts out bad HTML. Before posting such a page it should be cleaned up, a task that could take hours. As you will learn in

Dreamweaver CS4

Dreamweaver training, this task can be fast & painless. Select “File/Import Word HTML” from the menu. two times the document lots, select the options in the “Clean Up Word HTML” dialog, & click OK. In moments you’ll have a tidy document that is ready for the web.

neat up Word pages

two common mistake in designing web pages is to forget that not everyone runs in the same screen resolution. A web page must be as usable to anyone using 640×480 as another using 1600×1200. Dreamweaver training shows you a dropdown menu that lets you modify the size of the displayed document so you can see how it will appear on smaller monitors.

Check web pages at various resolutions

If you modify a page’s name or location, you run the risk of breaking all links that refer to it. You might think you have to modify all the links physically, but Dreamweaver training shows you an less hard way. Use Dreamweaver’s “File” menu to rename or move a page & Dreamweaver will offer to update any links on your site to the new page location.

Changing a page name

Dreamweaver training makes sense

This is a hint of the kind of information you can get from Dreamweaver training. Even if you know these tips, there are certain to be more that you don’t. A class is an effective way to hone your skills & improve your productivity. Take the time to enroll in a class today. You’ll be glad you did!

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A Fun, Fast And Simple Macromedia Dreamweaver Tutorial That Shows You How To Build Your Website, Step by Step From Start To Finish. Visit

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Learn CSS for Award Winning Website Design

I started to learn website design somewhere around 2003. I was determined to learn how to put up a website if it meant buying every book on website design there was! I really wanted to be an award winning website designer. I kept hearing the word Dreamweaver and had no idea what that meant!

At that time there weren’t a whole lot of online tutorials for building a website and webpages, so I went off the the local Barnes and Noble to find a book on website design. I must have purchased 10 books on website design.

My next decision was to purchase Dreamweaver. Frontpage was available at the time but I thought it would be wise in investing in software that I thought was the best and would be around for a while. I had never created a webpage before and when I first opened up Dreamweaver I almost ended my  not yet begun career of designing and building websites! Everything was so foreign to me, and learning html seemed so difficult. Yet all my research let me to believing that Dreamweaver would be the tool of choice for creating award winning website designs. I should add that I was forced to purchased Xsitepro for a long time web development and maintenance project. I really had no desire to learn how to use Xsitepro or to purchase it. However, once  I invested to the time to learn Xsitepro….. I became very found of the program. In fact, I would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn how to start building websites and developing and maintaining their own websites……yes, I would encourage the purchase of Xsitepro over Dreamweaver for the newbie. However, if you want to learn html and css coding then Dreamweaver would be second to none!

A lot has happened since those early years of website design. I’ve whipped up a lot of websites but haven’t come anywhere near mastering the complete power of Dreamweaver. However, by using Adobe Photoshop to create templates and then importing the pieces into Dreamweaver I think I’ve been able to create some websites that are getting pretty close to being award winning!

Nonetheless, I continue the journey of website design by exploring new techniques and methods of website development. Worpdress has come on the scene in the last couple of years and is rapidly becoming one of the easiest and most flexible methods of developing on online presence. Many top designers are using wordpress to develop award winning website design. I found a great online guide that covers how to edit wordpress theme and how to create WordPress Themes called How to Be a Rockstar WordPress Designer….. don’t waste any time, get it if you have an interest creating wordpress themes!

If you do anything with web development then you know that CSS or cascading style sheets is rapidly becoming the standard method of putting pages on the web. Dreamweaver has great css functionality and wordpress is basically a object of css programing or coding. If you plan on doing any wordpess hacking you better know and understand css code!

I’ve been on a journey of Worpress hacking for the last year and have learned the basics of css. I can’t tell you how many css tutorials I’ve started and never completed :) My goal is to start creating wordpress themes from photoshop files and I just don’t know and understand css well enough to start creating award winning website designs!

Anyway, as I sit here tonight thinking about all the css frustrated website designers I thought I’d offer a few rays of hope!. For the first time in my life I went through a complete css tutorial, start to finish and didn’t skip any steps :) It wasn’t really a basic css tutorial, but I figured I better start someplace close to the beginning so I could properly understand the basics of building websites or blog themes with css. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was, and I’ve made it a goal to be able to write a css site blindfolded by the end of this year….and hopefully have a better understanding of hacking away at wordpress blogs by that time also.

If you want to brush up on your css or just start learning it so you can began a career of building award winning website design …..then, check out the css tutorial I just finished. Nothing to promote here, just a decent tutorial on using css to create a simple webpage with a navigation tree across the top and in the footer. The author breaks up the tutorial as follows:

1.  Introduction
2. The Design
3. Default HTML Template
4. Setting the canvas
5. The major elements
6. Floats
7. Additional Structure
8. Some basic text styles
9. The Header
10. Footer
11. The Navigation (arg!)
12. Getting it right in IE

Let me give you some encouragement if you’re trying to learn web design. Trust me on this, you can do it! Just don’t quit. Remember that people learn differently. You might come to understand a concept by reading it once. Another person might have to read it 100 times….but they will get it. That same concept might not be understood by the next guy unless they actually do it….for some people they can do it once and understand…..again, others might have to (in this cas) write the basic code of an html page 50 times before they see the pattern. The important idea is, if you don’t quit, you’ll never fail. Your success might come in degrees rather than in one moment!

Good Luck….let me know if you give it a shot! Since I’m somewhat of a book hound so I picked a few of my favorite CSS Books that you might find helpful.

A student?s life made easier with academic software Microsoft Office and Dreamweaver

As a student, your main concern is to learn new things that will help you throughout your career. Since any career is related in one way or another with computers, most students try to get familiarized with all the available software. In this article I?ll try to evaluate the benefits of the academic software Microsoft Office and Dreamweaver.

Let?s take them one at a time. First of all, Microsoft is the leading company in the software business and the first name that pops up in a computer software discussion. Except for Microsoft Windows, the next big package of software available from this company is Office. The academic software Microsoft Office has many applications included in it that can be used by most.

Microsoft Office was first introduced in 1989 for Mac and in 1990 for Windows. The term was initially used to describe a set of applications because the first version contained Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Later a pro version was released that included Access and Schedule Plus.

Over the years, the applications in

Dreamweaver CS4

the academic software Microsoft Office have become more complex and allow users to perform tasks faster. Each application is developed for a specific use and the ones included in this software package are used by people around the world.

One of the components of the academic software Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word is a word processor and for a long time, it was considered to be the main program in Office. The main use for this application was editing documents. Current versions are available for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Excel, another component of Microsoft Office, is a spreadsheet program. This consists of a rectangular grid that can be used to store information and perform various calculations. This program is commonly used for financial information.

Another important part of the academic software Microsoft Office is Outlook. Its uses include managing personal information and communicating through e-mail. It served as a replacement for other applications like Schedule Plus, Microsoft Mail and Windows Messaging. The main features of this program include an e-mail client, task manager, address book and calendar.

PowerPoint is another application included in the Office package and it consists of a presentation program. With it you can create various slideshows containing different texts, movies, graphics and other objects, and the user can navigate through them or print them on transparencies.

While Microsoft Office encompasses all these useful programs, there is also an application that helps a user with web development. This is the academic software Dreamweaver and it can also be found available for Windows and Mac platforms.

The academic software Dreamweaver is very helpful because it can be used by practically anyone. If you want to design a website, but you have limited knowledge about the codes, the academic software Dreamweaver comes in handy because the codes are hidden, making it easy and fun to use.

For a student to learn about any of the software applications presented afore the costs were quite high. However, these companies are now offering substantial discounts from the retail price for anyone involved in an education program. If you are interested in purchasing the academic software Dreamweaver and Microsoft Office at unbelievably low prices, all you need to do is visit

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How To Build A WordPress Theme Free Code Snippets PDF

I’ve had an interest in learning how to build wordpress themes from scratch for a long time. Along the way I’ve picked up pieces of information, I suppose just as many of you guys have and learned how to hack my way through a wordpress theme. I even learned  how to take an Xsitepro Template and turn it into a wordpress blog with the help of XsiteprotoWordpress which is a comprehensive tutorial taking you step by step through the process of turning a xsite pro template into a wordpress blog. Although there are plenty of youtube videos and other free tutorials, I find that organized compiled courses that offer a class in an ebook format and/or screen capture videos to be most helpful.

WP_200x200You can find plenty of tutorials on how to build a wordpress theme that are free by just doing a google search on “how to build awordpress theme” you’ll find some old stuff and you’ll find some very complicated material but if you keep at it you can learn how to build your own wordpress theme.

I found a pdf that includes all the code snippets you need for creating a wordpress theme, you might find it helpful to print this out and keep it at your side while working on your wordpress theme, here are the wp code snippets…..they’re free :)

If you’re really motivated and want to jump start the process I suggest the book “How to be a Rockstart WordPress Designer”, an excellent resource for anyone with some knowledge of html and css, you’ll learn how to confidently and quickly how to build a wordpress theme! The book is a pdf, so you can instantly download and start learning how to create a wordpress them….I like to print out my books and bind them….I take them wherever I go!