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Rss Feeds for Youtube

Rss feeds are intimidating to the newbie when they first lay eyes on the word. But if you are comfortable with rss feeds then you should really check out Rss Feeds for Youtube.

After seeing the word rss, sooner or latter you decide to see what it’s all about, of course you read that rss feeds are the greatest things since sliced bread. If you have a wordpress blog, your cpanel autmatically makes the blog and you have these little rss symbols all over the blog.

You read that you need to submit your rss feeds….but as far as your concerned only God knows where you submit them or even how to get your rss feed. Even if you could find a rss feed for youtube, you might not know what to do with it.

Once you get an rss feed and click on it, all you see is some code that resembles html coding but has some new characters and different formatting….now what?

RSS Fees for Youtube and BadAssRssWell, that pretty much summed me up. I took a long time for me to start reading and forcing myself to understand rss feeds. Once I did a whole new world opened up. I could create pages with automatically updating information. I could even use rss feeds in data feeds to promote affiliate products….the list is almost endless. And I began to search for rss feeds for just about every type of website, such as looking for rss feeds for youtube.

At one point in the history of rss feeds it they were being promoted as taking over email….especially from an internet marketers point of view. The problem with email is obvious since it still exists……and is called SPAM! Rss didn’t take the place of email because it simply is still a little too complicated for the complete newbie to try and figure out….but it’s getting close and trust me, I’m sure it will happen some day. The big benefit with rss feeds is that you can subscribe only to those feeds that you want. If you find a blogger, website or even a site like youtube you can grab their rss feed and stick it in your reader….no more spam.

One great part about rss feeds is that google loves them. That alone makes it worthwhile to try and figure out how to use. So now you find many services of various kinds that involve some kind of content will have an rss feed.

Well…I wanted to share my frustration with rss feeds when it came to YouTube. I was interested in grabbing only specific videos, maybe even only 1 video and had hoped I would easily be able to grab an rss feed that would allow me to filter out everything except what I wanted….either by keyword or by channel, maybe by author.

Yes, I was wrong. I thought google would have made that rss magic happen already but it seems to be a bit of a geeky thing still. I tried to read the YouTube help files, scanned through the forums only to read stuff that I was clueless on.

Next I did a google search for Youtube and RSS and the results were just about as disappointing. Just about ready to quit and give up on finding some rss magic for youtube, I clicked on the google result one more time and I hit paydirt!

Rss Feeds for Youtube

Some fellow at a blog entitled “Unofficial News and Tips About Google” put together a post that explained the hidden secrets on how to manipulate your YouTube RSS feeds. He gives 6 methods of formatting and retrieving youtube rss feeds:

  1. Search Feeds
  2. Search in a Category
  3. The latest videos from a channel…..or only the videos that match your keywords
  4. Feeds for favorite videos
  5. Your subscriptions

You’ll find a brief explaination and example of each. Bottom line you can be much more specific when sorting youtube videos to be included in your youtube rss feed. Which of course can then be put in your rss reader or used with another script which can then be used to display content on your website.

You can find his site at:

The feeds I created worked perfect with Peter Drew’s BadAssRss RSS Submitter program. In fact this program is one way to really get the most of your rss feeds and it will literally get your sites parked on page 1 of google….and I hate to sound like the proverbial “tin man”, but it really works. First page on google within 24 hours for the right keywords, which is explained in the tutorial videos.

If you haven’t heard of Peter Drew, he’s sort of an Interent Marketer Magician with RSS. I’ve followed him for the last 2 years and he keeps finding new ways to monetize rss feeds and use rss feeds to get your sites up on the first page of google, his proven product BadAssRss is worth checking out!

Basically, you’ll be working with long tailed kewyord phrases with a small amount of competition. These of course can be found with James Jones’ keyword tool called Micro Niche Finder, best on the market in my humble opinion.

The theory involves finding a handfull of long tailed keywords in one niche and get them all on page one….how you monetize the sites is totally up to you, but since you’re on page 1, anything goes!!!

Now go out and do some experiment with rss feeds for youtube and see if you can get yourself postioned up on top of google’s search engine….heck even page 2 could mean big bucks in the right niche :)

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