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Autoresponders – a Great Tool for Your Business

The most effective way to follow up with your customers or leads is by using an autoresponder. If you are not familiar with an autoresponder, I suggest you get started because this tool is essential for your business. Once you learn how to set one up, you will be able to communicate with all your prospects and costumers easily because it will deliver your messages every day, 365 days a year. It will save you a lot of time and it will increase your sales.

There are a wide range of autoresponders out there. Prices differ depending which company you use. Most of them offer a free trial and others offer a free subscription for as long as you want. Keep in mind that when you use a free autoresponder, ads will be included in the messages you are sending to your people. For this reason it is not a good idea to use a free one but, they are great for starting out because you can learn how to set one up. Once you learn how to set one up, you can always upgrade or go find a better one somewhere else.

Writing the follow up letters is where most people have a difficult time. But if you are working with an affiliate program chances are that they already have a follow up series. If they do not have a series of messages set up, you can ask your up line for help. He or she might be using one already but if not, he or she can always put you in touch with someone above them.

Another way to create your own follow up letters is by doing a search on ads advertising your company. If you find one that has a splash page then sign up so you can get their follow up letters. You can ask if you can use them or you can rewrite them. Some times you will get emails ads in your email box advertising your company. Make sure you save everything and next thing you know, you will have a lot of material that will help you create your own follow up letters.

The most well known autoresponders out there are AWeber and GetResponse. Get response has great audio instructions that show you how to set theirs. They walk you through each step and they are very easy to follow. This is a great way to get started.

One thing I do not recommend from getresponse is to purchase their leads because it can take months before they fulfill just a couple of hundred leads.

AdLandPro has a good autoresponder and it is very easy to set up. When you are at the “Autoresponder Home” page just click on the “How To Set Up Autoresponder” link and just take it from there. It is around $14 a month but it is worth it. You can create a lot of different campaigns and can upload leads easily. Note – AdLandPro is a Social Network that has been in business for years.

According to some network marketers autoresponders can increase your sales up to 400% or more when a campaign is set up properly. It is worth to learn how to use this amazing tool and implement it in your business.

Hector has been in Network Marketing for 10 years and he has experienced his share of failures. When he first started, it was difficult to stay with one program and he kept jumping from one to another. Even though after he settled down, it was difficult for him to find the right program. It was one disappointment after another. The key here is to keep looking for something that works for you and to not give up until you are successful.

Hector Rivera has been in health care over 25 years. He received a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from Oregon Sciences University School Of Nursing in 1996. He began his quest for a degree in 1991 without ever taking a single English course and only a six grade education. It was a challenge but in order to reach the top, he had to work very hard until his goal was accomplished.
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Seven Secrets to Set You Apart From Many Of Your Competitors

7 Secrets to Set You Apart From Many Of Your Competitors

it is important to put yourself apart from the other affiliate marketers in the business. There are numerous proven methods in this business. Many of them are extremely forceful for affiliate marketers to stand out above the rest. We’re going to discuss some of those affiliate marketing tips and some proved strategies that may help you to stand out in this ultra competitive business.

Here are the seven proven strategies to keep your affiliate marketing business on track and make sure that you will stand out among other affiliate marketers.

1. Make a business plan. This is the 1 vital strategy, not just your affiliate business but ANY business. It’ll save you cash and time in the long term. You may not have to redo jobs, change a tactic and waste time. In the long run it’ll give you more time to grow your affiliate business because you’ve got a set direction and your own marketing plan.Not amazingly I find that most affiliate marketers do not have a business plan. A business plan is an absolute must for all businesses including your affiliate business. And if you plan to stand out you’ve got to have a business plan. Your business plan should also include daily activities. Plan for monthly, daily and weekly activities that are wanted to keep growing your affiliate business.

If you are like me the concept of developing a business plan is a scary thought. It is for the general public because they’re a pain to form and really difficult for most. I make a mini business plan for every project I’m taking on. But I found a book that makes it very easy. The book is named’The One Page Business Plan’ by Jim Horan. Business plans don’t have to be frightful anymore.

2.Become aggressive. No I do not mean to become overbearing like a used auto sales rep. What I mean is come up with assertive affiliate marketing ideas. There are a lot of aggressive ideas to gain more sales and build a very worthwhile affiliate marketing business. It is significant that you have a consistent plan using multiple marketing systems to publicize your affiliate products. There were two key words in that sentence. Consistency wins the race. You’ve got to have a consistent plan that you follow or it will not work. The other key word was multiple. Variety is VERY crucial when doing affiliate marketing.

My experience has shown that a better range of buyers will be reached with a wide-ranging marketing plan. This will provide you with more affiliate sales.

Here is an example of how to become aggressive : You market your affiliate product thru e-mail, but do more, become aggressive and send followup and broadcast emails for the same affiliate product. Do not just send to your list one time.

3. Blend your affiliate marketing methods. This is a proven and powerful tactic for affiliate marketers who are looking to grow their affiliate business in the long run and maybe even go full time. With a little creativity you’ll be able to find multiple paths to combine different marketing strategies. Here’s a fast example of what I’m talking about. Mix your article marketing with your email marketing by sending the high quality articles to your list subscribers. In the article you can lead the readers to your internet site, blog, capture page, whatever.

4. Automation Tools. An one word method that is crucial if you’re going to go anywhere. There is no way you can run an affiliate business without some automation. The daily jobs it takes to run an affiliate program are far more than one individual can handle if done by hand. And if you run many affiliate campaigns there isn’t any way you can do that without automation.

There are many software tools available to help you with the automation of your affiliate marketing. I have a list of Automation Tools in a blog post that I update regularly. The tools on the list I use regularly and recommend them.But there are also some simple tools that you will have to have to become successful. Probably the most important one is an auto responder like Aweber or Get Response. This tool does all of the your emailing for you, keeps track of subscribers, sends them email automatically on a time schedule and more.

Automation tools release you to focus on the growth of your business and get back to some of the more fun parts of running and affiliate business.

5. Protect your links. There are many hackers and crackers on the Internet just waiting to steal your money. It is important that you protect your link so that you can protect your affiliate commissions from these ruthless people. This tactic is called link cloaking. Many affiliate sites like clickbank are now providing you a link that is encrypted or cloaked already. But if your link is not cloaked you should look into some link cloaking service or software. Don’t let those thugs steal your commissions.

6. Offer great incentive and bonuses. It is no big secret that if 2 affiliate marketers are promoting the same product, the one that wins the sale is the one that gives the best bonuses and incentives. Everyone wants more stuff. Some examples of some bonuses and incentives are free software, free reports, free training, free services, free books and the list goes on and one. I have even seen free mp3 players given away.

You may be saying to yourself, I have nothing to give away. O Contrair you do. Search the internet (Google, etc) for PLR (Private Label Rights) and MRR (Master Resale Rights) products. You can find them on just about any subject. I am not going to go into detail about PLR and MRR in this post, that is another post entirely. But my point is you can find lots of stuff to give away.

7. Spy On Your Competitors. Sounds a bit 007 doesn’t it. I do not mean to literally sit outside their office and spy on them. But be sure you are keeping an eye on what they are doing. You can start by subscribing to their newsletter, buying their products if they have any, etc. Watch what keywords they use on their sites and meta tags. You can also get keyword spy tools on the internet to see what your competitor is doing.

Go to yahoo and see how many pages point back to them, where are the links coming from? Search for them on google and see where you find them. Are they on youtube? If so what site sends the most hits to their video, try to get on that site with your video.

You get the idea. Learn from your competitors, do what they do but do it 10% better.

Final Thoughts
Here are some final thoughts before I leave you to surf to the next page. I personally believe that you can stand out from your competitors with the 7 proven tactics that are listed above. Remember the first key to success is to come up with a business plan. Then use the tactics that you put in your business plan and start promoting them now. Be sure you do it with consistency or they will not work.

Remember that is takes time for promotion so remember that the results you are going to see are for the long run, not a quick hit. You will see success in your affiliate marketing business.

7 Secrets to Set You Apart From Many Of Your Competitors.

To learn more about being a head of competitors and internet marketing visit
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How to Get Improved Search Engine Rankings

get improved search engine optimizationImproved search engine rankings can be obtained in hundreds of different ways. Most of them involve “SEOing” your site more efficiently. SEO (search engine optimization) is basically a way to get the search engines to like you, and therefore favor you in their rankings. One aspect of SEO involves making sure your site is keyword optimized.

Are you using the keywords that people are searching for when they go online? And are these keywords relevant to your site? Are you using the keywords in the best places, and the appropriate amount of time?

But the most important part of SEO is establishing backlinks. Backlinks are links that come from another site to your site. And the reason that they are important is because they are what the search engines use to determine how worthwhile your site it. If you have a lot of good quality backlinks into your site, then the search engines count this as a vote in your favor, and they will reward you with improved search engine rankings. It’s also important to note here that, although it is true that the more backlinks you have to your site the better, these links should also be high-quality. This means that the keywords being linked from are relevant to your site, and it also means that the quality of the site that the backlinks originate from should be high. So, your goal is to get links from higher ranked sites than yours if possible.

But the most important part of SEO is establishing backlinks.

Before starting on your backlink-building journey, you need to put your site in the right condition. Make sure that the information that you offer is valuable and presented in an appealing way. You can bring in lot of visitors to your site, but if you have nothing to offer them, then you are wasting your time and theirs. So, make sure you provide content that is valuable to whatever market you are targeting.

One of the many ways to get more backlinks to your site is to comment in forums and blogs that are relevant to your market. Don’t just randomly pick these out. Search for the blogs and forums that have a high Google ranking. You can use free tools to do this such as the SEO rank checker or others to see what rank each site has. Then post comments or respond to other comments and your link will either be included in your signature or in the text of your comment (each blog/forum has different rules on this). You should also make sure that the links are do-follow links (and you can also check to see if they are do-follow with certain free tools). Do-follow links simply mean that the link will then go to your website. If they are not do-follow, you will not get many real benefits from using them. This is one relatively quick and easy way to establish credibility and obtain improved search engine rankings.

get improved search  engine optimizationImproved search engine rankings can be obtained in hundreds of different ways. Most of them involve “SEOing” your site more efficiently. SEO (search engine optimization) is basically a way to get the search engines to like you, and therefore favor you in their rankings. One aspect of SEO involves making sure your site is keyword optimized.

Are you using the keywords that people are searching for when they go online? And are these keywords relevant to your site? Are you using the keywords in the best places, and the appropriate amount of time?

But the most important part of SEO is establishing backlinks.

How To Become A Max Bounty Affiliate

Cost Per Action CPAMany of you are familiar with the term CPA marketing which, in a nutshell, is a form of affiliate marketing that allows you to make a commission even if you don’t make a sale. CPA stands for Cost Per Action and it means that the CPA network (like the Max Bounty affiliate program for example) will pay you a commission if you can get your visitors to perform a certain action like filling in their zip code or email address or some other information, even if you don’t make a sale. Sometimes CPA offers will also require a very small payment from visitors to cover shipping and handling of the sample products that they sign up for.

If you already have a website and you’re looking for ways to monetize it more, then a good start would be to join a CPA network. Becoming a Max Bounty affiliate can be one of your goals. The Max Bounty network is completely free to join and one of the most popular CPA networks today.

In order to get started with Max Bounty or any of the CPA networks, you first need to fill out an application. Afterwards, you will be called by one of the representatives or your future affiliate manager who will perform a short interview with you on the phone. Once you’re accepted, you can login to the site and start taking a look at the offers you want to promote.

With Max Bounty, you can earn up to $5.00 per action, depending on what the action is. As you can imagine, if a visitor is required to fill in a lot of information including their social security number or even other personal data, you will get paid more. If the action required is just filling in an email address, you will not earn as much but you will generate a lot more commissions. Most people nowadays have no problem handing over their email addresses.

Here is just a little more information about Max Bounty:

It pays out commissions on a monthly basis as long as you have a balance of over $100.00 due. The company also provides real time statistics so that you can track your progress very easily. Max Bounty commissions are also offered internationally. And one of the best part of becoming an affiliate marketer with Max Bounty is that you can refer other webmasters to this company and make commissions off of their leads and sales, a great way to build residual income.

To become a Max Bounty affiliate, you’ll need to first fill out an application. Next, one of the company’s representatives will give you a call to make sure that the answers to your questions on the phone match up to what you’ve stated on your application. They are looking for information like how long you have been involved in affiliate marketing, how much you intend to spend to advertise their offers and what methods you will use to advertise their offers. After you’ve joined, you’re ready to login and pick the offers you want to promote.

CPA Networks Will Help You Make Extra Money

Cost Per Action CPA

Cost Per Action CPA

CPA networks (Cost Per Action networks) pay commissions based on the action requested. So, if you are asking for an email adress, you will get paid for obtaining that. If you are asking for a mailing address, you will get paid when the customer gives this information. There are hundreds of CPA networks with similar offers and programs.

When you are starting out, you can join one just to get the hang of it and then gradually add more to your portfolio. To be able to join a CPA network, you need to apply first. This process can take a couple of days. You’ll fill out an application and then someone from the network will call you and perform a telephone interview. They’ll ask you how you plan to promote their offers and how much you expect to spend. They’ll also ask you how long have you’ve been involved in affiliate marketing.

Once you’ve been accepted, you can get started right away. You will be assigned an affiliate manager who you will work with to determine the best offers for you and how to optimize your efforts, etc. How do you know which one(s) to choose? It’s generally recommended to sign up with a lot of CPA networks in order to get the best results. But you can also start with just one until you get the hang of it.

Here are just a few of the CPA networks to choose from:

MaxBounty has a very solid reputation as being friendly and helpful. Their offers are diverse and include paid surveys, gambling, finance and more. They also have some offers that allow incentives.

Rocket ProfitRocketProfit is one of the very few CPA networks which is NASDAQ-listed.

NeverBlue is another very popular network among CPA affiliates. One of their quality features that makes them stand out from the others is their extremely user-freindly platform which makes it easy to pick out the best offers.

AzoogleAzoogle is a very solid CPA Network with a diverse selection of offers for publishers to promote. Free trials, ringtones, finance, are included in addition to many others.

Copeac – (Communicate Perform Achieve) – is another choice for many successful CPA marketers.

FluxAdsFluxAds includes many “freebie offers” and some that cater specifically to MySpace related sites.This company is also noted for its friendly and helpful affiliate managers.

Hydra Network offers a promise to beat any payout for the exact same campaign. This network also offers has a Hydra Rewards Program as extra incentive to go with them.

Primary Ads is powered by Kowabunga’s affiliate platform, instead of Directtrack.

ClixGaloreClixGalore has their own proprietary plaform plus plenty of unique offers you won’t on any other CPA network.

Xy7Pepperjam Network call their CPA Network ‘next generation affiliate marketing’. The interface and reporting puts most other CPA networks to shame.

There are many more CPA networks to choose from. Pick one or a few and start earning money online. I have a book called CPA Overdrive and its only 7 dollars, check it out if you’re interested in learning a few tips to get started or one of the secrets revealed if you’ve been working CPA for a while now.

Header Graphics and Review of Niche Profit Classroom

I thought I’d post a review of my progress with Niche Profit Classroom here, along with some of the details of the process including the positives and negatives. You might say this is a review of Niche Profit Classroom. Sure, in some circumstances I’ll be giving away the niche, however, the secret to any success in Niche Profit Classroom is in the webinars, pre-recorded teaching classes and their super secret method of developing the actual website.

Continued Review of Niche Profit Classroom

After poking around for a while I’ve found the Niche Profit Classroom to have a ton of content designed to help you get your websites online and start getting free organic traffic. I’ve been in the forum, trying to see if there is any personal contact with the owners…..still nothing. However, if seems like there are a lot of newbie types working their way through the process of taking the provided materials and getting a website uploaded and working.

Be sure to get a FREE Header Graphic
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Sometimes it’s difficult to remember how difficult it can be for a newbie to get started online. There’s so much to learn and understand. Usually when you’re new to the whole internet marketing thing you become very vulnerable to all the claims of “make money online” or “simple as 123″ maybe “get online fast”……so, when I looked in the forum I could tell there were a lot of newbie types struggling to make there way through the process of Niche Marketing.

The entire process of Niche Marketing isn’t one of those concepts or processes that can be accomplished overnight! There’s much to learn and unless you’re ready to pay someone to help you understand the entire process it simply is going to take some time of studying and applying before you become competent in developing any niche and are able to profit from it. Niche Profit Classroom has all the systems in place to help you with the process….probably the best I’ve seen to day, however, if you’re new to online marketing please don’t think you can pay for a month’s worth of the membership and start selling products. You’ll spend much of your time watching the videos and studying the materials in an attempt to understand the concept of Niche Marketing. Think of it as being similar to taking an advanced college course. Better yet, think of it as trying to get a college degree in one specific subject, area or discipline because of the amount of information you will need to become competent at.

One area that you’ll need to deal with is graphics. They have a couple of videos dealing with your website graphics and book covers. They even provide generic header graphics and book covers. You could probably even get away with using these graphics, however, you’ll really to create a unique website…..something that is different than everyone else. One way to set your website apart is by creating custom graphics. Most newbies will not be able to create custom graphics and will have to hire someone such as the folks at

Here’s an example of a site with graphics provided by Niche Profit Classrooms


Here’s the same site with a custom header graphic… my opinion changing this graphic is very important in order to differentiate your website from all the rest! Most internet surfers have viewed enough websites so that they can immediately tell whether a website some homegrown site or a professional quality type site. Graphics really do make a difference when it comes to website stickiness, how long the visitor stays and whether they make a purchase or not.


I really like what the folks at Niche Profit Classroom have put together, however, in my opinion changing the graphics is just as important as rewriting plr articles. As in any membership only a small percentage will actually take action and start uploading websites using all the material provided, however, it is imperative to change the look of your site so it doesn’t look like all the other sites.  Looking at the 2 screen shots above you can see that the 2 header graphics are vastly different and the first one, provided by NPC, looks terrible and is the poorest excuse for a header graphic that I’ve seen.

NPC provides the .psd image which means that you can edit the graphic in Photoshop or GIMP, but I’d just start from scratch and create something totally different. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say that the membership should be providing graphics of much better quality. The stuff they provide is garbage and since they claim to have many members, they surely can afford to pay for some decent graphics!

Even though their graphics suck, the membership at Niche Profit Classroom is well worth the money. Their knowledge of Niche Marketing is second to no one I’ve run across online.

Free Header Graphics for New
Niche Profit Classroom Members

Here’s an offer you can’t refuse :) If you purchase a Niche Profit Classroom membership through my link, I will create a new header graphic for one site per month for 3 months. So, I’ll create 3 custom header graphics, 1 a month for 3 months, of course you must retain your membership for at least 3 months. Just contact me by leaving a comment on this post…..or use the contact page at the top of the site.

How To Design and Build Websites With Dreamweaver

If you are considering antiquity your own website and do not undergo anything most antiquity or designing websites the alacritous way to see is effort involved with a tutorial of some kind. Learn from somebody that already knows how things are finished and just follow their examples as you start antiquity your website. There are digit way to go, you can encounter a e-book Dreamweaver course or a Video course where Dreamweaver is explained.

Both ways module impact it all up to you to encounter the prizewinning way that module help you get started the fastest, I hit included a few mistakes that you poverty to avoid when antiquity your first website with dreamweaver.

1) Splash pages

Splash pages are the first pages you see when you arrive at a website, normally with a bounteous image or something same this. These pages does not attain much sense when antiquity your place as you always hit to keep in mind how does navigation works for my visitors and how does search engines same Google see my page. So if you can avoid it do not attain a

Dreamweaver CS4

slush page as your index.htm page.

2) Banner advertisements

If you poverty to attain money with your website, then AdSense module attain the most sense for your users, banner ads takes up a lot of space and history tells us that people do no utter on them. So don’t waist your space on banner ads.

3) Clear navigation

Navigation on your website is very essential for your customers but even more essential for your search engine ranking. By making easy 1-click navigation is a staleness on all pages. If your customers do not undergo how to navigate your place people module not see what you poverty them to see. So forget winkle and modify down menus

4) Clear indication of where the user is

When visitors are deeply engrossed in browsing your site, you module poverty to attain sure they undergo which part of the place they are in at that moment. That way, they module be healthy to feeding germane information or navigate to some country of the place easily. Don’t tack your visitors because confusion means “abandon ship”!

5) Avoid using frequence on your site

People module leave your place if they get blasting frequence from your place and they hit to jump to invoke down their speakers so avoid frequence on your site.

So use the Dreamweaver tutorial to see website antiquity and saves alot of money by doing it yourself. Even if you don’t undergo HTML or anything most antiquity your own website you can see it really alacritous by using an online tutorial.

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