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Link Building Tools for Your Business

A chain with an oustanding golden link - rendered in 3dGetting inbound links to your site is one of the most important aspects of effective SEO (search engine optimization) practice. Link building tools can make your life a lot easier when you’re trying to structure your site to make it favorable in the eyes of the search engines. Each tool offers different value but here are a few that can help you out.

Analysis tools can tell you how many links point to a specific page or domain and/or which anchor text is being used significantly or even too much. These types of tools can give you a quick, superficial look at the status of websites but you’ll need some others to perform a more in-depth analysis.

SearchStatus is a group of features offered in a single Firefox plugin. It can provide you with useful information, such as Google Toolbar PageRank, page- and domain links through the Yahoo SiteExplorer, WhoIs information, Google’s cache of the page you’re visiting, an on-page link report and Another very useful trick that SearchStatus offors is the option to highlight all nofollow links which can definitely come in handy when you’re building links.

Another of the useful link building tools is LinkDiagnosis. This exists as a web based tool and a Firefox plugin. This one is similar to the Yahoo SiteExplorer except it attempts to filter out all low quality links, offers you a list of common anchor texts, and tries to show you a list with the most visited and popular pages of the domain you’re investigating. One great feature of LinkDiagnosis is that you can download the data it provides you as a csv file. . .extremely useful. Keep in mind when using this tool that an analysis of a larger site will take more time. A small site may only take a few seconds but a more content/page filled site could take up to 30 minutes.

A couple of tools come to mind when thinking of linking tools. You should check out the Ultimate Article Wizard for creating Unique article content to be submitted to each article directly….all on autopilot. Another link building tool is accomplished through video submission back links and is called Traffic Geyser which submits 100’s of videos to video directory sites, submites podcasts, submits pdfs all in an effort to build backlinks automatically…… one the few programs that is constantly being upgraded. Beware though, Traffic Geyser is a professional tool and isn’t something you purchase and allow to sit around on your hard drive to collect dust! Bookmark Demon is a tool almost everyone has heard of and it allows you to quickly get backlinks from across the web. Finally a system called Backlinks Blackbelt can teach anyone….old or new to build a system of backlinks and get on the first page of Google using this unique system of backlinking. Remember, getting backlinks should be thought of as a continuing process where you use multiple points of attack in order to accomplish a task ……that is to get your webpages on Googles front Page!!!

backlinks with bookmarking demonIf you need even more detailed data, you might want to look for tools that demonstrate link building efforts, structures and/or a history of the site. This kind of information can be helpful when you are trying to optimize your own website or that of a competitor.

Click on the banner and grab a free pdf which describes the backlinking process and some unique methods of getting backlinks. Its a free backlinking pdf and you do not have to register…. just click on the image and you’ll see the pdf in your browser!

SEOmoz’s Linkscape and MajesticSEO attempt to create the most complete index possible of the web for SEO purposes. Linkscape is considered more user-friendly while Majestic gets you a wider range of data which can also be downloaded.

Xenu’s Link Sleuth is another excellent tool for on-site analysis. It acts as a search engine crawler and checks websites for broken links and displays a continuously updated list of URLs, which you can  sort by different criteria. Link Sleuth is a good way to get a look at your own website and to evaluate your internal link structure as well. And you can run reports on websites that you’re considering getting links from to see what holes they may have in their site that you could possibly fill.

There are many link building tools to choose from. Hopefully these can get you started with your link building strategy on the right foot.

Internet Marketing – 4 Quick Tips On Rewriting Private Lable Rights Content

What is the worst part of using PLR content as a marketing tool? I do not think I need to tell you, the REWRITE of course. It is the single most despised step to using private label rights content . Most people know it is faster than mustering up new, original content, but they wish there was an easier way. Unfortunately, there is no automated alternative that will really make the process any quicker AND generate acceptable quality.

Bottom line? If you want to use private label rights content as a way of improving your relationship with the search engines, you must edit it. The search engines,Google in particular, is not benevolent enough to reward marketers for learning how to copy and paste. If you want to get real benefit from your PLR materials, you will need to rewrite them, period.

It is possible to get your rewriting done more quickly than you might think, however. Lets take a moment to discuss the proper approach to rewriting and editing your PLR content.

First, start with quality PLR content. It is easier to ingest, understand and rewrite material that was well-written to begin with. Working with low-quality options is a chore. Working with the good stuff is a joy.


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Second, focus more on idea restatement and less about word substitution. Reaching for the thesaurus (real or online) when rewriting your material is certainly not efficient and it is not really necessary. If you come to grips with a concept and rewrite it in your own words, you will have a great chance of getting the job done more quickly AND with much better quality. Somehow, many people seem to think that the best way to alter the content of a PLR article is to pull out a well-worn copy of their thesaurus and start substituting words. If the source material says *tired* you can replace it with *sleepy*.

Frequent word substitution may occasionally pull the wool over Googles eyes, but it will not register very effectively with readers. Believe me? Look at this word-replacement based version of this paragraph.

Regular symbol training may sporadically yank the cashmere on top of Googles watchers, however it wont process very efficaciously with word loves. No faith? Admire this symbol trading-based variation of this sentence collection.

This is, of course, somewhat of an exaggeration, but, I have seen articles like that on some auto spun websites. This, naturally, is not the best way to rewrite. Alternatively, read the PLR content and absorb its messages and primary points. Use those as a jumping off place as you restate the key points of the material in your own words. This most often ends up being the fastest solution and it ultimately produces better results than overusing your thesaurus.

Third, do not strive for percentages. Different people will tell you different stories about the proper level of rewriting to perform if you want the content to appear unique to the search engines. All of them, however, will agree that completely original content is the best thing you can have. That means that you should do what it takes to make your edited versions of PLR materials the closest thing there is to absolute uniqueness. Dont just tweak them, rewrite them if you are going to use them as web content.

Last but not least, work with one idea at a time, not one sentence. Dont fall into the habit of trying to rewrite individual sentences. Instead, try to think in terms of paragraphs and concepts. This makes for more quicker rewrites that work better than line-by- line efforts.

If you are going to use PLR content, these are a few important rules to learn. If you can avoid word replacement thinking and replace it with a willingness to create something truly meaningful and valuable from private label rights content, you will be on the right track.

PLR is great because it can cut your workload. Unfortunately, the quest for more money and less work leads many people to make some rather significant mistakes. Rather than seeing PLR as a way to reduce the level of effort required to produce original content, they try the cheap trick of publishing the material as-is.

They rarely get a return visitors.

If you put these tips to use, you will begin to feel better about rewriting your private label rights content. It will be an easier job that you will be able to handle quicker and with much better quality.

Over the past 10 plus years, George has developed a series of sites: Solutions For…centered around the Internet Marketing Niche. Come visit any time: Solutions and please bring your comments and questions.

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